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Soulmates [Sawyer & Juliet] #153: Because Duh!


J a m e s Ford J u l i e t Burke

appreciation thread

spectacular. conscious. altering. love.

"Kudos to Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell for
selling us on the
best romance Lost has ever given us."

Dr. Juliet Burke was a top notch Fertility doctor. After successfully impregnating her sister Rachel, the others recruited her. She was promised that she could leave in six months so she could be home in time for Rachel to give birth. However, Ben would not let her leave. She had been on the island for three years when Oceanic Flight 815 crashed.

James “Sawyer” Ford was a young boy when a con man named Sawyer took his parents money. He then became a con man himself and spent the better part of his life searching for the real “Sawyer”. He was on his way back from Australia on a lead about the real “Sawyer” when the plane crashed.

Their first meeting was definitely not love at first sight; Juliet tasered James trying to escape Hydra Island. When the island started skipping through time they became friends and allies. When they got stuck in the 70’s, Juliet had the chance to leave the island just like she always wanted. James asked her to stay for two weeks. Juliet gave him three years.

"Alright. T w o w e e k s ."

Juliet finally got to do what she never had been able to on the island; she got to deliver a baby. James was incredibly proud of her and thought she did an amazing job; Juliet thanked him for believing in her. It became clear that sometime in those three years they fell in love. They trade “I love you’s”.

"”I loveyou”-“I love you too."

When their friends come back, things start to fall apart. When Ben is shot, Juliet cannot fix him so James brings Ben to the others. When Kate asks why he tells her “I’m doing it for her.” Juliet and James are under suspicion from Dharma about what actually happened to Ben. James is beaten while Juliet, being tied up, is helpless to watch. When James would not tell them where their friends are, Phil punches Juliet to get James to talk. He immediately agrees to tell them if they will put him and Juliet on the sub. While on the dock waiting to get on the sub James tells her that he wishes that she had gotten on the sub three years ago, Juliet responds that she is glad he talked her out of it. Once on the sub Juliet tells James that she loves him and he tells her “I love you back.”

"”Glad you talked me out of it.”."

They go back to the island to prevent Jack from detonating the hydrogen bomb. During their time back on the island James glances at Kate and Juliet changes her mind thinking that he does not truly want to be with her, telling him “If I never meet you, then I never have to lose you.” What she did not know is that he was planning to propose

At the swan site Juliet is suddenly being dragged down the hole by chains because of the site’s strong electromagnetic properties. James holds onto her for dear life. While Juliet is telling him that she loves him, James tells her to hold on and that he has her. She sees that that the scaffolding that James is on is starting to come apart, yet he refused to let her go. She then lets go herself, telling him one last time how much she loves him. James is devastated by the loss.

"”Don’t you l e t g o.”

After the white flash, everyone is brought back to 2007, where Juliet is found to be alive underneath the remains of the blown up hatch. James and their friends work hard to get to her. When they are finally able to make a big enough opening in the twisted wreckage, James goes down to get her. She is found in bad shape. She tells him that she hit the bomb because she wanted him to be able to go home. They kiss one last time. As she lay dying in James arms she mumbles about them getting coffee sometime and that they “can go Dutch.” She then succumbs to her injuries and passes away. James is completely beside himself with grief having just lost the true love of his life once again.

"”Kiss me J a m e s .”-“You got it B l o n d i e."

James stays behind to bury Juliet and asks Miles to help him. As they finish he asks Miles to find out what Juliet wanted to tell him. Miles then tells James that her last thoughts were ““it worked.

After James escapes the temple he heads back towards the house he and Juliet shared in the Dharma Barracks. He gets the ring that he was going to propose to her with. At the docks James blames himself for Juliet’s death saying that he asked her to stay because he did not want to be aloneHe then throws the ring in the water and goes back to the only home he ever knew, though now broken just like his heart and soul.

"”I was gonna ask her to ma r r y me .”

Later on, The MIB finds James who has reverted back to Sawyer after his beloved’s death, clearly heartbroken and very drunk trying to ease the pain. Promising answers James follows the MIB. When the MIB explains about Jacob’s replacements and why he was brought to the island he say James has three options. The MIB asks if he’s ready to go home, James remembering Juliet’s words saying she wanted him to be able to go home he answers “Hell yes.”

