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Copulators[Jack & Kate]#300: Call this a prelude to a lifetime of you.

~ Copulators ~ 300th!!!

• • •

They have struggled to survive, together.They have faced the unspeakable, together.
Chance has separated them.
Nothing in the world will keep them apart.

ABC Promo 2007

• • •

I think,romantically,
her heart's more with Jack

~Evangeline Lilly

The bond between Jack and Kate
is kind of the ultimate relationship

~Carlton Cuse



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Honorary members
1. Matthew Fox
2. Evangeline Lilly
3. Josh Holloway
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"No I Don't Think That's True You're Not Running Now"
• • •

There is a huge, unknowable draw for Jack to Kate.
At the same time it's there and there's a real, internal,
within him and between the two of them.

~Matthew Fox

And Kate really does love Jack.
At least, that's how Sawyer and I are interpreting Kate's tears.
Man, ABC shows do know how to turn surgery tales into the best love poems

~Tv guide

"I Didn't Do It For Him"
• • •

The Jack and Kate thing
will be an over-long, over-arching, long-term thing on the show.

~Matthew Fox

Jack and Kate are a classical and romantic couple.They are amazed by each other
and as the time runs, they start to depend of each other, care about each other
the connection between them is getting stronger. There is always something,
someone in their way that makes the audience support them all the time.

~Damon Lindelof

"I Got Your Back"
• • •

"If You Weren't Here Jack"
• • •

"I Will Come Back Here For You"
• • •

"What's A Garden Without Guava?"
• • •

Jack is the guy she should be with.
She does genuinely love him.
And she knows that he would take excellent care of her.
~Damon Lindelof

I feel like she's getting there.
You can see the changes in Kate.
And, you can see her growing and
developing a confidence around Jack.
That basically has gotten to a level where she's saying,
You know what? You are just as screwed up as I am.
And who are you to be above me?"
and I think once they get past that it could be really amazing.

~Evangeline Lilly

"And You Fixed Her,You Saved Her"
• • •

You can see, when they came into the glass, you can see it, in their faces.
There was something..They love each other.


I can guarantee you that Jack and Kate will connect again.
~Matthew Fox

• • •

Don’t mistake coincidence for fate
~ LM

They are now emotionally connected more than they have ever been.
If you removed all the circumstances
that are getting in the way of them being together romantically,
I think they could be together at this point. But there are so many things
going on and so many things requiring their attention and their energy.
It's like two ships constantly passing in the night,
but they really are connected through time and space almost.
~Matthew Fox

"I Can't Leave Without You"
• • •

I loved Jack and Kate's kiss.
They really captured that moment, how it should be.
And that's tricky.

~Josh Holloway

I don't think that book is closed.
Kate has a real journey to go on with Jack
in that they've never addressed the
underlying current of attraction and love between them.
It has to be addressed.
~Evangeline Lilly

"Because I Love You"
• • •

The more time spent on the island,
the more Jack would sort of represent to Kate
what she would want, stability, and comfort, and a real adult love,
as opposed to that kind of lusty, frothy, "make out in the middle of a torture session" kind of thing

~Damon Lindelof

It will happen, just wait for will happen..
~Evangeline Lilly

Tribute Videos for the 300th!

You could put Jack and Kate on a New York City street
and have them pass each other at rush hour on a Wednesday morning.
And they would stop and turn,slowing to watch each other go by. They know each other within the context,
of a universal recognition.They have met before this life,and they will meet again in another.

• • •
This username was an ill-advised choice of song lyrics that i can't change
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{And then I crashed into you,
And I went up in flames.
Could've been the death of me,
But then you breathed your breath in me.}

The Couple
• • •

{You are the light
That's leading me to the place
Where I find peace again
You are the strength
That keeps me walking
You are the hope
That keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul
You are my purpose
You're everything}

{'Cause love took her hand like a thief, took her heart like a robber.
And the feelings that scare her become her relief.}

{I'm learning to breathe, I'm learning to crawl
I'm finding that
You and you alone can break my fall}

