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Old 05-23-2006, 01:21 PM
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Copulators (J/K)#90:" Because they're at their closest point" ~ Foxy

Welcome to the Copulators thread



Members 150+

151. Fojbe
152. giuly
153. xinyue
154. franci
155. cazly
156. Maus
157. whatsername
158. Angelcakes_UK
159. Buckeye4life
160. Crazed_Fan
161. elliz
162. our_memories
163. spacekiddet32
164. ScorpioGrl
165. labrador
166. Jenna16
167. didi
168. Zutfan05
169. Your_konstantine

1. Because jate is fate, you just have to have a little faith.
2. Because she was the first person he formally met (Pilot)
3. Because she stiched him up without knowing who he was (Pilot)
4. Because he held her up against his chest to protect her {Pilot}
5. Because he didn't think she would have ran away. (Pilot, Part I)
6. Because he wanted her to wait for him. (Pilot, Part II)
7. He wanted to protect her (Pilot)
8. Because Kate counted to 5 just like him (Pilot)
9. She screamed for him alone, and gave him the non hug of affection when they found each other (Pilot)
10. Because he was worried about her more than anyone else before going on the hike (Pilot part 2)
11. She smiled when she realized he was worried about her (Pilot Part 2)
12. Because he couldn't stop staring at her mugshot (Tabulsa Rasa 1.03)
13. Because she was willing to tell him what she did (Tabulsa Rasa 1.03)
14. He didn't care what she did, he wanted her to be able to start over. (Tabula Rasa)
15. She trusted him with the secret about the transmission (Tabula Rasa)
16. .She grinned when he found a reason to touch her (Walkabout)
17. He had already started to figure her out after only a couple of days (Walkabout)
18. She was trying to help take care of him (White Rabbit)
19. She brought him water and he told her about his dad (White Rabbit)
20. Because she wants him to have her picture in his wallet (HOTRS)
21. Because they're verbal copulators (House of the Rising Sun)
22. Because they have an inside joke, how absolutely wonderful for them (thanks to Charlie for that one) (House of the Rising Sun)
23. Because he was SO checking her out (House of Rising Sun 1.06)
24. Because she definatly liked the fact that he was checking her out (House of Rising Sun 1.06)
25. They couldn't stop thinking about each other after he moved (House of the Rising Sun)
26. Because they both know where to find eachother. (House of the rising sun)
Because she was exhausted from their "break up" [The Moth - Sawyer's quote]
27. Because she raced to the caves when she found out he was trapped (The Moth1.07)
28. Because she could've killed herself if she kept digging the way she was (The Moth)
29. Because she crushed him with her hug (The Moth 1.07)
30. Because she made him an arm sling after the cave-in (The Moth 1.07)
31. They couldn't stop watching each other smiling (Solitary)
32. She told him about how she was sinking (Raised by Another)
33. She gave him something real (ATBCHDI)
34. She was in a panic over his safety (ATBCHDI)
35. Because they rescued Charlie together. (All the cowbowys have...)
36. Because he said they would open the case together. (Whatever the...)
37. She trusted him to help her get the case (Whatever the Case May Be)
38. He helped her with the garden (Hearts and Minds)
39. Because he wasn't hiding. (Hearts and mindss)
40. Because he knew that she would like the guave seeds. (Hearts and minds)
41. Because he couldn't keep his eyes off her in the jungle (Hearts & Minds)
42. Because he didn't want her to owe anyone anything (Outlaws 1.16)
43. They do normal, domestic activities together, like cleaning fish. (In Translation)
44. Because he didn't do it for Sawyer *smile* (Deus Ex Machina 1.19)
45. He chose her to deliever Claire's baby (Do No Harm)
46. She wanted to know if he wanted to talk about (Do No Harm)
47. She did whatever necessary to take care of him (The Greater Good)
48. She ignored him telling her to keep going and went back to help him (The Greater Good)
49. Because she knows how to take care of him. (The greater good)
50. She chose to go with him (Exodus)
51. He put the dynamite in his pack to guaruntee her safety (Exodus)
52. She's got his back (Exodus)
53. She doesn't know what she'd do if he wasn't here (Man of Science, Man of Faith)
54. She remembered his speech, and took it to heart (Man of Science, Man of Faith)
55. Because Hurley referred to Kate as Jack's "girl" (Man of Science, Man of Faith 2.01)
56. Becasue he only went into the hatch becasue of Kate. (Man of Science,...)
57. They had a major case of UST by the shower! (Everybody Hates Hugo)
58. Because she left the shampoo for him. (Everbody hates Hugo)
59. They shared their food and flirted playfully (Everybody Hates Hugo)
60. They even turned golf into a vehicle for their flirting! (Collison)
61. When she fell apart, he was there to hold her (What Kate Did)
62. That kiss. Enough said. (What Kate Did)
63. Because he doesn't want her to walk away from him. (WKD)
64. Because she thinks he's perfect {What Kate Did}
65. When he saw her in danger, it was almost too much for him to take. (The Hunting Party
66. She just wanted him to look at her and let her know it was okay (The Hunting Party)
67. Because he saved her life (The Hunting Party)
68. Because Matt said it would happen.
69. Even Josh knows Jack will get Kate in the end!
70. He represents to her stability, comfort, and a real adult love.
71. Not much has to be said between them- in some sort of cosmic way, they just GET each other!
72. They have a chemistry neither can deny.
73. They wanted to hold on to each other.
74. Jack cares so freakin' much- more than he wants to.
75. They're drawn to each other in an intense way.
76. Kate is captivated by him.
77. He wants the best for her.
78. Her look when she saw him with Ana said it all. (Fire and Water)
79. She's hot, he's hot- it makes sense! (Fire and Water)
80. Even Ana and Sawyer can see how they feel about each other. (Fire and Water)
81. Kate was the reason that he came back. (Fire and Water/The Hunting Party)
82. Because even when fighting, he still trusts her. (The Long Con)
83. Because even Sawyer knew Kate would go to Jack. (The Long Con)
84. She wanted his poker advice (Lockdown)
85. She can't wait to whip out her ruler! (Lockdown)
86. She's glad he beat Sawyer (Lockdown)
87. The hatch can wait, for her (Lockdown)
88. He offered to walk her back to the beach (Lockdown)
89. He invited her to come (S.O.S)
90. She was flattered that he wanted her to go (S.O.S)
91. He wouldn't have asked her if he thought she might get hurt (S.O.S)
92. They're both damaged goods (S.O.S)
93. They got swept up in the net of love! (S.O.S)
94. She enjoyed grabbing his gun (.S.O.S)
95. They were just looking for an excuse to grope each other! (S.O.S)
96. They kept grabbing each other in the jungle (S.O.S)
97. He remembers everything about the night she was captured (S.O.S)
98. She's only sorry she kissed him because she thought it messed everything up (S.O.S)
99. He's not sorry (S.O.S)




