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beloved of the sky 06-04-2018 09:19 PM

X-Files Off-Topic #54: sunnier skies, better UFO sightings!

beloved of the sky 06-04-2018 09:21 PM

From last thread:


Originally Posted by reason to believe (Post 94119952)
Maybe I wasn’t really “sick”. Maybe really sick people get wheeled in on a bed. I had an IV in before I walked into the surgery room. Then they put the anaesthesia medicine through my IV, they didn’t put a face mask on me while I was still conscious. I went out really quick!

I was going to talk to my co-worker but I could only find my job description and not hers anywhere, but then she came in and read both of ours and apologized to me cause she saw my specific tasks were in mine and hers was more vague and she knew she did mine. And when I first got in I’m afraid I did talk to her, but I’m sure I didn’t hide being upset very well. She for sure got the message though :lol:

We are both applying for other schools though for next year, evidently we’re both kind of fed up with this particular place :lol:

Ugh, I’m sorry, you have to deal, with phone calls and wasted your time with those papers! :irked: :hug: and it’s so annoying when places don’t do things on Mondays, :rolleyes: that’s a weekday, it’s a work day!

There You'll Be 06-04-2018 09:32 PM

:lol: I was posting while you were making the new thread, and closing that one.

Sick, or not, that's how you go in here. On a hospital bed. You're also not allowed to get up and even go to the bathroom, in your hospital room, with an IV in, without a nurse. :shrug:

I'm glad she figured out what you meant. Hopefully you'll get your new school.

It's only a work day when it's convenient for them-meaning they expect us to work on any week day, and then do meaningless work while waiting for them to send you want you need.

beloved of the sky 06-04-2018 09:37 PM

Yeah. It’s always confusing to start a new thread when I know we are both around and could be either posting or starting a new thread. :lol: Sorry, I made you lose your post :hug:

I need to think of a new title for June! :sun:

I remember a couple Of hours after surgery, a nurse got me up to use the bathroom and was close to me while I went in there but they didn’t watch me go to the bathroom, just up to the door and out from the door. I guess a test to see if I was ready to discharge.

I’m watching a horror movie on Netflix called “Stephanie”.... pretty spooky atmosphere. In case you want to see a new horror film! :nod:

There You'll Be 06-04-2018 09:59 PM

:lol: that's okay, and it is definitely confusing. TFTNT and I love the title.

They never went into the bathroom with me, either, except right after my hip surgery, because, well, I couldn't stand. :lol:

Then again, I don't remember up until they were transporting me back to our local hospital. :lmao:

Ooh, I am going to check our Netflix now and see if it's there. :)

PM's are double sending again. :facepalm:

beloved of the sky 06-04-2018 10:21 PM

Yeah, it’s really weird being drugged out and not remembering much.

When I got home, all I remember after surgery was I felt like I kept taking pills, even though it was only about 2-3 times in 24 Hours, I complained “I feel like all I’m doing is taking pills!” even tho it wasn’t too often, but the rest of the time felt non-existent, I think I must have literally been staring at the walls in between the drug times :lol:

I’m glad you got better with mobility cause having to be watched and helped with everything could be difficult! :hug:

Yeah I liked the movie, I was like trying to figure it out. :confused: and it felt short but it kept my suspense anyway! :nod:

I wonder if my PM posted twice to you or if it’s just your internet.

There You'll Be 06-04-2018 10:35 PM

We have high speed internet, and I disabled the ad-blocker that was slowing :ff; down before, so it's just ff being difficult. My response only sent once this time, because the board wasn't lagging. :lol: It went right through.

Our Netflix doesn't have that movie. It sounds like a good one. :) Usually the best movies leave you having to figure out parts of it.

I have You Tube videos on, since I switched my TV over to computer to check Netflix.

I recorded an HGTV show, and am now recording a news show, and Best Baker in America. What are you watching now?

:lol: on the pills. Blech. I hate taking pills. Didn't they have a TV?

beloved of the sky 06-04-2018 10:52 PM

Yeah, there was tv, but I wasn’t paying attention much to it, while drugged out and nauseous :lol: overall, I don’t remember much pain from my surgery. Just lightheadedness from the infection and the feeling of stitches tightening and itching as they healed!

Your Netflix doesn’t have it? I thought it was Netflix Original movie so you’d have it. Maybe it’s under “New” or something :confused:

I’m watching the movie “the Pursuit of Happyness” with Will Smith and his son Jayden (before Jayden turned into the most annoying teenager of a famous parent in the world)

Does the baking shows make you feel hungry?

