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Copulators (J/K)#159: 'But, I Will Come Back Here, For You' ~Jack

Welcome to the Copulators thread

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11. Saturday Night Live Writers
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Jaters on the Island
1. Dr. Jack Shephard
2. Kate Austen
3. James 'Sawyer' Ford
4. Charlie Pace
5. Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes
6. Ana-Lucia Cortez
7. Ben Linus
8. Juliet Burke
9. Tom
10. Danielle Rousseau

Jack/Kate Related Quotes:

Matthew Fox:

~Matthew Fox: I have a feeling, that in the near term, it’ll be Sawyer and Kate. And, in the long term, it’ll be Jack and Kate. (Entertainment Weekly, 2005)
~Kristin Veitch: Is there a possibility, of Jack and Kate hooking up, anytime soon?
Matthew Fox: I think that’s, a possibility. They’re drawn to each other, in a really intense way. But, I do think, it’s going to take time, based on their characters, what you learn about their past. These are two people that, are not easily going to fall into something. Even if they’re feeling it inside, they’ll deny it to themselves. (E! Online)
~Josh Holloway: You’re going to get her, in the end.
Matthew Foxy: You know, I will. We all knew that from, day one. (Museum of Television, 2005, in response which guy will end up with Kate in the end)
~Matthew Fox: You realize he cares for her, so freaking much, much more than he, wants to. (TV Guide, in response to Jack's feelings for Kate)
~Jeff Jensen: What’s your take on the fabled, Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle?
Matthew Fox: Honestly, and I don’t know, exactly how this will sound. The honest truth is that, I don’t think of it as, Jack, Kate and, Sawyer. I think of it as, Jack and Kate. The Sawyer element of it, I don’t even consider a reality. I’m really pleased, with where Jack and Kate are. I think hey are at their, closest point. I think, there is a very deep desire there [for a relationship], and not just physical, but emotional. There is a, connection. So, I think, that while, Jack and Kate are the closest, they’ve ever been, and feel the most comfortable, around each other, and dealing with this thing, that exists between them, there are other elements, and other circumstances. (Entertainment Weekly, 2005)
~Matthew Fox: I do think, the audience will ultimately always want, Kate and Jack, to be together. Jack wants, the best, for her. And, I think Jack is the person, who sees the good in everyone, and the potential in her for, heroism, and greatness. He sees that, if Kate grows up, and becomes the woman she can truly be, they would have a shot at being, something together. (Australian TV Week)
~Matthew Fox: Acting is ultimately, like a dance, and takes two people. When it works well, it requires both people to be participating, sort of "feeling the other person out", through the process. It’s something you need to be conscious of, that you have to be, connected.” (Lost Magazine, on his on-screen chemistry with Evi, portraying Jack and Kate)
Matthew Fox: I think, there is a huge, unknowable, draw for Jack to Kate. At the same time, it’s there, and there’s a real, internal, within him, and between, the two of them. (Lost Magazine, on how Jack's drawn to Kate)
~Matthew Fox: I think, that these two people have reached a point, where they are more accepting, of who the other person is. When that happens, then there is a really deep attraction, not just physically, but emotionally, a need. And, getting to be more accepting, of each other’s shortcomings leaves that desire, which has always been there. And, if anything, has only been growing for an emotional connection, and leaves it more open, for that to happen. Right now is the closest they, have ever been. (Lost Magazine)
~Matthew Fox: They are now emotinally conected more then they have ever been. If you removed all the circumstances that are getting in the way of them beeing together romantically. I think they could be together at this point. But there are so manny things going on and so many things recuiring their attention and their energy, it like two ships constanely passing in the night, but they really are connected trought time and space almost.
~Interviewer: Do you think, Jack and Kate will ever, act on their mutual attraction?
Matthew Fox: I think, that’s definitely where the show’s, heading. But, they’re obviously attracted to each other. And, they can’t get over it. It’s something we’ll get to, when the show ends.
~Matthew Fox: My own opinion is, that I think, that the Jack and Kate thing, will be, an over-long, over-arching, long-term, thing on the show. I think, a lot of fans, want to see that happen. So, um, you know, they’ll probably, you know, they’re two people, that are obviously, very drawn to each other. And, they’ll come and flow, until they finally, end up together, at some point.
~Matthew Fox: He’s clearly attracted to her, but, doesn’t want to be, on some level. (Ellen, 2006, on Jack's feelings for Kate)
Matthew Fox: Well, Jack would definitely say, Kate. And, I think, you would feel, that if they really were the only two people on the island know. (In response, to who Jack’s ally on the island, would be.)
~Interviewer: Who’s Kate going to pick: Jack or Sawyer?
Matthew Fox: All I’ll say, is she’s going to make, her choice. It gets resolved. Not, because she, decides. But, because of circumstances, that are out of her, control. In fact, it won’t leave it that resolved, in the end at all, really. (2006, in response to Kate 'choosing' Sawyer in S3)
~Robert Iger: There’s a lot of intrigue already, about your relationship. Do you two, end up together, maybe a little bit...from that angel.
Matthew Fox: I think, eventually, that, probably happens. And, because, of the circumstances, of the show, this fall, and where they find themselves, it seems that, the Kate and Sawyer story, is sort of gonna continue. But, I think, in the end, it’ll be the Jack and Kate, thing.
~Interviewer: Why Kate went for Sawyer, instead of Jack...
Matthew Fox: That choice was made, out of necessity. They were, caged together. And, Jack was in solitary. But, I can guarantee you that, Jack and Kate, will connect again. (Woman Celebrity Magazine, 2007, in response to Kate 'choosing' Sawyer in S3)

