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crazyforcmm 11-10-2004 05:55 PM

Chess Lessons: Episode Discussion (11/10/04)

Grace (Christine Lahti) promises to be on her best behavior when she and Jack (Matt Long) go to Missy's (Keri Lynn Pratt) house for dinner but loses her cool after the Reverend (guest star Ed Begley, Jr.) starts attacking her ideals. Upset by the event, Grace turns to Tom (Bradley Cooper) and the two share a romantic moment. Meanwhile, Bobby (Logan Lerman) intentionally loses at chess games with Peter (John Slattery) in order to spend more time with him. Also, Courtney (Jessica Pare) uses Marcus (Edwin Hodge) to get back at Jack.

David Petrarca directed the episode written by Jonathan Lisco.

Miss this episode? Don't worry - check out KTLA's episode summary!

smoothaise 11-10-2004 08:34 PM

A couple of hours til it airs ... :D

Although, :confused: I'm wondering why Missy is still w/ Jack after what had happened last week.

crazyforcmm 11-10-2004 08:40 PM

Hmm..interesting point - maybe the dinner is supposed to help patch things up with Missy? I have no idea:(

Philosophist 11-10-2004 11:33 PM

I'm disappointed with the Courtney/Marcus storyline, although I have to say I'm very interested in how Jack will react. I feel bad for Marcus though.

I :love: the Ed Begley episodes :lol:

Ugh. Poor Grace. I can just imagine how belittled she'd feel with a reverend attacking her beliefs :(

Ken--- Well, you know teenage girls. They'll forgive a guy for anything most of the time because they're so naive :sigh: In this particular case, though, she's lucky to have Jack in the first place, so I can see how she wouldn't want to let him go.

Yay for more Bobby/Peter interaction :yay: Those are the few times when I actually like Bobby's character :look:

Subject 11-11-2004 02:41 AM

Tonights episode was a little disappointing. . :look:

First of all the Marcus/Courtney storyline was not taken in the direction that I thought it would. I did like somewhat that Courtney was using her sex appeal to their advantage. Most times I would be shaking my head but I thought it was good for her to have some fun. At least to get into the party. I thought that she was going to drop her father's name then she pulled the sweet talking. After she got into the party I think she was going a little too far. I wonder what she said? hmm.. A good thing about it is that it leaves things open for us to see more of Marcus in upcoming episode. I was also disappointed that Marcus didn't stay with Courtney. Even if she was acting like. There is NO WAY that I would leave a highschool girl or any female-friend of mine who has been drinking alone in a frat house during a frat party. :nono:

The acting was on fire tonight though. If there is one thing that was surperb about the episode it was the acting. :clap: Good job by all. Especially Matt and Christine who shined in their scenes together even more so then always. :love:

I'm glad that Bobby is exploring a father figure other then Jack. Peter is a fine example. I hope that with the time to come that they can grow with each other. Like the issue of doing things to your best potenial that was thought to Bobby tonight. His mother tries to push that point to Bobby as well but in a way that he fears to let her down. With Peter being "let down" can be a true learning experience. I wish that with Bobby being around that we have at least seen Chloe and himself meet.

I can understand how Missy would be with Jack after everything. She was more angry at Courtney because she lied to her. Jack told the truth and things even said that in Courtney's journal. That Jack didn't kiss her, Courtney kissed him. So it is understandable that she forgives him.

I understand that Jack was mad at Grace for insulting Missy's father but come on. If Grace didn't say something that I would have been extremly disappointed in her as a character. To the point that I might have tried to jump into the tv set and say something to him. Go Grace!

Grace is really taking the point to try and change her ways. Good for her. I'm gald she is giving Jack a true postion of power by saying that he could search through her things to keep her on track. Jack has always been a parent in a way. Now it even applies more to his mother and she finally really sees that.

