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AmeliaBeck 02-26-2008 06:48 PM

OTH Episode Discussion 5.09: "For Tonight You're Only Here To Know"

Air Date: February 26, 2008

Writer: Mark Schwahn
Director: Joe Davola


TRAPPED IN THE LIBRARY — At the first Raven’s basketball game of the season, Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti), Brooke (Sophia Bush), Peyton (Hilarie Burton), Lindsey (guest star Michaela McManus, “The Beautiful Lie”) and Mia (guest star musician Kate Voegele) find themselves locked in the Tree Hill High library. Tensions run high as Peyton and Lindsey face off over Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). Brooke tries to stand up for her mother when her friends go on the attack. Haley plays mentor to Mia, who is experiencing the elation and disappointment of fame. Meanwhile, Mouth (Lee Norris), who is covering the game as his first official TV reporting assignment, struggles to find a story. Finally, Lucas and Nathan (James Lafferty) grapple with the decision to tell their loved ones about various indiscretions. Antwon Tanner also stars.
Promo Video:

YouTube - One Tree Hill s05e09 - (OTH 5x09)

Manu9 02-27-2008 08:38 AM

the episode wasn't too bad but it wasn't great either. I'm really wondering if Mark is making a point this season in brushing the brothers aside. once they were the core and now they together get less screentime than Mouth or Mia. The show was so much better when the brothers were the centre. The promo for the next episode seems to be a good premise for an episode finaly focusing on the bros. I hope this premise won't be betrayed.

I seriously loved to see all of them together in the locker room, as a team as when they were basetball players. I loved Lucas speech and the slow motion was made of awesome. Our guys are hot and all have a good heart. Sometimes they make mistakes but I still feel they are the best part of this show, because they never ever make things to hurt the others on purpose, which can't be said about some of the girls, sadly. I loved Lucas was thinking about Keith, it's beautiful the way Keith still has such an important role on the show and in Lucas' life even though he's not the show anymore. Nathan&Jamie in the end were absolutely sweet and I liked what Nathan said about not being like Dan. I also really appreciated the way they kinda introduced Dan back on the show, pointing out his jersey isn't on the wall anymore. Things are set up for him to appear on the next episode. He is still like a ghost in the brothers' life and I'd like to see them deal with that. I hope Mark can forget about the girls for something like one episode and finally give the brothers some stuff.

Jamie he is absolutely adorable, I'm in love with this character and Jackson. The girls' comment about him looking like Lucas cracked me up, since it's something that has bugged part of the fanbase since we first saw Jamie/Jackson. I noticed his hair is a little longer, just like Lucas' now :lol: just kidding. But I loved Jamie was there with his dad, his uncle Luke and his uncle Skills in such an important moment for all of them.

Lindsey I love this character. After Haley, she's definitely become my favorite girl on the show. She made a few mistakes in this episode, she shouldn't have gone to the same low level of Peyton. but Peyton has been insulting her since the first time they met, so I can understand why she lost it and made those few comments I really didn't like. Anyway, all of her comments were always in reply to Peyton's digs. A few times Lindsey has tried to take the high road in this episode, making nice comments about Peyton. But Peyton has been really rude everytime. Lindsey's breakdown touched me, Michaela did an awesome job. This is a great actress, a great addition to the cast and the show. I really felt for Lindsey. All she has done so far is trying to be nice to Peyton several times and supporting and loving Lucas like in the 2 years prior Peyton's return. And now she has to be treated like crap just because Peyton is jealous. She doesn't deserve this. I loved her line to Peyton in the end, when she said she won't apologize for being with Lucas. I also liked when Lindsey called Peyton "miss pity me" because sometimes it does look like that's all Peyton is doing. overall, I love Lindsey for the way she loves Lucas, for the class she has shown in several occasions, for not letting Peyton treat her like crap without reacting.

