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Old 05-23-2007, 11:31 AM
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James Lafferty/Nathan Scott #500 - because our fandom makes milestones look good!

Welcome to [ J a m e s L a f f e r t y/N a t h a n S c o t t ]
500th Appreciation Thread.

"One of People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive in 2006, James Lafferty effortlessly turns heads with his chiseled body and his gorgeous face. With abundant talent in basketball, this babe magnet fascinates spectators on and off screen"

PM Sunja to be added to the list

[ What's in a n a m e.. ]
His name says it all....

James: As James, you have a natural interest in the welfare of your fellow man, and a desire to help and serve others in a humanitarian way. You are responsible and generous, although somewhat scattering and disorganized at times. Any jobs requiring systematic and conscientious effort, or involving any form of drudgery, dismay you. In your work, you would seek a position offering self-expression through contact with people, such as sales or teaching, or a position giving scope to your creative, artistic talents. You are good-natured and likeable, and people tend to confide in you and seek your advice in personal problems. Others sense your sincere interest and desire to help, and you can always be counted on to see the bright side of any problem.

Nathan: The name of Nathan incorporates a potential aptitude for concentration and patient, logical thought along mechanical or scientific lines. You tend to prefer to follow normal routine rather than cope with the disruption and uncertainty entailed in trying something new. You gravitate to situations where you have stability and the opportunity to make slow step-by-step progress, preferably in a technical field.

[ 23 ]
behind those blue eyes....

So, who is Nathan Scott? Well, that would be me. I know, how lame is it that I’m writing my own bio? Well, Haley asked so nicely, and with those puppy dog eyes, how could I say no? We just got back from Honey Grove, TX., my beautiful wife is resting, and I'm here writing this. Here we go.

Where to start? Well, I’m 18, a senior at Tree Hill high school and co-captain of the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team who just won the State Championship. I am also a husband and soon to be a father. So how did I get here you ask? Well, let’s take a look.
2 years ago I was the bomb. The guy that all the guys wanted to be and the guy the girls wanted to be with. I knew it and I loved it. I was the star of the basketball team, and I milked it for what it was worth. Then something a happen. Lucas. He is my half brother, but back then I just called him the bastard. And with Lucas came Haley. So what was the problem you ask? I fell, and I fell hard.
So with the help of Haley I got to know my brother and realized he was nothing like my father had lead me to believe, I finally stood up for myself and got emancipated from my parents, and I took a leap. Marriage. Many may say I was stupid, but I wasn’t about to let the love of my life go. And why wait, I knew she was the one.

Life on cloud nine didn’t last long. Even though I encouraged Haley to pursue her music, I never expected it to end up the way it did. Turning down the invitation to High Flyers, wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, the thought of being away from Haley was. So when Haley decided to follow her dream I was crushed. I know it wasn’t because of Chris, but back then it was his entire fault. If he hadn’t come into our life, I would have had my wife for all those months.

The crash. My mom and dad blames my uncle, I don't. Who I blame, I don't know. All I do know is that I was missing Haley and I just wanted the pain to stop for a while. Waking up I decided that I wasn't going to let the pain control me anymore and I asked Haley not to come back. Little did I know that she was ready to come back for good, realizing that the tour was nothing without me. I am glad she didn't listen, even if I didn't want to admit it the day she turned up at my door.

Standing face to face with Haley again, hearing her broken voice telling me she wants to come home, all I wanted to do was take her in my arms, but I couldn't. I was mad and hurt that she had left me, and was not ready to let her back in. I went to High Flyers that summer, focusing on basketball and the coming season. I needed to get a scholarship and I also wanted to get Whitey that State Championship. Haley joined the cheerleaders, Brooke's idea, but I'm happy she did.

I was scared of letting her in again, scared of getting hurt again, so when Haley was struggling with her music I asked Chris to help her, at the same time, used it as a test to see if she really wasn't going anywhere. This happen at the same time as my father became the mayor of Tree Hill and my mom left town, also time revealing that she was the one who set the dealership on fire, trying to kill my dad. The one person I could always turn too when things got crazy like that was Haley, and I was slowly ready to let her back in.

The school shooting really showed me what was important. Knowing that Haley was inside the school I did the only thing I could do, go after her. It showed me that no matter what, Haley is the most important to me and we needed to be together. The re-proposal was a new beginning for us, putting everything in the past behind us. So we had a beautiful wedding, with a disastrous ending.

Seeing Haley begging me not to dive in after the car almost made me change my mind, but I knew I had to try and save Cooper and Rachel. What went on down there I still don’t know, but I’m happy everything went okay. I know Haley was worried about me after the accident, and had all kinds of scenarios running through her head, but it has and never will be anyone but Haley for me.

