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Foxy|Jack Shephard #99: Columbia Grad, Amazing Actor, Studies Chess. STUDIES CHESS. Did we mention studies chess?

Welcome to the 97th Appreciation Thread
for Matthew Fox and Jack Shephard!

True Heroes are not stronger, smarter or more capable than anyone..
they're just people, who don't have fear in making a move..
when nobody else does.

' ' '

Reasons Why

Our love for Dr. Jack exceeds most anything else.
It's the arms and the eyes and the soft laugh.
It's the desperation to do what's right even when he has no clue what's right.
It's how he holds Aaron, It's how he has no fear to cry.
It's his fierce loyalty to people who wouldn't know loyalty.
It's how easily he cares, it's how deeply he loves and how hard he finds it to let go.
It's how he's haunted, damaged, hurt and still, he never gives up.
It's how he is keeping secrets for everyone and most of all his own.
It's how much he sees and knows and how little he says about it.
It's how he is broken and how much he hopes that things are fixable
and how little he actually believes in it.

That's what it takes to be a hero, a little gem of innocence inside you
that makes you want to believe that there still exists a right and wrong
that good will somehow triumph in the end

' ' '

Quotes on Foxy

Evangeline: He's like a big brother. He took me under his wing. (Source: People Magazine)

Evangeline: We call him Foxy because he is
Evangeline: He's so handsome, so dashing and debonair.
Evangeline: He's matured beautifully.

Evangeline: Matthew is a fantastic actor. He's absolutely one of my teachers and mentors on set… I think that's one of the reasons why Matthew and I have such natural chemistry onscreen, is that I am genuinely very taken by him when he's acting. He is a very captivating actor and I think Kate is supposed to be captivated by Jack.

Evangeline: I also challenged Matthew Fox to a push-up contest. I said, 'If you're gonna be my hero on the show, prove you can be.'

Evangeline: My first day on the set was with Matthew Fox and Dominic Monaghan. We had an instant connection, the three of us, and became instant buddies. We had an amazing time filming the pilot together and are very close.(Source: Lost, the Official Magazine)

Wentworth Miller: "I have a little fantasy where in the last episode of the season, we slip into the prison's sewer system, up through the grate, and pop out a hatch - and we're face to face with Matthew Fox and spend season 2 on a tropical beach."

Jimmy Kimmel: "Let me just say that I would be done with the show if they kill you [Foxy] off the show. That would be too much. Because there's a certain line that you don't go past and you, my friend are it for me."
(Source: Matt's Kimmel appearance May 11, 2007)

Damon Lindelof: “He’s a jock and a hard-core tattooed dude, and he’s sensitive, and he’s a dad and the guy you want to get *******-housed with. It’s all the same guy. You can have man-love with Foxy, and it’s all good.”
(Source unknown)

Damon Lindelof: "His house has become a mecca for all the other actors. He opens the door for everyone to come over on Sundays to barbecue right on the beach."

Damon Lindelof: "Matthew has elevated crying to an art, where somehow it's a form of badassness. He never cries because he's sad. He cries because he wants to hit someone. I can't think of any other hero characters who have cried. If Patrick Dempsey cried on Grey's Anatomy, people would be like, 'Meredith, do not waste your time with that crybaby."
(Source: TIME Magazine, February 2007)

McG: "He understands stillness, which is a rare trait in an age of big performances."
(Source: TIME Magazine, February 2007)

' ' '

When the will defies fear, when duty throws the gauntlet down to fate
when honor scorns to compromise with death - that is heroism

' ' '

Quotes From Foxy

While Jack has taken on a leadership position, Fox has assumed a similar role.
"I felt that both on-screen and off," he says, "being No. 1 on the daily call sheet and having the most amount of work to do, there's a responsibility that goes along with it. We had a lot of production issues to iron out this year, so we were running into obstacles quite frequently, just getting a big beast of a show running as efficiently as we possibly can.
"Along with that comes a lot of frustration on people's parts at times. The cast, across the board, has been wonderful the whole year, but certainly there have been allegiances and things that have built up among the cast. It's almost my responsibility, in the position I'm in, to make a conscious decision to be there for anybody that has problems or wants to hang out."
(Source: Zap2it, May 2005)

