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in the dark 09-27-2017 01:04 PM

Successful [Sophia|Brooke] #679: She always made us believe that if you want it, you can get whatever you want in life

"Life kicks you around sometimes. It scares you and it beats you up,
but there’s a day when you realize that you’re not just a survivor. You’re
a warrior. You’re tougher than anything it throws your way."

01. unless you do
02. Walt Reynolds
03. stlavin95
04. TV_Fanatic90
05. Permanent 99

“I think the sexiest thing on anybody is intelligence. I respect somebody who
has a brain and wants to use it more than a pretty face and status.”

“She was fiercely independent. Brooke Davis.
Brilliant and beautiful and brave.”

100 200 300 400 500
600 700 800 900 1,000

“you know when i was a freshman, I wasn’t a very good person. I mean, sure,
I was popular and dated seniors, but as a person, I was pretty lost. and over
the last four years I've been forced to grow up. I stopped letting boys define
me, and I started believing in myself and in my potential, and I ran for student
council president. and I designed a clothing line and somewhere along the way,
the lost little party girl became the girl on the wall of honor.”

in the dark 09-27-2017 01:04 PM

edit for revamp

BlondieLeigh 09-27-2017 01:12 PM

tftnt :)

msstock87 09-27-2017 05:23 PM

Thanks for the new thread!

stlavin95 09-28-2017 12:46 AM

Thanks for the new one.

BlondieLeigh 09-28-2017 11:29 AM

:yay: for a new thread.

in the dark 09-28-2017 11:33 AM

revamped this OP :) hope you like it :)

stlavin95 09-28-2017 02:59 PM

What's your favourite Brooke season?

Olderroswellfan 09-28-2017 07:49 PM


stlavin95 09-29-2017 04:23 AM


BlondieLeigh 09-29-2017 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by unless you do (Post 91629450)
revamped this OP :) hope you like it :)

There's nothing new showing up.

in the dark 09-29-2017 02:00 PM

sorry my bad, revamped the thread that was just closed (clicked on the link of the revamp and it was the previous one), fixed it!

stlavin95 09-29-2017 06:41 PM

It looks awesome :)

BlondieLeigh 09-30-2017 02:04 PM

Thanks, looks great :)

msstock87 09-30-2017 09:16 PM

It does look great!

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