Getting the news that I had received a scholarship to Duke was one of the biggest news ever, for a whole 30 seconds. Learning that Haley was pregnant sent my head spinning. I had notice that something was off, but I had no idea it could be that. Reacting like my old self, I use harsh words towards Haley, but after letting it sink in and talking to my dad and Rachel I knew that everything was about us, as a family. So at the press conference it was with pride that I announced that I was going to be a father and that all my decisions would be made with my family and not by me alone.

Daunte. A bad, but an oh so real chapter of my life. And by the looks of it, it’s still coming back to bite me in the ass. Things were good for Haley and I, but not for long. Bills were piling up and I did go to my dad for help, but he let me down, again. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, all I wanted to do was help my family, and the way Daunte put it, it didn’t sound so bad. Then he come and told me that the condition of the loan had changed and in order to repay him all I have to do is shave some points off the semi-final. I see no other choice and do it, not knowing how it would change lives forever.

I thought it was over, but it wasn’t. Daunte wanted more. This time he wanted me to throw the championship, and showed me that I had no option. I tried to talk to my dad, but there was no other alternative. Game day comes around and I so didn’t want to be there, doing what I’was about to do. On top of it all, I later found out that Haley ended up in the hospital. Then something happens at halftime. Listening to the tape from all those years ago and seeing that Haley is okay and her letting me know that we are going to have a boy, I knew I couldn’t let them all down. Not Whitey, my team mate, my family, Lucas, Haley, everybody. With the help of my brother and the rest of the team we turned the game around and won the State Championship.

With Haley getting tired, we left the celebrations, not knowing what was in store. I wanted to tell her about Daunte, and I was about to when I hear her call my name and push me away. I stood there, helpless, watching her body being hit by the car, rolling of the roof and hit the ground. It’s the worst thing I have ever seen. She looked so helpless and I didn’t know what to do. Rage was running through my body and when I saw that it was Daunte’s car I acted on instinct. Making him pay for what he did was all I could think about.

Seeing Haley in the hospital broke my heart. And not only seeing Haley, but Lucas too. I couldn’t loose any of them. Waiting for her to wake up and to know that everything was okay with both her and our son is something I don’t whish on my worst enemy. It was all I could think of at the time. And when she finally did wake up and we heard the heartbeat of our son, nothing but relief washed over me. And thank goodness Lucas was okay as well.

Having Haley home again was great, but I knew I had to tell her what I had done. The look she gave me when I did is a look I hope I never see again. I was ready to turn myself in when Lucas told me that I didn’t kill Daunte, and that night Haley came home to me as well and we talked about everything.

Slowly things were getting back to normal. And by normal I’m talking about Haley and I needing money, Haley’s stomach growing, and prom coming up. And wanting to do something special for my wife, Skills talks me into entering a stripping competition. Have you seen me dance? It’s all I say. But we won and I was able to get Haley the most beautiful dress.

Then disaster hits again. I decided to throw a party the night before prom to celebrate the State Championship and to empty the house of alcohol before my mom came back home from rehab. At the party a tape resurface, a tape that should have been destroyed a long time ago, even better, a tape that should have never happened. The content of the tape we don’t need to talk about, but again I upset Haley. Lucky for me I have a forgiving wife and to my surprise she is able to go to prom, looking amazing and with no booth on her leg.

Again prom didn’t turn out the way I wanted. Our car broke down, making us walk a mile to get to a phone. Then we had to take some drunken kid home, and we never got that dance we both wanted. But to end the night I took her to the rooftop of Karen’s Café and showed her my prediction, letting her know that I always believed in us. And with her in my arms, we finally did get to dance together.

As I said in the beginning, we just got back from Honey Grove, TX. Mouth managed to land himself in trouble and my caring wife suggested we all take a road trip. I’m happy we did. We crashed the local prom, Haley and I getting the dance we didn’t have at our own prom and we took advantage of our hotel room. Wait, too much info. We also had a great talk about becoming parents. It has scared me, but with Haley by my side I know everything is going to be okay. I can’t wait for out little guy to get here.

Haley is waking up and calling me, so I have to leave you guys here. This thing was interesting to write and I’m sure there will be a lot more stuff to add in the future, so don’t go anywhere. Till next time.

Nathan Scott

[ The m a n y f a c e s of James ]
James' TV & movies characters ....

[ P i c t u r e s of you ]
Picture perfect....

[ World Wide W e b ]
His sites....

James Lafferty Fan Forum Board
James Lafferty World
James Lafferty Star
James Lafferty Fans
Baby James>> The James Lafferty Fan listing
JL23 Community
Guttery Girls Community

[ Latest n e w s ]
All his recent info....