Kate Austen is the definition of broken strength. Growing up in Iowa, she was raised by her mother Diane and who she thought was her father, Sam. After her parents divorced, her mother remarried an abusive man named Wayne. Although he beat her mother, she stood by him. After Kate found out that Wayne was her birth father, everything eventually became too much for her and she took matters into her own hands and killed him in a house fire. It was that single act that changed Kate’s life forever. Even though she ended Wayne’s torture on her family, her mother turned her back on her. This was the beginning of Kate’s life as a fugitive. She tried to find solace in the man she considered her real father, Sam, but he rejected her as well. Kate eventually confronted her mom and Diane, the older woman told her that she loved Wayne even though he treated her badly, that "you can't help who you love". Despite her desperate attempts at freedom, Marshall Edward Mars made it his life goal to ensure that would never happen. When Kate's mother grew ill with cancer, Kate returned home and reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Tom. Tom helped her to get to her mom but again, she was rejected. Her mom screamed and caused Kate to be seen by security, Tom went with her despite Kate's protest and he was tragically shot and killed in the process. Kate kept a toy plane that belonged to Tom and after the Marshall took it from her she eventually found out where it was and robbed a bank just to get it back. Kate got married to a cop named Kevin under the alias of Monica. She seemed to love him but she realized that she couldn't keep up that lie of a life, so she continued to run. During a stay in Australia, Mars finally caught up with Kate, and put her on a plane back to L.A. This was the second point in Kate’s life where everything was about to change.
After the crash Kate found herself a free woman. Suddenly she could be whoever she wanted to be, but the ghosts of her past still haunt her, along with her defensive mechanism of running. She is left with the consequences of her mistakes, but the island, and the others on board the flight, offer a second chance. Kate now faces the opportunity to rise above her past and claim the freedom she has spent so much of her life chasing; a freedom that is only found through redemption. The advice Kate got from her mother, that you can't help who you love was probably the only good thing Diane gave her daughter...which Kate is presently seeming to begin to understand. Despite her past of rejection and tragedy, Kate has a chance for a second chance and happiness with Jack. Now the question remains will she have the strength to take it?

{They are essential to each other because they inspire each other to live up to their true potential. How they were meant to be—Together. -Ash}

{You carried my heart in the midst of this battle
In your hands}

Jack Shephard grew up in Los Angeles with his surgeon father and homemaker mother. He was constantly pressured by his parents to be better, and to be a doctor like his father. Eventually he did exactly that, becoming a spinal surgeon and he and his father worked at the same hospital together, with his father as Chief of Surgery. Despite the fact that anything he did never seemed to be good enough for his father, Christian, it still was important to Jack to gain his approval. He seemed to really need his father around when he was about to get married. Jack met Sarah when she was brought into his operating room with a broken back from a car accident. All medical logic said that Sarah would never walk again, but Jack fixed her. Eventually, Jack and Sarah are about to get married and although Jack seems hesitant the night before, afraid he won't be a good husband and father and probably doubting the love that he and Sarah share, his father tells him that "commitment makes you tick". Jack, reassured, marries Sarah...but this eventually proves to have been the wrong choice. Jack is very committed to his work and Sarah is not supportive or understanding of it. She feels neglected and essentially, jealous, and she breaks their marriage vows to seek attention from another man. The night Sarah plans to leave Jack, he shares a kiss with a woman named Gabriella, whom he had bonded with while trying to fix her Dad, but he pulls away and goes home to Sarah, confessing to her and apologizing only to find out that Sarah has been unfaithful. Jack is willing to forgive Sarah for this and work things out, to change his ways and his commitment to work, but Sarah rejects the offer to rebuild their relationship, telling Jack "you will always need something to fix". Jack and his father have a falling out when he outs Christian for drinking on the job and basically killing a patient because of it. Christian doesn't forgive Jack for this and he eventually gets worse with his drinking and goes to Australia. Jack's mother demands for him to fix this and go bring his father back. Jack obeys, only to find out that his father has passed away. He ends up on Oceanic 815 on his way to bring his father's body back.
On the island, Jack must face all of this issues from the past and the present. He ends up with the leader position after saving people and taking initiative and he does it well, but its a burden that is difficult for him to bear. The island is his chance to grow and change, something he is still struggling with but he has made leaps and bounds, most notably when it comes to his relationship with Kate.

