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Old 09-17-2010, 04:05 PM
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Doctors {J/J} #23: Because they like to flirt over cheeseburgers

Welcome to the 23rd J a c k & J u l i e t
appreciation thread.

J a c k e t e e r s:

1. Juli236
2. Crystaline
3. -->> ViRGiNi@ <<--
4. Shiri Appleby
5. Shirley_Parker
6. .: DoDs: .
7. IceKat055
8. aprilshowers
9. GracesAngel
10. Liz01
11. KerBear
12. -alice-
13. justsmile
14. DreamWalker
15. LoveCat
16. Killers Angel Eyes
17. Ana Luthor
18. MadisonL
19. Anique
20. GrhmLz
21. ~Lilith~
22. dixieland_dreamer
23. Darbi
24. franci*
25. -Delilah-
26. Zutfan05
27. SaraSidleStokes
28. Emelie
29. Srta_Parker
30. -alice-
31. Deej
32. Rainstorm18
33. EmiliedeRavinFan
34. CheEsecAKe&BRUCAS
35. Roswell 10/2/00
36. Sawyer&Kate
37. BeeKey
38. Deiaa
39. ~Natali~
40. jhlover
41. Dreamer 4 Ever
42. maya_lostris
43. Cristinethegoodwitch
44. MaybeSomeday
45. Nerea .
46. Kaylostbr
47. -Katie-
48. I_love_sawyer
49. Missy327
50. Merlin_Bodhi
51. ancientshadows
52. woro
53. lostaway04
54. Sarela Jade
55. PollyGreen
56. megs212
57. ladybozi
58. fairy_kiss
59. soulmeetsbody00
60. Shipperaholic
61. Bella Grint
62. ||michelle||
63. theirishgirl
64. BiCaRdiBrEeZa
65. Insanitic
66. xxstACEyxx
67. ScorpioGrl
68. Demy
69. ClaireLS
70. Noelka
71. McGilmore
72. Iram
73. GdLvr
74. lovder&mer
75. BooPea78
76. Emma_Mills
77. Alessia20
78. Madnessland
79. gone_girl
80. Mrs Jude Law
81. California_here_I_come
82. 4brathan&brucas
83. Rona Jo
84. shmy
85. Serene_Ray
86. electricpeppers
87. Amy_UK
88. ~Catrina~
89. Sark and Draco Lover
90. Blue_Nintsu
91. Skate_4ever
92. Salu
93. obsess
94. Addison.Sanders
95. coffeecrisp7
96. jacket4ever
97. starryeyed15
98. blue4815162342
99. OhSoRetro<3
100. JLarah
101. x-emii-x
102. Kelly_Dylan
103. SkateGirl88
104. zccajj
105. sunny214
106. A.dreamerscully
107. jessss
108. lisagslack14
109. coffeecrisp7
110. sohoblue123
111. alysummers
112. wingster
113. {christie}
114. BRoody
115. just
116. sp.
117. tatibsblp
118. slayer, the
119. Lostcandy
120. BrighterSuNShine
121. Niahm
122. Debbie23
123. Karma Police
124. Vintage_Love
125. ride the lightning
126. eternal◘fate

r e a s o n s:

• Because she knows almost everything about him
• Because she told him about Sarah
• Because they're both leaders
• Because only she can break him
• Because he smiled for her
• Because a good right cross is hard to find
• Because they're repo people
• Because she put the toothpicks in!
• Because they like to flirt over cheeseburgers
• Because they like to flirt over daddy issues too
• Because he is her Romeo
• Because she thinks he's cute
• Because she knows when he needs a punch
• Because she made him soup
• Because she will protect him
• ...and because HE will protect HER
• Because Jack would rather go back to his cage than get Juliet in trouble
• Because when he saw how they had marked her it killed him
• Because..."together"
• Because they passed around the football
• Because he didn't leave her behind
• Because he saw it in her eyes
• Because he sees her as one of them
• Because it doesn't matter who they were, it only matters who they are
• Because he’s “ok with her being there”
• Because Jack said he wasn't going anywhere
• Because he trusts her
• Because he's the only person who she can really trust anymore
• Because they had a secret
• Because they kissed
• Because she was the first thing he asked about
• Because he makes her laugh
• Because they're iconic
• Because in some odd way two people of science seem to find faith in eachother.
• Because she hopes he likes blueberry
• Because all she has to say is trust me and he does
• Because Jacket has its own love theme “Ocean’s Apart”
• Because "He knows how I feel about you"
• Because he kissed her
• Because Jack is not afraid of Ben
• Because she loves him enough to let him go, and he loves her enough to stay
• Because in order to save his life, she found strength in herself and her ablities as a surgeon
• Because they both resort to alcohol without each other
q u o t e s:

"And there's this really intense, very very intense, because of the circunstances again, because of what she's doing to him,
she's essentially breaking him down in such a beautiful way,
because she's a very amazing woman,
and yet he's intentionally being broken down,
and so them knowing that he's a man obsessed with controling his enviroment, putting him in a room where he has no control,
and for Juliet and Jack to meet under those conditions,
to have that much sort of psycology going on between the two of them,
it's really fun to play, it's really challenging, it's incredible,
and I really enjoy that stuff."- Matthew Fox

Q: But the big question: Sawyer or Jack?
EM: I was always a Jack girl.