When Jin and Sun were reunited after three years James had to look away, it was a reminder what he had with Juliet and would never get back and it crushed him. When James left the island the last thing he looked at was the island the only place where he ever had a real family. Once they both died they went to the sideways. They did not remember anything and had very different lives. James was a cop and Juliet has a son.

When James goes to check on Sun who was Juliet’s patient, they meet when James had his hand in the vending machine trying to get a candy bar out after it got stuck. They flirt and Juliet tells James that if he unplugs and then plugs the machine back in the candy will come out. She takes the candy bar out of the slot and tells him “it worked”. When she hands the candy to James their hands touch and they see flashes of their life together.

"”Did you f e e l that ?”

Juliet tells James that they should get coffee sometime. He tells her “I’d love to but that machine ate my dollar, I only have one left.” Juliet tells him “we can go Dutch.” She touches his hand and they get even more memories. They are both shocked. James cannot believe it is really her, shock evident on his face at seeing her and knowing they have another chance. They embrace and James tells her “I gotcha baby” They then have a spectacular kiss, wanting to really feel each other and know that this is real.

The last time we see them, they're in the church with their friends, and Juliet wearing an engagement ring. We see them so blissful, holding hands, and so content. The sideways was a place they all made together so they could find one another. As Christian said “The most important part of your life, was the time that you spent with these people. That’s why all of you are here.” The best years of both James and Juliet’s lives were together in the 70’s, living a blissful, happy, life. Now that they are ready; with one another they can now move on and be together for eternity.

shippers ;
200. Lindsay
201. Leo-4-Life
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256. eternal◘fate
257. Sulieter
258. severalmiles
259. egbert13

honorary shippers ;
Josh Holloway
Elizabeth Mitchell
Elizabeth Sarnoff
Damon Lindelof
Carlton Cuse
Kate Austen
James 'Sawyer' Ford
Juliet Burke
Evangeline Lilly
Michael Emerson

• • •

“Josh Holloway, who found his own character of Sawyer experiencing potential, achieved through his newfound position of Dharma sheriff, an equal partner and lover in Juliet, and a man finally worthy of giving and accepting friendship. It was especially through his remarkable three-year love affair with Juliet that Sawyer grew into the man that she always knew was inside him”
Official Lost Magazine

reasons ;

1. Because they said I love you.
2. Because "you broke through all of my confusion, the ups and the downs and you still didn't leave".
3. Because he believes in her.
4. Because three years is enough to really love someone.
5. Because they both deserve happiness.
6. Because opposites attract.
7. Because he's absolutely got her back, always.
8. Because he asked her to stay for two weeks and she stayed for three years.
9. Because she is his new and better reality.
10. Because they spoon when they sleep.
11. Because Juliet is the only woman Sawyer has ever listened to.
12. Because even in bed, she's got his back.
13. Because she seems way more reliable and good for him.
14. Because they balance each other out.
15. Because she's the only one who can calm him down just looking at him.
16. Because he grew up and needs someone like her who's substantial and stable.
17. Because John Lennon was right: "All you need is love".
18. Because Sawyer thrived with Juliet.
19. Because she doesn't play mind games with him.
20. Because they can start the Dharma book club together.
21. Because she always takes his side (even if it's "stupid").
22. Because she's killed for him, twice.
23. Because he knows she will do great at anything.
24. Because he saved her from the flaming arrows.
25. Because they are the best and cutest unexpected relationship-twist on Lost.
26. Because they have been through a lot together.
27. Because they don't have to pretend anything.
28. Because those were the best three years of Sawyer's life.
29. Because they are each other's fresh start.
30. Because Juliet is finally not the other woman.
31. Because Sawyer's the one who encouraged Juliet to deliver Amy's baby.
32. Because we've never seen either of them smile like that ever before in their lives.
33. Because they are spooners.
34. Because it may not be the reality as they knew it, but it definitely looks like a fairy tale.
35. Because he said we instead of I.
36. Because they live together.
37. Because he comforts her.
38. Because whenever someone mentions Juliet's name, Sawyer smiles.
39. Because Sawyer did a lot of growing up & Juliet was right beside him.
40. Because HE'S DOING IT FOR HER!
41. Because she's glad he talked her out of leaving.
42. Because they're gonna be rich!
43. Because they said good riddance to the island together.
44. Because he gave everything up to protect her.
45. Because he's gonna kill Phil for hitting his sweetheart.
46. Because she told him she loved him so much!
47. Because he told her not to let go! Not to leave him!
48. Because she finally realized he loves her as much as she wants him to.
49. Because he's her Romeo & she's his Juliet.
50. Because their reunion in S6 is going to be epic!
51. Because they're winning almost every poll out there!
52. Because they're our gorgeous, intelligent bookworms!
53. Because their relationship is based on more than just physical needs.
54. Because they looked at each other when their world was about to end.
55. Because they're the best relationship the show has ever created.
56. Because according to EW they have sizzling-hot chemistry.
57. Because Juliet always called him James, even when people called him Sawyer or Jim.
58. Because Sawyer would love her forever.
59. Because they've become THE most praised Lost couple in the media.
60. Because she's Lost's Drama Queen and he's Lost's Drama King.
61. Because Juliet brings out the vulnerable side of Sawyer and we totally dig it!
62. Because he was devastated when she died.
63. Because he wanted to marry her.
64. Because they are going to spend eternity together!
65. Because they are endgame!
66. Because he calls her baby.
67. Because the looks on the faces in the finale is what true love is all about.
68. Because they have Spectacular, conscious, altering love!
69. Because they had the last kiss on Lost!