Evangeline Lilly:

~Evangeline Lilly: It will, happen. Just, wait for it. It will, happen. (TV Guide, in response to the Jack/Kate romance)
~Evangeline Lilly: I just took that, as a wonderful sign that he and I, were going to be able to be on, a really comfortable level, with one another. There wasn’t going to be any of that cheesy, Hollywood fakeness, or superficiality, to our relationship. (Lost Magazine, in response to her first meeting with Foxy being very low-key, providing for great on-screen chemistry for the Jack/Kate romance)
~Evangeline Lilly: I think, one of the reasons, why Matthew and I, have such natural chemistry on-screen, is that, I’m genuinely, very taken, by him, when he is acting. He is a very captivating actor. And, I think, Kate is supposed to be, captivated, by Jack. (Lost Magazine)
~Evangeline Lilly: I mean, Jack’s almost like, Kate’s hero. And, Jack is like someone, she almost idolizes. (E! Online)
~Evangeline Lilly: I think, that for Jack, there is a certain amount of freedom, and redemption he brings. He brings forgiveness, rather than, acceptance. He keeps saying, "I don’t accept who you were, but I release you from it. And, I accept, who I believe, you can be now. And, that’s, a good person." Those two gifts, are equally as good, but they are just, different.
~Interviewer: What have been your personal highlights, of this season?
Evangeline Lilly: This season, it’s probably a much, simpler moment. When Kate told Jack, "I’m sorry for kissing you." (Lost Magazine, 2006)
~Evangeline Lilly: He’s become, attracted. (Lost Magazine, on how Jack feels about Kate)
~Evangeline Lilly: I couldn’t, agree more with what he said, about needing each other. Their first meeting is not like: "Hey, I’m Jack!"..."Hi! My name’s, Kate." Their first meeting is "Help me, please. I really, need your help." And, it always starts with two people, who are trying to survive. And, they eventually become drawn to one another, whether for support, or safety, or something else.
~Evangeline: I feel like, she’s getting there, though. You can see the changes, in Kate. And, you can see her growing, and, developing a confidence, around Jack. That basically, has gotten to a level where she’s saying, You know what? You are just as screwed up, as I am. And, who are you, to be above me?", and I think, once they get past that, it could be really, amazing.
~Interviewer: Do you think Kate will be pissed, or upset if she finds out about, what happened between, Sawyer and Ana Lucia?
Evangeline Lilly: I think, Kate is not invested enough, in the romance, with Sawyer. I’m not convinced that she is there, romantically. I think, romantically, her heart’s more with, Jack. That’s my own, personal opinion.
Interviewer: I always think so too, because opposites attract.
Evangeline Lilly: I agree. I think, that there’s something about Sawyer, that’s so much like her. That her love for him is, almost like a sibling. You know, like a brother. (E! Online)
~Interviewer: Are we going to see resolution to your love-hate triangle, with Jack and Sawyer, this season?
Evangeline Lilly: I don’t know, if you can say resolution, because that would mean, it’s permanent.But, there is some sort of a, temporary conclusion, because I do end up, with someone. (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 2006, in response to Kate 'choosing' Sawyer in S3)
~Evangeline: Let’s just say, Kate hasn’t given up on her, other beau. (E! News, 2007, in response to the Jack/Kate romance, after her 'choosing' Sawyer in S3)
~Question: Will Kate and Sawyer, be a happy couple?
Evangeline Lilly: Well, we have a, con-artist, and a convict. So, I don’t know, if happily ever after, is really in the cards, for those two. But, I, you know, I’ve told, and teased before, that Kate, hasn’t just, let go of Jack. She hasn’t just, left him in the dusk. And, thought, well, this is it, it’s me and Sawyer. She’s obviously, conflicted. And, so, we’re going to see that, play out, especially in the first five episodes, back. That conflict between, which man, her loyalties lie with. (American Online, 2007)
~Evangeline Lilly: I don’t think, that book is, closed, at all, says Lilly. Kate has a real journey, to go on, with Jack, in that, they’ve never addressed the underlying current, of attraction and love, between them. It has, to be addressed. (Entertainment Weekly, 2007, in response to the Jack/Kate romance)
Evangeline Lilly: She may have fornicated, the relationship with Sawyer, but I don’t think that negates the fact that, she has certain feelings, for Jack. And, I think, you’re gonna see, in this episode that, Kate is very determined, still, as she was last week, to go back, and rescue Jack. (Good Morning America, 2007, in response to Kate's feelings for Jack)

