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KerBear 06-01-2006 07:08 AM

Team Ana [AL/MR] #56: B/C now, Michelle can FINALLY move on with her life!!!!
Welcome to the FIFTY-FIFTH Ana-Lucia/ Michelle Rodriguez Thread!
"We're thread killers!"

1. CharlieandClaire
2. KerBear
3. GrhmLz
4. David
5. PBQueen
6. Hinemoa
7. Onarek
8. Charlie&ClaireFan4Eva
9. NightCrawler21
10. Rainstorm18
11. i love sawyer
13. blueschild007
14. Ana Luthor
15. HaveALittleFaith
16. cwerner
17. Darbi
18. shiri appleby
19. bugs8476
20. Yariene
21. Kitty_Fantastico
22. Methodic Ways
23. dr snaps
24. Rona Jo
25. PureVanity
26. theirishgirl
27. sweetlisalisa
28. emmylala2003
29. koteczekfrompl
30. ~*Gabriela*~
31. Juli236
32. kayzee
33. Aylo
34. ~Daniel~
35. Dreamer 4 Ever
37. Elusive One
38. leighleigh
39. ~*Yuki*~
40. Jenna16
41. TessShipper
42. *just_her*
44.cliffy spuffy dreamer45
45. WIWL
46. prettyg38
47. pacifierrocks
48. amit_mali
49. CheEsecAKe&BRUCAS
50. franci*
51. Bluephoenix70
*52. Liz01
*53. Jason'sLover4Life
*54. Parallax
55. Prancer
56. Bunnies = Omens
57. Sonya
58. mortified penguin
59. LePrincess
60. paigepp-charmed
61. nedz
62. b_ritt

* Means they are just Michelle Fans!

If your name isn't already on here don't forget to ASK to be added again!!

(Our Lady of the Island)

Ana Lucia, We Know She's The Best
She's Human and Believable like All of the Rest.

It's Claimed She's a Woman that All Love to Hate
Well Pardon Us, Excuse Us, She Doesn't Need to Be Kate.

We Love Her, She's Awesome, the Woman can Lead
She is Smart and Productive, A Woman they Need.

This Woman's A Hero, She Saved a Little Girl's Life
And She Helped Bernard Unite With his Long Lost Wife.

Do We Need to Make a List of The Courageous Things that she's Done?
She Let Sayid Go After He pointed that Gun.

She Tells You the Truth Whether You Want To Hear It or Not
That Makes Her Real Honest And Not A "Bitch" or a "Snot!"

She'd Make A Great Mother, That's Easy to See
When those children went missing she would not let it be.

Goodwin was not match for her, he found out the hard way
Because of Ana's quick thinking he'll never again see the light of day.

She shot someone by accident and that's easy to see
No One could tell what was running through those trees.

So, You See, the Writers do love her and why shouldn't we?
This Answers Your Questions about Ana Supporters and Me!

