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DollyJfan4life 12-28-2010 06:04 PM

The Hedonists [Anti-SavvyJ] #4 Because they are the ones actually living in a fantasy

Welcome to the 4th
Anti-Holly J Sinclair & Sav Bhandari Thread

The [ A n t i - s u p p o r t e r s ]

[1]Hermione Granger



[4]Holland Fan Forever


















[22]Queen J & The Dark Prince




The [ S o u n d t r a c k ]

[ The Way I Loved You ] by Taylor Swift

He can't see the smile I'm f a k i n g
and my heart's not breaking because I'm not feeling a n y t h i n g a t a l l
You were wild and crazy just so frustrating
intoxicating, complicated
got away my soul m i s t a k e

[ Bored of your Love ] by Meg & Dia

I can picture your face on the other side completely o b l i v i o u s
do you really feel like this love is r e a l ? I wish I could join you

[ Decoy ] by Paramore

Close your eyes and m a k e b e l i e v e this is where you want to be
forgetting all the m e m o r i e s , try to forget love because love's f o r g o t t e n me

[ The Way I Loved You ] by Selena Gomez

It m i g h t be wonderful, it might be magical
It might be everything I've waited for, a miricle
But even if I fall in love a g a i n with someone new
It could n e v e r be the way I loved y o u

[ Coming to Terms ] by Carolina Liar

I'm u s i n g you
you're using me
it's never as e a s y we believe

[ B r o k e n ] by Cassie Steele

You take a d v a n t a g e of a simple h e a r t b r e a k
At least you had to l o v e to know how to a c h e

[ Thinking of You ] by Katy Perry

I guess that s e c o n d b e s t is all I will know
because when I'm with him I am thinking of y o u
what you would do if you were the one who was spending the night
I wish that I was looking into y o u r e y e s

How do I get better once I've had the b e s t?
You said there's tons of sifh in the water so the waters I will test
He kissed my lips I taste your mouth
He pulled me in I was d i s g u s t e d with myself

[ Lips of an Angel ] by Hinder

I guess we n e v e r really moved on
It's really g o o d to hear your voice saying my name
it sounds so s w e e t
Coming from the lips of an a n g e l hearing those words
it makes me w e a k

[ Break Your Little Heart ] by All Time Low

I'm wasted, wasting time
You talk for hours but you're w a s t i n g lines
A pretty face but the c h a s e aint worth the p r i z e

The [ R e a s o n s ]

1. Because it shows signs of an o b v i o u s rebound relationship

2. Because n o - o n e who has found out about them remotely c a r e s or has taken them s e r i o u s l y

3. Because Sav and Holly J weren't even f r i e n d s before they got together

4. Because Fiona still expects her to m a r r y Declan

5. Because they've kept it a s e c r e t

6. Because they've both b r o k e n the friendship code with Anya and Declan

7. Because Holly J m e d d l e d with Sav and Anya's and didn't care that it h u r t him

8. Because he was s u p p o r t i v e of her relationship with Declan

9. Because the strip tease was completely u n s e x y

10. Because Holly J and Declan haven't officially b r o k e n u p

11. Because they went a g a i n s t each other in the campaign

12. Because Declan is r e t u r n i n g and will show Holly J what she's m i s s i n g

13. Because Charlotte and Ray being good friends in real life makes their romance scenes a w k w a r d

14. Because they c o n t r i b u t e d to the school's new strict policies

15. Because not long ago he was calling A n y a the l o v e of his life.

16. Because his parent's w o n ' t approve of the culture difference

17. Because she's g i v i n g u p on her dreams just to be with him.

18. Because saying "We're having fun" does not suggest Holly J's c o m m i t t e d to the relationship.

18. Because the serenading was c h e e s y and s i c k e n i n g

19. Because going from Declan to Sav is like taking the f r e e f a l l

20. Because Sav has n o a m b i t i o n whilst Holly J has a lot

21. Because b a d singing and school s t r i p p i n g do not equal true love

22. Because n e i t h e r of them are using their hearts, only their b o d i e s

23. Because there shouldn't be an e x p i r y date if it means something to them.

24. Because Sav n e v e r liked Holly J being friends with Anya.

25. Because "Holly J Sinclair? You have h e a l t h i n s u r a n c e right?

26. Because Holly J crossed him o f f her list

27. Because Holly J told Declan first and n o t Sav about getting into Yale

28. Because anyone who is confident in their relationship isn't going to f r e a k - o u t when their girlfriend's ex shows up but Sav d i d