{When you feel embarrassed, then I'll be your pride.
When you need directions, then I'll be the guide
For all time, for all time.}

{So when you say forever, can't you see? You've already captured me.}

{Where she falls short, he makes up for it and where he falls short, she backs him up. I feel as though that's how a relationship is and that's just what I like to see.-Kate}

Their History Together
• • •

{You have my attention, like you’ve had all the while
Since that first day when you made my heart smile,
with loving eyes and tired sighs that flow.}

{Nothing you confess
could make me love you less}

{The chemistry between us could destroy this place}

{Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long.}

September 22, 2004—two people brought together by tragedy, brought together by fate. Jack, a successful doctor, haunted by fear of failure but always driven by his heart; Kate, a fugitive with a propensity to run but having good intentions at her core. It all began with a needle, thread, and a question: “Excuse me. Did you ever use a needle?” There she kneeled in the sand and mended his wound despite her fear. “She took care of me.” There he kneeled in the sand and eased her fear with honesty that would change her forever. “Fear’s sort of an odd thing. And the terror was just so—crazy. So REAL. And I knew I had to deal with it. 5 seconds. That’s all I was going to give it. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. And it was gone.” In that moment a bond was formed that would stand up against the worst of odds. A journey began. Two lives intertwined offering each other freedom from their pasts. “You’re not running now.” Little could he have known that those words displayed a belief in her that no other person had ever given her before.
In a matter of hours two strangers became friends. Confidants. Indescribably drawn to one another. A team. “If you’re thinking about going for the cockpit, I’m going with you.” Even then Jack wanted to protect her. “Kate, you showed me where the smoke was. I can get there myself.” Already Kate had his back. “I’m coming.” It was the first of many treks they would make together. When it looked as if Jack had fallen behind trying to save Charlie, Kate would have nothing but to go back for him. All that mattered was that he was alive and safe.
No relationship comes without confusion, without questioning. One word from the wounded Marshal was all it took to set his mind spinning. “My jacket pocket. Dangerous—she’s dangerous.” One piece of paper, and a picture of her. A mug shot. How could someone he’d come to trust, to care for, be a fugitive? Why would she not tell him? After all the confusion, “I saw your mug shot Kate,” he never questioned her over it. He saw her true character. The woman that wants to help others. The woman that cares for him. So when she finally opened up, “I want to tell you what I did,” it didn’t matter to him what she did, “It doesn’t matter Kate. Who we were—what we did before this, before the crash. It doesn’t really. Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over.” He offered her a second chance, trust in the Kate he knew not the one the Marshal had described.
Two people from two different backgrounds off island, yet similar in many ways. It’s easy to see how the two would be more drawn to each other day by day but inexplicable and indescribable at the same time. With a laugh she tightened his pack straps around his waist, “It’s just that you and your tattoos—don’t add up. Are you one of those hard core spinal surgeons?” And there he was again drawn into the flirting, “That’s me. Hardcore.” The funny thing was it had become obvious to everyone else but them. “If you guys are finished verbally copulating we should get a move on.” And so it goes. When stopping for a break she asked him “You checkin’ me out?” He laughed and replied, “Trust me, if I was checkin’ you out you’d know it.” It’s just so easy between the two. There’s this spark with them, but neither can seem to explain it.
However, there was a tension between them building, and it is true, no relationship where feelings are growing between two people will ever be without pain. He felt it was safer living at the caves. “I just don’t understand why you won’t come with me.” She can’t bring herself to go with him, “I don’t want to be Eve,” even though ever fiber of her being wants to follow him. For the first time since they’d met the two were apart and all that was there to accompany them was a void in the heart.
Living in two different places there was no way she could have known what had happened. She went out with Sayid hoping to contact rescue and the news came as a blow straight to the chest—Jack trapped in a cave in. Suddenly nothing mattered anymore. Without him what did rescue matter? At that moment she dropped everything and went to find him. “Is he alive?!” For hours she dug, “You keep going at this pace you’re going to kill yourself.” She never stopped until four words filled her ears, “Hey! It’s the doctor!” She was the first one to him. Her arms snaked around his neck and threatened never to let him go. Jack was okay, which meant she was okay.