"I enjoy taking my clothes off and jumping in the water," Fox says. "I'm not going to worry about getting changed into a swimsuit at 2 o'clock in the morning. I really wanted to get people together, get them partying. I wanted them to take their clothes off and jump in the water. I thought that would be a good bonding experience for all of us, which it was. It was great fuel for ribbing and incessant bulls**ting with each other."
(Source: Zap2it, May 2005)

"It's always something I've loved about the way Damon and J.J. were writing this character, that he's our hero, he's our guy, but he's also the kind of guy that, if he let himself go to the dark place, could do real serious snappage on a guy like Sawyer."

"I’ve never really done a complete nude scene. Looking forward to that, actually, considering that I like to get naked all the time. That should be pretty easy."
(Source: Extra! March 2007)

"I'm a liar and a cheat and a thief and the ultimate manipulator. You can never believe a f*ing word that comes out of my mouth. I tell lies everyday, man. And when I say I'm phenomenally manipulative, I am."
(Source: Men's Journal, February 2007)

"The John Wayne idea was what a man wanted to be--not what a man is. I'd rather watch a person be full of intense emotions and fighting [against] expressing them."
(Source: TIME Magazine, February 2007)

' ' '

Jack believes in right and wrong with a passion, goes the extra mile,
puts himself out for others, likes to believe that people are worthy of
consideration unless they prove otherwise.
He believes the best in people, loves deeply, works hard
and as Kate said, "If you weren't here, Jack..."

' ' '

Jack Quotes

Fears's sort of an odd thing it's like an in-law who just drops in.
You don't like it, but you can't just get rid of it. It's a struggle,
but you have to learn to deal with it or it'll make you insane.
When i was in residency, my first solo procedure was a spinal surgery on a sixteen year-old kid.a girl.
At the end of it, thirteen hours later, I was closing her up and I...
I accidentally ripped her dural sack, membrane as thin as tissue. So it ripped open,
the nerves just spilled out like like angel hair pasta,
her spinal fluid flowing out and I just..froze. 'Cause I knew.
If i didn't get those nerves back in that sack and sew it up..those thirteen hours were for nothing.
That girl would be paralyzed. I had about a minute. And the terror was so..crazy, so real..and i knew i had to deal with it.
So i just made a choice. I'd let the fear in. Let it take over. Let it do it's thing. But only for five seconds.
That's all i was gonna give it. So i started to count. And it was gone.
I got back to work, sewed her up, she was fine..

I want you to listen to me ok? Because I'm asking you a favor.
Chrissy, I am standing in front of you in the same suit that I'm wearing to my father's funeral, and I'm asking you a favor.
In 16 hours I need to land in L.A.X. and I need that coffin to clear customs because
there is going to be a hearse waiting there.
And I need that hearse to take me and that coffin to a cemetery. Why?
Chrissy, why can't I just bring him
to a funeral home and make all the arrangements?
Why can't I really take my time with it? Because--because I need it to be done.
I need it to be over. I just--I need to bury my father.

It's been 6 days, and we're all still waiting...waiting for someone to come. But what if they don't?
We have to stop waiting. We need to start figuring things out...We can't do this.
Every man for himself is not gonna work. It's time to start organizing.
We need to figure out how we're going to survive here. Now, I found water, fresh water, up in the valley. I'll take a group in at first light.
If you don't wanna come, then you find another way to contribute.
Last week most of us were strangers. But we're all here now.
And God knows how long we're gonna be here. But...
if we can't live together, we're gonna die alone.