The Writers/Creative Team:

~J.J. Abrams: You could put, Jack and Kate on a, New York City street, and have them pass each other, at rush hour, on a Wednesday morning. And, they would stop, and turn, slowing to watch each other go by. They know each other within the context, of a universal recognition. They have met before, this life. And, they will meet again, in another.
~Damon Lindelof: The original plan in season one was, to definitely get them, together. Then the more time spent on the island, the more Jack would sort of represent to Kate what she would want, stability, and comfort, and a real adult love, as opposed to that kind of lusty, frothy, "make out in the middle of a torture session" kind of thing. (Online Interview, 2006, in reponse to the Jack/Kate romance happening over time)
~Damon Lindelof: On the other hand, Jack and Kate are a classical and romantic couple. They are amazed by each other, and as the time runs, they start to depend of each other, care about each other, the connection between them is getting stronger. There is always something, someone in their way. That makes the audience support them all the time.
~Damon Lindelof: They also want, Jake and Kate, to get together. (in repsonse to what the audience wants)
~Damon Lindelof: He, may have won the battle, for her affections. But, he ain’t won, the war. (Online Interview, 2006, in response to, Kate 'choosing' Sawyer in S3)
~Gregg Nations: There are so many emotions playing underneath, what they are actually saying. It truly is a testament to both Matthew Fox, and Evangeline Lilly’s skills, and talent, as actors. They make you, care about them as characters. And, you just want to step inside the scene, and make everything, all right. (Fuselage, 2007, in response to the Jack/Kate reunion scene from "I Do")
~Carlton Cuse: It would be, a bad assumption to assume the triangle, was over., warns Carlton Cuse. For that moment in time, Sawyer was the, right choice. But, that’s not the end of it, buy any means, whatsoever. (TV Guide Online, 2007)
~Carlton Cuse: Nevertheless, says executive producer, Carlton Cuse, the bond between, Kate and Jack, is the kind of, ultimate relationship. (TV Guide, 2007)
~Damon Lindelof: Jack, is the guy, that she should, be with. She does, genuinely love him. And, she knows, that he would take, excellent care of her. (Lost Survival Guide, 2007)
~Question: About the Kate/Jack walkie-talkie scene...where Kate tells Jack the story, he told her, when they first crashed. Did the way, Kate was choosing her words, and her actions, reflect any type of undertones, to the situation, she was in, or how he affected her? It is being discussed a lot with fans, that when Kate said, "You fixed saved her.", she was not only referring to the girl, but actually to herself.
Gregg Nations: There is a lot of, subtext to it. And, I think, it’s best left up to each person, to decide for themselves, what that subtext is. And, what it means. (Fuselage, 2007, in response to Jack and Kate's walkie-talkie scene in "Not in Portland")
~Damon Lindelof: Nothing sort of, reactivates a romantic interest, than you know, a romantic rival. (E! Online, 2007, in response to Juliet entering the equation and making the Jack/Kate/Sawyer triangle a square, and how it will affect the Jack/Kate romance)
~Kristin Veitch: Kate loves Jack?
Damon Lindelof/Carlton Cuse: True. (E! Online, 2007)
~Gregg Nations: From what was written, in the script, I think it’s clear that, Sawyer correctly guessed that, Kate did sleep with him, because he was going to die. (Fuselage Online, 2007, in response to Sawyer/Kate having sex in S3)