{'Cause I'm feeling like
I might need to be near you
And I feel alright, so please
Don't get me rescued}

One day he finds her standing at the shoreline. “Well this is a first. You standing still, middle of the day, doing nothing. Amazing.” It’s then she replies, “I’m doing something. I’m sinking. I used to do it with my mom when I was a kid.” These moments are so fragile. So rare. So precious. So true. It’s hard for either of them to open up to anyone, but it’s always so liberating when they open up to one another.
Tragedy again finds them together, and there he is, hanging helpless, blindfolded—Charlie. “You’re going to have to cut him down!”As much as he tries Jack can’t get him to breathe. “Breathe! Breathe Charlie!” And only having known him for such a short time, Kate already knows him well. He’s hurt. He’s tired. He blames himself. He’s not going to give up as much as she tries to stop him. He’s not going to let go. “Jack! Jack! Stop!” He doesn’t listen. He just keeps beating. “Come on! Come on!” Suddenly Charlie breathes and they’re both by his side. Tears of pain turn to tears of joy. Again, they fought against the odds and together they beat them.
She comes to him one day in the caves. She has something to tell him. The Marshal that was escorting her had a case full of guns and who has gotten a hold of the case? Sawyer. She wants him to get the key from the buried Marshal’s wallet. He knows there’s got to be more she wants though. All this for guns? “So what else is in the case?” She quickly replies, “Nothing.” So he gives her his word, “If you want my help we’re going to open the case together.” A few shovels, a quick sleight of hand and he knows she was lying to him. There’s more in that case than guns. He keeps his word to her. Together they open the case, and together they find what she has been willing to lie for—a toy airplane. “What is it? I want the truth just this once.” She says, “It belonged to the man loved.” He’s not convinced. “Stop lying to me! Tell me the truth!” Finally she says it, “I’m not! It belonged to the man I killed!” Tears stream down her face and he leaves not really knowing what to say next.

{No matter how far they stray, they always end up together at the end of the day.
Whether they end the day in a fight or flirting, they always seem to be each other's relief to the day's trials.-Rosie}

They’d had misunderstandings but never like this before. He’d asked her for the truth, she’d given it to him and they hadn’t spoken all night. It was probably best to give her some space. But as he was walking through the jungle there she was. She hadn’t seen him; at least that’s what he’d thought. So he just stopped and watched her. “I can see you there ya know.” She was collecting passion fruit seeds for Sun’s garden. “Gross little grayish yellow thingies.” Later in the day he has a surprise for her. A sign he was thinking of her. “Slimy little bluish black thingies.” Guava Seeds.

{You see everything, you see every part,
you see all my light and you love my dark
You dig everything of which I'm ashamed.
There's not anything to which you can't relate,
And you're still here.}

The two of them had gotten so close. They were a team, friends, but feeling so much more. When she asked him to help Sawyer he knew the guy wasn’t worth his trouble—but she was and for her he would do anything. “I didn’t do it for him.” The smile she gave him in return didn’t require any words. She’d do anything for him too. She took care of him when Boone died. “You drugged me?” She made sure he got some sleep when he was being stubborn. She didn’t leave his side. She helped him feel better.
“They’re coming.” That’s what Danielle had told them, and now here they were again in the jungle, trying to find dynamite to blow up the hatch and Jack is not about to let Kate carry it in her pack. It’s not about her wanting to help. For him, this is about her risking her life and he’s just not going to let that happen. So instead of putting the dynamite in her pack like she believes, he puts it into his. He wants to protect her, wants to keep her safe. He picks up her pack and places it carefully on her back as if the dynamite is really in there and maybe lets his hands linger on her shoulders for a bit longer than needed. There at the hatch the essence of their relationship is demonstrated. No matter what they go through they’ll be together. Whatever they face it will be together. Through it all they will always come back to each other because of their trust, their friendship, and their love. “I got your back.”

{We're strange allies with warring hearts.}

{When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down.}

As the days passed after opening the hatch, Jack and Kate seemed to grow closer and closer. Eating dinner together, playing golf(thanks to Kate), when one day Jack went to confront Kate after he found an ailing Sawyer, whom Kate had been taking care of, and he found her in the jungle, clearly distressed. Jack comforted her by hugging her and simply whispering it would be okay, then Kate kissed him. Overcome with emotion, reality began to set in for Kate after the kiss and she ran. Jack, who was feeling a mixture of emotions, began to pull away from Kate. He started hanging out with Ana Lucia, much to Kate's chagrin.