-James was a guest star in EuroBuzz, to watch the interview click here - here.
-James and Stuart Lafferty signed Blue jeans for the "Celebrity Blue Jeans for Genes" charity, with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the National Hemophilia Foundation. More info here.
-The 4th Annual OTH Charity Basketball game raised $64,000
-TV Buddy had James on their "Hot List". To read full article, click HERE
-Watch James pod cast "A Message to the Fans"

[ Accomplishments ]
His achievements through the years....

-Nominated at Teen Choice Award Choice TV Chemistry for: "One Tree Hill" (2003)
-Nominated at Teen Choice Award Choice Breakout TV Star - Male for: "One Tree Hill" (2003)
-He held 3 consecutive Charity events.
-In the recent Charity Game, it raised $64,000.
-James was named one of the 10 hottest guys of 2006 in Alloy Magazine.
-In People's magazine, James was listed as the sexiest 21 year old.
-In Cosmo girl's 101 most wanted hotties, he was listed number 39.
-He was one of the celebrities who were featured in "Think Pink" book, a charity project.
-He is a business partner of the Sea-Dawgs basketball team.

[ Then & Now ]
You have grown into a beautiful man....

[ James' q u o t e s.. ]
His words, his thoughts....

"Take a look around you and where you are in your life.
Look around at the people that are doing things that are
selfless and see what you can do to help them."

"I always really made a point to try to be a kid and do
things that I wanted to do as well. My mom was always
really concerned with that; she wanted me to grow up
like a normal kid and do the things normal kids do."

"Happiness. I don't think you can be successful if you're
not happy. I'm defiantly a happy person."

"everyone else was at least two or three years old than me,
so I definitely knew I had a lot to learn. I have come along way
though, and learned a lot from my coworkers"

"Fans absolutely love the whole relationship(NH). That makes
me so proud, so I say if the fans want it to work out that badly.
I would love to see them get what they want. At the same time
I think they should trust that regardless of what happens they're
gonna see some great storytelling."

"Working on OTH has been an experience of a lifetime. I'll
never forget the people I have met here and the impact they
have had on my life. Not only have I been so fortunate
professionally to work on this show, I've been extremely
fortunate to surround my self with the people that work and
live here."

"Basketball's always been a part of my life,
as much as acting."

"The highlight of filming over the past two seasons has definitely
been the charity opportunities we've been presented with. Charity
basketball games, football games and all the things we've been
able to do to give back have been so much fun."

"My biggest role models have got to be my own father, and
Michael Jordan. Both are great leaders and champions in
their own way."

"My advice to an aspiring actor would be to never stop learning
or working for what you want. Nothing comes easy, ever, if you
want something, you have to work for it. By working for it I mean
work on your craft, learn from people who have something to teach.
It's just like anything else, practice makes perfect."

"I always had goals as an actor and I always wanted to achieve
them so that’s what I’m doing here."

[ He is e v e r y t h i n g ]
Everything you dream of....

[ There Is Always A f i r s t time for.. ]
first time for everything....

[ James i s... ]
everybody loves him....

"James is awesome. He's so laid-back and really interesting. He's extremely intelligent but a lot of times you'd never know because he's so quiet, which I think is awesome. He never feels like he has to prove himself to anybody and I really appreciate that about him."

"People think James is shy, but James Lafferty is a gentleman. He doesn't need to draw attention to himself, and he doesn't feel the need to prove anything to anybody. I really appreciate that. James Lafferty is going big, big places. He's a very talented man. I just wish he were older. See! I have a crush on James, but who doesn't?"

"James is the sweetest guy you'd ever meet"

"Oh, they're just wonderful guys. They're so different and lovable in different ways. They're just great, great guys, I love working with them. James is such a professional; he always comes to work extremely prepared and ready to work. He takes his work quite seriously, but doesn't take himself seriously, he's just a lovely kid."

"A few of you have asked me specifically about James. Simply put, he's a great guy. We have been good friends ever since we filmed the pilot together, and I really respect his talent as an actor and an athlete. More importantly, I respect the fact that he is practically unaffected by fame. He is very much the same guy that I first met a couple of years ago, and that says so much about the kind of quality person that he is."

"James is a sweet kid." "James has had a problem with emotion in the past... (now) he was so good with emotion. He has come so far. I love James so much for being able to go now to that emotional place."

"James has come so far. When he started the show, I guess he was, gosh he was 18. And he was a lot more gangly but he's been in the gym everyday drinking protein shakes and lifting. He's BUFF! He terrifies me... I won't even call him names anymore cause he'll slap me. He's going to be a leading man in Hollywood. And I just hope he throws his old friend PJ a job now and then. But if he doesn't that's fine I can still beat him at one on one!"