The Lost Cast:

~Danielle Hine: So, with the whole, Jack verses Sawyer thing, if you were a lady, who would you go for?
Josh Holloway: Man, that’s a hard one, to answer. Let me, think. I think Jack’s, a keeper. And, Sawyer’s a, fun weekend.
~Interviewer: What have been your, personal highlights, of this season?
Josh Holloway: I loved, Jack and Kate’s kiss. They really, captured that moment, how it should be. And, that’s tricky. (Lost magazine, 2006)
~Josh Holloway: Sawyer will always screw it up, because he’s, Sawyer. I can pretty much determine that, I ain’t gonna get her. (Lost Magazine, in response to why Sawyer/Kate won't last)
~Question: Will Kate and Sawyer, be a happy couple?
Josh Holloway: Of course not. No. I don’t know. I’m sure, Sawyer’s gonna ruin it, right away. But, being, knowing, Sawyer, he’s definitely going to ruin it, somehow. They’ll be something, he’ll do. I don’t know when, but, it’ll be quick. (American Online, 2007)
~Interviewer: So, you and Kate, hooked up on the show?
Josh Holloway: It was the old "I’m gonna die." story so, Kate, would make out, with me. It took all that, just to get some, sympathy love. (Cosmopolitan, 2007)
~Josh Holloway: I’ve said, this before, Sawyer’s a good time, on the weekend. Jack’s, a keeper. But, more than likely, he’ll be an ass, and ruin it. (2007, in response to how Sawyer/Kate won't last)