{The first kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you taught me to look past everything I have ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love}

A couple of weeks later, they clicked again. While on a trek, Jack and Kate got caught in a net, together. The word 'close' doesn't even begin to describe the proximity. Later that night, Kate apologized for kissing him. Jack replied with, "I'm not." As they were leaning in for what we can only believe would've been a second kiss - they were interrupted by Michael who had been released from the Others. The one moment when they were acknowledging their feelings was put on hold - neither knew how much would take place before they would ever get the chance again.

{All of this around us falls,
I tell you what we're gonna do.
You will shelter me, my love
And I will shelter you.}

On Michael's return he convinced Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to accompany him to the Others' camp. He claimed that they lived in huts and that the five of them could take them. Sayid warned Jack that Michael was lying, and he suspected Michael had plans he wasn't telling Jack about. As they set off that day they couldn't have known what would happen next. The Others had followed them and suddenly Sawyer and Hurley were down. Kate was the next one hit with tranquilizer but Jack refused to leave her behind. Jumping over her body he fired wildly at their pursuers before picking up Kate and carrying her on his back. Even after he was shot with the tranquilizer he kept running, Kate on his back, until his body gave out. The next thing they knew Jack and Kate found themselves on a dock with the Others. Michael had betrayed them for his son. Both of them were gagged, hands tied behind their backs. Both thinking that the end for them was near. Before having bags placed over their heads Kate and Jack looked at each other, speaking with their eyes and Jack nodded his head. In that moment they were the only two around. Surrounded by other people, yes, but when given the chance to turn to anyone Jack looked to Kate and Kate to Jack to say all they needed to say. They turned to the only source of hope they knew, the only one they completely loved and trusted. They turned to each other.

{So don't go away,
Say what you say,
Say that you'll stay,
Forever and a day,
In the time of my life.}

When Jack, Kate, and Sawyer were captured by the others, both Kate and Sawyer were separated from Jack. During their captivity, it turned out Ben wanted Jack to perform surgery on him, but Jack refused. They tried to get Kate to persuade him, but Jack was still not convinced. That same day, Kate, now defeated and more hopeless than she had ever been before, locked up and separated from her rock (Jack) and to top it off, believing that Sawyer was going to die, kissed him and they slept together. Jack, who was escaping from his confinement, saw them cuddling on the Others' monitors. Convinced it was Sawyer that Kate wanted, Jack performed the surgery in return, letting Kate and Sawyer free. Jack's plan seemed to work until Kate protested leaving Jack with the Others "I can't leave without you...I CAN'T!!!". but Jack demanded that Kate do the one thing she's always done but for the first time in her life, refused to, run. She relented, but not before recalling the story that has had such an impact on Kate and them as a couple. The story he told her on the beach. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Kate, very tearfully, told him that story to confirm to Jack that she and Sawyer were safe and they would make it home.

{The broken light on the freeway left me here alone.
I may have lost my way now, but I haven't forgotten my way home.}

Once Kate and Sawyer made it back to the beach, she immediately set out after Jack - going back for him. When they reunited, Jack tried to be distant and cold, but once Kate got close enough, all his walls crumbled. They shared one of their most tender moments when Kate was trying to get Jack to tell her what the Others did to him, convinced his coldness was due to the Others brainwashing of some sort, but soon Kate figured out that it was actually her tryst with Sawyer that was causing Jack's distance from her. Juliet, later, confirmed Kate's dreadful suspicions by telling her Jack did, indeed, see Kate and Sawyer on the monitors. Horrified, Kate apologized to Jack for both ruining his chances of getting off the island and unspoken but understood(to only Kate and the audience) for 'breaking his heart'.

{I need you like a heart needs a beat, but it's nothing new.}

Things were noticeably tense and different between them. Kate tried to get back to what they were, but Jack, to her, had seemed to let go of her, no longer succumbing to her flirty advances. Kate continued to turn to Sawyer because of what happened with her and Jack.

{But you're gone, dont let it go. If you dont try, how will you know?}

While on their way to make the call to get them rescued, Jack spotted Kate sitting down. Thinking that Kate was still mad about Sawyer wanting to go back and help without her, Jack tried to reassure her by saying he was just trying to protect her just like he[Jack] did when he asked her to not come back for him while with the Others. In answer to her question why he would stick up for Sawyer, he simply answered, "Because I love you."

