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in the dark 06-02-2017 01:28 PM

OTH Fanfiction #11: We always have something to read
One Parody Hill (humour)
Life on The Flip Side (humour)

Cherry Suicide
The Places That You've Come to Fear
Masters in Everytime
Open up The Sky
Bend Until You Break
The Loner Cheerleader
Never Far Behind
Eastier to Be Broken
Empty Promises
You Got It
Light Years Away
With You, Without You
The Hardest Part

Naley Wattys 2017
Funny Little Feeling
The Journey
Secrets of Love
See Me Feel Me
A Summer to Remember
The Space Between
Sugar and Spice
Opposites Attract
Game Changer
Sweet Disposition
Won't Back Down
More Than Meets the Eyes
Moving on
Because You Left
How Do I Get There
A Sudden Change
Man of The Hour
Nothing Else Matters

Kind Generous
On the Same Planet
All the Right Friends in All The Right Places
Damage Control

All Our Vice

My Life with My Father
Everything is Better Scott Style
Whatever It Takes

in the dark 06-02-2017 01:28 PM

Thanks Slayerette89 for the links, I'll try to put the one I had saved years ago in the OP too later :D

BlondieLeigh 06-02-2017 05:40 PM

Thanks for this :)

in the dark 06-03-2017 03:52 AM

no pb :D

BlondieLeigh 06-03-2017 03:30 PM

Hopefully we can come up with quite a few recommendations.

One Thing Remains 06-03-2017 09:09 PM

tftnt :flowers:

in the dark 06-04-2017 02:28 AM

yeah, I still have a few saved :D

BlondieLeigh 06-04-2017 03:45 PM

I saved some that I was reading. Will have to dig them out.

in the dark 06-05-2017 02:19 AM

cool :)

One Thing Remains 06-05-2017 08:56 PM

:yay: can't wait to add the links to the OP :)

BlondieLeigh 06-06-2017 02:58 PM

Idk where I found them. Guess I will find them when I'm adding everything to my new laptop :lol:

in the dark 06-09-2017 12:34 PM

:hug: good luck

One Thing Remains 06-09-2017 08:58 PM

:lol: that will hopefully be an easy task. Sounds really time consuming though

in the dark 06-10-2017 10:04 AM

if i look for a few of my old mails, i will find them, i used to send myself mails at school when i would find good ones!

One Thing Remains 06-10-2017 12:47 PM

Oh that's a great idea to help you keep track of them

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