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Old 05-02-2018, 03:56 PM
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OTRoomies [B&H] #253: Because we would have loved to see Haley tutoring Brooke!


"Tigger, what's up?"

01. TogetherღUnashamed
02. royalღcaliber
03. sourburst
04. Walt Reynolds
05. Permanent 99
06. stlavin95
07. lovesophia
08. Dairfan21
09. 4brathan&brucas

"None of that is as important to me as us...none of it.
" the girl I love."

"Brooke and Haley are now a clear example of what true friendship is. Over five seasons we have seen them become close and best friends. We have seen a beautiful friendship develop and an unexpected comfort grow when they are together. They turn to each other and offer a hand of support. The fact that they are complete opposites is what makes their friendship so special and loved. Its a rare find and you just cant help but adore them to pieces. Plus its Sophia and Joy's undeniable chemistry they share which really shines through and presents this beautiful friendship. Brooke will always be the girl Haley loves." -Els

"Brooke and Haley are special because they are utterly different people, but at one point they meet. The thing is, while Haley is more down to earth in the daylight, Brooke is soaring in the nightlife, yet the two of them go to each other with serious issues; they find confidence in each other. They have that special bond because they can talk about everything between heaven and earth, because they both define heaven and earth. Whenever they are together, there are many beautiful aspects in their relationship and that fact itself is a reason to love Brooke and Haley." -Medine

"I love how they always have each other's back no matter what. They've really proven since season one: that if one of them needs something the other manages to come through for her. I love how they have cute nicknames for each other. Brooke and Haley have some of the funniest moments on the show and some of the sweetest and most caring ones, too. This is a friendship that truly grasps the meaning of the word. -Becca

"Brooke and Haley have what no other characters on this show have. They never have to doubt their friendship or the fact that they will always look out for each other. It's quite amazing, actually. They create this beautiful thing together that no one can quite touch. -Joella

"I've come to love Brooke and Haley because they're such unlikely friends. They started out the series disliking each other but in a very natural and organic progression have learned to love and care for one another. Brooke, with all of her flaws was the one person there for Haley when she needed someone the most. And it doesn't hurt that Sophia and Joy play off each other so perfectly and have a rare onscreen chemistry. Both of them have such brilliant talent and charisma, that' it's just hard not to root for them!" -Sandy

"I love Brooke and Haley for several reasons. First, they're such great friends. They have the cutest little moments like ass slaps and shoulder rubs and you can just see how comfortable they are around each other. Also, they are willing to put aside their feelings and thoughts to be there for one another. Second, there will never be two cuter roomies than Brooke and Haley even though Brooke didn't give Haley that much space to live in their bedroom, she gave her a ton of space to live in her heart. They were like sisters living together; they fought sometimes but always came back to each other in the end. Third, they've come so far from where they used to be. They didn't like each other much in the start but they've come to know each other better and see how their differences make them fit together so awesomely. To put it simply: Brooke and Haley complete each other and that is why i love them." -Lizzie

"The reason that Brooke and Haley are so awesome together is that we've got to see their friendship develop over five seasons. They slowly started hanging out and their shift into a friendship felt very natural. When they moved in together, it made all the sense in the world, and soon they started acting like they knew each other forever. Their conversations aren't always just about boys. They can talk about the most trivial things but it's still meaningful. They've both been there for each other when they needed it the most and its a friendship neither girl has had before." -Brit

"A few words about BH: a friendship that developed so much and stole so many hearts, a friendship that is more like a sisterhood that will last for all time. I have no doubt that they're the real thing." -Caroline

"I think it's pretty much evident to everyone the reason i, as well as everyone, loves Brooke and Haley is the two amazing girls that complete bond. What I love is how unlikely a duo Brooke and Haley seemed to be in the beginning. They're almost as different as night and day, yet their contrasting characters create a balance between the two. Brooke and Haley's friendship conceives equillibrium. They're a perfect dash of sugar and spice, in my opinion. Brooke and Haley represent strength in numbers. Both girls individually, have strong and unique personalities, but together they are a force to be reckoned with. They've seen each other at their worst giving each other a shoulder to lean on - without judgment or reason. They've seen one another at each one's personal best -- one's spirits lifted by the other's prosperity. Brooke and Haley aren't afraid to approach one another in confrontation - calling the other out when they know they've done something wrong and this only makes this stronger- and represents the honesty in their kinship. Plus, no one else can resist their pure adorableness." -Jas