~Interviewer: Amidst the flames, and panic, of the crashed remains, of Oceanic Flight 815, on Lost, there quickly emerged a duo, that would evolve into the unofficial leaders, of the 48 survivors: Jack, the upstanding, and brave doctor, that administered to the injured, and those in peril, from the moment he walked, on to the wreckage strewn beach. And, Kate, the young woman, that hand-stitched a nasty gash, on Jack’s back, immediately forging a bond, between the two. Fate has a funny sense of humor, though. Yet, they retain a connection that, crackles with chemistry. Yet, for all their differences, Fox and Lilly, have crafted an on-screen pairing, that’s been electric for audiences to watch, and root for. (Lost Magazine)
~Jimmy Kimmel: I think, it’s gotta be, Sawyer. Because, everyone wants it to be, Jack. (Jimmy Kimmel, 2006, in response to which guy Kate would 'choose' in S3)
~Michael Ausiello: A girl, can change, her mind. (TV Guide Online, 2006, in response to, Kate 'choosing' Sawyer in S3)
~Michael Canfield: Kate doesn’t love Sawyer. She may, or may not, have admitted it to herself yet, but Kate loves Jack. Here’s why I think so...first, I think, that Kate slept with Sawyer because, as she keeps saying to him, she didn’t want, him to give up, and die. That, along with the tension of imprisonment, and fearing for their lives, gets them together. But, it doesn’t mean, she’s, in love, with him. Furthermore, we saw in the flashback, that she ran away from her husband, Kevin. Kate doesn’t think she deserves, anything or anyone good. Jack is, good. At least, in Kate’s mind. So, there’s more of a reason, she would go toward Sawyer, when she really loves, Jack. You still might argue that she prefers a bad boy, like Sawyer. But, she gives herself away, when she tells Jack over the walkie-talkie, that she won’t, leave without him. She does not say, "We won’t leave without him." She’s only thinking, about Jack at that point. She’d rather die, than leave without Jack.(Online Interview, 2006)
~Kristin Veitch: Kate is really in love with Jack! Think about it. She never answered Sawyer, when he asked, if she really, loved him. She never said the magic, "L" word. As far as 'choices' go, I’d say, a passionate presumed pre-death romp, is not exactly proof, that you’ve, found your soul mate. (E! Online, 2006, in response to Kate 'choosing Sawyer in S3)
~Jack: I see, I do think, she cares, I think, she truly loves, Jack. You can see it, in her face, from the start, when she, sewed him up. It was almost like, a husband and wife thing. He cared about her, and didn’t want her, getting hurt. But, he truly, like you can see, you can see, when they came into the glass, you can see it, in their faces.
Jay: There was, something,
Jack: They, love each other. And, Sawyer cares about her, but I don’t see it, lasting.
Jay: My pick is, Jack and Kate, as well. ‘Cause, in the end, I think, they’re gonna, be together. I just think, it’s, one of those things, in a TV show. That’s, what’s gonna be, the ending. (Lost "I Do" podcast, 2007)
~Kristin Veitch: You see that Kate does have, very strong feelings for, Jack. And, they’re sorta, kinda displayed, in front of, Sawyer. (E! Online, 2007)
~Question: I have enjoyed Lost, from the beginning. But, I can’t believe with the chemistry, and history, Jack and Kate have, that you would put, Kate and Sawyer together. Please make us romantics happy, by putting Jack and Kate together.
Interviewer: As Eko himself, has said, "Don’t mistake coincidence for fate." (Lost Magazine, 2007)
~Sabrina Rojas Weiss: Kate really does, love Jack. At least, that’s how, Sawyer and I are interpreting Kate’s tears. Man, ABC shows do know how, to turn surgery tales into, the best love poems! (TV Guide Online, 2007)
~Interviewer: Jack’s love for Kate, comes through, and hers for, him, as she remembers, his story. Sawyer sees the connection, in Kate’s eyes, and is understanding, but not thrilled. The spoiler is that, Kate will continue to have a Jack connection, and there will a cloud of sorrow over her relationship, with Sawyer until, Jack is returned. (Contender’s Lost Spoilers Online, 2007, in response to the Jack/Kate walkie-talkie moment at the end of "Not in Portland")
~Chris Carabott: What really hits home is, Jack’s willingness to sacrifice himself, for Kate. If it hasn’t been beaten over our heads enough, Jack truly does, love Kate. And, even though she has 'chosen' Sawyer, he still wants, to protect her. His final words to Kate, not to return to Other-Island, are emotionally charged, beautifully acted, and heart wrenching. (ING Online, 2007, review of "Not in Portland")
~Sabrina Rojas Weiss: Wow, the honeymoon was over fast, for Sawyer and Kate. Back to their same old bickering, as though, their night in the cage, never happened. I really did, feel sorry for Sawyer, when he accused her of sleeping with him, just ‘cause he was on death row. And, she didn’t deny it. But, Jack’s more unattainable, and therefore more attractive. Plus, she and Sawyer have such an adorable, brother-sister banter going on. (TV Guide Online, 2007)
~Kevin Williamson: Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly on Lost: As Jack and Kate, he is the doctor, compelled to fix everyone around him, while she is the fugitive, who has long since been broken. This season has seen Kate, seemingly pair off with bad boy, Sawyer. But, don’t expect that to endure. The Hollywood love triangle is governed by simple logic: The girl doesn’t end up with the guy she hooks up with, midway through the story. The final romantic outcome, is always saved for a (hoped for), emotional climax. (Calgary Sun, 2007)
~Narrator: They have struggled to survive, together. They have faced the unspeakable, together. Chance, has separated them. Nothing in the world, will keep them, apart. (ABC Promo, 2007, in reference to the Jack/Kate romance and second reunion in "The Man from Tallahassee")

