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northernsoul 07-19-2018 04:09 PM

More babies, we've had enough splits now!

More focus on Miranda & Steve or Charlotte & Harry?

monnamonna 07-22-2018 04:47 AM

personally i prefer m&s although i know they already had more than c&h

do you think carrie could have stayed with aidan if he didn't push her to marriage or not?

northernsoul 07-22-2018 03:42 PM

Maybe for a while, but Big would always have been in the back of her mind!

Could Samantha & Smith have become a longterm couple?

monnamonna 07-24-2018 02:35 AM

no, she's not the relationship person

do you think charlotte would consider be back to work again or not?

northernsoul 07-24-2018 02:34 PM

Yes, when the kids are older!

Do you think Carrie would start a new career or always be a writer?

monnamonna 07-26-2018 03:15 AM

i think she wouldn't mind!

could carrie stay with big if he lost all money or not?

northernsoul 07-26-2018 12:31 PM

Yes :nod: She'd just be disappointed ;)

Big the writer or Carrie the businesswoman?

monnamonna 07-29-2018 02:45 AM

by elimination: Big the writer :D

john or mr big? :)

northernsoul 07-30-2018 03:06 PM

Mr Big, it's a classic :D

Carrie Bradshaw or Carrie Preston?

monnamonna 08-01-2018 12:39 AM

Carrie Bradshaw, classic too :)

Carrie's apartment before or after decoration?

northernsoul 08-02-2018 03:55 PM

Before :)

Would you like to find out about Carrie's mother or father?

monnamonna 08-07-2018 01:13 AM

father, as it was mentioned in the other series

Carrie's apartment after decoration or big and Carrie's after marriage?

Det.Logan 08-07-2018 01:51 AM

Carrie's apartment after decoration.

Samantha in LA or NYC?

monnamonna 08-09-2018 03:17 AM

in NYC

the girls in mexico or the hamptons?

Det.Logan 08-09-2018 04:37 AM

The Hamptons.

LA or Atlantic City?

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