Peyton I felt a little for her in 5.08 but this episode made me dislike her again. In the end she apologized so she gained a little bit of respect again. But honestly this isn't the character I used to like. I don't know what's Mark's point in showing her so rude. She was out of line with basically everything she said. Telling Lindsey the ring was hers and Lucas proposed to her was really lame, especially after she told Lucas that she wants him to be happy in 5.08. hurting his fiancèe like that and revealing things like the proposal and the ring stuff isn't really a way to let Lucas be happy. not to mention that I think it's not really her business. It's not her place to tell Lindsey that once Lucas proposed to her. This is Lucas' business.

Brooke I felt so bad for her when Peyton and Haley were saying those things about her mom. I don't think it was very sensitive on their part. Victoria isn't the best mom, but she's Brooke's mom and no matter what Brooke loves her.

Haley there wasn't much of Haley in this episode. Yes, she was in the library with the others. But everything was about the other girls. I liked the way she was touching Lindsey's hair in the beginning, when Lindsey was freaking out. I like their friendship. I also liked the way she told Peyton about what Lindsey had said about the shooting and the book. It was a nice way to make Peyton understand that Lindsey does have a good heart.

Mouth I didn't mind his scenes because there was a meaning to them. But when Mouth gets more screentime than Luke and Nate together, then something is wrong.

the ring I don't know if what Peyton told Lindsey about the ring is true. I hope it is. If it was just a lie to make up for what she did before, it's not a good lie, because it would just put Lucas in a hard position if Lindsey talks to him about that. It's not really Peyton's place to make up a story like that. So I hope and believe the ring really was the one Keith gave Karen. It would also make Lucas not look bad for giving it to both girls, because that's a ring with a meaning to him and he wants it to be for the girl he will marry. It also gives a bigger depth to Lucas' proposal to Lindsey. He wouldn't use such an important ring for a random girl. I gotta say I believe LP will get back together because that's Mark's idea, but it's gonna be painful for me to see my favorite character, Lucas, getting back together with Peyton, that now I'm not really liking at all, when the other girl is someone like Lindsey, who I learnt to love.

Tim he was fun like usual. but in the end, he gave me a big sense of sadness, when he said he missed them and wanted to be with them for a little while.

now if the show could send the girl on a road trip or whatever else, and focus an entire episode on the boys, I'd be a happy girl.

Paul1984 02-27-2008 10:26 AM

This episode was definitely a filler, but it was ok in parts and terrible in others. I just didn’t like all the cat fighting. It turned what could have been a decent episode into a soapy feeling weird one that didn’t manage to achieve it’s intended goal.

Peyton in the episode was bitch. I just think being in that library and thinking about that day is tough for her. She was still a total bitch, but she did apologise and it was nice what she said about the ring though. She lied to Lindsey about it never being meant for her, so that she didn’t feel so insecure with Lucas anymore. Not sure yet about the KK thing I have heard good arguments for it being the truth and good arguments for it being a lie so far, so I'm still waiting to see if it's ever brought up again. I think that shows she really is trying to let go and let Lucas be happy. I didn’t like that she was still looking to be bitchy to Lindsey, but then just because she’s letting go of Lucas doesn’t mean all her problems with Lindsey would be solved. I think that was the point of the Lindsey/Peyton stuff in the episode, even if it didn’t work. The apology was genuine, it doesn’t make up for everything, because sometimes you can’t take everything back. However once it’s out there then sometimes it’s all you can do. The apology was everything it needed to be though. It’s not gonna make them buddy buddy, but in telling her that she had just been insecure, that she was wrong and also that Lucas must really want to be with her because of the ring, she managed to make Lindsey feel not only better about the situation, but better about her relationship with Lucas and less insecure. To me that’s worth a lot, even if doesn’t make up for everything. I hate that she was shown this way though, doesn't even matter to me, if Lindsey was a bitch too in the end since she's just a guest star. Peyton will be around for longer on the show and it just seems like the writers don't even know how wrong what they are writing is and how it makes the characters look anymore. I love Peyton and an episode where she lets loose with some bitchyness isn't going to change that, especially whe I can see what's behind it and there's a little redemption, but please no more. I felt exactly the same way with Brooke last season. It seems the writers favourite thing is to make a character look their utter worst, then just as it seems they're unredeemable, something mega will happen that makes them sainted again (at least in the writers eyes). That to me is just poor and doesn't ring true. To me the writers are going somewhat, if not all the way towards this direction with both Lucas and Peyton this season. They're not all terrible, but they aren't the best versions of themselves at all. Maybe that's the point trying to be made, that they're still hurting so much that it's making them like this, but to me if that is the point, then it's not coming across amazingly well and it doesn't paint a shining picture of them as individuals.