Written by Heather
Some are from

1. she saved many people the day of the crash
2. she saved and comforted a little girl
3. she saved Bernard's life
4. She protected the rest of the tails the whole time
5. she risked her life to find out who Mike, sawyer, and Jin were
6. she risked her life and killed Goodwin
7. she was obviously a good cop before the shooting since evryond loved her
8. she was put in the leadership position and people opposed her and when they did people died/were taken, maning they should have listened to her/she was a good leader
9. She kept everyone safe by ridding them of Goodwin. If she hadn't morepeople would've been taken until there was no one left of the Tail-Enders.
10. She decided that they should go to the other side of the island instead of staying there and being picked off one by one. She actually saved everyone's lives, and Sawyer's by willing going through the hell of the jungle just to make sure they stayed safe.
11. She can literally kick ass!
12. she's been through one of the hardest things a woman can go through (i.e. lost a child) but still remained strong and an asset to many people.
13. showed that even the toughest people are soft inside (like the rest of us).
14. She's got some mad gun skills....aim-wise.
15. She showed compassion to the Tail-Enders children, promising to get them home to their mother
16. she hit Sawyer, who, as much as I love him...deserves every once of negativity he receives
17. Her detachment from people, comes from feeling dead inside, ever since her baby died. Very sympathetic.
18. she will likely get to hookup with one or both or the two yummiest guys on the island
19. She's her own person. She does what she thinks is right, not what is easy.
20. She was the only one to figure out goodwin was an other
21. she's a good female role model (i.e. you don't need to use your looks to get ahead)
22. she's fun to watch
23. she's hot
24.she is brave and determinate
25.she knows what she wants
26.she is a real leader by nature
27. She's sarcastic (in a good way ).
28. Likes to get things done
29. She made Jack smile in the airport
30.SHE is the real tough girl on the island
31. She doesn't pretend to be something she's not.
32. She says what's on her mind.
33. She doesn't need a man to get things done. She does it herself.
34. She's a complex character.
35. She likes Sawyer!!!/I`m sure she does
36. she doesn't do things just to be liked
37. She was a cop. A noble, brave profession in which people risk their lives to at least try to make their community a safer place. No matter her sins, she tried to make a meaningful contribution to the world
38. She is clever and modest (not showing off the fact that she outsmarted Goodwin and kicked his ass!)
39. She doesn't breakdown and cry and freeze up in a frightening situation....if she's scared she doesn't show it....she cries at the RIGHT time. Unlike....*cough* Kate *cough*....
40. She has depth and complexity
41. She is not a whiney bitch and I can't see her chasing men all over the island
42. Because she and Sawyer will have some of the best lines in tv history when they talk IF the writers create good scenes with them.
43.She let Sayid go, and gave him the weapons. (shows even more that my girl's got more balls than most of the men on the island by being willing to pay the price for her mistakes)
44. She thinks about other people's safety and makes decisions based on that.
45. She's played by Michelle Rodriguez
46. she has integrity.
47. she's not selfish.
48. B/c I think I'm about to get banned but the character made it all worth it!
49. Because she's got the whole "Treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" thing down to an art!
50. She's out to break the whole Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle... i would prefer if the triangle went this way... Jack/Ana/Sawyer
51. After re-watching The Other 48 Days, we can re-establish the fact that Ana just....RULES
52. She can toss back a drink like nobody's business. (and I'm talking about Ana, not Michelle so do NOT even go there lol).
53. (I think) She apologized for killing Shannon (even though I think the girly needed to leave)
54. She refused to back down to Sayid while they were looking for the balloon
55. She asked Henry Gale "nicely" and got the map; something the boys didn't....HA!HA!
56. - 1,000,000. She's HOTTTTTT!
57. She knows people hate her (for no good reason) but she doesnt care nor does she try to impress them.
58. She sees right through peoples BS, and cuts to the chase
59. She's confronting her mistakes head on by seeking out the respect of Sayid instead of running and hiding from him.
60. She got Sayid to warm up to her just by being honest and vulnerable
61. She is the one ultimately responsible for exposing Henry for a fraud.
62. She is an awesome interrogator, getting Goodwin to expose himself and Henry to draw her map by remaing calm and cool
63. She has a gorgeous smile that can turn into a deadly look in one instant.
64 She had one of the best lines this season "Jack and Locke are too worried about Locke and Jack."
65. "No worries Man."
66. She's gettin' another flashback soon
67. She rocks WAY more than Kate, especially after last night's episode
68. just because she kicks ass
69. SHE actually makes Jack smile (*shock*).
70. She ACTUALLY challenges Sawyer with the same bs he challenges everyone else with. She calls his bluff, and that rules.
71. She rocks WAY more than Kate, especially after last night's episode
72. Her flashbacks are the best.
73. She beat the caesar salad out of Sawyer
74. In her final moments, she redeemed herself and let go of her anger and urge for revenge.
75. She never stopped worrying about Emma and her brother.
76. Because she didn't deserve to die!!

.::Future Thread Titles::.

. Because F--- you Damon and Carlton! YOU screwed up Ana, not Michelle!
. Because we love Ana NOW more than EVER!
. Because they just LOST their best leading lady!
. Because SOME PEOPLE are on crack island!!

