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Wild Pikachu 03-06-2005 05:06 PM

Getting to 10,000 Posts #82: Sad Songs Say So Much
Intro by Pika:

Welcome! This is the Getting to 10,000 Posts thread, where we all post incessantly until we reach our personal posting goals! Somehow a little thread about wanting to get to ten thousand posts turned into this huge frenzying monster! :eek: (...okay, we did it. Alea and Joce and I. But don't tell anyone.

What is this thread about? POSTING! :yay: This is the place to talk about what your post-count goals might be--"for the day, the week, even the month! It's also a place where you can make milestone posts, and be applauded by all who are here. Whether you're trying to make 500 posts to get that custom avie, or are well past 10,000 posts and headed for the ranks of FF's busiest posters, this is the place to be! :nod:

So, what is this thread really about? Isn't it just "star posting"? This thread is not a place to make completely random posts, just to increase your post count. It's also not a place where double- or triple-posting is encouraged, though it can happen accidentally. However, this is often what is known as a "conversation (or convo) thread." People are here to chat about anything and everything, to get to know each other, and to create solid FF friendships. You'll find everyone here to be friendly and supportive. We're just one big Bunny family! :lol:

Who's who around here? Our mods are quarterley (Cindy) and Sick Boy (Los, or Carlos). They drop by semi-regularly to participate in the festivities. You'll also find plenty of mods from other boards just stopping in to post awhile. While we don't have formal "thread owners" or anything, by consensus the BBOT's (Big Bunnies On Thread) are Wild Pikachu (yours truly, Pika), roswellian_chick16 (Joce), Alea, and goldenpuppies at heart (Sharon). They are usually responsible for starting new threads, keeping things going, and generally minding the thread.

What is this "Bunny" thing? Around thread #8, when it was becoming clear that this "10,000 Posts" concept wasn't going to just fade away, Alea came up with the idea of starting a list of people who just post and post and post here. She also came up with the name "Energizer Bunnies," and so that's what we are. :lol:


Our Smilies:

Since the site where we used to get our smilies from won't let us use them anymore, I have been uploading some of the more popular ones to Imageshack. You can look up the codes to use for those smilies here. And if anyone has a smiley that they want added, just ask.

---------- The Energizer Bunnies (We keep posting and posting and posting...):

Honorary Head Bunny: LittleMilkJug (Devon) for starting the original 10,000 Posts thread. :clap:

Honorary Super Bunny: Tech Support Manager Johnnie - 100,000 posts and counting! :yay:

1) Alea
2) Wild Pikachu (Pika)
3) roswellian_chick16 (Joce)
4) Lemurian
5) blueschild007 (Julie)
6) Avatar (Dan)
7) barbeegurl00 (Carrie)
8) paintedxlie (Val)
9) *Ledi* (Eda)
10) A.Film.By.Tiff
11) Rainstorm18 (Jenny)
12) SweetPea345 (Jess)
13) A Buffy & Spike dreamer (Lily)
14) Dark Half Undine (Danie)
15) Angela12
16) Beautiful Angel (Sarah)
17) oth/ggfan (Jenn)
18) anastasia.k
19) goldenpuppies at heart (Sharon)
20) quarterley (Cindy)
21) QueenBitch (Aly)
22) Kismet16 (Karla)
23) Mind Warper (Tahra)
24) gackasplash37 (Rachel)
25) LadyMela (Melanie)
26) -.cathy.-
27) *Kaylee*
28) Evchy (Eva)
29) Sick Boy (Carlos)
30) truth takes time (Karen)
31) **Courtney**
32) Scare Queen (Jo)
33) Chantelly
34) film fan (Vicky)
35) DJPuReMaGiC (Nath)
36) OTH_Mexican_FAN (Lizzy)
37) Prue_Halliwell (Kelanie)
38) Berkie
39) Allyru (Ru)
40) Caleon
41) **Carrie**
42) Anna-Liisa
43) silver_lined_cloud (Lulu)
44) Ms. Fiction (Leslie Ann)
45) ~~TvAddict~~ (Gunvor)
46) Uh Blah (Louis)
47) Katka
48) Sadeyes9074 (Sherry)
49) ~*Cubby*~ (Patti)
50) ALittaM (Ale)

Bunnies are posters who have 30 or more posts on one of the 10,000 Post threads, or 10 or more posts on three different 10,000 Post threads. Special :yay: to Devon for colorizing the List! :clap:

Here is a copy of the spreadsheet I use for the Bunny List. It shows everyone who has had double-digit posts on any thread.

Bunny Birthdays:

*Kaylee* - January 7
Prue_Halliwell - January 20
oth/ggfan - January 29
Beautiful Angel - February 2
blueschild007 - February 10
SweetPea345 - February 20
roswellian_chick16 - February 28
Berkie - March 4
Dark Half Undine - March 11
Katka - March 13
Mind Warper - March 23
A.Film.By.Tiff - April 8
quarterley - April 9
**Courtney** - April 16
Johnnie - May 7
LittleMilkJug - May 25
~~TvAddict~~ - May 25
gackasplash37 - June 28
Sadeyes9074 - June 28
DJPuReMaGiC - July 9
paintedxlie - July 18
ALittaM - July 19
Alea - July 21
Evchy - August 1
Uh Blah - August 6
OTH_Mexican_FAN - August 16
Sick Boy- August 21
Scare Queen - August 23
Allyru - August 27
Rainstorm18 - September 11
Wild Pikachu - September 12
goldenpuppies at heart - September 16
Ms. Fiction - September 17
A Buffy & Spike dreamer - September 19
silver_lined_cloud - September 20
Chantelly - October 20
LadyMela - November 21
Avatar - November 23
truth takes time - November 24
Kismet16 - December 5
QueenBitch - December 6
Anna-Liisa - December 15
anastasia.k - December 21
Caleon - December 24