“I think they found solace with each other.”
Elizabeth Mitchell

"But, she was his redemption."
Josh Holloway

"They needed love and each other in their lives and so they found it."
Josh Holloway

"My favorite moment is the Sawyer and Juliet awakening scene"
Carlton Cuse

• • •

fanfics ;

All the things you can't leave behind
And I Shall Not Walk Alone
Away we go
Four times Sawyer doesn't ask Juliet to marry him (and one time he does)
We Can See Each Other Across Distances
Between the Bars
Even in Death
Going Dutch
Certain Blondes
I'm Doing This For Her
Losing what was found,all is lost but hope remains
Over There
Noun, Verb
The Mysterious Mrs LaFleur
The Sunflower
Through his eyes
To Make You Feel My Love
Two Weeks

vids ;
Sawyer & Juliet ~ Here With Me
James and Juliet: The Scientist
sawyer and juliet // time after time
James&Juliet {You're Everything}
juliet and sawyer's reunion (it's all coming back to me)
sawyer and juliet // tears in heaven
James & Juliet // There's no place like home
sawyer and juliet // you found me
Sawyer/Juliet vidlet {River Flows Through You}
Sawyer and Juliet
Sawyer & Juliet ~ What If
Sawyer/Juliet - Colorblind
Lucky (Suliet AU)
Suliet - scene 5.17 (edit)
martial law (sawyer/juliet; 5x15-17)
Sawyer & Juliet || All This Time
James & Juliet "Down"
Sawyer/Juliet- Collide
LOST/Moulin Rouge_Sawyer / Juliet ---FULL---
Suliet -Fix you || Dedicate to Conniie
Sawyer and Juliet time has run out
Meant to be alone ? || Sawyer ♣ Juliet
Sawyer & Juliet ~ A Drop In The Ocean
Sawyer//Juliet .:: Hallelujah ::.
Ache - Suliet
Sawyer/Juliet I just want you to know who I am
Sawyer and Juliet // Never Say Never
holding on to you | sawyer&juliet
James/Juliet AU {Fairytale Story}
(sawyer•juliet) "i didn't want to be alone"
sawyer and juliet // "spectacular consciousness-altering love"
sawyer and juliet // what i'm dreaming of
Sawyer & Juliet - You Fill My Heart
sawyer and juliet // "just give me two weeks"
Sawyer & Juliet ~ Broken Lifehouse