The looks of love (From: 1x09 Solitary)

The kiss of love (2x09 What Kate Did)


Because Jack Asked Her To Go With Him
Because They Are Each Other's Support System
Because he needs her and she needs him.
Because they rely on each other to be able to move on.
"I don't even consider the Sawyer element as a reality" ~ Foxy
"I don't see it as J/K/S, only as Jack&Kate" ~ Foxy
Because Foxy's really pleased with where Jack and Kate are!
Because "they're at their closest point" ~ Foxy
"There's very deep desire - not just physical, but emotional as well" ~ Foxy
Because Matt thinks the year will end... *enter spoiler here*
Because Matt sees a time where they'll walk down the beach and hold hands
Because "they feel most comfortable around each other" ~ Foxy You said it
Jack and Kate are a classical and romantic couple ~ Damon Lindelof
They are amazed by each other ~ Damon Lindelof


#71 Because they were swept up by the Net of Love
# 72 : Because he's not sorry
#73 : Because Kate Sure Enjoyed Grabbing Jack's Gun
#74: Because she's back in the club.
#75 The Others might not want them,but they want each other!
#76 Because he remembers everything about the night she was captured
#77 Because Jate's connection is out of this World
#78 Because they're damaged goods
#79 "it's obvious that they're in love with each other"-Evie
#80 Because they're always there for each other
#81 Because they have a bond that no one can deny
#82 Because she's his peace in the middle of the storm
#83 Because They are each other's Rocks
#84 Because they can get through Anything Together
#85 Because now he needs her more than ever
#86 Because she's going to prove that she'll always hi's back.
#87 Because they're two polar opposites that always end up together.
#88 Because he keeps forgiving her and that's what love is all about
#89 Because They Can't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other


Banners by: Fojbe
Copulators banner by: ::mavie::
Fanfic, Music Video, Fan Page Banners by: -Katie-
Reasons banner by: ::mavie::
Season 1 moments by: TrishaLyn
Season 2 moments by: -Katie-
Title by: ::mavie::


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Old 05-23-2006, 01:23 PM
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Yay! Number 90. Thanks for starting it, Maus.
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:25 PM
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YEY!!! number 90..we rule guys!! you have to promise that you won't open n.100 without me!i'll be away for 5 days newt week lol..i'm kidding..but anyway,i think e won't open 10 threads in a
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:26 PM
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oh thnat hard Franci then we have to post so much that 100 will be before you are away
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:26 PM
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We need you here. Don't worry, I don't think we'll get to 100 that soon.
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:30 PM
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omg Antje! 10 threads before saturday?? lol.i think it's impossible!
sigh.i know Em..i don't wanna go again to the sea but my friends won a trip and i have to go...! then i'll be home ALL the summer...! and btw..i think i'll bring my computer with me so i'll post some time!i'll leave saturday evening and i'll come back on friday!then we'll have back our morning talks Em!i promise
i don't wanna miss the 100 thread!!
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:32 PM
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Great! I've missed you so much when you've been gone.
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:33 PM
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aww..thanks i really missed you too! i was freaking out all that time on the beach without talking to anyone! thank god Giuly sent me some Lost news!

we'll get some great morning talks this summer

hey,we have a title for n 100 ??
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:35 PM
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I can't wait to talk to you properly again.
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:37 PM
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Okay it's a a lot until saturday

lol morning talks

Little Maus is going to bed
Good Night
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:42 PM
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yep!i can't wait too Emma! :yay;

night little antje!see ya tomorrow!!

caps people!!!

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Old 05-23-2006, 01:44 PM
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The caps queen is back. That's a great combination of caps.
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:47 PM
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lol..i'm the caps queen now?? thanks!

i love these ones so much...

hey Em..we should add the "crazy european soulmate" in our sign?
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:50 PM
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No one posts caps as much as you do.

I love those too, they're really special and beautiful.

Yeah, let's do that!
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Old 05-23-2006, 01:52 PM
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lol.i know!i love caps! tha last one is amazing..they are peace!

yep! only "crazy european soulmate" ?
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