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ride the lightning 04-01-2013 06:05 PM

[ Evangeline | Kate ] #135: "You like killing things, orc? You like death? Then let me give it to you!" *fangirling*

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Kate's a criminal,but she's compassionate, and we love her for that.
She's tough but she is feminine,and we love her for that
She's a tomboy but she is beautiful,and we love her for that
She's a runner but she is caring,and we love her for that
She's broken but she is healing,and we love her for that
She has killed but she has brought life,and we love her for that
She never went to college but she outsmarted the feds,and we love her for that
She was put in a cage but she found her way out,and we love her for that
She never wore pink but she wore orange panties,and we love her for that
She left her son behind but she brought his mother back,and we love her for that
She was often left behind but she never left anyone behind,and we love her for that
She knows how to handle a gun but she can be a soccer mom,and we love her for that
She does not eat meat but she knows how to hunt,and we love her for that
She thought she did not belong but she found her place in everyone's hearts,and we love her for that
She let her mother down but she became a wonderful mother,and we love her for that
She was born into evil but she put an end to the greatest of all evils,and we love her for that
She lost the man she loved but she saved the family they loved, and we love her for that .

Evi owns the red carpet but she is more comfortable climbing trees, and we love her for that.
She is the face of L'Oreal but she prefers to auction lingerie charity,and we love her for that
She is a sex symbol but she wants to write children's books,and we love her for that
She can pull off the most emotional scenes while joking with the crew,and we love her for that
She's a Christian but she's a pottymouth,and we love her for that
She is beautiful but she is goofy, and we love her for that.
Tv Shows

Evi on Letterman 2004
Evi on Ellen 2005
Evi on Kimmel Jan 2006
Evi on Kimmel Sep 2006
Evi on Ellen 2006
Evi on Regis&Kelly 2007
Evi on Kimmel 2007
Evi on Letterman 2007
Evi on Regis&Kelly 2008
Evi on Craig Ferguson 2008
Evi and her sandwich on Kimmel 2008
Evi on Letterman 2009
Evi on Conan O'Brien2009
Evi on Kimmel 2010
Evi on Letterman 2010
Evi on Craig Ferguson 2010

Other Interviews

Sunset on the Beach 2004
MonteCarlo interview 2005
Gemini Awards 2006
Emmy Awards 2006
Golden Globes 2007
Evi on Channel 7 Australia 2007
Emmy Awards 2008
E! on set interview 2010
French Interview - The end of LOST 2010


Cool Water: The Making Of
Cool Water Extended Interview
L'Oreal - Repair5
L'Oreal - Roll'On with Eva Longoria
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L'Oreal - Making Of


Audition for Kate
Kate Season2 ABC promo
Kate's Season4 music video from ABC
Kate Russian Promo
UK Promo

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Evangeline Lilly Web
Dress Like Evi

She ran.

She didn’t need a reason.She ran from the law, from her lover, from her family. She ran from Sawyer, from Jack, from anyone who sought her heart.She murdered. Not once, but many times. She burned a house to the ground, assaulted federal agents, left her husband, robbed a bank, used a dozen aliases, endangered others’ lives.

Perhaps someone like her didn't deserve a second chance. But the Island gave her a clean slate. Because even if a tiger doesn't change its stripes, “It doesn’t matter,who we were what we did - we should all be able to start over.”

Kate Austen never told anyone that she attached the oxygen mask to Agent Ed Mars, that she ensured the survival of the man who had relentlessly hunted her across the world. She never told anyone of her deep love for her mother, for Tom Brennan, for Claire and Aaron. Her love of others showed in her attitudes, in her actions, in her lovely smile. A fugitive, a murderer, Kate paradoxically had deep inside her an abiding respect and love for her fellow human beings.

She is midwife, healer, nurse. She is daughter, mother, friend, and wife.
She is devotion. She is courage. She is strength.

She is Kate

Season One

I'm Kate.I Wanna Tell You What I Did.No Girl's Exactly Like Me.I'm Scared Too.
This Baby Is All Of Ours.It Belonged To The Man I Killed.I've Got Your Back.
I Want Your Spot, I'll Get Your Spot.No I'm Fine, I Can Take Care Of Myself.

