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Nostalgics [Nathan♥Peyton] #121: "Because Nathan wants her to follow her dreams."


1. -Terri- (Tezza)
2. Lovecat (Tar)
3. wistfuldreamer (Nic)
4. Joella
5. Konstantine23 (Kon)
6. Antiquity (Liz)
7. xocourtneyxo (Court)
8. purplexdawn (Iola)
9. BabyBlueEyes2808 (Liz)
10. Nathan4Haley (Nats)
11. XxSh0rTiiE08 (Jennifer)
12. James_is_my_baby23 (Lauren)
13. NathanxPeyton (Dees)
14. FlutterBy (Amber)
15. glance18 (Jamie)
16. rossfangirl86 (Nikki)
20. belle_1220
21. *CarlyBabes*
22. koteczekfrompl (Ola)
23. Ceres
24. Centerfinn
25. Callalily (Calla)
26. junk_in_my_trunk (Chrissy)
27. Kathi1301 (Kathi)
28. Undeniable (Camilla)
29. ladymarmalade
30. Leyton_Rox (Kayla)
31. LibertyBelle's (Summer)
32. sarah11650
33. Swedishblonde (Em)
34. mattuf1 (Matt)
35. somewhere87
36. mialys
37. Neyton_fan (Lisa)
38. NtnLilo
39. Dorkodancer147
40. Shiri Appleby
41. MuS!C JuNk!E
42. Dani__
43. sochad
44. Onarek
45. -CrazyBeautiful-
46. -Beautiful Disaster-
47. innocent_chick
48. Leyton Love
49. cartiergurl01
50. awakeningjenny (Jenny)
51. Icey_
52. CooperBoom
53. kategirl (Kate Cupcake)
54. oth is love
55. OthLPlover
56. nate23
57. Jane2007
58. Ellie Cameron
60. lovesophia
61. cestlalune
62. ShallowxHeart(Kirstybelle)
63. Courtz BV
64. steph-o-beth
65. brendadylan1984(Miriam)
66. starzscarme (Beth)
67. tvlover88
68. leyton=LOVE (Jenny)
69. xslayagex
70. lory88
71. shippercrazy
72. Kelly_Dylan
73. TheSweetestSmile
74. Crystal_Scott
75. Jakie&Hyde*fan
76. peyton fan
77. SergeantPepper
78. OTHlove1991
79. OverNotOut
80. mrs.scott
81. laliXD
82. FumblingTowardsEcstasy
83. *_Aline_*
84. Walt Reynolds

"They are all! Seriously! I have never shipped a couple this much before and doubt I ever will again. I just adore the chemistry between James and Hilarie along with
all the cute and adorable things NP say to each other."
- Tezza

"Because they are hot! And they are just so real with each other. Snarky and passionate." - Chrissy

"Why do I love NP? That's easy, because their chemistry is mind blowing and the two characters just fit in some ways to me, in more of a sexual way if you're talking romantic,
and more of a friend way, I think they have great potential as friends or other wise."
- Kayla

"NP have this incredible bond that couldn't be broken by a dramatic relationship. They managed to move past that and to become real and genuine friends. They understand
each other in a way no one else does and they don't have to pretend to be someone they're not when they're around each other. They care about each other, but they don't
have to say it all the time for us to know it."
- Nic

"Because what they have is how love should be like. They have an honest, true friendship that has a very strong foundation, and they're always there for each other.
When they're together they laugh, have fun. They're happy around each other, and happiness is something they both need. I think they bring out the best in each other
and have all the potential in the world to be one of the most awesome couples in TV history! Not to mention the unbeatable chemistry!"
- Tar

"I think they're probably the only couple that hasn't been tainted yet. Yes, they hardly get a scene together but when they do, it's always some sort of meaningful moments.
And I think it's amazing how far they come from. I guess that's what makes it worthwhile."
- Summer

"I love Nathan and Peyton because they share so much history, and they really understand each other to the fullest. There isn't many couples that do that. But
these two really do, and I truly admire them for that."
- Camilla