-I'm intense
-What .... no ketchup?!
-I'm a repo man. You know, when people don't pay their bills
I go into the bank and collect their possessions. I'm a people person so I really love it.
-Is she .... is she happy?
-Who's x-rays are those? Outside? Those are spinal x-rays. They belong to a man about 40 years old.
And whoever he is, he has a very large tumor on his L-4 vertebrae.
And I just happen to be a spinal surgeon. So, you tell me, Juliet, who am I here to save?
-Well Ben, at least you won't have to be disappointed for very long.
-Kate, dammit,RUN!!!
-Promise me, that you'll never come back here for me
-After everything that I've been put owe me an answer

-I trust them, because you told me to,Kate
-The fact that I trust her should be enough
-So tomorrow night, we stop hiding, we stop running, we stop living in fear of them. Because when they show up. We're gonna blow em all to hell.
- For 90 days I've been asked to make decision for this entire camp.
there you go.I just made one.
-Because I love you.
-Every little bump we hit or turbulence, I mean I--I actually close my eyes and pray that I can get back.
-We made a mistake. We were not supposed to leave. We have to go back, Kate.

' ' '

Greatness comes not when things go good,
greatness comes when you are really tested,
when disappointments and sadness come.
Because only if you have been in the deepest valleys
can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain.

' ' '


-Chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world [1996]
-Graduated from Columbia University in 1989.
-Daughter Kyle(born in 1998) and son Byron (born in 2001)
- Hasstudied acting for two years at The School for Film and Television in New York City.
-He frequently hosts parties at his house where the whole cast of "Lost" (2004)
gathers to watch the last episode they had filmed.
-He was raised in Crowheart, Wyoming on the family ranch.
-He has been horseback riding since he was six yers old.
-Attended Wind River high school and did post-graduate high school study at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts.
-Is good friends with Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong.
-Is a Philadelphia Eagles fan.
-He is the tallest principal cast member of "Lost" at just over 6' 2".
Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje are just slightly shorter.
-Is a member of Phi Gamma Delta fraternity
-music is a major part of his life, citing The Arcade Fire,
Sigur Ros, I Am Kloot, Modest Mouse and Texan band The Black Angels as some of his favourite bands. He's a fan of punk.

"Wings" - Say It Ain't So, Joe (1992) TV Episode (as Matt Fox) .... Ty Warner
"Freshman Dorm" (1992) TV Series .... Danny Foley
My Boyfriend's Back (1993) .... Buck Van Patten
If I Die Before I Wake (1993) (TV) .... Charlie Deevers
"Mad TV" (1995)
"Party of Five" (1994-2000) .... Charlie Salinger
Behind the Mask (1999) (TV) .... James Jones
"Haunted" (2002) TV Series .... Frank Taylor
A Token for Your Thoughts (2003) .... Rock star
"Lost" .... Dr. Jack Shephard (2004-)
We Are Marshall (2006) .... Red Dawson
Smokin' Aces (2007)...Bill
Vantage Point (2008)...Kent Taylor
Speed Racer (2008)...Racer X

A hero commits a courageous action without considering the consequences.
He acts for the greater good.He is an ordinary individual who finds strength
to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.
A hero will take charge.He'll act instead of react.
A hero is defined by action, not by potential.

' ' '

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#96: "Bye, bye Mopey, bearded Loser. Hello, Hero." ~ Doc Jensen
# 97: "Lost is different but in a really good way" he says sporting neatly parted hair & dangling iPod earbuds-EW