Season Two

I Took Care Of You, Ma. I'm Sorry That I'm Not As Perfect As You, I'm Sorry That I'm Not As Good.
Why do You Have To Do This? .Nice Shot! . Thanks For Your Vote Of Confidence.
I didn't do anything. You Have A Gun For Me?

Season Three

It's Gonna Work!It's Happening, We're Gonna Get Off Of This Island!.My Name Is Not Monica.
I'll do anything you want. I Almost Don't Know What To Do With Myself.
And You Fixed her, You Saved Her. I Can't Leave Without You.

Season Four

I Have A Child,I'm Not Going Anywhere.Got A Gun For One More?. Touche'.
Are We Really Going Home? . Yeah,They Know.
Not Guilty. Yes,Of Course I Will,Yes.

Season Five

I'm Going Back To Find Your Daugther. Bye, bye, Baby. I Have Always Been With You.
I Don't Know Why Everyone Else Came Back,I Just Know Why I Did.
He's Just A Boy,You Can't Just Let Him Die. What About Us? . Yes.

Season Six

I Need To Find Claire, I Thought If We Could Bring Her Back To Aaron, Then Maybe All Of This
Wouldn't Be For Nothing. She's Coming Or I'm Not. Aaron Is A Great Name. I'm Scared Too,
Really Scared, But I'm Gonna Need You To Push 'Cause I Can't Do It Without You.One, two, three.
Push! .You're Not Alone. I Love You. I've Missed You So Much.

There are many types of love. Kate’s love of Claire and Aaron was agape, or altruistic love. Faith for LOST is not only an acceptance of the validity and truth of things unseen and unprovable, it is the surrender of self to the service of humanity. Kate gave up self, gave up a future with Jack, to serve Claire and Aaron. By depriving herself, she made the only possible decision, the only human decision. A decision based in faith. Kate's actions described the true nobility of the human spirit.

This is the Kate we know.Wounded but strong. Unsure but resolute. Muscular yet feminine. Fearful yet courageous.

She learned to love from a helpless infant who needed her care, and on the black volcanic cliffs Kate did not run.She did not run from the Island.She did not run from the man she loved, did not run from her responsibilities.She stood firm, aimed the rifle, and delivered the final bullet.

Kate was Jack’s salvation, the Island’s salvation.She was the salvation of the world, though she must not have known that.It was almost another day in the jungle for Kate Austen, for she still had work to do.She did find Claire,brought her home,and must have spent the next twenty years ensuring Aaron’s future.

ride the lightning 04-01-2013 06:05 PM
Evangeline plays Connie James in "The Hurt Locker" ,a movie where an elite Army bomb squad unit is forced to play a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse in the chaos of war. They must come together in a city where everyone is a potential enemy and every object could be a deadly bomb. One of those men happens to be Connie's husband, Staff Sergeant William James, played by Jeremy Renner. He has successfully disabled 873 devices, approaching the job with the no-nonsense grit of a Bigelow hero and the recklessness too. But as the unit faces tougher challenges with each new bomb, the men start to fight James's bullish methods. They have only thirty-eight days left in their rotation. They want to live to see day thirty-nine, and Connie along with their young child agrees. The movie won 6 Oscars,including Best Picture of 2009.

Evangeline plays Claire in "Afterwards" ,a character who's trying to move on after losing a child and becoming estranged from her husband Nathan. He's a brilliant New York lawyer who leads a life of professional success, but his private life is pretty dismal since he divorced Claire his only love. This,until he meets Doctor Kay, a mysterious doctor who introduces himself as a "Messenger." He claims that he can sense when certain people are about to die, and that he is sent to help them put their life in order before it's too late.Nathan doesn't believe a word of this, but soon afterwards he witnesses some disconcerting scenes which seem to confirm the doctor's claims.

From Evi
My goal as an actress is to be able to work for as long as I want to work with as little attention and fame as possible.

My idea of true happiness is greeting the sun as gloriously as the sun greets me every day. I really believe that if you can wake up and feel the sunshine pouring in the window and you really feel that it warms your heart, then you feel happy. And it doesnt matter what's happening in your life, your whole world could be falling down, but if that warmth can pierce into you, you're happy.

