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Numb 10-05-2007 09:42 PM

After watching the premiere my views on Darcy's character have completely changed. I feel so awful for the poor girl, and now Darcy/Manny's friendship has got to be one of my favorites thus far. I can only imagine what Darcy is going through. To see Manny lend a helping hand is perfect. Please add me.

Swarkles 10-05-2007 09:43 PM

added everyone! manny is such a great friend..she's always there for all her friends!

Numb 10-05-2007 09:54 PM

Someone should try making more caps of the shower scene along with them skiing. Anyway, I know. She's always so loyal to everyone no matter what they've done to her or said.

howmuchforhappy 10-05-2007 09:56 PM

I think Joa said she's going to try to make caps this weekend.

Manny is the bomb. Totally outdated word, but so true.

naturellebella 10-05-2007 09:59 PM

I want to be added to the list! They were really great today. I would like to see Darcy be less judge-y of how Manny is but besides that they're cute and I love that Manny was there for Darcy.

froggiepopple 10-05-2007 10:12 PM

So I made a header. It is very basic.

howmuchforhappy 10-05-2007 10:14 PM

I love it! Thanks Leigh.

Swarkles 10-05-2007 10:16 PM

oooo, it's puuurrty! thanks leigh!

Thrill Is Gone 10-05-2007 10:20 PM

That looks awesome!

lalatina15 10-05-2007 11:05 PM

Aw! :)

(my favorite)


Swarkles 10-05-2007 11:08 PM

aww, you're awesome! :yay: soo cute!

Kathryn_Ann 10-05-2007 11:11 PM

thanks for the caps!! awesome header Leigh!!

thegoodbyegirl 10-05-2007 11:28 PM

Add me please?

I love all the caps, but especially the first one in the album with the leaning on the shoulder.

Swarkles 10-05-2007 11:35 PM

adding you now!

falling slowly 10-05-2007 11:44 PM

Can I join please? I think Manny and Darcy are gorgeous and i'm a big fan of their friendship!

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