"I love my moments with Jack,
only because I really feel like the two characters are equally strong and equally messed up. I think they know that about each other
and there's an instant camaraderie, but at the same time,
they aren't sure of each other.
I love all those scenes because there is so much behind them.
It's two equals squaring off and I prefer that to when you have to talk up or talk down." - Elizabeth Mitchell

"The circumstances in which these two people meet are far from romantic,"
he says. "But what she brings into Jack's world creates an interesting vibration." - Matthew Fox

"I did feel it was genuine. I could be proven wrong,
but I have always felt Jack and Juliet are a wrinkle in her nice plan to get herself off the island. She did fall for Jack,
whether Juliet is using him or not.
She might be because that is what she does by nature to survive.
I always felt that kiss was,
'I am going to go ahead and do this because I don't know if we are going to be around later.' I thought it was genuine but the nature of it was,
'This is possibly good-bye,' in an unemotional, non-dramatic way.
There were no tears or begging. It was nice, clean, and efficient." - Elizabeth Mitchell

"I think there is stuff that is as yet unexplored with Jack.
I think there’s a tenuous yet somewhat strong weird trust between the two of them, so we’ll have to see if that works out or not.
I mean there’s obviously an attraction but I think there might also be a trust.
It’s interesting. I really enjoy the two characters.
The way they’ve written the two characters, there’s so much there.
There’s so much chemistry. Just the way that they wrote them,
they made them such equals.
They made them free for combat and great for lovers." - Elizabeth Mitchell

"And I really do like the fact that she does seem to like Jack.
You're gonna laugh when I say this,
but I feel like it's a very grown-up relationship.
They seem to really respect and like each other." - lizabeth Mitchell

"I was very happy that Jack kissed her.
I thought that was a particularly good scene for Matthew [Fox],
in that he came across as a very strong and very leading man.
I really enjoyed how he played that.
His whole face changed when she said that she cared about him,
and I thought that was fascinating. I've always liked them together,
but I also liked Jack and Kate together, in the first season.
But in watching Jack and Juliet, I hate to say the word,
but there's such a maturity to them in the way they complement each other.
So we'll see where that goes." - Elizabeth Mitchell

"She does love Jack...Juliet loves this man,
she's not playing any games about it.
I'd like to see something passionate happen with Jack." - Elizabeth Mitchell

Quotes from the 'A Tale Of Two Cities' commentary in the S3 DVD box set

Damon: Jack is drawn to Juliet.
Damon and EM: She likes him.
Damon to EM:You don't want Jack to have a crush on you because it’s just a matter of time.
Damon:I think Juliet kinda has a crush on Jack.
I've got to say from the very beginning she totally feels the hit even through that glass wall.
EM:Maybe the glass just started everything.
Damon: It's like a microwave in there,
hitting up through the glass.
EM: It’s all in the presentation.
EM: They start to laugh at each other very quickly which is nice.
Damon:[/B] It's really nice to watch this episode and realize that essentially Jack and Juliet kinda gang up and join forces to take all these bastards out by the end of the season and this is the beginning.
I love by the way, you know, she is totally into Jack but Sawyer’s powers do not work on Juliet. He is not so interesting to her.
EM: Actually that`s really true and I wonder why that is,
but it’s like this from the beginning.
I think she kind of passed the whole Sawyer thing.
Jack is more interesting to her. She sees him for who he is, she gets it.
Sawyer is not her thing.

P r e v i o u s T h r e a d s:

#1: Cuz she knows exactly who he is
#2: Because Incredible Chemistry is in the air
#3: She made him sooooup.
#4: Their love can cross the glass walls.
#5: Because she would protect him.
#6: "There's something in them that speaks to each other." - EM
#7: "She's essentially breaking him down in such a beautiful way." - MF
#8: "I'm a Jack girl." - Elizabeth Mitchell
#10: Looks like Jack has found his pass receiver!
#11: He didn't leave her behind
#12: He saw it in her eyes
#13: Without Juliet every hero gets suicidal. Ask Shakespeare!
#14: He Asked For Her First
#15: The Perfect Relationship: Communication, Trust & E. Mitchell
#16: "An instant explosion!" - Evi Lilly
#17: "They're equals; free for combat and great for lovers." - EM
#20: I will take you in my arms, and hold you right where you belong.
#21: Maybe we'll turn it around, 'cause it's not too late. It's never too late.
#22: "Ever since Juliet died, ever since I got her killed, all I've wanted was to fix it but I can't."

T h e f a n m i X

d o w n l o a d

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thanks for the new thread!!
love the title!!
how about a little update of the OP?? Let's say for the #25th thread??
"She has never been able to help herself but be madly in love with Jack." - Evi
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oh your fanmix is just awesome
I am going to be in the room where it happened

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Thanks for the new thread

I don't think I've ever seen the whole OP
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yes, let's update our OP. If you need any help with fan arts I can help
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Originally Posted by DandaLaFleurMC (View Post)

yes, let's update our OP. If you need any help with fan arts I can help
we can use all the help you give....
"She has never been able to help herself but be madly in love with Jack." - Evi
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Love the title.

We could have a TOP moments section. I suck at making arts though.

Don't scare me like that, colonizer!
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That sounds fine moments?
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"She has never been able to help herself but be madly in love with Jack." - Evi
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"She has never been able to help herself but be madly in love with Jack." - Evi
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I love them.
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"She has never been able to help herself but be madly in love with Jack." - Evi
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TFTNT. Good to see that the OP 'i made' is till up But I agree, it needs a update.
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yep...any takers
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