It's not your circumstances that make or break your day. It's your attitude!

Hollywood is the Sodom and Gomorrah of today. It's a world I avoid because it's destroying our culture.

Over and over again, I've been called a walking oxymoron. I do things that you wouldn't associate with a good little Christian girl. People say I'm half-boy, half-girl.

I remember saying to myself when I got to this new town, 'You can be anyone you want to be now. Nobody knows you. Nobody has an expectation of you. So you choose who you want to be'.

Being the hot star isn’t the dream. But I can do more humanitarian work and effect more people on a larger scale. Not necessarily because I’m famous but just because, financially, I’m more capable and I have more influence. It’s an amazing place to be in.

I loved being anonymous and settled.

I was fortunate enough to be one of those stories where I was scouted on the street by somebody and actually refused to go to the agency, and was approached on different occasions and finally kind of caved and said, ‘OK, I’ll try it and see what happens.’ A month and a half after my first audition I won the role on Lost

I am kind of prudish and I have very strict standards about how I present myself. But one of the things that I’ve always stood by is that women are beautiful and sexy. We shouldn’t be afraid of that. [But] we need to make sure that we present that beauty and that sexiness in a way that says we are in control of our bodies. We’re strong, we’re classy, we’re beautiful, powerful beings to be reckoned with, not victims.

I’m a very stubborn woman and I’m from a very stubborn family of headstrong women.

I have so much respect for womanhood and femininity and I really believe that as naturally that you can present that, the better..

I still have a family who adore me. I still have friends I count on back home, and I still have brown hair. Other than that ...

I was a very, intensely private person before this all began. I've never wanted to be famous, and I still don't. I don't really like it very much, but I know it's the price you have to pay to do the job I want to do.

I love style and dressing up, but I've also got competitive testosterone and I'm incredibly stubborn. When I'm going for a jog and I come up behind a guy on his bike, I try to beat him, even if it kills me.

I had a league of imaginary friends! "Tracy, come back!"

My dream? I'd like to be a writer. It is one of my passions.

I really love the ocean. It’s so warm and peaceful and welcoming. Now, every day that I’m not in the ocean is incomplete.

I'm like a man - you know, I can do anything.

I am very independent and I do very well on my own.

I come from a family of women with big thighs. So be it!

I really don't want to be mysterious. Women in this business are expected to put forth a poised and perfect persona. I want people to see that I'm an ordinary-Joe girl. I blow my nose after work, I drool in my sleep and my **** stinks.

I need alone time like I need air.

I'm an oddball. So it was nice to finally be a part of something where I felt like I fit. I have very "out there" ideas about life and spirit and energy and living and where we should be directing our energy.

It's been my goal to socialise more this year because I am such a geek and I thought I should try to do a bit better with my socialising skills.

Writing has been one of the most powerful influences in my life and it always has been since I was a little girl.

I'm doing everything in my power just to continue to tick along as a normal girl. And fighting the weird, surreal insanity of what my life has become in just a single year.

I’ve never driven a moped in my life. Within 30 seconds, I crash it! I go for the accelerator instead of the brake. But I get back up and we buzz around town

[On Kate ]

I think Kate has become the heart of the island in some way. I don't know if that is because she is healed, or because she feels so confused or tormented, that it's easier for her to care for others than herself.

She has completely flipped on her head. She used to be the person everyone else had to take care of, and now she is taking care of everyone else. It is good though. It is fun to see that arc.

Kate was there in the wild when Aaron was born. That connection between the three of them means that Claire and Aaron are one for Kate.

Kate's strength is often to protect herself - she is often against the world - but suddenly that strength changes focus to wrap claire up in safety and take care of her.

I find it interesting that heroes come in all forms, shapes and sizes.

She has completely flipped on her head. She used to be the person everyone else had to take care of, and now she is taking care of everyone else. It is good though. It is fun to see that arc.

