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Det.Logan 05-28-2017 03:58 AM

Candace Bushnell Appreciation Thread #3 : Bacause she changed the game!

SATC is acutally based on her columns and the book written by her by the same name. Has anyone read it or any of her other books? She has two others called Four Blondes and Trading Up. I actually bought the Sex And The City and Four Blondes books today. I'd love to discuss it here if anyone else is interested in reading it with me. I going to start with SATC.

Article snippet on Candaice below:

The Blonde Who's Had More Fun
Candace Bushnell, the real-life alter ego of Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw, has been a princess of the New York night since the days of Studio 54. Why spoil that with a husband?


Night moves: Bushnell still relishes the single life.
If you want to know the truth about it, I'm hoping to get laid tonight," says Candace Bushnell. Tonight is the opening of the Rem Koolhaas-designed Prada store in SoHo, and everyone who's ever been mentioned in a New York City gossip column — or hopes to be — has managed to wangle an invitation to the event. Of course Candace, as she is known to that slice of New York, doesn't have to beg for anything. She was already invited to all the good parties back when "Sex and the City" was just a column she wrote for the New York Observer. Since she published the collection as a best-selling book, and optioned it to Darren Star (who will be her walker this evening) and saw her Cosmos-and-Blahniks night moves made into a hit HBO series and a much-imitated way of life, Candace has become a bona fide New York celebrity. What's more, she is the patron saint of high-end girl power, the woman who got the ball rolling on the who-needs-a-husband-when-you-have-a-doorman? mentality. Candace, the blonde who created (who is) Carrie Bradshaw, is nowhere near as famous as Sarah Jessica Parker, the blonde who plays her on TV, but Candace doesn't care if everyone knows who she is — "the people who matter know," she says.

More here

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Candace Bushnell Just Dished on How Sex and The City Came to Life |

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