future titles ;
"And he truly does love Juliet. It was agony watching him lose her into the magnetized tunnel." - TV News and Reviews
- "Juliet&Sawyer: the best relationship the show has ever created"
- "S&J = Sizzling-hot chemistry" - EW
- "A Scorching Chemistry and a Deep Love" - Spunkybean-
- "Her love made him a better person" -Spunkybean-
- "A pairing that made the Internet collectively swoon" -Spunkybean-
- Sawyer and Juliet: An Achingly Sweet Romance - (Detroit free press)
- The real impact of the episode (the incident) was witnessing Sawyer lose the woman he loved, Juliet. - (io9).
- Like the romance between Sawyer and Juliet, the season´s most winning Storyline. - (EW).
- Sawyer is a much better man because of Juliet. - (
- Juliet has brought out the best in Sawyer, who has emerged as a leader. ~ Elisabeth Sarnoff
- "And if it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, the only dream that mattered had come true. In this life, I was loved by you."
- Sawyer found real love in the arms of Juliet. - (Dark ufo)
- "Because we won't rest until we see the deleted sink scene dammit!"
- "The romance for Juliet and Sawyer was wonderful to play" ~ EM
- Juliet Burke, the woman who tamed wild boy Sawyer on Lost - (Buddy TV)
- Sawyer and Juliet belonged together - (Zapit)
- Sawyer and Juliet not only hooked up, but really loved each other ~ Houston Chronicle
- Lost´s writers hit us in the heart (oh, Sawyer and Juliet!) - EW
- Sawyer and Juliet's love story anchors time-traveling fifth season - journalstar
- I did not let go of her. She let go of me! ~ Josh Holloway
- The story between Sawyer and Juliet it is beautiful, tragic and just so real. - The star online
- "Kate was an advocate for Sawyer and Juliet" ~ Evangeline Lilly or Lost Magazine
- "This couple that is beautiful and happy" ~ Evangeline Lilly
- "The new relationship between Juliet and Sawyer added new life to the series." - Reflector
- "Sawyer and Juliet had a really fantastic storyline this year and the fans really embraced their romance." ~ Paul Terry
- "A Mature Love" ~ Damon
- "Juliet and Sawyer were so sweet and so convincing together" ~ Evi
- "Juliet and Sawyer relationship blossomed in a way we've never anticipated and it was really fun and thrilling to see the audience embrace that." ~ Carlton
- Sawyer’s new relationship was mature, complicated, a genuine partnership- Flavorwire
-Sawyer has never been happier than when he was in dharmaville with Juliet at his side!
-.Juliet saved Sawyer in the way that he was able to be truly happy for the first time in his life. Daemon's Blog..
-Juliet and Sawyer find an interesting and interactive way to pass their time in Dharmatown: falling in love. Film Fodder
-Suliet: So epic, even the NBA ships them
-Sawyer was killing me with that damn flower.- Dark Ufo – Erika
-The hooking up of Sawyer and Juliet was surprisingly awesome - Dark Ufo- Vozzek
-The things they've faced together have bonded them - Dark Ufo- Vozzek
-Sawyer sweet talks his way into Juliet’s heart and Juliet enjoys her first good years on the Island - Pop Syndicate
-I love the Sawyer-Juliet pair-up- Buzz Sugar
-Sawyer nearly kills me with adorableness when he goes to Juliet's with a flower and tells her she was amazing - Buzz Sugar
-They are all schmoopy-lovey-dovey — even trading "I love you"s." - Buzz Sugar
-In a very sweet scene, we see that Juliet and Sawyer have fallen in love and are living together in hippie harmony. He even brings her flowers. - Sci Fi Chicks