Lindsey was a bitch too. She responds every bit as catty as Peyton. The who started it thing just doesn’t even cross my radar, that’s not a good justification when you’re older than about six. The school shooting comment was as out of line as anything Peyton said, even if she was the provoked party. I understand she was hurt because her dad died and I’d sympathise with anyone for that. I hate the cancer card being played by the writers though. I also don’t get how she wanted to make it into Peyton being happy her dad was dead. The comment was about being spoiled and a brat. I can understand her reacting that way when a nerve was struck about her dad though, just I really do hate that writing. To me her dad being dead doesn’t change anything about her. She had a tragedy and that’s sad for her, but it doesn’t make her a person I want to like or dislike any more. It kind of felt like I was being forced as a viewer to be all “awww poor Lindsey” and that’s just not necessary. I thought it was nice the way she accepted Peyton’s apology at the end though, showed she could forgive and move on. That was strong of her, although I really could have done with her apologising too. She brought up the school shooting, called Peyton bulimic and basically accused her of being a lonely loser throughout the episode. To me that makes her out of line enough to offer an apology in return, even if she was the antagonised party. She still said those things and they were wrong. Doesn’t matter to me how far ahead or behind she is on her scorecard. She’s meant to be the one with class right? If she really didn’t want to apologise though, then I’m pleased she didn’t, because false apologies are even worse.

Haley in the episode irritated me again, but more for the writing of her than her actual character. She could have just not been there for the most part. She seems to be a prop in the Lindsey vs Peyton fight. Other than that she had almost no purpose. The story about how she met Lindsey was pretty lame. Lindsey thought a character seemed good in a book and wanted a chaper right, so that made them instant friends? I don’t mind them being friends or that they connected, but come on, surely something better than that could be come up with. Just it seems the school shooting had to be mentioned at every opportunity, just to hammer home that that was the point of the episode.

The line about the internet was a little bit of a dig, but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. While being an artist means that you have to take the good and the bad comments, if you put your work out there, I feel like that was actually addressed. Haley actually did pretty much say that you have to suck it up and accept it. The only part about it that was lame is saying it’s the easiest thing in the world to tear things down. It did seem a pointed dig, when really I’ve yet to see anyone who doesn’t criticise anything in the entire world, so we all have our likes and dislikes and voice them, it’s easy sometimes, but other times a lot of thought goes into analysis and critique. Labelling it as a cheap dig at a fanbase, loyal enough to make sure stuff like SOS polls are won to help keep the show on air, is just unneccessary and lacking a little class/perspective.

Mia and Brooke were both cool in the episode, but I didn’t like the way they were just propping up the Lindsey/Peyton fight like everyone else really. Brooke’s insecurities with her mom probably set up stuff to come with her mom, but other than that she was lacking a little purpose in the episode, or at least a purpose for herself anyway. Mia seems to be developing ok. I kind of liked her and her quirkyness, even if she did feel like the out of place nosey person trying to stir the pot.

It was great to see Tim back for a little cameo, he did add a bit of humour that was like old times. It seemed like such a Tim thing to do. It also reminded me of the character in Breakfast Club who was there even though she didn’t have detention. Mark must really love that movie to keep trying to aim for that kind of episode.

Lucas and Nathan were dissappointing for basically their sheer lack of screentime in the episode. Such a big deal was made about the game and we never even saw a second of it. I also didn’t like the attitudes to the kiss. It never seems like Lucas would ever intend to tell Lindsey and Nathan seemed to think he could tell Haley because it’d be no big deal. I guess maybe it’s being played as Nathan has faith Haley can take it when he explains and Lucas doesn’t think Lindsey can, but I’m not sure. The sort of lacklustre attitudes towards the situation from both of them kind of made it seem like kissing someone else wasn’t a big deal. These are 2 married or engaged men and the seriousness of the tone for that scene just seemed off.