"When Peyton and Nathan were together, it wasn't their time. They were different back then. Nathan was a jackass and Peyton was dealing with her angst and loneliness.
Now they've grown & changed, it's their time now. They're right for each other now."
- Joella

"There are so many reasons why I love NP. I love their friendship and how Peyton was there for Nathan when Haley wasn’t. They might not be meant for each other in the
long run, but they truly loved each other when they were together and still care about each other’s life and well being as friends. Plus, the great chemistry between Hil and
James doesn’t hurt either."
- Kelly

"No matter how long they go without seeing each other, it's like they never spent anytime apart. They know each other better than they know themselves and they can
count on each other more than an other couple on the show. And they are most themselves when around each other. They aren't afraid to speak their minds because
they are past the level of insecurity with each other. They know they will always find forgiveness in the other one, they come to each other with an unconditional grace."
- Liz

"Even though Nathan/Peyton didn't have many scenes together at all, I could still feel that there is a connection between them! And that makes them special and in my
honest opinion they are just meant to be!"
- Kathi

"Because, they’re the only true original couple that this show had the fortune to make. Best of all, she stuck with him when he wasn’t at his best. He can be who he is with her;
she didn’t make him change, even though at times he wasn’t the perfect boyfriend. They’re so different, because they clash just as hard as they match. I’ve never actually
seen anything like them, the jock and the tortured soul."
- Liz

"First of all striking off the list Brooke, Nathan and Peyton are my favourite characters... so that makes them a perfect couple for me. I don't know how to
describe NP I just loved the passion between them, they were dynamic and playful."
- Dara

1. Because she's a cheerleader and he's a jock. Perfect match.
2. Because he loves her toes.
3. Because he gave her a necklace.
4. Because they are meant to be.
5. Because they both wanted to work things out.
6. Because of the look on his face when she kissed Lucas.
7. Because she knows him better than anyone else.
8. Because they were great together.
9. Because even though he doesn't believe in furniture, he has a bed for them.
10. Because they had sex a lot.
11. Because he was her first.
12. Because they have more chemistry than any other couple.
13. Because he was hitting on her in the pool.
14. Because they have plain fun together.
15. Because Peyton didn't whine about the porn.
16. Because he kept pictures of her in his computer.
17. Because he has her site as a favorite in his computer.
18. Because he has her phone number in his cell phone.
19. Because he said he'll always have feelings for her
20. Because she's proud of him.
21. Because she's still his fantasy
22. Because he misses her
23. Because he always goes back to her
24. Because she's always there to comfort him
25. Because she's the only one who's always there for him
26. Because she's the only one who doesn't lie to him
27. Because Nathan wants her to follow her dreams
28. Because he totally wanted to do her in the pool
29. Because pushing her in was an excuse to touch her
30. Because they make each other smile like crazy
31. Because they understand each other
32. Because she said he was good in bed
33. Because she was never happier
34. Because she wants some of that magic again
35. Because he never let go of that photo frame
36. Because now he appreciates her
37. Because when they touch it's electric
38. Because he's exactly what she needs
39. Because she's exactly what he needs
40. Because they forget their pain around each other
41. Because their passion is still there
42. Because they go back further than every other ship
43. Because they're both hurting, and they both want to fix each other's pain
44. Because Hil and James are just too adorable together
45. Because they steamed up the windows in his car
46. Because his body made her go "WOAH!"
47. Because James/Hil totally hinted to N/P on TRL
48. Because she followed him home from Tric
49. Because he was never hornier
50. Because he didn't have to follow the Boy Toy auction rules
51. Because she gave him hope
52. Because their outfits matched
53. Because tickling is foreplay
54. Because you never forget your first love
55. Because they only smile when they are together
57. Because She broke a knuckle for him, thats love.
58. Because they are ENDFREAKINGAME.

You never forget your first love.

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"That's my doll!"
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No problem
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Thanks for the new one.
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