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Old 06-01-2004, 06:08 PM
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North Shore News #1

Thought we could use one of these threads

Fox Picks Up North Shore For 13 Episodes

Fox announced today that they have ordered 13 episodes of the show North Shore, after seeing a presention of the pilot that was filmed earlier this month.
-TV Tome

O'ahu's going Hollywood: four TV projects shot here

The impressive mock wreckage of a wide-bodied jet scattered across a beach at Mokule'ia is just one of many unmistakable signs that the television industry has descended on O'ahu. In fact, no fewer than four television networks are backing projects in the Islands.

The carcass of an L-1011 jetliner is a humongous prop for ABC's two-hour pilot, "Lost," which has been filming throughout the island and is slated to wrap Saturday.

Less than a week later, on April 29, Fox producers will begin filming the first of 12 regular episodes of "The North Shore," with shooting also taking place at the Hawai'i Film Studio in Diamond Head. NBC's cop-show pilot, "Hawai'i," wrapped earlier this month, and a WB project, "Rocky Point," is scheduled to start shooting on the North Shore in June.

With "The North Shore" picked up as a series, at least for one season, industry officials are optimistic. Locally filmed network shows mean economic opportunities statewide, said Walea Constantinau, commissioner at the Honolulu Film Office.

"Having the interest of those three networks simultaneously is tremendous for economic diversity," Constantinau said. "You not only have the immediate injection of dollars that each one of those projects brings, but you also have the incalculable worldwide exposure when these (shows) come to air."

The economic benefits to Hawai'i are "very widespread," Constantinau said, from employment of locally hired talent and crew members to the business done with local vendors, including hotels, airlines, and car and furniture rental businesses.

"The idea is to have as much of the crew from here as possible," said Bill Nuss of "The North Shore," an independent producer hired by the Fox network. Nuss and Fox executives were in town this week to work on the series and to support a tax credit for TV and film productions that is being considered by the Legislature.

Spending on the Fox pilot, which wrapped filming at Turtle Bay Resort last month, came to $6 million, said Nuss, who was also involved with "Pacific Blue." The series' 12 episodes will each be shot over an eight-day period and will cost at least $2 million per show.

A full season consists of 22 episodes, which would require studio presence for at least 10 months in Hawai'i, according to Fox representatives.

"The North Shore," scheduled to premiere June 14, is set in the fictional Grand Waimea Hotel. Construction of the elaborate lobby complex is under way at the Hawa'i Film Studio and will continue six days a week, 24 hours a day in 12-hour shifts, Nuss said.

Originally created to be filmed in San Diego, but moved to Hawai'i to take advantage of Act 221 investment tax credits, and formerly called "O'ahu," "The North Shore" has a storyline that's a cross between "Melrose Place" and "Hotel," Nuss said. The show follows the lives and loves of the luxury hotel's employees and its guests.

"What 'Melrose' was to '(Beverly Hills) 90210,' 'The North Shore' is intended to be to 'The O.C.,' " Nuss said.

Producers are throwing around the possibility of having "American Idol" finalist Jasmine Trias make a guest appearance. They are also considering using local musicians to perform the show's theme song.

Meanwhile, the cast and crew of ABC's "Lost" are scheduled to wrap up the two-hour pilot this weekend, executive producer Bryan Burk said, while on location in Kualoa.

Filming of the show began March 11 in Los Angeles and March 22 on O'ahu, with 12-hour work days, six days a week. After filming of the pilot is completed, editing will be done in Los Angeles, Burk said.

"Lost" follows survivors of a plane crash on a deserted island.

"It has elements of all your favorite genres: mystery, action, adventure, romance, horror," said Burk, also an associate producer on ABC's "Alias." "It has a little bit of everything."

The concept was developed by Lloyd Braun, chairman of ABC, and J.J. Abrams, creator of "Alias," said Damon Lindelof, also an executive producer on "Lost."

Creators came up with the idea that the island itself had to serve as a character, adding elements of mystery and suspense to the plot, said Lindelof, who has also been involved with "Crossing Jordan" and "Nash Bridges."

"Lost" has a main cast of 15 actors, including former "Party of 5" star Matthew Fox, who was on site last week at Kualoa, where a large white tent, catering truck and several trailers served as a temporary headquarters.

The cast joins at least 230 local crew members from caterers on set to airline workers who flew cast members to Honolulu, Burk said in addition to another 50 crew members in Los Angeles.