-They seem to work really well with each other and make one of the best 1-2 punch leader combos.- Huffington Post
-Sawyer has fallen deeply in love with
-He has the right flower now he just needs the right girl to give it to.
-Good things come to those who wait and boy did it ever!
-Selflessness was just one of many of Juliet’s gifts to Sawyer- OK Magazine
-Juliet. She will be his salvation. - Game Zone
-It will be through Juliet that he finds peace, happiness, and the ability to survive despite his unbearable circumstances- Game Zone
-So many people feel Juliet and Sawyer belong together-EW
-“Recon” has revealed itself to be a twin to “The Other Woman,” the episode devoted to Juliet-Jeff Jensen
-Because even Jeff Jensen ships Suliet!
-Juliet’s relationship with Sawyer was
-Juliet was all about cooking and loving and since we found out Sawyer likes it kinky, Juliet probably had a closet full of whips too-
-It’s nice to know that at least one of these island survivors is guaranteed a chance at a blissful life...
-Sawyer will end up going dutch on a cup of coffee with Juliet before this show is over-
-We will one day dock at the same port and give rest to our weary legs.
-You've been the only thing that's right in all I've done
-Even if you cannot hear my voice I'll be right beside you dear
-I think Josh and Elizabeth did an amazing work with that couple.~Evangeline Lilly
-"Oh, and I want Juliet and Sawyer to be together. I know that doesn't make sense since she's dead in the Island world, but I don't care." IGN
- Love can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love.
- Season 5 didn´t find its heart until Lost forged its most surprising romantic union ever - EW
- And seriously, how adorable are Juliet and Sawyer? - EW
-And lo and behold, this thing blossomed forth that no one was expecting-Carlton Cuse
-There was sort of a mature kind of love between these two characters-Carlton Cuse
-“Juliet and Sawyer. They had such great chemistry" - Michael Emerson
- "I will be upset if Sawyer and Juliet don’t find each other in the flash-sideways" - Daily Herald
-"James and Juliet have made a love connection as pure and as beautiful as those hand-picked flowers he brings her" -TV Guide
-Sawyer didn't have to let her go this time. He got to say, "I got you," and mean it." - Pioneer Local
-It just sort of flew out as the memories flooded both their brains. And then, when it all hit them? Damn.- Film Fodder
-These two are the real deal. - the moth chase
-I so wanted Sawyer’s soul mate to be Juliet, so that was deeply, deeply satisfying - the moth chase
-Sawyer and Juliet remember their past together and kiss in the hospital. They belong together – and I couldn’t be happier. - ChicagoNow
-The chemistry between Swayer and Juliet and Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway was extraordinary. - entertainmentandshowbiz
-And by the time Sawyer and Juliet reunited by that fateful vending machine, I was in tears. - signonsandiego
-Sawyer and Juliet in one of the episode’s most touching moments. - News and Advance
-"People who are meant to be together always find their way in the end"
-"I liked the Sawyer and Juliet moment. I think that might have been my favorite" - Jorge Garcia
-And when they look into each other’s eyes again, it’s like they can’t believe it.- Animated Movies Today
-Their kisses close out the scene. This is the 8th time I cry-TWOP
-It took finding each other again in order for them to move on, that’s how much they meant to each other.
-Inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing

