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SugarPlum Fairies (C♥C) #75: Because his greatest hit was the night he met her

W e l c o m e. ♥

The island's sweetest, and strongest couple.

Claire Littleton, the epitome of innocence. She is one of the more reserved of the survivors.
Having a very zen feel about her, Claire is always one to be the most humble. Crashing on
the island, she was pregnant with a child she planned on giving up for adoption.Thus her
reason for flying the airline in the first place. In a sea of strangers, Claire found a person
she could call a friend. Instead of pushing her into the background, he brought her into the
She loves her son Aaron unconditionally. Though her previous intentions were to give
him up, Claire finds that they are supposed to be together, no matter what. She's breaking
through her trust barriers to bring in new love. Claire is nurchering and affectionate. She
strives to do what is right, and she learns never to give up on the ones she loves.

Charlie Pace, the epitome of redemption. Being one of the more comlex of the survivors, Charlie lived his
days prior to the crash being in a semi-famous band called "Driveshaft". He also spent the majority of his
time being addicted to Heroin. Crashing on the island, he had a bitter fight with his unfortunate drug
addiction, in which he overcame several times. In the midst of his internal battle, he found salvation in a
female friend on the island.
He just wanted to protect her, to be surrounded by someone good. Which ultimatley
made him turn into a much better person than he ever was before. Charlie's basically a surrogate father to Claire's
son, Aaron. Whom he cares for and considers family. He's heroic, and selfless. He's a charmer, and a gentleman.
He cares completely for those he loves, and would do anything for them.


01. Pavlov's Belle (Cass) 02. In Fair Verona (Sibby) 03. Michelle 04. Celebrian Saralonde 05. foreva_99 (Bel)
06. Nab (Nichole)07. White Lady of Rohan 08. PepperChic 09. Dreamer 4 Ever 10. jupisan 11. alli ball i12. Firestar007 13. DreamOn777 14.
Veronica15. Ms. Fictio n16. roxygurl 17. AsnoCaliente 18. justsmile 19. Girlfriend 20. TessShipper 21. MichaelVartanIsSexy 22. *Maria* 23.
coolove 24. tangled STARR25. louloucn (Cindy) 26. Cati 27. ***BrOkEn***28. Random_Dreamer 29. Brenda Corinthos 30. Leya 31. Cordeve
32. AndiRose33. blueschild007 (Julie) 34. Rejecting Reality 35. Claire&CharlieFan4eva (Beth) 36. Rainstorm18 (Jen) 37. Lovesbitch 38. Deee
(dee a.k.a. diane) 39. dixieland_dreamer 40. PiCkLeS4dAwSoN 41. Calmly Chaotic (Kati) 42. Babyloveau 43. IceKat055 44. golden_dust
45. Immortal CandyGirl 46. Hhr4life 47. Clooney's lova 48. Kia Purity 49. ANGELforBUFFY 50. Katie Wherry 51. Marcy 52. ZoraJ1121 53. Roswell
10/2/00 54. HarryPotterHermioneFan55. sweetheartin (Courtney)56. Atti's Angel 57. Darker Shade 58. forgotten_pixie 59. ~*Jessie Flower*~ 60.
AFLP 61. Unico 62. angel_wings05 63. Angela12 64. *Rach* 65. MetChick66. Cathangel 67. **Carrie** 68. Jus31083 69. Anla 70. sleep2dream
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81. JoyCrazy 82. PotterGirl 83. Rebel'n'Spuffy 84. spent cigarette (Jack) 85. daphneejen 86. *just_her* (Kendra) 87. The Crow 88. stephie04
89. *Kristi*90. Littletiger 91. Nichole4JA 92. ~Lost and Found~ (Sandra) 93. erinlyn98! (Erin) 94. AmandaB 95. chiltonchick333 96. reinbowbrite
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19032002105. -Tânia- 106. BeachEnvy1622107. mnemosyne23 108. Berkie (Brooke) 109. CanonsAreWorthless (Aleah) 110. Luinélwen 111.
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127. ~*Kat*~128. Nightcrawler21 (John) 129. linn_lewisa130. Jeanene131. ~~TvAddict~~ 132. pacifierrocks 133. Scarysecrets134. abby-anne
135. Butterflygirl136. L i N d $ @ y137. *antarian angel*138. Forever Eden139. CastlesInTheSky 140. carla t (carla)141. btvs - formally cole's
phoebe 142. lenfaz143. CrisBR144. Javababe (Sam) 145. CurlyEm146. .*.~.Laura.~.*. 147. GrhmLz148. Marissa Attwood 149. * dee 150.
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Romance16 208. DanceWithLife209. pts.of.athrty.210. Whatshername 211. joei190212. PureVanity213. C/C_Collé214. franci*215. 86
amanda86216. Dr. Nick 217. zassou 218. mortified_penguin 219. martystel 220. CatherineWillows221. bluewaves 222. labrador 223.
Tracy123 224. Archangel of doom225. Labyrith226. Kendra23 227. jdshipper 228. Oº°‘¨Laura¨‘°ºO 229. Zutfan05230. lab_momzi 231.
mild toxicity232. Katie19233. Khleoswife 234. PinkPastry235. noos 236. Sheree-Lynn 237. heaths girl 238. ale-la-pazza1239. Brunette-
beats-all-sucka 240 yofreckles241. BeeKey242. lonley_angel 243. GracesAngel 244. Caliina255. dancer150256. Anique257. xxCrashIntoMexx
258.xXxLost-in-SawyerxXx (Sophie) 259. Bella Grint 260. ||michelle|| (Michelle)261. theirishgirl262. spacekiddet32 263. 4brathan&brucas
(Gwen)264. Touldengal (Shira)265. LostEvi 266. kiss paradise 267. megs212 268. MelBelle2 269. Blue_Nintsu 270. Nitinha (Anita)271.
xlennie (Heleen)272. naturellebella (Kem)273. Majaaa_ 274. divaduck 275. par_avion (Brittany) 276. -AnnikA- 277. brendadylan1984
(Miriam) 278. Nadja_S (Nadja) 279. xxxninaxxx (Nina)280. x-emii-x (Emily)281. ML4ever (Kristen)282. Julien Suncrisbe (Silvia)283.
SandELforever (Amanda)284. Hamburgo1001285. Freckles909 286. kpassion04 (Kimmy) 287. laliXD288. Elmaya289. TouTou07 290.
Brightlights (Mary)291. wingster292. raincarlove293. MeiTow 294. mrs.scott 295. TulieMajulie7 296. Blackened Sky 297. I'm so behind...
298. Niblet 299. Whitney86 300. Courtz_BV 301. canthaveyou 302. xoBrucasFan4everxo 303. The-majs 304. Little_Grey (Haylie)
305. sillyflower189 (Nicole) 306. findingmyselfLOST 307. purplestuff48 (Gabby) 308. sweetdaisy 309. LAshx (Lynn) 310. lilieaurelie
311. SerieKiller (André) 312. KnottySugar 313. BRoody 314. Dragonfly (Laurie) 315. ShipperHeart 316. -Glena- 317. ForeverFaraday
318. iKi 319. lisagslack14 320. Creativity 321. Brenda Corinthos 322. CryoMystic 323. sundyse 324. Scheming Star