29. Because Holly J told Sav that she was having lunch with Declan and his feelings about that d i d n ' t m a t t e r

30. Because she seemed u n c o m f o r t a b l e when Sav hugged her

31. Because "You come first...right now."

32. Because "No pressure."

33. Even Jenna could tell they're not in love!

34. Because third Parties who have nothing to lose or gain should not have to play a big role in getting a couple back together

35. "Coming second doesn't feel so good." - Sav

36. Because you can't base a relationship on having fun

37. Because They Hadn't Talked In Forever-The boyfriends/girlfriends I know are either always together or they make an effort to spend time together, but that never happens with Holly J and Sav and Holly J is the one with the hectic schedule it isn't Sav.

38. Because sick or well, we would still have a lack of affection between Holly and Sav

39. The end scene at the hospital couldn't have come across as more forced and cheesy

Holland Fan Forever 12-28-2010 07:34 PM

Thanks for the new thread! I think that the writers and the powers that be seem to be out to lunch but that they do come back in time to focus on other opposites attracts couples like Fiadam and EClare and so it isn't that the writers and the powers that be cannot actually write an opposites attracts couple it's that they have chosen to focus and spend their time on other younger opposites attracts couples and they have easily found other ways to get Holly J on screen without it being about Holly J and Sav.

Queen J & The Dark Prince 12-28-2010 10:38 PM

I thought I was on the Anti - Supporters list, but I'm not. :(

Can someone add me, please. :flowers:

DollyJfan4life 12-28-2010 10:46 PM

Added you!

Holland Fan Forever 12-29-2010 12:34 AM

I think that for a show is supposed to pride itself on being realistic that Holly J and Sav have got to be the most unrealistic couple on this show and who in the world realistically just takes someone back who cheated on them with their ex after five minutes? Holly J didn't even have to work to earn his trust back in any way and it reinforced the fact that she can and will walk all over Sav whenever she wants to as if this storyline wasn't already all about her and what she wants and or did. I've read fanfic where I've seen more of a reaction from Sav than anything we've seen on the actual show.:rolleyes: When I watch them my first reaction is "How in the world did we get to this point?" I thought that it was bad that Sav had to just take Holly J back for the sake of the awkward, unrealistic storyline. I think that the two of them are contrasts in someone dealing with a break up, I think that her break up was hard for her and that Sav is always going to get this watered down version of Holly J because of that and there is nothing that Sav can say or do to change that. I think that Sav got over his break up quickly and that he wants Holly J to love him like Anya loved him but, she won't and it shows. These two really are like a bad soap opera couple where the ex is always somehow involved and the new love interest just has to deal with that like it or not and third parties play too big of a role with nothing to gain or lose in the process.

Queen J & The Dark Prince 12-29-2010 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by DollyJfan4life (Post 52843805)
Added you!

Thanks :hug:

ShineSoBright23 12-29-2010 12:22 PM

Thanks for the new thread!

DollyJfan4life 12-29-2010 06:47 PM

So, everyone's cool with the title?

Holland Fan Forever 12-29-2010 09:34 PM

It's fine. We can always change it again when we get to the nest thread. We should put a defintion of hedonists in the first page of this thread for any new anti-fans of this anti-power couple that may come and read and post.:)

DollyJfan4life 12-29-2010 09:56 PM

Will do!

Queen J & The Dark Prince 12-29-2010 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by Holland Fan Forever (Post 52863948)
We should put a defintion of hedonists in the first page of this thread for any new anti-fans of this anti-power couple that may come and read and post.:)

What does "Hedonists" mean? :confused:

DollyJfan4life 12-29-2010 10:34 PM

Hedonists- The doctrine holding that behavior is motivated by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

Holland Fan Forever 12-30-2010 06:26 AM


Originally Posted by DollyJfan4life (Post 52864700)
Hedonists- The doctrine holding that behavior is motivated by the desire for pleasure and the avoidance of pain.

Please incorporate this into the OP.:)

vivalalove 12-31-2010 06:22 PM

TFTNT! It still says this is the 3rd thread. You forgot to change it to 4th. :D

Yay for more haters, new threads and plenty more reasons to LOATHE this disgusting abomination of a couple in 2011! :party: :yay: :woot: :cool:

DollyJfan4life 12-31-2010 06:41 PM

It is? Sorry, was my first time. Lol

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