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• • •

What o t h e r s say about them ;
" favorite moment is the Sawyer and Juliet awakening scene. I think that the emotion, that got me every time we were editing it... I love both those characters so much, and that kind of concluding scene was always very emotional. Even though we worked on it 50 times, it still always would kind of completely rip my heart open."
~Carlton Cuse
“Juliet and Sawyer was the best. It was born out of such desperation and trials. They needed love and each other in their lives and so they found it.”
~Josh Holloway (Sawyer) on which of Lost's love stories was the best
“Juliet and Sawyer. They had such great chemistry.”
~Michael Emerson (Ben) on which of Lost's love stories was the best
"With Juliet and Sawyer, it genuinely felt like true love... to me, seeing Sawyer end up with somebody other than Juliet would simply be a disappointment. It would be a betrayal of the man we’ve seen Sawyer grow into."
~Matt Basilo, Inside Pulse TV, "Happily Ever After"
"Josh and Elizabeth did amazing work with that couple... from the moment that he was sitting beside the canoe, talking to her about seeing Kate help Claire give birth, I was sold. Watching it as an audience member, I was like 'Kiss her!"
~Evangeline Lilly (Kate)
"Structuring a time-tripping show like Lost is difficult because it’s easy for an audience to base attachment on screen time as opposed to what the characters themselves have experienced. We saw Sawyer and Juliet together for a handful of episodes, but Holloway was able to express a depth of feeling that his character never previously tapped into, and it instantly made me aware of the fact that he was living happily with his dream girl there in Dharmaville... In that scene on the pier with Kate, he was summing up a hundred shared lunches, sunsets, and tender moments we never got to see and he did it remarkably well."
~Nathan Bartlebaugh, Atomic Popcorn, "What Kate Does"
"...Sawyer lets it be know that his heart is Juliet’s in life and death..."
~Review St. Louis, "What Kate Does"
"The only relationship I've ever really cared about is Sawyer and Juliet, and from the way they've been portraying it recently, I'm guessing -- and hoping -- you feel the same way."
~Rob Cohen, Huffington Post,"What Kate Does"
"...the only couples who've ever moved me are Desmond and Penny and Juliet and Sawyer..."
~Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune,"LA X"
"...the writers have done such an effective job of showing that Sawyer and Juliet are so madly in love with each other..."
~Inside Pulse, "LA X"
"But, she was his redemption. That was his only real shot at love that might work."
~Josh Holloway (Sawyer)
"But in the watching of Sawyer and Juliet, there is this idea that it's not the joy that we share that brings us together, but it's our shared pain. It's actually the connection that we as humans have to one another and what can bond us closer than anything else is that understood pain. I think they found solace with each other and a resting place. Neither have had that in their lives so they found a place to heal and be together."
~Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)
"The con artist and scientist. I think it would be great! If you're talking about longevity and happiness, then I'm talking about James for Juliet."
Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet)
"Kudos to Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell for selling us on the best romance Lost has ever given us."
~Jeff "Doc" Jensen, EW
"The hooking up of Sawyer and Juliet was surprisingly awesome, made even more great by all the tough stuff they've been through together... I don't think either of them have ever had someone who's backed them up the way they are able to do with each other. The things they've faced together have bonded them in ways the O6 won't ever know, and they both seem genuinely happy for it."
~Vozzek, "Things I Noticed"
"[Lost] came up with its best love story yet with the romance of Sawyer and Juliet..."
~Fort Worth Star-Telegram
"Josh Holloway, who found his own character of Sawyer experiencing potential, achieved through his newfound position of Dharma sheriff, an equal partner and lover in Juliet, and a man finally worthy of giving and accepting friendship. It was especially through his remarkable three-year love affair with Juliet that Sawyer grew into the man that she always knew was inside him."
~Official Lost Magazine
"All of a sudden now, Sawyer was the hero with the girl and he and Juliet had became our new favorite couple to root for."
~IGN 2009 Year in Review, Top TV Moments
"They completed each other only in the sense that they were made better by working together, sharing a rapport of survival, their chemistry all about the eyes."
~EW Staff Pick: Greatest Couple
"The last time Juliet saw Sawyer on the Island, she was slipping through his fingers, her last memory of falling. But that’s the thing about love: In the end, he caught her."
~EW Staff Pick: Greatest Couple

• • •

the awards ;
Winners of Tv´s Hottest HookUp on the Tubbey´s awards Tubbey´s awards
TWoP Staff Pick "Best romantic relationship" on the Tubbey´s awards Tubbey´s Awards
Winner of EWwys awards 2009 "best actor in a drama" Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer"Ford EWwys awards 2009
Winner of EWwys awards 2009 "Best supporting actress in a drama" Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet Burke EWwys awards 2009
Winners of "Couples Showdown" on ABC LOST |
Winner of "Drama Queen" Elizabeth Mitchell as Dr. Juliet Burke, Lost on Tater Top Awards |
Winner of "Drama King" Josh Holloway as James "Sawyer" Ford, Lost on Tater Top Awards |
Winner of "Moment That Made You Want to Throw Your TV Out the Window" Juliet gives up, Lost on Tater Top Awards |
Winner of "Best Tearjerker" Juliet's final scene, Lost on Tater Top Awards |
Winners of "Favorite Couple" on DarkUFO |
Winners of "Favorite Couple" on Fanpop |
Winners of "Most Heartbreaking Scene" on Fanpop |
Winners of "Suliet or Jacket" on Fanpop |
Winners of "Suliet/Jate VS Skate/Jacket" on Fanpop |
Winners of "Hot or Not Suliet poll" on Fanpop |
Winners of "Who's should Sawyer be with" on BuzzSuger |
Currently Winning "Who most deserves a Happily Ever After" on DarkUFO |
Currently Winning "Suliet or Skate" on DarkUFO |
Currently Winning (with Jate) "How do you want the quadrangle to end?" on DarkUFO |
Currently Winning "Who do you think Sawyer will choose?" on DarkUFO |
Currently Winning "Which couple do you prefer?" on DarkUFO |
Currently Winning "Which do you like better? on Dark Ufo
Currently Winning "Would you prefer Juliet to end up with Goodwin or Sawyer? on Dark Ufo
Currently Winning "What endgame would you like for Sawyer? on Dark Ufo
Currently Winning "Does Sawyer belongs with Kate or Juliet? on E!
#5 "Best ships of 2009" on Buddy tv
3rd Place Winner of "Best Love Story" from TV Guide Magazine- The Lost Awards