The stuff at the start of the game was cool though, just there wasn’t enough of it. I’m pleased Lucas was hoping for Keith to be watching and has never forgotten what that day in the school means. There was some touching moments from him, just his coaching thing is rendered a little pointless, because we never see enough of it. I liked his teamtalk in parts, although mentioning the team four years ago over and over is a bit much. It’s pressuring in the wrong way, especially placing that expectation on a team that has hardly won a game before. Apart from that though I liked it, but to make it relevant, seeing him coaching on the touchline and some of the game being played would have been nice. It seems this is another season where basketball stuff keeps getting thrown in as an afterthough, just because the writers feel they should keep it in there.

The use of music in the episode was ok, but the end coda was a bit random. Broken just didn’t fit at all. The end tone of the episode is a lot more upbeat than the rest, so a sad and ‘broken’ coda doesn’t fit. I’d expect it to be a coda where everyone is upset and hurt at the end and maybe crying. To me it was a waste of a great song for a coda, possibly because Mark wanted to use it and didn’t have anywhere else left to use it on the season. Either that or there was meant to be a broken and remisce bittersweet tone to the ending that shows things look ok but are really not how they seem, and really they’re broken. If that was the purpose though then nobody caught it. Just goes to show, music should be used to help the tone of a scene or episode, but can not actually create emotional feeling for it on it’s own.

Episodes like this one annoy me a lot. Show runners always want more and more episodes, feeling like they have a big story to tell, yet know they have a limited time to spin their story and eventually they’ll have to wrap it up. So why filler episodes are written is beyond me. You have your limited time, so use it wisely, don’t write an episode that wouldn’t make the series suffer for not existing, that’s pointless. Every episode should count, deliver a dramatic punch and mean something to the audience. This episode never will, because anything of relevance could have been dealt with better over a slower course during the season, or intertwined into othere episodes, since the combined relevant material in the episode consisted of about 5 minutes worth. So while the episode might have been mildly entertaining, it came over as a little unneccessary and the kind of episode I never need to watch again. Also is it just me or was the contrivance of everything too much. First Lindsey sees Mia, then they get locked in, then their phones don’t work, then Brooke’s battery dies and then the Pizza delivery guy is Tim, but he keeps them locked in. I mean come on, does nobody know how to switch a sim card over to somebody else’s phone, or break a window with something other than a chair? Does nobody know anybody apart from their few high school friends that can get them out? I know it’s a TV show, but it’s just a bit laughable.

loezzzje 02-28-2008 11:36 AM

yay for Tim coming back! :D I really missed him and it was fun of Mark to bring him back again.

as for the episode, it was an okay episode I guess. Brooke was funny, Peyton annoying and this Mia girl is growing on me. so sad when Lindsey told about her dad, why does Peyton need to be such a bitch :rolleyes:

Sunshine_03 03-03-2008 04:56 PM

So I didn't get around to watching the eppie till now, and I'm not going to write a novel :p

I really liked this episode. It was nice to see the funny OTH again, filled with some tears here and there. To me it connected with the old days.

I love how Tim was in the eppie, and I loved the whole concept behind the episode. Keith was talked about, Jimmy was talked about, memories were shared..

The only down side to this was not seeing any of the game, I was looking forward to a few couching scenes, and more Lucas.

I'm glad Lindsay and Peyton finally seem to have turned a new leaf, as all of their fighting is getting old.

The ring thing confused me. Im pretty sure Lindsay's ring was the one Lucas was going to give Peyton. Peyton did tell the truth though. It was NEVER her ring, she didn't want it at the time, so I can see how what she said was a lie, but at the same time it was the truth.

Manu9 03-03-2008 07:01 PM

I'm sure it's the same ring he gave Peyton. but I also believe Peyton was saying the truth about the ring being Karen's, because that would be a very stupid lie, all it would take from Lindsey to find out the truth is to mention it to Lucas. so I don't believe that was a lie

Sunshine_03 03-03-2008 07:28 PM

I believe what she said was true too, that it belonged to Karen. So even though the ring was first meant to be Peyton's it never was ;)

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