"Opposites sometimes attract, and i think we've all been lucky that these two very different girls have collided on to our screens. Although they are as different as night and day, it's clear that at the very center of this relationship is two hearts so full of love and compassion. Some might find it easy to dismiss their friendship, but Brooke and Haley are two people who have felt the same pain even though they have led very different lives. Heartbreak has allowed these girls to find each other and their friendship gave them strength to mend their hearts and to go after what they wanted. Even though they dont live together anymore, there is a sense of support and understanding that i'm sure will remain there no matter what happens in their lives. One of the reasons i think people love these two so much is that everyone wants a tutor girl and a tigger to pull you up when you are the lowest and give you the push and confidence to be your true self." -Tej.

"When I see Sophia and Joy interact on screen as Brooke and Haley, i see true friendship and love. What makes my heart tick for them, is that they're there for each other always. Brooke took Haley in when no one else in the world would, and Haley comforts Brooke when she needs it. As cheesy and slashy as this sounds: they give their hearts to each other unconditionally. They trust each other with their deepest secrets and will stand up for each other no matter what. Their friendship wasn't fake or forced down our throats, it was real and just flowed. It's amazing to look back and see how far they've come. I mean one year Haley wants to see Brooke hit by a bus, and the next year Brooke is her maid of honor." -Mariah.

"I love this friendship so much because it seemed so real. They started off as complete opposites and only interacted when Brooke was on pain killers. As the season wore on, they both grew and their relationship seemed to progress realistically. They didn't become bffs over night and that's what i liked about them from the start. They hat to put aside everything and learn to trust each other, confiding in one another. When they finally realized what they had was real, Brooke was there for Haley when no one else was, and because of that it showed that the cheerleader and the tutor could become friends despite coming from different worlds. I think this season they'll grow to be more like sisters always willing to protect each other from whatever comes their way." -Kristin

"I'll give you the good friend discount."

"What is your name?"
"Yeah. I don't like that name.
Let's call you...Brooke!"

"...I want you to be James' godmother."

01. They have a secret language.
02. They had a weekly movie night.
03. Brooke sings Haley's songs in the shower.
04. Haley had breakfast ready every morning.
05. They share clothes.
06. Brooke made fun of Mr. Waffles the first time she saw him.
07. Then showed Haley Mr. Frenchtoast.
08. When Brooke's feeling sad, Haley lets Mr. Waffles sleep in her bed.
09. They drove to school together everyday.
10. They did their homework together.
11. Brooke talked with Taylor on the phone for hours when she called.
12. Brooke's planning a huge slumber party for them all when Taylor next comes into town.
13. Taylor was Brooke's idol when she was a freshman.
14. Haley considers Brooke as one of her sisters. And secretly likes her better than Quinn.
15. Haley knew Brooke was gonna be Godmother as soon as she knew she was pregnant.
16. Brooke's first gift to Jamie was a stuffed toy [Mr. Pancake] that looks like a mini version of Mr. Waffles.
17. Brooke cried when Haley asked her to be maid of honor.
18. Brooke's next Christmas present to Haley is a brand new guitar.
19. Brooke made Haley model her new designs.
20. Haley invites Brooke over for Thanksgiving, Christmas and July 4th festivities every year without fail.
21. They stayed up all night/had a slumber party on Brooke's last night in the apartment.
22. On Haley's 21st birthday, Brooke snuck into her house at midnight and surprised her with a cake.
23. They each took up a page signing each other's yearbooks.
24. Haley has a 'Brooke' room in her house.
25. Haley immediately calls Brooke when she wants a night off from Nathan and Jamie.
26. Haley cooks all of Brooke's favorite foods when she's in town.
27. Haley always picks Brooke up at the airport when she comes back to TH.
28. Brooke invites Haley to all the swanky New York parties first.
29. Brooke always mentions Haley in interview for not letting her give up.
30. Haley has a scrapbook with all of Brooke's achievements and will present it to her on her 30th birthday.
31. Brooke has met each one of Haley's brothers and sisters.
32. Brooke totally crushed on one of her brothers.
33. Haley thinks it wouldn't be that bad if Brooke dated and ended up marrying one of her brothers.
34. Haley actually tried to set them up! But it didn't work out.
35. Haley's mom taught Brooke how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner.
36. Brooke didn't let Haley drive the bug because she sucks at driving.
37. Brooke taught Haley the art of co-ordinating her outfits.
38. Brooke tried to give her a makeover, but Haley refused it.
39. Haley was #1 on Brooke's speed dial at some point.
40. Brooke once had a dirty dream involving Haley and avoided her for a week.
41. They always washed the dishes together.
42. Brooke likes telling Haley all the icky details of her sex life because she likes seeing the look on Haley's face.
43. Brooke once accidentally made all of their laundry pink.
44. Haley got Brooke hooked on the Food Network.
45. Brooke has walked in on Haley/Nathan having sex 3.5 times and always makes a threesome joke.
46. Brooke loves the songs Haley writes, but can't stand the music Haley listens to.
47. They're both addicted to the home shopping channel and once bought the same blender.
48. They sometimes had IM convos when they were both in the apartment.
49. Haley uses TutorGrrl whenever she's required to make up a username for something.
50. Haley tells Brooke everything. Everything.