325. Poupa 326. armonia 327. kissed by starlight

1. Because Charlie said he "liked" Claire(Raised By Another). 2. Because Charlie said that 'bits of him were crumbling everyday she was missing'. 3. Because he gave her imaginary Peanut Butter...4. And she ate it. 5. Because he was the only one that could get her to move to the caves. 6. Because he wants to take care of her. 7. Because in her diary she wrote 'I'm beginning to
really like Charlie'.8. Because she also wrote ' Even in a scary place like this, Charlie makes me feel safe.' 9. Because they represent Peanut Butter everywhere! 10. Because they have chemistry. 11. Because Claire wants to trust Charlie. 12. Because Dom has a hot butt. 13. Because Emilie is super cute. 14. Because in our dreams late at night, we wish that when they finally kiss we could be Emilie in the scene and we would just replay it in our heads over and over.(Thanks Lindz, for this one!) 15. Because thay are just tooooooo awesome for explaining!!! 16. They brought about a new romantical sensation to peanut butter on your tongue... 17. They make you think that if you are ever pregnantly lost on a freaky island, a small in stature recovering one hit wonder junkie will fall in love with you.18. They give short men hope of landing babes. 19. They give us a reason to be alive on a Wednesday nights. 20. They make you dream about mum's eating biscuts in a bacon smelling bus. 21. Because they kick so much sugar plum fairy butt,that we have all become clinically obbsessed! 22. Because they're the only 'couple' on the island that have both admitted to liking one another(just not to each other's faces!) 23. Because their both really little. 24. Because he isn't afraid of her. 25. Because he helped her through her false labor. 26. Because he told her he was a drug addict. 27. Because she still likes him, even though he is a drug addict(or was).28. Because he carried her when she fainted on the beach.
29. Because he is the only one who worries about her, truly.30. Because he sticks up for her, when no one else will. 31. Because they both have weird dreams!32. Because they make us capitalize the word Peanut Butter.33. Because he promised he would take care of her. 34. Because he can look her in the eye. 35. They proved that love can happen anywhere, and anytime. 36. Because when she did get her memory back, it was of Charlie giving her the Peanut Butter. 37. Because charlie's obviously happy she's not married.38. Because she kissed his cheek. 39. Because he made her a bjorn, that's dutch for baby carrier. 40. Because he killed ethan for her. 41. Because he just wanted to take care of her. 42. Because she cut his hair. 43. Because DOM wants Charlie and Claire together. 44. Because Charlie sticks up for Claire, no matter what. 45. Because he punched Sayid to protect her. 46. Because Charlie gets CLOSER to Claire and Aaron in Season 2. 47. Because Charlie is Aaron's daddy. 48. Because Claire is Charlie's redemption. 49. Because Claire knows Charlie. 50. Because Claire trusts Charlie with Aaron. 51. Because he got her Peanut Butter. 52. Twice! 53. Because Charlie carries Aaron around and Claire trusts him to. 54. Because of the look Claire gave Charlie when he got her the Peanut Butter. 55. Because Charlie cares for Claire more than himself. 56. Because Claire will help him through anything! 57. Because Claire's a cute blond with a poor island baby, for Charlie to rescue! 58. Because Charlie didn't even get food for himself, only for Claire. 59. Because we KNOW the look they give each other is love. 60. Because drugs won't stand in the way of this relationship! 61. Because he called her mommy, and that's what daddy's do !62. Because Aaron doesn't cry around Charlie anymore. 63. Because they watch eachother when the other's not looking. 64. Because he makes her laugh. 65. Because she makes him smile. 66. Because all she has to do to make him smile is be there 67. Because they relationship is so sweet we are all addicted. 68. Because it is going on for so long that we all sit on the edge of our seats each Wednesday just waiting for that moment. 69. Because this number just says it all!!! 70. Because Charlie noticed Claire needed help. 71. Because he helped her with her suitcase. 72. Because Charlie didn't want to lie to her. 73. Because of the way they smiled at one another. 74. Because they were soo flirting. 75. Because they sat next to each other. 