"James and I are very different actually. I was always the more outgoing one, but I was less stubborn which balanced things out when we're together."

"He’s such fun to dress. He’s really tall. Certain lines of clothing that just fit him really well, like Hugo Boss Menswear."
- Carol Cutshall (OTH's Costume Designer)

"James is excellent. He’s the guy who's always interested in opening the gym, whether it's midnight or 2 a.m."
-Brendan Kirsch(who coaches the players on the show and choreographs the sports plays)

On Wednesday, March 7, I worked the closest I ever have with James. We filmed a scene at the River walk. For the scene, I was told to walk in front of James, and stare him down as I walked across (that was literally the direction I was given). So many things were going on inside my body and mind during these moments, but I forced myself to be professional and do my job. Each time I walked in front of James and we shared eye contact, I felt very intimidated and ecstatic at the very same time. All of that, and I was trying SO hard to just exude a nonchalant presence so I wouldn't lose my position. It was definitely a challenge (especially since I had to give James a look that I wasn't feeling!!!!), but I enjoyed it all IMMENSELY. It certainly wasn't the first time I worked with him so I was not nervous because of that - it was more because of what I had to do. It was very thrilling for me!!

That Friday morning, I went with some friends to the River court to catch some filming. James happened to be working! We stood there watching for 2 hours. It was cold, but we toughed it out. As the crew was getting everything rounded up to change locations.... James, walking by himself, approached us with a smile. He talked to us a little bit, signed an autograph for one of us, and hammed it up for pictures. I felt very casual during the interaction, yet also very honored that he took the initiative to come see us personally even though he was in between things at work. He is such a kind and considerate young man!! I simply cannot say that enough. He was very sweet as always, and he validated my love for him. James is WONDERFUL, and he's just so thoughtful and gracious. It is inspiring!"
-Nicole (Missnic1129)

"I have met James two times in the past 6 months. The first time was for my 16th birthday and it was the best experience. He had been shooting a basketball game for 407 and still came out to us at the very end of the night. He was so sweet and not to mention good looking."
-Ashley (Poetic Rose23)

"When I met James at the game he was too sweet. We were gonna donate 500 dollars and we told some guy that worked there and he said I'll tell James. So he told James during halftime and James looked over at us and came over and said "You have something for me?" and we got out our money and handed it to him and he got a little embarrassed I think and started thanking us and shook our hands and introduced himself and he was laughing cause me and my friends names all start with S's. Then we gave him the bear we made him that was dressed in all Jordan clothes and he picked it up and laughed and thanked us again. Then we asked for a picture with him and the security lady was being mean and he told her we donated 500 dollars so she kind of backed off then we took pics with him and at the autograph booth he thanked us again!"

"He was super nice to all the fans that I seen including myself. He was smiling and on Friday night he waved at us without us even waving at him. He was really nice though"

"He was great with my daughter and I. He talked to us and took a picture with us!! I thought he was awesome. He was nice and so down to earth!! He's my favorite on the show out of the guys!!"

"James was really nice at the game! My group was towards the back of the lines and he already been signing for like 6 hours and he still was super nice! We talked about the Minnesota Tomberwolves and when he visited Minneapolis. I thought he was one of the nicest of them all! This was my second time meeting him too and he was really friendly both times! He's a nice guys and you can tell that he appreciates his fans."

[ A beautiful gift to a B e a u t i f u l M a n ]
happy birthday Mr.Wonderful....

One day the 4 of us (Zee, Berry, Andi & Sally) were talking about how much we would love to send James an early Birthday gift. It came on the time awhile before the Charity Game, we were able to make it & give it to James, with the great help of Zee & Sun. Zee made such an amazing effort by receiving our letters & arranging the book which in the end looked stunning, and Sun generously took it with her to the Game and gave it to James. Here is the full story with lots of pictures from the book.

[ Through the y e a r s ]
he shines in all seasons....

[ M o m e n t s in time ]
moments that changed his life forever....

[ A n a t o m y of James ]
we love every single piece of him....

[ Guttery Girls d i c t i o n a r y ]
welcome to our world....

Guttery Girls: "Ah yes, I remember it well... Our early delve into the thread we lovingly call the home of the Gutter Girls. It all started one day when we were discussing our love for James and his excellent portrayal of Nathan Scott. Thoughts led to his hotness and we needed to cool off... so we grabbed our rafts. Secured margaritas and chips/salsa and decided to embrace the gutter and just make ourselves comfortable there since we wouldn't be leaving for a while!" -D3

Gutter Land: After out head is filled with Guttery thoughts, we all take a trip down to the Gutter land.