TEAM JACK (CarlaBehr)
Jack OWNS all! (watchmebleed)
Because Foxy OWNS you. (Ash_lost)
B/C He's Worth It (Vivianaley23)
B/C you can GFY emmys' (Viv)
He is the epitome of the perfect man
Because he's the ONE and ONLY (franci)
A hero will take charge. He'll act instead of react.(Ash)
He must be a man of honor, by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it,without saying it.(Ash)
B/C He rides horses. Need we say more?(Carlie)
Don't touch your screen cause you'll get burned (Liesbeth)
He's got a "cool, laconic gravitas."
To Know Him is to Love Him (Alex)
Even in the background you cannot miss him (Julie)
He drives us to our Faintage point!!!(Julie)
"Matthew's mysterious and has an incredible personality."-Joel Silver
After his S4 PWNAGE he deserves an Emmy! (Shiran)
Foxy created the Oceanic 6 theme (Ash)
He's the real reason to watch Lost (Ash)
He's on everyone's Emmy dream ballot (Ash)
Because he's labeled the next George Clooney (Shiran)
Because has anyone ever looked so good with stubble? (Shiran)
Because he's 6ft 2in of prime American beef. (Shiran)
Because he inspired the cast (Shiran)
Because the first ever LOST theme was by Foxy (Shiran)
Because we love our obsessive, Jears producer psychopath
He's the perfect balance of everything.
"He is just so classcially good-looking." ~ Jen Garcia, Writer
"It's like please, hi, let me have your children." ~ Nicole Randall Johnson, Actress
"When he's in doctor mode, Matthew Fox has the power to make women melt."
"He is the doctor that you want to get lost with."
"I probably feel the closest to Foxy." ~ Jorge Garcia
"I've had more fun working with Matthew than I've had in a long time." ~ John Terry
"He's very present and focused." ~ John Terry
"I felt, and heard many other cast members say, that the show had hit a new plateau — and that Matthew in particular had gone there with it.'' ~ Michael Emerson
"He, in particular, had a really great season." ~HIC
"He gave some truly great performances." ~ HIC

Clips & Videos

How to save a life
How to save a life #2
Jack&Sawyer-Brokeback island

Matt on SNL-Elevator
Ellen-Lost remake
Audition tape
Kimmel May '07
Columbia Speech
Cute Foxy Interview
Come Alive - a Jack vid by Carrie (Lovey)

WARNING - extreme hottness
Click Me. It's Worth It.
UK Version Behind The Scenes

There are two types of heroic deeds.One is the physical,in which the hero performs a
courageous act and saves lifes.The other kind is the spiritual deed, in which
the hero learns to experience the supernormal range of human life and then comes back with a message.
A hero follows his own passion into realms previously unknown, discover a new truth,
and bring that gift back for his people.Heroes understand something is missing from their consciousness,
struggle until they find what it is, claim it,and share it.

' ' '


Matthew Fox's board campaign thread
'We Are Marshall' info
Matthew Fox Web
Foxy Daily
'Speed Racer' official site
by episode, a LJ communtiy featuring one Jack fic for each LOST episode
Jack stills

Pics Section

day1 - Smily - THP - LTDA - Reclutant Hero - What? - Smirk
Cage - The Pianist - TTLG - Cutie Cutie - Uncle Jack
Purple Shirt - Airport - Smile gif
S3finale - cavein - rain - the kate Smile

Cute - Glasses - Lovely - Thoughtful - Smily - hot
Matt&Josh:WAM premiere - Ducati style - Mc Sexy&Mc Dreamy -
A night with Lost- Vantage Point- TRL - Street -Columbia - Street2
A night with Lost2- Speed Racer - ABC Upfront1
bike- I want u- VP - daddy - bed - ABC Upfront2
ABC Upfront3 - ABC Upfronts4 - L'Oreal - BOX

Sarah - Achara - Gabriella - Kate - Juliet

Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean,
who is neither tarnished nor afraid.He is the hero, he is everything.
He must be a complete man,a common man and yet an unusual man.
He must be a man of honor, by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it,without saying it.
He must be the best man in his world and a good enough man for any world

' ' '

The FOX Club

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Honorary Hussy of the Moment

Zach Gilford
' ' '

'Whatever we learn to do, we learn by actually doing it.
men come to be builders, by building, and harp players by playing the harp.
In the same way, by doing just acts, we come to be just.
by doing self-controlled acts, we come to be self-controlled.
and by doing brave acts, we become brave'

' ' '


thanks to Kate who colored the beautiful pics.
mood theme by lulinha_k.some pics from Milz

The high sentiments always win in the end,
the leaders who offer blood, toil, tears, and sweat always get more out
of their followers than those who offer safety and a good time

' ' '
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"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat." -- Teddy Roosevelt


[ There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
He's ordinary.

Don't the best of them bleed it out,
While the rest of them peter out?