76. Because a day before meeting Claire, Charlie wrote FATE. 77. Because Shannon has the fish. 78. Because Charlie carried Claire. 79. Because Claire isn't married and that made Charlie happy. 80. Because Charlie doesn't care if Claire knows he is in a band. 81. Because he worries about her. 82. Because.. Imaginary Peanut Butter...enough said. 83. Because he wants her in the caves with him. 84. Because Charlie followed Claire when she left the caves. 85. Because Claire changed her mind about leaving the caves when Charlie asked her to come back. 86. Because Charlie was there for her in her time of need. 87. Because we loved the way Charlie put his arm around Claire when they got stopped by Ethan. 88. Because Charlie told Claire if she closed her eyes, he would be there all night to make sure no one would get her. 89. Because Charlie wouldn't leave Claire. He promises. 90. Because Charlie wants to be her friend. 91. Because Charlie told her about his drug addiction. 92. Because Claire is more comfortable with him then anyone else on the island. 93. Because Charlie just wanted to protect her and take care of her. 94. Because its official. Claire likes Charlie. 95. Because Charlie feels like bits of pieces of him are gone without Claire. 96. Because Charlie would use violence to keep Claire's things safe until she gets back. 97. Because how cute was Charlie when he was reading Claire's diary?98. Because Claire remembers peanut butter. 99. Because Claire wants to trust him. 100. Because Charlie killed to protect her. 102. Because we all can see Charlie has fallen hard for Claire. 103. Because Charlie told Claire they were friends. 104. Because Charlie will now have someone to stay up with. 105. Because we've never been so happy to hear Claire say, "I remember peanut butter". 106. Because Claire's dreaming about Charlie. 107. Because Claire offered to take a walk with Charlie and later he asked her the same in return. 108. Because floppy hats and hoodies never looked so good together. 109. Because Charlie went straight to Claire after Sayid told him he wasn't alone. 110. Because he's her water/tea-boy. 111. Because Charlie, Claire, and Baby make 3, and they'll bethe cutest family. 112. Because when Charlie found out Claire went into labor, he rushed to be there for her. 113. Because he hates to see her in pain. 114. Because Daddy!Charlie is the most adorable thing ever. 115. Because why did he follow her? Well, it's probably because he likes her. 116. Because Charlie invited Claire and Turniphead to visit him in LA. 117. Because she cut his hair, and he played the guitar. 118. Because they are so married. 119. Because when they found out about Kate's criminal tendencies, Charlie put his hand on Claire's back and lead her away protectively. 120. Because he's always worried about her safety.121. Because he's the only one on the island who looked her in the eye. 122. Because Claire doesn't scare Charlie. 123. Because even though she can take care of herself, he still wants to take care of her and help her out. 124. Because he felt responsible for Ethan taking her. 125. Because Jack and Sayid can talk about Claire all they want. Charlie is actually going to spend time with her. 126. Because when she fainted, he carried her to the tent. 127. Because Charlie would have killed Boone for almost killing Claire. 128. Because no one is going to take Turniphead away from her. He won't let it happen. 129. Because he thinks about her, in this place. 130. Because even in a scary place like this, Charlie makes Claire feel safe. 131. Because there's something about him that's so sweet and adorable. 132. Because if she needs anyone to talk to about anything, he's there. 133. Because he brought Aaron back to her 134. Because Claire trusted Charlie to get Aaron back to her. 135. Because Charlie punched both Sayid and Sawyer in behalf of Claire. 136. Because we love Charlie's protectivness of Claire. 137. Because we love it when things "heat up". 138. Because now it's Claire's turn to help Charlie. 139. Becuase the chemistry is undeniable. 140. Because he makes her breakfast in the morning. 141. Because he loves her for her. 142.Because Charlie wanted to protect Claire from danger. 143.Because charlie won't die, Claire will protect him 144.Because They still have our hearts! 145.Because we'd wait forever if we have to! 146.Claire said she will never lose hope in Charlie.