Fanart of the Thread

art made by Mari_Boreanaz

#103: Her heart and her home are both with him.
#104: Because season 3 will prove they're fate!
#105:They may be lost but they've found eachother
#106: Their story is just getting started!
#107: Because chemistry just comes natural to them
#108: Because they only have each other!
#109: Because fighting for it will only make it better!
#110: When time comes, her choice will be right before her eyes
#111: It's such a powerful love they barely understand it themselves
#112: 'Cause another love interest would just make the decision easier
#113: Because she's underneath his skin
#114: Everything
#115: He is the future she longs for instead of the past she runs from.
#116: Because being apart will eventually bring them together.
#117: Because everyone knows she's his weakness.
#118: Kate's only choice is whether to jump Jack now or later
#119: They'll find each other because they are a part of each other
#121:Because the longer separation the sweeter reunion
#122: :Because he's the home her heart searched for so long
#123: Even without a book of his past, she's written in his future.
#124: She keeps her heart locked up, but he has the key
#125: Jate reunion is coming. Ya'll best get used to the idea!
#126: They've met before this life, and they'll meet again in another!
#127: She'd withstand all hell to hold his hand.
#128: Maybe time waits for no one, but love does and never dies
#129: Because he'd wait forever just to touch her.
#130: "Live together, die alone."
#131: Jack doesn't need to fight for her. He already has her.
#132: Love is like war: Easy to begin but hard to end.
Copulators (J/K)#133: Because the glass couldn't stop the lovin'!
Copulators(J/K)#134: They waited their entire lives for a love like that, we can too
#135: Because true love stories never have an ending
#136: Because no matter what - she will always come first.
#137: Because she's waiting to say 'I love you' to the right one
#138: Because she can't leave without him
#139: The darkest hour is the one before the sunrise.
#140: There's some good left in this world,and it's worth FIGHTING for
#141: You never forget the first time you meet the love of your life.
#142: Of all the people she never wants to lose he's the one she can't
#143:Love is like a star, can't always see it, but it's always there.
#144: What's a choice compared to a path?
#146: It´s only a matter of time
#147: All the roads lead back to Jate
#148: "I think in the end it'll be the Jack and Kate thing." ~Foxy
#149: heartbreaking.tender.powerful.epic.
#150: lets just say kate hasn't given up on her beau ~ evi
#151: It'd be a bad assumption to assume the triangle was over ~Cuse
Copulators {J&K} #152: "Jack and Kate is kind of the ultimate relationship" ~Cuse
#153: She didn't tell him the story, she told him THEIR story.
#154:Genuine, deep, REAL. That's the love they share.
155:He didn't fix her, they fixed each other
#156 Becuase Jack is her everything
#157: Because he is her lobster.
#158: I can guarantee you that Jack and Kate will connect again.~Foxy