" 'Lost' is using a lot of local hires ... for extras and background," said Brenda Ching, the Hawai'i district executive of the Screen Actors Guild. "So we're real pleased with that."

And producers could not be happier with all the help they've received. "Everyone here has been amazing," Burk said.

In addition to Mokule'ia, locales have included Nu'uanu, He'eia Kea and Kualoa, where the last scene of the show was being shot last week.

"We're shooting everywhere, and what I've discovered is this island is gorgeous," Burk said. "You can point the camera anywhere and it's a beautiful shot."

Burk and Lindelof would not discuss the show's budget, but jokingly said it was "more than $30" and "less than the national deficit."

The two producers have high hopes the show will get the green light by the network.

"The goal of any television show is to make a little movie every week, so we're keeping true to that," Lindelof said.

Filming of NBC's pilot, "Hawai'i," which follows a diverse group of Honolulu police officers, wrapped early this month. Production of WB's "Rocky Point" is scheduled to begin this summer, but details are still being worked out.

"That one is still pending, but we're cautiously optimistic," Constantinau said.

One island, four shows
ABC's "Lost"

Background: By "Alias" creator J.J. Abrams, "Lost" is about a group of plane crash survivors who are stranded on a remote island.

Status: Filming of the two-hour pilot is scheduled to be completed Saturday.

Featuring: Matthew Fox ("Party of 5"), Dominic Monaghan ("The Lord of the Rings"), Terry O'Quinn ("Alias"), Naveen Andrews ("The English Patient"), Ian Somerhalder ("Smallville") and Harold Perrineau Jr. ("Oz").

Fox's "The North Shore"

Background: The show follows employees and guests of the fictional Grand Waimea Hotel.

Status: Thirteen episodes will air, beginning June 14. Filming of the pilot wrapped last month. Cast and crew will begin shooting the first of 12 regular episodes April 29.

Featuring: Brooke Burns ("Baywatch"), James Remar ("2 Fast 2 Furious"), Rachel Shelley, Kristoffer Polaha and Corey Sevier.

NBC's "Hawai'i"

Background: The drama follows a group of Honolulu police officers.

Status: Filming of the pilot wrapped early this month.

Featuring: Sharif Atkins ("ER"), Ivan Sergei ("Crossing Jordan"), Eric Balfour ("Six Feet Under) and Michael Biehn ("The Terminator").

WB's "Rocky Point"

Background: "Rocky Point" is about a North Shore woman who takes in her estranged father.

Status: Production begins this summer.

Featuring: Unconfirmed.
-The Honolulu Advertiser

James Remar Replaces Rob Estes

James Remar has joined the cast of Fox's new drama North Shore, an "Upstairs, Downstairs" look at the guests and staffers of a luxury Hawaiian hotel, says The Hollywood Reporter.

Remar will play a managing partner at the hotel. He replaces Rob Estes, who was initially cast in the role. The series will premiere June 14, one of six new shows that Fox will roll out this summer.

Remar, who recurred on HBO's Sex and the City as Samantha's (Kim Cattrall) love interest Richard Wright, will next be seen in Blade: Trinity, which is scheduled for release in December.

In other Fox casting news, Nadia Dajani (Sidewalks of New York) has joined the network's comedy pilot Sorry Charlie.
-The Hollywood Reporter

Brooke Burns Joins North Shore

LOS ANGELES ( - "Dog Eat Dog" host and former "Baywatch" beauty Brooke Burns is set to return to scripted television in FOX's summer drama "The North Shore." The former model leads the latest round of pilot casting news.
Burns, who played the unfortunately named Jessie Owens on "Baywatch" from 1998-2000, will take one of the leads in "North Shore," which takes the obligatory "Upstairs, Downstairs" look at a posh Hawaiian resort. Burns will play the hotel's manager.

Kristoffer Polaha ("America's Prince"), Rob Estes ("Melrose Place") and Navi Rawat ("The O.C.") were initially set to star in the series, which has a 13-episode order from FOX, but Estes has reportedly left the project. Burns is also stepping in for another actress.

Also at FOX, Valerie Bertinelli ("One Day at a Time") will co-star opposite Stephen Root ("Office Space") in the comedy "Sorry Charlie," according to The Hollywood Reporter. Root and Bertinelli will play parents coming to terms with the fact that their kids are growing up.
In other casting news, comedian Aron Kader will co-star in NBC's "Beverly Hills S.U.V.," playing the bumbling manager of the show's central boutique car dealership.

North Shore's Hotel Facade and Lobby

If you're having a hard time finding lumber or a carpenter to work on your home improvement project, chances are both are on the "North Shore."