Charlie:"We're gonna be okay, you know."
Claire:"Are we?."
Charlie:"We're alive. On a beautiful island. We'll sleep under
the stars, then the helecopters will come and take us all home."

Carlton Cuse: "Well, Emilie and Charlie, that relationship is something we love.
They had their big kiss at the end of last season and I think that's the start of something."

Dominic: "It really didn't surprise me because of the nature of this type of episodic televison. They have to set something up and break it down again. The greatest
thing about me and Claire's dynamic is that is's not muddled in the what that Jack and Kate and Saywer are- there is something a little weird with that relationship [laughs]!
Charlie and Claire are just very genuine.He cares about her and she cares about him. They are very fond of each other and have a dynamic with the baby. I think more then
anything else, Claire and Aaron represent something to Charlie that he had been yearning for awhile- someone to take care of an some direction in his life. To play around
with that is going to be very heart-wrenching for the audience, but ultimately if and when they possibly get back totogether again, that's the cliffhanger. I get a lot of compliments
from people on the street saying, "Oh, you and Claire are such a great couple and make such a great team!" I think the reason why, is the midst of all these 'monsters' and blood
and death and numbers and weirdness, you've got a beautifully genunie, honest relationship where two people just care about each other."

Damon Lindelof about"Born To Run": "I love Charlie and Claire... tonight was just a taste of LOTS more to come, this season and next!"

Dominic: "I don't know if it will fully blossom. I keep asking the writers, and they're like, "You know, right now we got something really
good going on. It's a very sweet, kind, nurturing kind of friendship. If you guys start making out behind palm trees, it might get a little dirty."

Emilie: "She wants to do things her own way, but she's now succumbing to accepting a little help from people like Charlie, who's really
taken a liking to Claire. There's a friendship that's developed there that I think has also helped him trough his hard times, with coming
off his heroin addiction. So, that's been a nice thing there, him helping her and also her helping him. I don't know where the relationship is going beyond a friendship, though."

Damon Lindelof writer of "Confidence Man": "The scene was meant to be good. Nothing more, nothing less. I credit all hottitude and seductivity to Dom and Emilie."

Dominic on "Greatest Hits": "He gives the ring to Aaron, Claire's son, as a way of continuing it in their family."

Christina Kim (Story Editor) about "Greatest Hits": "Charlie obviously cares about Claire, and in this episode we get to see him be really romantic and heroic."

Emilie: "It's been a very touch and go relationship cause there always seems to be something holding them
back from being this very happy couple. But they're in a very happy place right now, which makes it even sadder."

Dominic: "It's a very sweet, adorable couple on the island. I hear that a lot from people on the street because it's a very genuine and cute relationship."