some p a s t threads;
001; 002; 003; 004; 005; 006; 007; 008; 009; 010;
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What w e say about their reunion ;
The reunion was above anything I could have thought. When he was standing at the vending machine and I heard her footsteps, I was at that point already loosing it, but I totally lost it at the line we can have a coffee-I would love to but the machine have my dollar and I only got one left-we can go Dutch. I just loved it (and still do). It's so much more than epicness.
The moment I heard someone walking into the room, I knew it was Juliet. My heart stopped. My jaw dropped. Tears came. I knew that moment would happen since LA X, but seeing it was like I had won in the lottery. The second they touched hands (HANDS! Their thing!) I couldn’t breathe; the world seemed too small for their awesomeness. Everything about that scene was perfect and Josh and Elizabeth did an amazing job! Oh and the hug! Such strong feelings! And the hot kiss! I could go on and on however no words would be good enough to describe how epic this scene was.
It was perfect; there is not a single thing I would change. There was flirting, smiles, hand holding and the kiss! The perfect kiss for the last ever kiss on Lost. Their faces when they realize what happened just blows me away. The way James says “Juliet it’s me” it just melts me heart. It was the scene that even non-shippers were looking forward to. You can’t help but cry when they remember. It’s such a raw display of emotions. Elizabeth and Josh did such amazing work. All the waiting was more than worth it!
To me, Sawyer and Juliet awakening moment is the most romantic scene on LOST. During the sequence you can actually feel the love and the joy of the two, finally reunited, soulmates. Yes soulmates, because there's no doubt they are, Sawyer spent his life missing Juliet, missing a piece of his soul. For her it wasn't different, even if she was dead she couldn't move on without him. They couldn't spend their lives together and it's heartbreaking, but now they have all eternity to make up for lost time and that's just beautiful.
The suliet reunion was magical, romantic, sweet, adorable, emotional and hot at the same time!!After a roller coaster year of patiently waiting for this moment to arrive, it was all worth it !! Those two are totally made for each other in every sense possible!!!.
On April 1st DarkUFO posted a spoiler, Emotional Scene, when I read it I lost my mind. I kept imaging how the scene would be. And May 23rd came. While watching the episode all I could think about was them. Finally, after 3.5 months, wait was over. During the flirting I was so happy but when Juliet said “We can go dutch” I started to cry like a baby! The reunion is the most amazing scene ever, and it will always be my favourite scene.
James and Juliet revelation moments were the best moment in six years of Lost, if you ask me. It was simply perfect and it screamed Love. The little flirting at the beginning, the laughs, the little talk and then it happened. Their hands touched and their starting flashing. I loved the little angst at the beginning and how James used the word “feel” instead of see: they both felt that Spectacular consciousness-altering Love they had when they were on the island. Back in the 70s they spent the best years of their lives and their flashes were so epic and beautiful. The hug, the kisses, their expressions were amazing and I love that their kiss was so similar to the LaFleur’s one. The coffee line was the best, its lovely how Juliet flashed to that memory but it broke my heart when she saw herself falling into the hatch and looked so damaged. This beautiful reunion made it pretty clear that James isn’t meant to be alone because, well, he found Juliet anyway and that Juliet didn’t have to lose him because she had her revelation moment with him, the most important person of her life. These two are soulmates and nothing will ever bring soulmates apart. Just like Brooke said, people who are meant to be together always find their way in the end and James and Juliet did; they’re now going to be together forever, they won’t feel alone anymore because they have each other and sometimes, all we need to survive is a person who truly loves us.
~Addison Montgomery

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From every human being there rises a light that reaches straight to heaven. And when two souls that are destined to be together find each other, their streams of light flow together, and a single brighter light goes forth from their united being.

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yay for the thread title! Thanks for the new thread.
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You're welcome!

Great title idea of yours.
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We only wear the finest threads around here aint that right
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TFTNT! I miss them

The LOOK between them in this!
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Thanks for the gif!

That is so heartbreaking.
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Just kiss me.
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You're welcome!
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TFTNT! Love the title
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You're welcome!

Yes, I love the title.
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I remember that conversation. So sweet
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