Truth or consequence, say it aloud
Use that evidence, race it around ]

[ These fights with your arms left beside.
One thing and one more says goodnight.
You've got the map come get to me.
These knuckles break before they bleed ]

[ Doctor, doctor, give me the news
I've got a bad case of lovin' you
No pill's gonna cure my ill
I've got a bad case of lovin' you ]

{4 Seasons of Jack}

[ I will never let you fall
I'll stand up with you forever
I'll be there for you through it all
Even if saving you sends me to heaven

{Season 1}

[ Feel the pain teaching us how much more we can take
Reminding us how far we've come
Let the pain burn away from our hearts
We have time to start all over again ]

[ He's magic and myth
As strong as what I believe
A tragedy with
More damage than a soul should see

{Season 2}

[ Hey! Wait! Knock me down, and I'll get up again.
Oh! Pain! A remedy that can erase your sting.
I’ll keep holding, and I’ll keep trying,
I feel this fight, it is slowly dying now
but I feel painless. ]

[ Where did I go wrong?
I lost a friend somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life ]

{Season 3}

[ Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you ]

[ The fearful always preyed upon your confidence
Did they see the consequence
When they pushed you around?

{Season 4}

[ Why is it not the time?
What is there more to learn?
I've shed this skin that I've been chipping at
And I've never quite returned ]

[ And here tonight while the stars are blacking out
With every hope and dream I've ever had in doubt
I've spent ten years trying to sing these doubts away
But the water keeps on falling from my eyes.
And heaven knows, heaven knows
I tried to find a cure for the pain ]

[ I am a hospital with many wards
I’m saving lives and fixing people's
Hearts, but mine’s not in it.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how willing they are to make him incredibly complex. At heart, he’s a very pure hero but they have also made him willing to torture for a higher purpose. He’s willing to go to a really dark side of himself to get a bigger goal accomplished and that’s really wonderful.”

Jack is an incredibly tense dude. He’s a man that commits to what he believes in with everything that he is. To a degree, he’s got an adventuresome spirit. He’s the moral compass of the show and as the characters start to disintegrate because of the circumstances they are in, Jack will always be the guy that is leading by example, although he’s going to make mistakes.” – Cult Times, July 2005

"It's always something I've loved about the way Damon and J.J. were writing this character, that he's our hero, he's our guy, but he's also the kind of guy that, if he let himself go to the dark place, could do real serious snappage on a guy like Sawyer." –Zap2it May 2005

As for Jack being a natural leader, Fox says, "I think, way down, he is. He is an instinctual leader and an instinctual very heroic guy, but he has all this baggage and this really almost disturbing back story with his father. It's a strange relationship, but it's one that I think every single man can relate to."

Because of that baggage, Fox feels Jack needs to prove to himself that he can be a leader. "That will probably be Jack's path of redemption," he says, "getting through all of that to the core of himself and really becoming that guy who's not getting in his own way, not putting so much pressure on himself, just doing but not judging the consequences of it."

"When Jack Shephard goes, ''We have to go back,'' that means he's f---ing going back." - Entertainment Weekly, February 2008

"I think he is really hard on himself, but I think he is desperately fighting for the concept that human nature falls down on the side of good. I believe the island has something involved with human nature falling down on the side of bad.
That's why he wants to leave. He's very suspicious of the place." - The Daily Telegraph, February 2008

[ The tension is here
Between who you are and who you could be
Between how it is and how it should be
I dare you to move ]

[ I need a hero
I'm holding out for a hero until the end of the night
He's gotta be strong
And he's gotta be fast
And he's gotta be fresh from the fight ]

Fix You - Coldplay
There Goes My Hero - Foo Fighters
Bad Case of Lovin You - Robert Palmer
Simon - Lifehouse
Holding Out for a Hero - Frou Frou
How to Save a Life - The Fray
What A Man - Salt n' Pepa
Bigger Than My Body - John Mayer
Let That Be Enough - Switchfoot
Painless - Mae
Hospital - Tellison
The Cure for the Pain - Jon Foreman
When Finally Set Free - Copeland
A Traveller Dreams of Hope - Great Book of John
Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera
This Is Why I'm Hot - Mims
Beautiful Disaster - Kelly Clarkson
Guardian Angel - Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Ladies Choice - Hairspray
I'm Safer On an Airplane - Copeland
Walls - Emery
Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down
Dare You To Move – Switchfoot

[ I think I'm safer in an airplane.
I think I'm safer with my lungs full of smoke.
I think I'm safer on the jetway
than a world without hope.