Kristin: "Charlie finally gets some action!"
Dominic: "Charlie gets some action! I know, right? One of the most sweetest things about Charlie and Claire is that, they're so genuinally nice
with eachother. And it's not this kind of hot and heavy kind of sexy Sawyer, Kate thing. It's more of a kind of 'I dig you, you dig me and you know,
we're gonna be on this island for a while lets see how it goes.' And I like the purity of it. It doesn't have the fire, persay. But it has a genuine bond.
But on this one, I think they push it a little further."

Emilie: "As actors, that is interesting to play with because there is chemistry between
the two characters. He's a joker and she likes that, so it's a unique dynamic [including aaron] between the three of them. They
finally took that extra step and kissed. Everyone had been anticipating that lip lock for so long. There have been pecks on the
cheek but it was a nice evolution for them. It caps off this season quite nicely."

Dominic: "I hear on the street, 'Aww, you guys are the cutest couple'
and I think, you got like the Jack, Kate, Sawyer ninja trinagle thing going on,
which is all very aggressive. But Claire and Charlie are like Awww, sweet. You
go for a walk on the beach, I'll get you a drink, and she'll come and put her
arm around me. And it's all very sweet. And in the midst of this hell we are
living in, it's nice to see a vergening couple that just like, aww, I like you."

Emilie on "Par Avion": "It definitley deals with the fact of her seeing that Charlie is
hiding something and him really not wanting to divuldge that information cause its a very scary concept for him to even deal
with himself, and let alone tell Claire. And they go through a lot emotionally together because of that."

Emilie on Claire's characteristics: "Claire is more capable than she looks! Claire is a strong willed person
who is willing to do anything to ensure the ones she loves are safe. If they are in danger, you just do whatever
you can. She's not just complacent and sitting there being a sweet little mother. She's stronger than that and has a lot of good ideas."

Emilie: "That was a huge thing to find out. first of all, to find out
somebody you know can see the future. Then, second of all, that he is
predicting your boyfriend is going to die is a lot to process. It probably
took her a while to realize what was going on. She is always very cautious
and nervous about what is happening because she's worried Desmond will
be telling her something else is going to happen now, or telling Charlie
about his fate. It is a worrisome time in that way."

LOST Magazine: "Throughout Claire's pregnancy and struggles, the one survivor who has been her guardian angel and romantic interest is the good-hearted Charlie Pace."

LOST Magazine: "Obviously the big tragedy was that Charlie died and Hurley has certainly taken it hard. Do you think they allowed Claire enough time to grieve?"
Emilie: : "I think it was a different situation with Claire. Obviously she was devistated, upset. But Claire took the attitude that she had
to be the responsible mother and be there for her child. It was a race for survival for all of the fourth season for all of us. So you can't hand
back and mourn too much when there is so much going on around you. Instead, you have to focus on the moment. And I know surely there
was a lot of stuff you can imagine that she felt, but it just wasn't shown."

Modern: Claire Fanlisting
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Just breathe me in.
love is friendship set on fire.

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now that's more like it

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tftnt Sadia
Aww that's so great that this was your first thread you opened on this board
"#1: The Night I Met You"
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TFTNT, Sadia!
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Good work with the new thread and brilliant title!
SerieKiller= André
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now that's more like it

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In spirit of the title

I'm sorry I can't remember the credit, but the animations were posted on the last thread
"#1: The Night I Met You"
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That scene is sooo cute!

♥ Emilie de Ravin ♥ Erica Durance ♥ Avril Lavigne ♥ Channing Tatum ♥

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awwwwwww that animation is toooooo cute.i miss those two.hey andréanne
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now that's more like it

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I miss them too I just want one more new scene with them, I hope we get something next season
"#1: The Night I Met You"
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Can I be added please? I love Charlie/Claire

lips so sweet
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now that's more like it

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Hey Laurie I'll add you now
"#1: The Night I Met You"
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Michelle Thanks I really hope these two have an scene somehow before the show ends

lips so sweet
hard to beat
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YOU GUYS! Did you see the new rumor~ about Charlie? - Start a Free Blog / Journal Today

He's coming back, he has to be. XD
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now that's more like it

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I can't see it it says I'm not it new? I went to dom_media and the last post was June 24th? I'm soo curious
"#1: The Night I Met You"
Charlie & Claire♥
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Originally Posted by naelostinluv (View Post)
awwwwwww that animation is toooooo cute.i miss those two.hey andréanne
Are you Naeskbsfan?
♥ Emilie de Ravin ♥ Erica Durance ♥ Avril Lavigne ♥ Channing Tatum ♥

♥ Charlie/Claire ♥ Clark/Lois ♥ Navid/Adrianna ♥ Landry/Tyra ♥ Chuck/Blair ♥
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I dunno if I'm added, but can I be added please?
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