The Fox TV series filming here for 13 episodes through September is building the largest and most expensive set, at $850,000, in Hawaii production history inside the 17,000-square-foot Hawaii Film Studio soundstage.

The hotel drama is about a fictional resort, the Grand Waimea, its staff and the wealthy guests who visit. While the production is filming part of the series at the Ihilani Resort & Spa at Ko Olina and the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore, the Grand Waimea's facade and lavish lobby are in the soundstage.

Emmy Award-winning set designer Michael Hanan had only one order from Fox network executives about the design: Make a grand hotel lobby.

"I didn't have another hotel in mind and wanted the set to represent Hawaii's basic elements of water, stone, sky and greens," Hanan said.

He also wanted the lobby to be so scenic and tropical that there would be little need for false photo backings behind the windows. From conception to drawings, it took Hanan -- set designer on several films and TV shows, including "The Punishers," Ronin and the NBC pilot "Eyes" -- about two weeks to complete the design.

As many as 100 carpenters in two around-the-clock shifts, seven days a week, have spent nearly three weeks building the lobby to have it ready for filming on Monday. Wood purchases have been enormous: 800 16-foot-long two-by-fours; 200 12-foot-long two-by-fours; hundreds of 8-foot beams and plywood sheets.

"We've bought out a lot of hardware stores," said foreman Bobby Mara.

The main soundstage loading entrance on the Ewa side will serve as the Grand Waimea's entrance with a porte-cochere about 80 feet wide by 25 feet high, comprising concrete, glass, stone, waterfalls and trees. Four glass doors in two sections will serve as a "guest" entrance.

Just inside the doors will be two L-shaped tile ponds with fountains. Also featured will be three fake lobby elevators and a check-in area with three pukas in its rear wall for fish tanks housing koi. The lobby walls will be covered with African mahogany that costs $50 for each 4-by-8-foot sheet. Lobby floors will be of bamboo and Italian tile. Some of the walls will feature man-made stone.

A semicircular bar will be bordered by "The Skyway," two curving stairways leading to a second floor of fake offices and conference rooms. The bar's surface is covered with Formica that looks like rice paper.

Most of the material was purchased here, although some teak, African mahogany and plaster was brought from L.A., Mara said.

Home owners, don't worry. In a few days, construction will be over, and hopefully, the home improvement stores will be restocked.

Fox Schedule Announcement

Today Fox made their fall schedule announcement and released some press promo images for North Shore.

This was what Fox's press release had to say about North Shore:

NORTH SHORE (June 14): NORTH SHORE is a lush drama that captures the passion, intrigue and heart of Hawaii. This 20-something ensemble series is set at the Grand Waimea, a luxury hotel, where JASON MATTHEWS (KRISTOFFER POLAHA, "America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story") is the popular general manager and his ex-girlfriend NICOLE (BROOKE BURNS, "Shallow Hal," "Dog Eat Dog") is the newly hired head of guest relations, having left her father's hotel empire to make her own way in the business and in life. Working side by side causes much tension between them, but their romantic relationship may be far from over. Surrounding them in paradise is the rest of the hotel staff, who have dramatic lives of their own. NORTH SHORE delves into relationships among the recurring characters, with the added intrigue of stories about the hotel's affluent and powerful guests.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 20th Century Fox Television
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Kevin Falls, Peyton Reed, Chris Brancato & Bert Salke
WRITER: Peter Elkoff
DIRECTOR: Michael Dinner
CAST: Kristoffer Polaha as Jason, Brooke Burns as Nicole, James Remar as Vincent, Corey Sevier as Gabriel, Nikki Deloach as MJ, Jason Momoa as Frankie, Jay Kenneth Johnson as Christopher

Encores will air on Thursday at 8 PM, instead of Fridays.

Salke on Filming In Hawaii

After several seasons of doom and gloom, crime scenes and cadavers, TV executives are ready to dish out a little less harsh reality and a little more escapist bliss. Network brass are once again looking for "blue skies" programming. And as any producer working on the numerous TV pilots and reality shows cropping up in Hawaii lately will tell you -- the sky doesn't get any bluer than in the Aloha State.

New Writer/Producer

Writer-director Ken Biller has signed on as a co-executive producer on Fox's "North Shore," while securing a blind script deal at 20th Century Fox TV.... Continued

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Cool info. Um, I already started this thread here.
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Seeing how the other News thread was opened first, I'm going to close this one. Feel free to repost this information over there.

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