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Det.Logan 11-23-2016 01:22 AM

Sex and the City Season One Appreciation Thread #2
Sex and the City Season One Appreciation Thread

When Sex and the City premiere in June 1998, audiences knew they were witnessing television history...

In the very first ensemble scene, the women gathered at Lucky Cheng's for Miranda's birthday party and talked about sex with no holds barred. The question they debated was one that single people had been debating in their own social circles "Can women have sex like men?"

Samantha argued that instead of trying to find long lasting relationships, women should 'just go out and have sex like a man...without feeling'. Miranda noted that men 'don't want to be in a relationship wit you. but as soon as you only want them for sex, they don't like it'. Charlotte refused to 'give up on love' and Carrie asked, 'Are we really that cynical? What about romance?' The roles were defined, the dialogue urbane and au courant; all the elements were in place.

In subsewuent episodes the women dished about dozens of hotbed topics; three somes, twentysomethins, secret sex etc. Carrie receiced a thousand dollars after a hot night with an architect; Charllotte met a guy on Prozac who didn't care about sex; Miranda dated a modelizer; and Samantha ventured into celibacy. Carrie and Mr Big did the dance of intimacy; she nailed him on his tendency to look at other women, learned that he had been married before, and finally refused to go to St.Barth's with him, realizing she deserved someone who knew she was 'the one'

Sex and the City deconstruction of sexual and social conventions, mixed with a healthy dose of screwball comedy, seduced us from the beginning. Over the course of the season, the costumes grew more freewheeling and the city a more vibrant participant in the drama. Carrie's up and down relationship with Mr. Big kept us hooked week after week, as Samantha's bedroom farces got more uproarious, Charlotte grew more sympathetic in her desire to meet Mr.Right and Miranda exposed her touch stone combination of cynicism and vulnerability. In that formative and riotous first season, Sex and the city dug in it's Manolo Blahnik heels for good.

- taken from Sex and the city Kiss and Tell :love:

Season One
1 Sex and the City (pilot)
2 Models and Mortals
3 Bay of Married Pigs
4 Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys
5 The Power of Female Sex
6 Secret Sex
7 The Monogamists
8 Three's a Crowd
9 The Turtle and the Hare
10 The Baby Shower
11 The Drought
12 Oh Come All Ye Faithful

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