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obsidian star 04-17-2019 07:49 AM

3x18 - "Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker" Episode Discussion

Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker
Airdate: April 17, 2019

When a tainted batch of fizzle rocks makes its way through Riverdale, Jughead and FP set out to find who's responsible. After asking Veronica to help get him into an upcoming boxing tournament, Archie quickly learns he may be in over his head. Elsewhere, Betty makes one last attempt to rescue Alice from The Farm's grip, and Toni becomes unsettled by a sudden change in Cheryl's behavior.

Auror 04-19-2019 07:38 AM

The scenes between Lili Reinhart and Mädchen Amick were so good. Wow, they are both amazing actresses. In the end, it makes sense why Betty lets her mother rejoin The Farm. She realizes no matter what she does (and yes, she did go to an extreme, but we see so many shows also going there, even Veronica Mars) but she tried so hard to save her. She does have Toni though and can I just say how much I adore the Betty/Toni partnership?

"You're a daughter who wants her mother back, just as I want my girlfriend back," Toni tells Betty. Hopefully these two figure it out together, especially with Toni directly inside now and those idiot Farmies not suspecting a thing.

Betty's fear of being a monster makes so much sense and I love when Toni without hesitation told her she is not a monster. I loved that moment. Not that Betty seemed to be totally over her fears but it was still a great scene. Betty is not over what her psychopath father did. This is very true. Her mom abused her well before this time too. It's no wonder Betty is questioning her sanity/darkness. She will get through it.

But Hal wanting to come home... I mean, in what world is that even possible? Even in Riverdale's world there's no way... but I am sure he will try to once again manipulate his daughter's mind in order to get there, even in a crazy way. I am slightly worried about Betty... not too much with Edgar and The Farm based on what Edgar said to Betty... Betty doesn't need them, Alice, does. This is true. They don't even want Betty. But my fear is more about Hal and what he might do to her. Hope she stays strong.

Toni and Cheryl had some great scenes (so much chemistry between the actresses, you can feel how close they are off the screen) and while it's disappointing to see Cheryl still addicted to The Farm (even if it makes sense because, like her cousin, she hasn't dealt with her demons either, with the death of her brother on top of the list)... their moments were nice.

Really hope Archie doesn't go find more bears if that idiot boxer is really dead. He suspected he was on something so if he's thinking straight, he will know blood testing will prove he died due to the drugs, not the fight.

Archie/Veronica having a moment... :D Fred's reaction to them was spot on. So much chemistry still between the characters. I want them to reunite (and even wanted the kiss for a second before realizing they were with other people still) but like how it's going slowly. I have a feeling they will reunite before the season concludes. :)

We did get a couple of Core 4, Archie/Betty/Jughead/Veronica scenes. I really hope they continue.

The actor who plays Kurtz is crazy good. He looks scary just based on nonverbal communication. Jellybean is now in the clutches of the Gargoyle King... really wish Jug would have mentioned that Gladys is currently in charge of the drug operation in Riverdale. I know they are saving this reveal for the worst and biggest possible moment (probably the season finale) but for storyline and character purposes, it should have happened yesterday.

- Loved when Archie was eating a ton of burgers and said he feels like Jughead. Nice nod to the comics.

- Thanks to Cheryl, we now know that kombucha brewing is one of The Farm's regular activities.

- I still can't believe FP or Jughead have zero police experience yet they are running the town.

- Alice as a reporter showed up in this episode even with everything else going on, especially between mother/daughter.

- I have a feeling there's twist after twist with Edgar. His backstory is going to be very interesting.

- Evelyn looked terrified when Betty threatened her. Good. She better be scared.

- Edgar's slip up about "miracles" gives us a clue as to how he's making Alice and Cheryl believe they are seeing deceased love ones.

- Jughead eating all episode was hilarious.

- When Betty casually tells Toni her dad's calling her... it seemed so abnormally creepy. Like... that shouldn't be a natural comment from Betty... he's a psychopath. She literally has no one though for family. Father's a psychopath, mother's out there and has been so horrible to her for years, sister's a flake.

Looking forward to the next one!

Lastly... there's speculation flying around that maybe Jason's not dead.

Alexa 04-19-2019 05:48 PM

Betty/Toni was fun. I LOVE Betty this season, she is the most level headed. I am glad she let her mom go and I hope she stops dwelling on it soon. Let them be the idiots they are :lol:. I hope Toni doesn't go to the dark side too.

I just dont care about Choni anymore, I find their scenes to be repetitive and stale.

This whole boxing storyline for Archie... ugh. I'm over it. However, I loved the Varchie stuff! YAYYYYY. SO happy they are getting interaction and THEY ALMOST KISSED. :thud: I loved Fred's comments too. Is next week his last episode or is he in the rest of the season? I love his support for them.

CMM is doing a good job with the role. Recently on instagram he answers the question "Leyton or Bughead" and he picked Leyton. He said that's his roots and its what got him here. I love him so much. :love:

I would love is Jason were alive personally. I like his weird relationship with Cheryl. They are definitely talking about him a lot.

obsidian star 04-19-2019 06:10 PM

I honestly think it would be really weird if Jason were alive considering the proof we have of his death.
Plus, where would he have even been this whole time?

I'm just hoping the same thing doesn't happen to Toni that happened to Cheryl. Since Cheryl went undercover for Betty and got dragged in.. so we don't need that repeating with Toni.

dragonfire 04-19-2019 10:44 PM

Yeah, I don't think he's alive. Now while there's proof he's dead. There's still no proof that Falice's Son is dead. So if anyone is gonna turn out to be alive it's probably him. Also, he's probably gonna be a secret F.B.I. agent as well which explains why no record of him was found.

Auror 04-20-2019 08:58 AM


Originally Posted by Alexa (Post 97187067)
CMM is doing a good job with the role. Recently on instagram he answers the question "Leyton or Bughead" and he picked Leyton. He said that's his roots and its what got him here. I love him so much. :love:

Awe that's awesome. :love:


I would love is Jason were alive personally. I like his weird relationship with Cheryl. They are definitely talking about him a lot.
:nod: Agreed.

Alexa 04-20-2019 01:40 PM

There's probably a reason for it. And maybe they are talking to the real people and not images of them.

canflam 05-01-2019 05:04 PM

Betty has become difficult for me & perhaps others that watch ''Riverdale'' to pull for & most teens that did what she did just on this episode, I'm guessing if caught would be in jail.

First though, Jughead didn't know ''Baby Tooth's'' actual given first name. Wow. FP learned his name was ''Brandon Morris'' before Jughead & I believe Archie did, but they still didn't refer to him by ''Brandon'' at all in this episode. I'd guess though that on his death certificate it would read ''Brandon Morris'' & perhaps also on his gravestone if he gets 1.

Betty still for some reason has a video of Cliff shooting Jason. Odd. Now if I heard correctly that happened 5 years from whatever year they currently are in on this show in the storyline. Betty is still in high school though & not from what I think is because she's failed a bunch of her classes. Maybe 1 of you can help clarify that for me how that happened 5 years ago which would made Betty at least 13.

Also, in the U.S. which is still where Riverdale is set in, it's not against the law to think that a close relative is alive while others think he or she is dead. Alice is yes still a grown woman that can think for herself & I'm surprised that a ghost whisperer wasn't brought up on this episode. It was strange hearing Betty try to convince her mom that someone was dead. It is against the law though I'm almost certain to kidnap & threaten to kill people, which is what Betty did on this episode. It seems unnecessary for Betty to act like she's god or that there are no repercussions for anything she does. If that's not how she's coming off to then OK.

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