{When you say you love me
In that moment, I know why I’m alive.}

{The nights are forever,
I can't get to sleep cause I know there's a reason
I'm in this too deep
and I'm sure that without you,
I'm giving it away.}

That declaration set the tone for the rest of what we've seen of Jack and Kate. They became that 'team' once again that we've all come to adore so much. Kate no longer stood in the background, she was by Jack's side, constantly helping just as before.

{When you're standing at the crossroads
Don't know which path to choose
Let me come along
Cause even if you're wrong
I'll stand by you}

{If I had the chance to start again
Then youwould be the one I'd come and find
Its all about your cries and kisses
Those first steps that I can't calculate
I need some more of you to take me over}

We've come to see them in the future. Apart but the longing is evident. Jack is a mess. Kate has taken on the role of mother to Aaron. Jack still loves her. Kate still loves him. Not together for reasons still unknown, but some things don't change - their love is simply timeless.

{I need you here like you've always been.}

{I am covered in skin
No one gets to come in
Pull me out from inside
I am folded and unfolded
And unfolding I am
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am fine}

{Since the day they met, it has been a constant push and pull. They've had setbacks, but it's all about the journey. Mistakes must be made - all a part of life, but the reward becomes so much sweeter. -Carlie}

{'Yet' turns the point of the sonnet. All is hopeless before it;
then, in the very midst of the poet's self-abasement,
'yet' suddenly appears, a word suggesting that hope may still exist,
that all is not truly lost
. -- Pamela Aidan, These Three Remain}

• • •

This username was an ill-advised choice of song lyrics that i can't change

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Top 10 Moments
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{Just as the sunbeam cannot separate itself from the sun
and the wave cannot separate itself from the sea,
I cannot separate myself from you. You are a part of me and I, a part of you.}

{Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long.}

{So when you say forever, can't you see? You've already captured me.}

{All of this around us falls,
I tell you what we're gonna do.
You will shelter me, my love
And I will shelter you.}

{I need you here tonight just like the ocean needs the waves.}

{'Cause I'm feeling like
I might need to be near you
And I feel alright, so please
Don't get me rescued}

{The first moment they saw each other they had this instant bond. Jack, a man who is restrained when showing feeling, told Kate a very personal story in order to soothe her fears. Kate, a woman whose main occupation in life has been running doesn’t run from Jack, and I believe the beautiful thing about that moment was that Jack told her that. When he says, “You’re not running now,” he couldn’t have known the absolute affect that had to have had on Kate. It’s like they knew each other instinctively.-Ash}

{I love every single thing about this scene- the fact that Kate remembered almost word by word, the fact that it helped him to continue the operation, the way Jack couldn't stand her crying voice (it seemed like a second more, and he would run to her on the beach)...It seemed like their love is so strong , so sometimes they don't even know how to take it... the way they talked it seemed like they're the only ones on this island. The way Tom, Juliet and Sawyer felt so out of place there. The way Jack asked her not to come for him, which once again showed how good he knows her. The way she didn't promise not to come, b/c she knew that wouldn't be true. And the way you can hear their love for each other in each word-Alina}

{Kate is so in love that even if her life is in danger, she would like to leave only with Jack, she would stay for him... for the first time in her life she don't want to run.
As for Jack side, he loves Kate so much that he only want her to be safe, even if that would mean let her leave and be in Sawyer's arms-Newbie_Luby}
{The nights are forever,
I can't get to sleep cause I know there's a reason
I'm in this too deep
and I'm sure that without you,
I'm giving it away.}

{They've gone through SO MUCH. Heartache, fear, hurt and they're still here. Their feelings for each other haven't changed despite the circumstances. They still love each other, wholly and completely.-Carlie}

{Tell me you love me
Come back and haunt me
I want to rush to the start}

{Don't ever want to hear you say
That you'd be better off, or you liked it that way
And no one is ever gonna love you more than I do.}

{I love how no matter what, she knows that deep down that "Because I love you" scene was exactly how she felt too, and when he said it out loud it made her love him more.-K.Corinne}

{So I'll love whatever you become
and forget the reckless things we've done
I think our lives have just begun.}

