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Old 01-31-2018, 09:59 AM
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Originally Posted by DanVe (View Post)
I thoroughly enjoyed this episode The mention of parallel universes mixed in with the Mandela effect was a stroke of genius. Adding the comic scene from Mulder's childhood memory is going down as a new Classic in my book. This has to go on the books as one of the most wacky X files episodes to ever air. I really like the scene where Skinner comes out of nowhere asking where they're taking Reggie. I thought of another scene from a movie I watched some decade ago. I thought it was a deleted scene from Cameron Crowe's Almost famous. But I guess I am experiencing a little Mandela effect my self because it seems like the scene doesn't exist.

The scene I remember was a Black and white scene and Penny's Uncle or Older male relative comes into shot. The thing is he is the only thing in color. He looks around and says "Where the heck am I," I think the Skinner scene was inspired by either this scene or another scene like it because it is so oblivious it is freakishly funny.

Dr. They gave the episode the Twilight Zone feel sort of... I think it went a little overboard though, into the stupidity factor. I think it was because the video was in color. Id the video had been in black and white I would have said they hit the twilight zone mood right on. I am not sure if the crew just wanted to give it a modern spin or what not but, in my opinion, I think it would have had a more profound impact if the video was in Black and white.

Don't get me wrong the critasism is just that. This episode is now my new favorite X File episodes

I agree that just like Jose Chung, this episode was mostly awesome, but also created some weird uneasiness. I think that was totally on purpose. It wouldn't be the X-Files if they left us without doubts and confusion!!!

I was a bit disappointed that Alex Trebek and Jesse Ventura didn't show up though.
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X-files, epi #5-04, 'Detour'.
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Old 03-15-2018, 06:57 AM
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Yesterday the episode premiered on german TV and I absolutly loved it. (aside from the medicore dubbing )

Thanks to Darin Morgan for this brilliant piece of TV-entertainment I have to watch it again, because there were so many things I missed.
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Old 04-26-2018, 06:36 PM
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New poster for the episode!

Re-watch your fave X-Files episodes with us!
X-Files Weekly Rewatch: Humbug (Jan. 14-20, 2019)
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