I felt so bad for Tom being turned into a joke like that and by his lower peers. :( Poor Tom. I'm sure it was a learning experience though. I thought he did just say Grace was beautiful in the moment when he said that this episode. Then he lets the truth come out. Good boy. Also good for Grace to want to stop things before they run the risk of really being something even more highly inapporite(sp?). He finally kissed her. :D That gave me a happy. Some what, I still hope the little flirting remains high with both of them. When that student walked in and broke them up it was the most hilarious thing. The little scene as he was trying to get out of there was priceless. :love:

crazyspuffy 11-11-2004 05:19 AM

I just wanted to stop by to say that I loved tonight's episode. I was expecting more of a follow up to the big Jack/Missy/Courtney fight from last week, but it was totally compensated by dinner in Missy's house and shirtless! Jack fighting with Grace. I'm liking Grace everyday, and really, what else what she suppose to do with the minister? He kept pushing her! Anyways, very impressive acting from both Grace and Jack. Jack is always telling her off I love it, he is so intense, just like her actually. Why is he holding so much to Missy?? This part I don't understand. Maybe because Courtney's teeth are kind of scary? And Missy is really cool, I like her a lot, and she is the funniest character in the show.

The last scene with Tom and Grace was GREAT! I'm loving this couple, they have chemistry and Tom is so charming. Looking forward to read you guys comments! :)

Philosophist 11-11-2004 05:54 AM

I loved how we saw more Peter, Peter/Bobby, and more Marcus this time. And I also loved our newest guest star, Hector E, of course :thumbs_up:

I'm very proud of Grace. First of all, because of the dinner. I would've snapped at him 10 seconds after he started talking. She waited and tried to be tolerant, and when she couldn't hold herself back she presented herself in a very professionable manner with a very reasonable argument. Second of all, because of the whole giving up marijuana thing. I hope it sticks.

Tom/Grace was... cute.... but... awkward. For me, at least. I think it'll be good for them at the moment, though.

Courtney is... well, I like her, of course. She was getting on my nerves just a tad tonight. I wish she'd had more of a story then, oh, guys hit on me, oh, I think about Jack. End story. :look:

I love how Grace acknowledged the obvious hidden feelings of love b/w J/C. Yeah, yeah, the minds of 'shippers... whatever :D I just like how she's starting to take interest in his life and becoming involved.

Subject 11-11-2004 04:35 PM


Originally posted by crazyspuffy
Why is he holding so much to Missy??

I think that this was also touched upon by Bobby's stroyline in the episode. He kept wanting to please everyone at the expense of himself. I think that Jack began seeing Missy again because he didn't believe he had a chance with Courtney at the moment. While I love Jack and Missy, I think that Jack feels trapped now. Courtney wants something more and he is already in a relationship. He isn't the type of guy to go and break a girls heart because he girl he wants "more" has come along. He will hold things out, play the good boyfriend until Missy wants to end things.


And I also loved our newest guest star, Hector E, of course
He was great. :love:


Courtney is... well, I like her, of course. She was getting on my nerves just a tad tonight. I wish she'd had more of a story then, oh, guys hit on me, oh, I think about Jack. End story.
I think that the point that they were trying to get across was that Courtney feels alone. She felt that all of her friends have left her. So she is trying to "drown" her sorry both in flirting and drinking. She didn't realize that Marcus come there for her and not for Jack. Had she known that things would have been very different.


I love how Grace acknowledged the obvious hidden feelings of love b/w J/C. Yeah, yeah, the minds of 'shippers... whatever I just like how she's starting to take interest in his life and becoming involved
Yeah, it great that she is taking a real interest in Jack. Even if it is because she thinks Missy is too good looking. I mean she compared her to a toy. Meaning that she is so model like that she isn't even a real girl. Unlike Courtney who has the girl next door look. Jack is just shoving things off with a "too little, too late" attitude. Or he could just be so not used to having her take an interest that when she does he is very confused by it. hmm.....

crazyforcmm 11-11-2004 05:13 PM

:lol: I knew it - soon, there had to be a shirtless scene for Jack:lol:

Let's see - without trying to repeat too many things from above - I absolutely loved the acting between Matt/ Christine - it really seemed like a son/ mother fight - there voices were perfect, great body language, and their "fight" itself was powerful and very well worded. I think it's great that Grace is trying to quit marijuana and to have Jack help her along because she doesn't have anyone else to turn to.