Because they're trapped in their own little, magic world (by beloved)
They are perfect for each other becuase they are everything the other isn't (by beloved)
Jack's her future. Everyone can see that (by Shiran)
It'll be the greatest love each of them has ever experienced (by Shiran)
She steals his heart and he takes her breath away (by Tia)
In his eyes she sees her future in an instant (by Tia)
They hear each other when they don't say a word (by Tia)
They're always saving each other from themselves (by Tia)
His love makes her see who she really is at heart (by Tia)
They're complete, now that they've found each other (by Tia)
He believes in her, even if nobody understands (by Tia)
Within his darkness, she's the light that shines the way (by Tia)
She came and breathed new life into his lonely heart (by Tia)
Because there are voices inside of them that want to be heard (by jabs)
It's more than just physical, deeper than spiritual (by jabs)
He makes her weak with desire (by jabs)
Two Halves of a Whole (by franci)
He's her sanity (by jabs)
His life with her means everything, so he won't give up so easily (by Tia)
They can't let this love get away from them (by Tia)
Because like her, we have to believe (by MadisonL)
Because even if she runs, she's waiting for him to catch her (by MadisonL)
Because he would sacrifice himself to keep her safe (by MadisonL)
Because if Ben was a betting man, he would put his money on them (by MadisonL)
Because they still remember his story from their first meeting (by MadisonL)
Because she stitched his wounds, literally and figuratively! (by MadisonL)
Simply the best, better than all the rest (jabs)
He's the one who sets her free (jabs)
Love is not a victory march (jabs)
Love covers over a multitude of sins. (Franci)
Because they have what it takes (franci)
Because Jack has the bigger 'boat' (Liesbeth)
Over it is not (Franci)
It's gonna be Jack (Franci)
Everyone can hit a ball. But that's not GOLF (Carla)
Their love and connection is beyond circumstances
First it must hurt, for all it'll be worth
Don't underestimate what they're willing to do for each other
Now Kate will do anything to get the dashing doctor back! (all of those by jabs)
It can't be a closure when none of them wants it to end (Shiran)
Because Jate OWN. (christine)
Two completely different people, one unifying soul (Diana)
Nothing can keep them apart forever (Mango Queen)
Two Words: Hand Holding! (Diana)
Your friend...Jack, you care about him? Yes. (Anji)
Love makes you do stupid things. (Diana)
Universal Recognition (Em)
Jack and Kate: Abrams' Masterpiece! (Anji, inspired by Giuly)

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This is the first continuing thread I've opened so I hope that everything is in order.
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Thank you for starting this!

I am still in deliriously happy shock over the new promo. Literally, I can't even form coherent thoughts.

*flails around wildly*


ABC totally loves us/Jate. The ear whisper thing kills me.
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Great job! Thanks for the new thread.

And, just bringing over.....

BEST PROMO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, doesn't he say, "But, I will come back here, for you."...not that I'm complaining, lol.
"From here on, it's up to us to say where he's headed.
I like to call it "something better," and leave it at that."

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Do you want me to edit the title? Because that's okay, I wasn't sure what you guys wanted to go with.
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Oh, it doesn't matter....I just love how he says it, adds so much.
"From here on, it's up to us to say where he's headed.
I like to call it "something better," and leave it at that."
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How do you edit thread titles anyway? Because when I hit the editing button, I could only edit the contents of the opening post.
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Hey Guys!!

OH GOD, I was tyring to catch up to the last thread but I saw the new promo and I'm like hyperventilating!!!!

GAHH!H!! <-- my typing skills have gone to hell!!

I'll be back with more coherent thoughts later!!
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I think you will have to PM the mods of the boards, but they are usually fine with editing it.
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Originally Posted by Cathangel (View Post)
How do you edit thread titles anyway? Because when I hit the editing button, I could only edit the contents of the opening post.
It's really cool now, all you have to do is double click on it, or right beside the title, and it should just let you.
"From here on, it's up to us to say where he's headed.
I like to call it "something better," and leave it at that."
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I fixed the title.

God, the way Jack whispers into Kate's ear is so hot and romantic at the same time, it's just wow. We have the best ship ever!
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*brain is still mush*

Oh man I want to squee/scream right now but my mom is home and she may not like that!

Wow, ABC RULES for that one!!! I am in LOVE with this promo!!!

How funny is it that the Jacket thread title is called "Together"?! Damn, that would be a good one for us now thanks to that preview!!

And no worries about using this title first, I'm pretty sure we'll have a new thread (or a few) by Weds so we can use "Holding Hands" later!!
This username was an ill-advised choice of song lyrics that i can't change
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We do have the BEST ship ever!

And, Jack mentioned doing something 'together', with Kate first.

I can't wait for Wednesday....even if it doesn't nessecarily end well at the time, you know they will in the long-run. Either way, it's gonna be full ove romance, passion, bittersweet-ness.
"From here on, it's up to us to say where he's headed.
I like to call it "something better," and leave it at that."
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Yeah, since the promo was the last tidbit to rock our Jater world, I think that it was appropriate to use that line for this thread. Like you said, this thread will fly by when the rest of the gang gets here and sees that promo.
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For sure we can use the hands one after. The quote was too good and perfect to pass up.
"I believe in anything that brings you back home to me..."
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