"Come on in, roomate."

01. Tutor Girl
02. Brooke
03. Friend
04. Trudy Gill
05. Hales
06. Tutor Wife
07. Fugiative Girl
08. Roommate
09. Tutorial Girl
10. Failey
11. Navigation Girl
12. H. James-Scott.
13. Almanac Girl
14. Traitor Girl
15. Buddy
16. Proud Wifey
17. Honey
18. Pregger
19. Tutor Mom
20. Teacher Girl
21. Stoner Girl
22. Jailey

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Thanks for the new thread.

Still in Aw of that OP.
"I'm just Haley and that really should be enough."
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Old 05-03-2018, 01:14 PM
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Can I be added to the fan list?

You know, Ernest only has lovely things to say about you

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Old 05-03-2018, 02:30 PM
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Originally Posted by lovesophia (View Post)
Thanks for the new thread.

Still in Aw of that OP.
No problem.

That OP is pretty amazing

Originally Posted by Dairfan21 (View Post)
Can I be added to the fan list?
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Old 05-05-2018, 03:22 AM
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They're watching their relatinship from season 1 and are in shock
"I'm just Haley and that really should be enough."
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Haven't posted here for months and for some reason, the fan list appears to have shrunk. It was definitely much longer than that back when was last here

Please can I be added?

Loved Sophia and Joy's scenes together, especially in Season 3 when they bonded over their broken relationships with Lucas and Nathan.

I just want to say that all this "nothing" has meant more to me than so many "somethings".
J o e K a t h l e e n
Y o u ' v e G o t M a i l
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Old 05-05-2018, 05:02 PM
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^ Most of the OP's got really done last year before I came mod and some of them lost their fan lists as an result.

Their scenes in season 3 were pretty great
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Old 05-06-2018, 11:18 AM
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Liked them in the later seasons. Early seasons I didn't buy the friendship so much.
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Old 05-06-2018, 01:29 PM
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They build them up nicely in season 3 though (they weren't BFF from one day to another, it took time)
"I'm just Haley and that really should be enough."
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I thought so too and it's not like they became BFF's over night.
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Old 05-07-2018, 11:32 AM
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^And when they started hanging out in season 2, Peyton was there 70% of the time, the 3/4 scenes they got in solo were funny & cute but not "oh we're super close" and all..

If OTH did one thing right: It's BH build up & relationship through the years.
"I'm just Haley and that really should be enough."
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^ I was more talking about the start of season 3, but that's definitely true too.

This show really didn't do a lot of things right
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It was nice to see their friendship develop over time.

I love this OP so much!
"And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be"

Rest In Peace Luke Perry
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It really is

The OP does look pretty amazing.
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Originally Posted by stlavin95 (View Post)
This show really didn't do a lot of things right
Rohhhh stop being so negative , you got your NH & LP
"I'm just Haley and that really should be enough."
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