About Evi
My favorite person to greet when I get to work.. that would have to be Evangeline. She's a great hugger.- Terry O'Quinn

She deserves it. She's a hottie. - Matthew Fox

Evi is incredibly charming, and she's fun to be around. - Matthew Fox

It's all genetics. She doesn't have to work. She's just lucky. No, I'm kidding [laughs]. She is a little machine. - Josh Holloway

There's a lot of that Christian good girl in her, but sometimes certain things come out of her mouth. She's got the devil mixed in there too. - Jorge Garcia

She's a Christian, but she's a pottymouth. - Dominic Monaghan

I particularly enjoy working with Evangeline because you get a big hug and a kiss in the morning, which is pretty much the high point of my day - Terry O'Quinn

I saw her videotape that was sent in from an agency in Canada, and I just knew from the audition, by the little choices she made...I have had the experience on Alias and Felicity working with people who had never been given the lead before. And it was clear that this was someone who had a natural gift even if she didn't have a résumé of a dozen roles, let alone one. - JJ

She knows what's important to her, and she isn't willing to have those things change. - Dominic Monaghan

Isn't she pretty? - Dominic Monaghan

We were all broken-hearted and crying quite a bit. Evangeline couldn’t have been more supportive about all of it. - Elizabeth Mitchell on Juliet's Death

Evangeline can tear up and I’m instantly like …oh god I’ve to take care of her, do you know what i mean? She has the most lovely face, in the most lovely way and she’s so gifted and it’s so nice. - Elizabeth Mitchell

She's a very, very attractive woman. She's just very real. You know, what you see is what you get. - Dominic Monaghan

We've scratched beneath the surface of the public persona of Evangeline Lilly and found quite an impressive and authentic young woman who's independent, adventuresome, a goal-setter and a caring humanitarian. She possesses extraordinary qualities and has great integrity and we already see many parallels between her and the Karastan customer who seeks out a distinctive, unapologetic lifestyle. - David Duncan

She has an absolutely filthy, filthy mouth. She can swear like a sailor and dress provocatively, but that doesn't reflect her beliefs. She's a walking oxymoron. - Bryan Burk

When JJ said 'Stop!' and we saw Evi read the scene for the first time, we were all like, 'Get that girl on a plane immediately!' - Damon Lindelof

I'm madly in love with her. - Art Streiber

One of the things Evangeline has handled so amazingly is the pressure of the whole thing. I just want to help her in any way I can and make sure nobody is getting in the way of it. - Matthew Fox

She is the most down-to-earth girl and has a wicked sense of humor. - Lisa Storey

That was awesome! She's like the best, I will say this... I do not believe that there is a better actor in television at climbing trees and picking mangoes than Evangeline Lilly - Carlton Cuse

Ever since high school I had done things so people wouldn't just respect me because of the way I looked. I decided, to hell with it. I'm going to pursue mediocrity, and I'm going to be so happy.

It's important to always remember that beauty comes from the inside

You don't accomplish real beauty until you find wisdom and depth

All the time, everyday. I'm the type of person who, when I'm working in the jungle with Matthew Fox, will just crouch beside a bush three feet away and take a pee.

She was beautiful, but there was a goofy quality about her. It didn't feel like she wasn't a human being. - JJ

I'm not sweet and demure, I'm goofy, weird and a bit loud

E Komo Mai & Aloha My LOST Ohana
Evangeline's LOST family

"For me there's none of that 'it feels like it was just yesterday',for me it feels like a million years sice we first started.
The show coming to an end is something that I celebrate and not because it wasn't beautiful.
I spent the ast season mourning the loss of it and savoring every second of it.
I've literally been trying to focus on how much I value every little aspect of the show.
I am very sappy and I made sure I went to every single person and place that meant something to me,
and I had my goodbyes.

I had been thinking for many seasons how much I value our crew and how much they mean to me. I don't know if people outside of this industry can imagine how much a crew actually carries a show. I have gone through some emotionally unhappy time over the last six years, as everyone does over the course of six years, but my crew have literally picked me up and carried me through those times. A couple of weeks before the end of the show, I threw a party for the crew. We hugged, laughed and talked about the years we worked together. It was a really big 'sap-fest' with tears and the whole nine yards! but it was so cathartic. At about 5AM when all of us were still partying hard, I found a quiet place and sat down and cried my eyes out for the loss, the gratitude, the joy and the love for what I was experiencing and what I has been experiencing for the last six years. I feel like for me that was a real let go moment."

Majora's mask;Stubborn Tomato;Yas_m;Franci

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