"Basically I was a rebel growing up. I got kicked out of six schools. But I don't think that it makes you less of an intellect. You know, if you ever crave knowledge, there's always a library. " - Michelle Rodriguez

#36: Because Ana Will Never Really Be Alone! She's Got Us!
#37: Because she's WAY too good to be LOST!
38. Because we won't condem Ana/MR for "their" mistakes!!
39. We just KILLED Another Thread, On Purpose!
40. Break out the tequila and tonic, she's coming home!
41. She doesn't need LOST, she's on contract with US!!
42. Because we're TEAM ANA, stop us if you can!
43. Repeat after US: ANA kicks ASS. Deal with it!!!
44.Because we're so good we don't NEED a title!!
45. She may be gone, but our love for her will NEVER end!
46. RIP Ana: She will live on in THIS thread!
47. Because EVERYONE wants Sawyer, but Ana GOT him!!
48: B/C Ana-Lucia is in Heaven with the baby she lost....
49. Because Ana needs to smack the writer's with Eko's Jesus Stick!
50. Ana may be Gone but We're Going 50 Threads Strong!
51. Because They LOST Their Best Muchacha
52. We are the surviving Tailies and Ana lives on through us
53. Look out Micheal! Ana is gonna haunt you from her grave!
54. Two months? Michelle is kickass and can handle anything!
#55: Here's to hoping there is deleted Ana scenes on the DVD!!

KerBear 06-01-2006 07:09 AM

Hmmmmm the top picture and the one right under picture of the moment arent showing up??????????????

CharlieandClaire 06-01-2006 07:11 AM

Really?? I see them!! :lol:

Thanks for starting! :yay:

KerBear 06-01-2006 07:24 AM

:lol: yeah they arent there on mine! :lol: But its probably just FF, you know how sometimes I cant see someones avie for a while, :lol:

CharlieandClaire 06-01-2006 07:26 AM

Yeah, that's probably it. :nod: Cuz I can still see 'em!!

:cheers: To 56!! :yay: :D

KerBear 06-01-2006 07:29 AM

:cheers: :yay: :bunny:

CharlieandClaire 06-01-2006 07:32 AM

So glad we're still going strong! :yay: :D :D

KerBear 06-01-2006 07:35 AM

Me too! No matter whether we are still gonna watch LOST or not, we have to keep this thread strong! Right? :D

Parallax 06-01-2006 07:35 AM

Thread 56!! Yay: :yay: :yay:

But what is the talk about the Rock joining Lost in the previous thread? They can't be serious? :eek:

CharlieandClaire 06-01-2006 07:45 AM

I'm not gonna watch it, I don't like the show at all anymore. I will only watch CC scenes. I'm just gonna tivo it and then fastforward through everything for the CC scenes! :D That's ALL I like about the show anymore. But I'll always be here at this thread to support MR! :yay: ANd to remember Ana! :)

Yeah, it's true as far as we know Parallax. :rolleyes:

Parallax 06-01-2006 07:49 AM

Or you can always read the recaps for Lost on Television Without Pity, that is what i do. They are more entertaining then the show itself.

Oh, great, can we say "Jump the shark"? :rolleyes:

KerBear 06-01-2006 07:51 AM

I know Hay. :hug:

I still like it. Im a jater too, and Desmond :sigh: So I will watch. Dont be mad! :(

CharlieandClaire 06-01-2006 07:52 AM

Yeah.. Well the show already jumped the shark in my opinion. But YAH that would be the last straw. :rolleyes: Oh Gosh. It's sad it use to be such an amazing show. Definitely not anymore. I couldn't stand the finale, these are all my opinion of course, but man. It was SOO boring I kept totally not paying attention because it was so boring. :yawn:

Parallax 06-01-2006 07:54 AM


Originally Posted by KerBear
Dont be mad! :(

I am not going to be mad at you, Kerry. :hug: If you are still going to watch, more power to you. :)

CharlieandClaire 06-01-2006 07:56 AM

No one will be mad at you. :lol: I thought you didn't like JK that much anymore?? :look:

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