There You'll Be 06-04-2018 11:36 PM

Ick on stitches. I guess I'm happier they used staples. :lol: I think I mostly just paid attention to the sound of the TV. At the hospital I don't even remember the room, so not sure if there even was a TV. :lol: I'm SO glad I didn't go through what you did with your infection.

I searched for the title, Stephanie. It's not a series is it? A TV series? Cause then I might have missed it.

I've never seen that one. I love Will though. :melt:

Not usually. No cooking shows, in general, make me hungry. At least not often.

It's getting close to your bedtime. I should be in bed, so I can make more pointless, government hoops, phone calls. Hopefully I'll get somewhere tomorrow.

Which school do you go to tomorrow? The one you like a lot?

beloved of the sky 06-04-2018 11:50 PM

Yeah, you don’t. It was weird, like painless, but like I’d sleep and still wake up feeling like I didn’t sleep and felt like I’d collapse after a shower. Being dizzy all the time, like almost delirious. I think if I didn’t go get all those IV treatments, I think I could have eventually died. (Trying to make my ordeal sound more exciting) having to go twice a day to the hospital, one overnight IV and having a IV needle stuck in my hand for a week *shudder*

No, it’s a movie.

I am tired, I’m just waiting til 11 pm and I’ll be going to bed :yawn: it was a stressful day on my body at work cause of my brain meltdown! :thud:

Yeah, tomorrow is my nice day at the good location and I think I’m signing out books this week... it’s getting to where we need to stop that and start bringing them back for inventory.

There You'll Be 06-04-2018 11:59 PM

I always have to have blood drawn from my hand. It's definitely not pleasant having any needle stuck in your hand. I've only had an IV done that way once. Hey, you are not being dramatic at all-you very easily could have died from that infection.

Okay, my Netflix definitely doesn't have it. Maybe they already got rid of it, and now other countries are getting it? Who knows. Netflix uses no logic.

Mind meltdowns are definitely physically exhausting. I'll probably wait a while, and set my alarm to get up. I know I'm spending too much time in bed when my bed is making me physically hurt more.

My friend in California is trying to get their books back, and isn't having much luck. I wish you much more luck than that. :D It sounds like it should be a fairly busy day for you, which would make it go faster. Plus, yay, nice school.

Listening to music on You Tube is helping me relax. Soon I'll have to listen to some heavy metal though, to prepare me for fighting tomorrow. :lol:

ETA OMGosh! I just read the rest of the posts and we're all Space Travelers!!

beloved of the sky 06-05-2018 12:08 AM

Yeah, I remember I had that “red streak” in the early days, they say if you see a red streak in your skin that spreads go to the ER, but I stupidly waited about 4 days before going to the ER! :facepalm:

Well, I couldn’t print out overdue notices at work today cause the printer wouldn’t print. :mad:

I’m glad I’m calm enough to sleep now.

How can heavy metal relax you before sleeping though, maybe listen to it like an hour before making phone calls :lol:

Yes! So cool we are space travelers now :abduct: :ufo: :alien:

There You'll Be 06-05-2018 12:15 AM

Ouch! I was lucky I had 2 extra weeks at the hospital, after. Plus, the home care nurse that popped in every other day, so I had close eyes on it. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.

I'm glad you're calm enough to sleep now, too. :hug: Talking here helped me get back in my good frame of mind, and hey, using smilies again. :D

:lol: Heavy metal is calming to me. Don't know why, but it is. I've always been a little backwards.

beloved of the sky 06-05-2018 12:30 AM

I like that you feel better when you're talking with me :hug: :in_love:

I think Claire is awake! Good morning, Claire-:bunny:

Haha your space traveling smilie! :P

I'm in bed now :yawn:

Meliana 06-05-2018 12:33 AM

I pointed out our special titles yesterday! I wondered why no one mentioned it. :lol:

I've never had a hospital room with a TV, but then for most of my hospital stays I've been in old fashioned hospitals with wards of patients, our hospital which I gave birth in has been rebuilt and has all individual rooms now, and I've never stayed there.
It makes more sense to me now, Kim they do it as they are afraid of being sued. Over here doctors and hospitals only get sued for severe mistakes, not mild things like making you walk around whilst in labour.

Thanks for the new thread, Leanne.

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