{You carried my heart in the midst of this battle
In your hands}

{I need that engines push, its gonna take me home to you.}

{Call this a prelude to a lifetime of you,
It's not that I hang on every word,
I hang myself on what you mean.
It's not that I keep hanging on,
I'm never letting go.}

{Jack and Kate transcend the typical definition of romance. While that attraction and love is there they are connected at the soul. However, to call them “soulmates” I think is too trite a definition. They can’t really be defined, they can’t be put into a category, or a box and that’s what makes them so special. No other couple are connected like they are. They have a bond that started that day Kate stitched up Jack’s side, and it has never left them.-Ash}
This username was an ill-advised choice of song lyrics that i can't change

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• • •
FanArt Of The Moment
by Kate

{You are so good for me, you're how I wanna be.}

{You are my sweetest downfall.}

Gif Of The Moment

{I don’t mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain}




Words of Love

Jack&Kate are..

{My song is love.}

Season1 Season2
{We're fighting for ourselves
We're fighting for our lives
Would you let me see the world behind your eyes?}

*Check out our #100 and #200th threads*
{This is the first day of my life.}

{There’s still a little bit of your song in my ear
There’s still a little bit of your words I long to hear
You step a little closer to me
So close that I can´t see what´s going on}

{The weight of the things that remained unspoken,
built up so much it crushed us everyday.}
#245: Season 4: When Kate's arms WILL bend!
#246: Uncontrollably Gah-Gah
#247: They're each others 'its me' person
#248: Best. Team. Ever.
#249: Celebrating the 3rd anniversary of Crash & Crush
#250: Because according to Damon, being a Jater is "Wonderful"
#251: "Jack would take excellent care her." - Damon
#252: "There's more to come." - D&C
#253: Your embrace is my air
#254: Because they totally OWN the future
#255: This time, all I want is you
256: I can't keep staring at your mouth without wondering how it tastes
#257: "Jate getting it on should be tied up in early 2010"
#258: Don't Give Up On Me Yet. Don't Forget Who I Am
#259: I'm Nothing On My Own
#260: I Need You Like a Heart Needs a Beat
#261: We Jate. We Throw Rocks.
#262: It's time to bring this ship into shore
#263: He is her finish line
#264: There's only so far they can go without getting it on...
#265: There's still a little bit of your taste in my mouth
#267: True Love Waits
#268: They're the gift that keeps on giving!
#269: You better watch out because jate is coming to town!
#270: In Your Love My Salvation Lies
#271: Together, we will rise into the light at the end of the fight
#272: "Yeah, we're really going home." Together.
#273: One and Only
#274: Here's to a very Jatey Christmas in S4. Hurley's bringing mistletoe!
#276: Happy New Year Two-Thousand n'J8!
#277: Epic&Timeless? What about LEGENDARY?
#279: Season Fourever!
#280: They transcend romance
#281: Because we'll get the touch of all touches
#282: Trek at the Cockpit. Right back to the start.
#283: "There is a lot of love with Jack & Kate. It's gorgeous." - EM
#284: Don't give up, because you are loved
#285: Because his hands were meant to be on her skin
#286: "Jack & Kate's relationship is very loving." - EM
#287: "Be careful, okay ?"
#288: "Because he's all Kate ever knew of Love." - ABC
#289:"She realised how much she loved him" - Evie
#290:"Together they try to fix each other’s broken wounds"
#292: "Their chemistry helped the show become a huge hit to begin with."
#293: "The ongoing romantic tension between them never backs down."
#294: Jaters "made the right choice"
#295: They met and TOUCHE!
#296: "This intense passion they have for each other." - Evi
#297: It's not that we're scared, it's just that it's Delicate
#298: Because what he said back there, he "didn't mean it."
#299: It's not that I keep hanging on; I'm never letting go.
#299.1 You've Dismantled Me

{You have my attention, like you’ve had all the while
Since that first day when you made my heart smile,
with loving eyes and tired sighs that flow.}