Birthdays were taken from Bunnies' public profiles. Not all members choose to make their birthday visible; if you are a Bunny who has not made their birthday public but you want it known here, just let us know and you'll be added. :D


Thread History:

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10,000 Posts #3-We Keep Posting and Posting and
10,000 Posts # 4 : Sleep? What's Sleep? We're Posting Whores!
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10,000 Posts # 6: We're like the energizer bunnies!
10,000 posts # 7 Yak, Yak, Yakerty Yak!
10,000 Posts #8: Breaking all posting records!
10,000 Posts #9: Posting until our brains are fried!
10,000 Posts #10: We Won't Stop Till We Get Enough .
10,000 Posts #11: When we're hot - we're hot!!!
10,000 Posts #12: Devon Created a Monster!!
10,000 Posts #13: Our Bunny List is getting longer!
10,000 Posts #14: Posting so fast we can't think of titles!
10,000 Posts #15: 10,000? Why not go for 20,000?
10,000 Posts #16: Posting more every day!
10,000 Posts #17: Posting in every language!
10,000 Posts #18: Because we're absolute Postie-whores
10,000 Posts #19: Mommy Joce says no fighting!
10,000 Posts # 20: ITS MEGA FRENZY TIME!!
10,000 Posts #21: Frenzying at 100 posts an hour
10,000 Posts # 22: We want the bunny smilie!
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10,000 Posts #43: Bunny Reunion!
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10,000 Posts #45: You Know You're Addicted When...
10,000 Posts #46: Posting Pretty Puppy Pics!
10,000 Posts #47: Multi-tasking!
10,000 Posts #48: 'Cause We're Just That Damn Good
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Getting to 10,000 Posts #64: Because a little less sleep never hurt anyone....
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Getting to 10,000 Posts #72: Calculus Dreams and Tetherball
Getting to 10,000 Posts #73: Procrastination Bad! Posting Good!
Getting to 10,000 Posts #74: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERKIE!
Getting to 10,000 Posts #75: Broadway, here we come!!
Getting to 10,000 Posts #76: We're Friendly LIttle Bunnies!
Getting to 10,000 Posts #77: We Multiply Threads Like Bunnies!
Getting to 10,000 Posts #78: Postaholics Anonymous
Getting to 10,000 Posts #79: Hopping Our Way to 10,000!
Getting to 10,000 Posts #80: Forget TV, Just Post!
Getting to 10,000 Posts #81: Bunnies of the World Unite!

Sadeyes9074 03-06-2005 05:09 PM


Pika, my birthday is June 28th...

~*Cubby*~ 03-06-2005 05:11 PM

Do I qualify to be a bunny? :look: lol

goldenpuppies at heart 03-06-2005 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Wild Pikachu
:headslap: I noticed that when I was away the other day you were asking to make the new no more of this "I don't wanna" stuff. :nod:

New thread...

I was asking if there was anyone else who wanted to make it so I wouldn't have to. :P I was ready with a title if nobody else would. :P

CourtneyS416 03-06-2005 05:12 PM

Hey guys....I'm back....the boyfriend got home and I had to talk with him about his adventures....and then we had to go run some i'm back and ready to post until dinner time....

Sadeyes9074 03-06-2005 05:13 PM

Hiya Courtney!!

Kismet16 03-06-2005 05:13 PM

Hey Courtney. :wave:

Thanks Pika for the new thread.

Wild Pikachu 03-06-2005 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by goldenpuppies at heart
I was asking if there was anyone else who wanted to make it so I wouldn't have to. :P I was ready with a title if nobody else would. :P

Really... cuz I distinctly remember seeing, "Can I make the next thread?"... :P

goldenpuppies at heart 03-06-2005 05:14 PM

:wave: Welcome back, Courtney. :D

goldenpuppies at heart 03-06-2005 05:15 PM


Originally Posted by Wild Pikachu
Really... cuz I distinctly remember seeing, "Can I make the next thread?"... :P

:headslap::headslap::headslap: Besides, just because I offer to do it doesn't mean that I like doing it. :P

gackasplash37 03-06-2005 05:15 PM

:wave: courtney!!!!!!

:hug: thanks for the new thread pika :woot:

and :P :P sharon gladly starty new threads

hehhhee me and sherry have the same bday! :D

goldenpuppies at heart 03-06-2005 05:17 PM

:P :P :P Rach. Not gladly. Willing to, but not gladly. :P

gackasplash37 03-06-2005 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by goldenpuppies at heart
:P :P :P Rach. Not gladly. Willing to, but not gladly. :P

:P :P :P sharon i was trying to help you :P

goldenpuppies at heart 03-06-2005 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by gackasplash37
:P :P :P sharon i was trying to help you :P

:look: I'm lost....:look: That really didn't make sense.

CourtneyS416 03-06-2005 05:21 PM

:wave: Sharon, Sherry, Karla!

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