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Old 11-14-2004, 02:13 PM
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"Illusions" ep discussion - Nov. 11

When Clayton threatens to expose their slight indiscretion, MJ feels guilty for almost cheating on Chris and has to decide whether to come clean or find a way to keep their secret. In order to force Clayton into hosting his radio show from the hotel for publicity Alexandra devises a plan that will ensure his full cooperation. Tessa and Frankie have grown closer and relish their fruitful partnership, but they begin struggling with Jason and Nicole when they double-book the GW club with two celebrity events – one of which is Gabrielle Reece's birthday party. Meanwhile, Erika's parents come to the island to meet the father of their new grandchild and are hoping that Erika is no longer gay; after all, she is pregnant on the NORTH SHORE episode "Illusions" Thursday, Nov. 11 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT)

Guest Cast: Gabrielle Reece as herself, Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson, Marika Dominczyk as Erika and Jason Gedrick as Clayton.
I'm kind of surprised there's no discussion underway for this episode already. But I guess the lack of discussion just reflects the waning interest in this show.

As Magic posted in the previous episode discussion, we're aware of the people involved with this show who were previously involved with Roswell and contributed to its demise. And to me it looks like this show's direction is changing as well.

Here's another show that had so much potential and it just seems to be going downhill.

Here are some of my theories why:

1) The characters are changing completely. I mean 180 degree turns. (Again, shades of Roswell.) Frankie is much too smart to be involved with Tessa. And what's with Jason's reaction? Is he jealous? Or does he not know his friend can handle Tessa? Come on, Frankie's the one who always advises Jason. He's definitely the one who can handle a relationship. I can understand a discussion between friends regarding Tessa's duplicity and Jason warning Frankie. But the discussion came off as if Jason still wanted Tessa. Eww! And Jason and Nicole seem to be cooling off. MJ is just becoming pathetic. What happened to the scheming Tessa? And I need more air time for my favorite character, Vincent. And I'm sorry, Tessa and Alexandra have nothing better to do than to fight over who is going to get Frankie's club one night? Bleh.

2) What's with the lame plot? Ok, I love Jason Geddrick, and MJ stewing over whether or not to tell Chris about her slight indiscretion was sort of interesting. But I'm much more interested in the hotel, Nicole's father and sister, as well as Nicole and Jason's relationship. Where did all that go?

3) What happened to the group dynamic? One of the reasons I kind of liked this show was the supportive atmosphere among the players. Jason and Frankie and MJ were tight. They were friends with Gabriel. And they all got together after work for drinks and commiserating, and supported each other like family. The rest of the "family" were nowhere to be seen when Gabriel was meeting his new future in-laws and considering getting married. And MJ was talking to Nicole instead of Jason about her decision to tell Chris. Weird. The past plots usually were this family of friends including Vincent against an outsider - Tessa, Alexandra, Nicole's father. I enjoyed the "us against the world" vibe. Too bad they are losing that dynamic.

Well, I won't go on and on. It's a shame when writers and producers change the vision of the show that people were attracted to at the beginning. Obviously, the interest has been lost in this show. In fact, as I wrote this Jerry D posted that this board is being closed due to lack of posting. There will be a thread for it on the general television board. So if anyone is still posting about this show, see you there.
"It's a feeling like no other..." Roswell, a feeling I'll always remember.

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Old 11-14-2004, 10:10 PM
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Preview for next week's ep: Nick Wechsler guest stars!

Preview Guide: North Shore: The Big One Preview 11/18/04

Big Waves, Big Money and Big Trouble Arrive on FOX's "North Shore" Thursday, November 18 (9:00-10:00 PM).

When Tessa and Jason attend a fundraiser on behalf of the hotel, money and eyebrows are raised. At the event, Nicole pays close attention to both of them and overhears something that leaves her stunned.

Meanwhile, Gabriel thinks about finding Erika, but is distracted by an offer that could change his life.

MJ has a stroke of good luck that leaves her in a position to help Chris. But Chris has other plans and risks being evicted.

Cast: Kristoffer Polaha as Jason Matthews, Brooke Burns as Nicole Booth, James Remar as Vincent Colville, Corey Sevier as Gabriel Miller, Jay Kenneth Johnson as Chris Remsen, Nikki DeLoach as MJ Bevans, Amanda Righetti as Tessa Lewis and Jason Momoa as Frankie Seau.

Guest Cast: Shannen Doherty as Alexandra Hudson, Marika Dominczyk as Erika and Jason Gedrick as Clayton, Nick Wechsler (Roswell)

Episode: “The Big One” (NSH–115)
Thursday, Nov. 18, 2004
9:00-10:00 PM
"It's a feeling like no other..." Roswell, a feeling I'll always remember.
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