[ You called me strong, you called me weak,
But still your secrets I will keep
You took for granted all the times I Never let you down
You stumbled in and bumped your head,
if Not for me then you'd be dead
I picked you up and put you back On solid ground
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“It’s not just that he’s tall and good-looking. It’s a weird calm intensity he has.
Just a stare from him says so much.”–Steve McPherson, ABC President, Details Sept. 2005

“I always had the sense that my time would come when I was playing men. These are not young men I'm playing,
they are not soft and ill-prepared men. They are men.

(, February 2008)

"It’s really important to me to be a part of something that is good and has valid reasons for being made.
And then the role that I’m asked to play is more the secondary issue."
(Entertainment News Wire, Feb. 2008)

"You can't argue with the intense amount of emotion that's in that for them, so for me,
it was all about trying to understand that and trying to empathize with that deeply for them.
It was amazing that he [Red] was entrusting me with a year of his life that was probably the
most difficult year of his life and certainly the most single-most defining event in his life.
Entrusting me to play that year of his life in that film was an honor and a privilege. It was just amazing."

(Internet Broadcasting, 2006)

"I'm fascinated with the concept of perspective and vantage point.
It's amazing to me how 10 people can look at the same events and depending
on the point of view that they're looking at it from, they can see it differently."

"Racer X is all about mystery. And it's all about not just disguise of suit,
but it's disguise of voice — he's, like, impenetrable..."

"I have a hard time not being good at things, and I don't think that's necessarily a very good thing.
I can't do anything just because I love it. I can only do it because I want to be good at it.
It makes for a pretty dissatisfied life in a lot of ways because
you're constantly always falling short of your own expectations. But it also drives you."

"I'm a huge music fan...I spend a lot of time listening to music, which is really important to me."

“To go to Moscow to promote a movie and have people holding up signs that say ‘Foxy' on them is still the most surreal thing for me."
(, February 2008)

Arts/Caps: Ozge, Sibel, Alina, Carla, Ash
Icons: Sibel
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HEEEEE...the title.

99! I can't believe it!
I love you,
Freddie Lyon.
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You think the title will get cut off later? Maybe you should abbrev. his name.
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I can change it to Foxy. Would that be better?
I love you,
Freddie Lyon.
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Anything is fine with me. I just hate it when FF just cuts off the title when you're a few pages in already.
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I loved the title

OMG! 1 thread to 100!!!!
"Her hands linger on his face for one finale beat. She can’t do this. But has to… she lets go”
The End script
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I know what you mean. All done.

Well, we hope one more thread to 100. It's possible there could be more.
I love you,
Freddie Lyon.
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Originally Posted by Ash_lost (View Post)
Well, we hope one more thread to 100. It's possible there could be more.
I'm a patient hussy i can wait
"Her hands linger on his face for one finale beat. She can’t do this. But has to… she lets go”
The End script
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Originally Posted by *luthien* (View Post)
I'm a patient hussy i can wait
Awesome. I'm working hard on it, I promise.
I love you,
Freddie Lyon.
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Originally Posted by Ash_lost (View Post)
Awesome. I'm working hard on it, I promise.
YAY!!! I'm sure it will look awesome
"Her hands linger on his face for one finale beat. She can’t do this. But has to… she lets go”
The End script
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Cast some light, it'll be alright...for now...

Dan&Blair - Jack&Kate - Dean&Jo
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This title cracks me up.

That is all.
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Help me here...did I get it right? He studies chess, right?

Thanks for the new thread! Great title!
I wish
I could scream
myself awake
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