He's her sanity (Jabs)
Simply the best, better than all the rest (Jabs)
Two completely different people, one unifying soul (Diana)
Once you own a heart, you always will (AlexandraMavier)
Everyone can hit a ball. But that's not GOLF (Jabs)
The show isn't over because Jate isn't together (Jenna16)
Because there is no way that those looks can ever fail us (Dancer150)
Jate VS Crappy Future (Franci*)
Because she is the one person he needs to survive (Nora)
He's her Knight in Shining Whatever (Diana)
They are intoxicated by the sight of each other (Lovey)
No one means more to them than each other. (Ash)
it has not a beginning, nor end. (Franci)
"Jack,you're the criminal of stealing my heart" - Ellen
"In some crazy way,he really feels for this woman." - TB script
I've been searching for you, I heard a cry within my soul (Diana)
All of my life, were have you been? (Diana)
I've longed for you my love forever (Diana)
But I'm on fire for you, clearly
My song is love, is love unknown
You're the target that I'm aiming at
Nothing You Confess, Could Make Me Love You Less (Diana)
Even If You're Wrong, I'll Stand By You (Diana)
I think it's very dangerous if we do not take whats ours
No Pretense Involved (Carlie)
Eternal kiss to you from me (Pauline)
But, what really hits home is, Jack’s willingness to sacrifice himself, for Kate. (Emma)
Jack truly does, love Kate. (Emma)
He still wants, to protect her. (Emma)
His final words to Kate are emotionally charged and heart wrenching (Emma)
Theirs "was one I was rooting for before joining Lost." - EM
Jate "was one I was rooting for before joining Lost." - EM
"There’s something more than sex about these two and it’s showing."
"The only thing that could keep Jack from leaving the island - Kate."
I tried to escape you, but the orchestra plays on
Four weeks felt like years since your full attention was all mine.
Call this a prelude to a lifetime of you

{Hypothetically if you were point A
and theoretically if I was point B,
we would be, we would be frantically melting
into one massive point
that could overcome anything.}


reasons why/soundtrack/threads/videos banners by Rowan
Head/copulators, quotes and suggestions banners by Whatsername
Memories by: Franci
300th theme banners by: Diana, Kate, and Alina
Banners in "Couple" and "Top 10" sections by: Diana
Biographies/History by: Carlie, Ash, and Lyns

{And so it is; just like you said it would be.}

• Sign the petition to support Jate's love story!
• Live it, love it, memorize it. THE promo.

{You are first on my list. When everything around is gone, I know.}

{What lies behind us, and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. - Ralph Waldo Emerson}
This username was an ill-advised choice of song lyrics that i can't change

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absolutely beautiful!!!!!!

Congrats on 300 Jaters!
Lovin USWNT!
Spencer/Toby~ Danny/Lindsay~Olivia/Natalia~ Santana/Brittany~James/Juliet~Mark/Lexie~Kate/Castle
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by Em (Xinuye)
I love you,
Freddie Lyon.

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by -Alina-
I love you,
Freddie Lyon.

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My bad I got in the way
icon by alexwhitman25 @ lj
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It's finally here!!!

It looks beautiful guys! Definitely worth the wait!!!

300 threads of loving Jate!!

Thank you everybody for putting this all together!
For I have lied, and killed, and stolen; betrayed and broken trust. But there is the one thing that shall lie in the balance. When I shall stand before God, I shall have one thing to say, to weigh against the rest. Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well.” -Jamie Fraser
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Omg, huge congrats to the big 300th Jate thread! Here's to 300 more!

Jate will forever be the greatest romance ever!

The OPs are friggin' incredible! Amazing work everyone, you're all so talented!
"From here on, it's up to us to say where he's headed.
I like to call it "something better," and leave it at that."
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OMG. The OPs are SO beautiful! I'm totally blown away Congratulations everyone!
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It's okay how2savealife. Don't be sad, time to celebrate!!!


The OP is so freakin' amazing!

I love you,
Freddie Lyon.
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This is just gorgeous! You guys are so talented.
Here's to 300 more threads of supporting this beautiful couple!

All this time we were waiting for each other
All this time I was waiting for you
Got all this love, can't waste it on another
We got all these words, can't waste them on another
[I've never met anyone who can
do the things that you do]
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It's gorgeous!!! Great job, Diana!!!
there's only ever been you.
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Congrats on 300 threads! The opening looks beyond goregous! I absolutely loved seeing what made the top 10 moments.
“So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your b i r t h."
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