I really liked the Tom/ Grace scene - especially the kiss - how awesome was that?:D How priceless was the footnotes for the footnotes line?:lol: :D

Let's see - I didn't like Courtney because of what she did to Marcus - it seems kind of out of character, but I do think like Michael said it might have been caused due to Jack/ Courtney and feeling alone.

The chess scenes were neat because I remember when I was little - I tried not to win games like Bobby, but I'm glad that Peter told him that you should try to do things to the best of your ability and if you lose, you lose knowing you've tried your best.

team mom 11-11-2004 05:23 PM

I enjoyed this episode. Although I forgot where Missy and Jack left off last week so that was a little odd for me. I didn't know she stayed with him.

I love Tom/Grace. They are too cute. I'm not really worried about him dragging her back into pot seeing as how he saw her reaction to having to give it up and what it's doing to her. I think he'll be good for her.

The Bobby/Peter interaction was great. I love that fact that Peter can sort of become a father figure to Bobby. He can help Bobby out in a few ways and Bobby can help Peter out. It's a win/win situation :lol:

I like the idea of Marcus and Courtney as friends but I don't like that fact that she used him as a messanger to tell Jack about how the guys were all over her. That irritated me. But it showed what a good friend Marcus is and tries to be.

Funny how defensive Jack got over the Courtney/Missy issue :look:

Previews look good for next week. Can't wait to see how Jack handles this whole thing. ;)

~AnastasiaGrey~ 11-12-2004 01:16 PM

Love the episode...

It looks like grace is really trying to make things work, all though i thought she was pretty funnie at dinner. But it looks like that she wants to really make things work with her jack.

22 Umbrellas 11-17-2004 02:21 AM

Another great episode. I love how the characters were paired up:

Jack and Grace. Best scenes in the episode, but then again, their scenes usually are. Esp. the one in the kitchen and the one in the bathroom. I think Grace is really trying and I love her for that. She was kind of out of line at the dinner, but so was Missy's dad. I mean, she really did bite her tongue for a pretty long time and he just kept pushing her to her limits.

Tom and Grace. How great are they? I love how Grace looked kind of disappointed after Tom told her telling her she was beautiful was just a comment. Then the kiss and the footnote the footnotes you wanted footnoted line. Priceless. I love it.

Peter and Bobby. I love how Bobby kept feeling like his debt hadn't been repaid. And the whole thing about losing for real. Something to think about. Also, I'm glad Peter is kind of being Bobby's surrogate father because I think Bobby desperately needs one, and Peter seems to be good for him.

Marcus and Courtney. I'm liking this friendship, although I found their scenes to be a bit out of place. And Courtney got on my nerves a little at that party.

Promo. Looks interesting.

MissCongeniality 11-17-2004 04:47 AM

Wow, I've watched this episode three times now. Twice, it was just on in the background, but I had to drop everything to watch the Grace/Tom scenes over and over. Too adorable. I shall giggle every time I hear the word "footnote" from here on out. :lol:

Courtney. I don't know, while I felt bad that she was ostracized from her circle of friends (IMO, mostly by Jack) she seriously needs to let go of this thing she has for the guy. I mean, have they even talked about it? If they haven't, they need to so that we can get on with the show without Courtney being lovesick. She was so much more than this before. I don't want her to be all about Jack.

Jack just keeps being my favorite every week. Are we sure that the future can't change and HE can't be president? :lol: Kidding. He acts more like a father/husband figure than a son. I could not fathom talking to my mother like that though, even if she was Grace. Their scenes were spectacular.
He and Missy working things out was great...Wish that had been aired though...
Marcus had a point and I'm glad he took the initiative to be there for Courtney. She was definitely using him though.

Peter and Bobby's storyline was pretty cool and I'm happy that Bobby has an adult to look up to.

This week's show looks really interesting. Will have to watch during EasyView...or just use that thing I have called the VCR (I totally forgot about it. Sheesh.) .

jsrocks 08-26-2006 08:35 PM

This has to be one of my favorite episodes. :D

thegreenlight 08-26-2006 09:12 PM

There really needs to be a DVD 'cause I still haven't seen this episode, and I never will unless there's a DVD. I missed T/G's first kiss! :bawl:

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