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Old 09-13-2004, 07:09 PM
Obsessed Fan

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"Vice" Episode Disscussion (Sept. 13, 2004)


--"NORTH SHORE"-(8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) In Stereo-CC


Frankie's dream comes true when his club at The Grand Waimea opens with great success, but the dream becomes a nightmare when police detectives reveal that some illegal activity may jeopardize it. Nicole is caught between her father and Jason as they continue to butt heads. And Jason suspects Walter will do whatever it takes to break up his relationship with Nicole when he is nearly run off the road while jogging. Meanwhile, jealousy reigns supreme, as Gabriel's relationship with Charlie and her girlfriend Erika develops from three's company to three's a crowd and MJ and Chris find an interesting way to spend private time together on the NORTH SHORE episode "Vice" Monday, Sept. 13

Guest Cast: Christopher McDonald as Walter, Krista Kalmus as Charlotte/ "Charlie", Marika Dominczyk as Erika, Moon Bloodgood as Lacey, Dann Seki as Ishimura, Jo Pruden as Mariette, Matty Liu as Keone, Tony Silva as the Police Officer, Kainoa McGee as the Bouncer, Chaunnel "Pake" Salmon as the Female Officer and Robert Kekaula as Sam
I meant to post this earlier. Sorry it's late. I completely forgot it's Monday already.
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Old 09-13-2004, 08:15 PM
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I know what you mean, last week flew by.

Can't wait for this weeks eppy! when are we introduced to Shannon's character?
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Old 09-14-2004, 03:26 AM
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Ok...I'll do my usual thing....why do I usually type so much when I really don't mean it...I just type how I think the episode is....

Ok, I think I'm going to go ranting on about Tessa again. She is the most confusing character ever, that's all I have to say, well her and Walter, but basically, she confused the bananas out of me. Well we know that she doesn't like Nicole, she wants Jason, and she will do anything about it. But you know, I'm so confused with these plots of her being the bad guy to the guest to catch the person, you'd think they'd learn they are using her way too much for this thing it makes her be the bad guy in it all...I really was waiting for her to get arrested, she was still taking money from Lacey, and isn't that bad? I'm confused.

Next...Walter, do you know how much I loath him. He lies to his daughter twice, makes other people lie for him and blah blah blah, teaming up with Tessa to get Nicole away from Jason. I doubt they'll succeed. But just, I want to know, really...did Walter kill his wife? I'm thinking about the ending it's a yes, but then again it could be some other twist. And really...who is trying to kill Jason, is it really Walter, is it Tessa trying to make it seem that it's Walter to make Jason have a huge fight with him, and Nicole going to stand up for daddy? Once again, confused, but I'm guessing this might be the huge reason why I'm like...need to watch show, what'll happen to Jason!

Haha...funny MJ and Chris caught in one of Lacey's bedrooms making out and getting arrested...oh come on, it's funny! Trying to get privacy, and never getting, I kind of feel bad for them and then I don't so um...yeah, it's just funny.

I'm confused with Nicole also, but I'm sure she herself is confused, her thinking 'is my dad telling the truth' or following your heart type of thing. She's like jumping from one boat to another, like backing up her dad, then backing up Jason and hating her dad, then going back to being daddy's princess, and then mad confused...try to pick a side soon...and I'm think she will in the next episode.

Gab and two's interesting, but seriously, I could do without it...I don't really care that Gab has feeling for Charlie, and I just find it funny that him and Ericka are going to start to compete for her...I really am rooting for Ericka because...Gab is a freak and he's moving into her terrority, and he's basically trying to steal her away, and that's mean, Gab need to find a girl that doesn't have a girlfriend...or guyfriend, whatever.

next episode....can I say interesting...Walter hitting on his daughter? And hold up here...he doesn't know? I really cannot wait for this episode
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Old 09-14-2004, 05:04 PM
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I don't know why but I love evil characters. Tessa is a bad ass and I like that. At first I thought it was cool that she was going to be apart of the whole hooker operation but then did a complete 180 to catch the girl in the act. I thought it was clever because it keeps everyone else from knowing that Tessa is working with Walter to split Jason and Nicole up. I wouldn't be surprised with Tessa was the one to knock Jason off the road and make it look like it was Walter.

Walter is just delusional about his daughter. I couldn't believe he thought Nicole wouldn't betray him. She is his daughter after all.

Frankie has a storyline. I still get giddy over that. He was looking mighty fine in that teaser. I was also digging the camera tricks. Sigh. I wish they had more of that.
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination . Vote Stargate.
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Old 09-17-2004, 10:52 AM
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Poor MJ...she had a really rough day! And luckily Frankie was there to see could just seem him thinking "Good Lord!"

First the shower, then the hotel room.

I'm looking forward to next week. I'm glad Frankie's club got off to a good start.
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