Jamesgasm: "The word "Jamesgasm" was coined by ForTheSound in Andrea's LiveJournal. It then went to my LJ where it generated 339 comments. I then decided to use it as a title in the 428th Thread; James/Nathan Thread: "Because the Jamesgasm is the final level of the Gutter" (which still is) & again in the 437th thread by Lauren. We all thought it would be edited by the Mods but it survived. Show a picture of James' butt and there will be Jamesgasms all over the place, just ask Berry. Jamesgasm has gone on to be used all over the internet, latest in fan fiction. There is no end to this word, this is only the beginning" -Zee


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[ He has a M u l t i - n a t i o n a l appeal ]
an international fanbase....

[ Polls ]
it was too hard to choose just 5 but....

[ SoundT r a c k ]
songs we love, they remind us of you....

Sweet, Sweet Baby

[ FanF i c t i o n s ]
more stories to tell....
"Brand New Start" by Diane

"The tears in his eyes blurred his vision and he blinked them away so he could see clearly again. His lips curved up into a smile as he continued to look through the glass window of the hospital’s nursery, his gaze locked on his newborn son"

"This Is the Life" by Wendy

"The board, the hoop; it was no longer new and shiny and perfect. He remembered standing there, staring at it in all its untouched glory and glow. Thinking about his perfect life, and how he had it all."

[ Magic in a b o x ]
100x100 icons....

Click Here for more

[ You are an i n s p i r a t i o n ]

Click Here for more.

[ Music V i d e o s ]
music says it all....

"Nathan Promo" by Sally
A Promo video dedicated to Nathan through the 4 seasons. It's a look on his life and it's ups & downs.

"The Mixtape" by amoRDB
A video dedicated to James & his various TV roles & appearances.

"Only For You" by Krystel
Basically Nathan has a car accident where he found himself locked under the water. This events gonna obsess him for long and make him go away to try to find some response until he come back to the one and only one hope and security in his life...his wife..

"Remember The Name" by Nasi
A video dedicated to Nathan & Basketball, featuring many BBall scenes and hundred percent reasons to remember his name.

"Light Surrounding You" by Rachel
This video is about Nathan growing up and becoming a man. Even though he is scared of being a father as the song says "don't be afraid of something new" and Haley sees what he is capable of and they are always there for each other as she sees "the light surrounding him" and that he will never be like his father.

[ Shots of p e r f e c t i o n ]
latest pictures....

[ P r e v i o u s threads ]
the hundreds celebrations....

500 Thread Credits

[ And Finally,GGs Let's all Celebrate the..... ]


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Congrats everyone for the 500 Thread
Thanks to everyone who contributed & everyone else for their support.

Please make sure to check the 500 Thread Credits. Thanks so much for your participation, guys

500 credits:

Layout & Art thread....By me (hee)
500 Thread Title....By D3
Name analysis....From Kabalarian Philosoph
Nathan's Bio....By Zee
Through The Years art....By Sunja
GG's origin....By D3
Jamesgasm backstory....By Zee
Fan encounters contribution....By Nicole & Ashley
Shiftlist....By Zee
Soundtrack....By Ash (Flash)
FanFictions....By Diane & Wendy
Fanarts....By Elise, Ruby, Sally, Zee, Candice, Raffaella, Nasi, bluerose4lyphe
Icons....By Sally, Sarah, Steph, Ruby, Wendy, Raffaella, Teddy, Britteny, Krystal.
Music Videos....By Sally, Nasi, Krystal, Rachel, amoRDB.
Sun & Pat for the idea of "Then & Now" & "1st time for everything".

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Love is Sally, I really do. Amazing work to eveyone who participated, me included

Just wow

Going back to watching it again
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Wow! What a great new thread! Wonderful job everyone!! Thanks!
Sometimes Thank You just doesn't really get it done but to the fans of One Tree Hill...
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wow...amazing, you guys did a awesome job
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It is so amazing! Without a doubt stunning and spectacular.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to making this beautiful thread, and making this the most fun place to be!
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PHEW!! Now i can concentrate on studies

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Poor Silly, all this in the middle of exams
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It was a good excuse for me not to study.

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WOW!!! thanks to everyone who helped make this thread possible.

Everything looks amazing.. I'm still a newbie and it's so great to read how it all started
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Wow, the opening post looks absolutely gorgeous. Everything about it is so stunning. I know I don't post very often at this thread, but I promise to start now! Such prettiness! Amazing job to everyone who was involved in making it. You guys really made it look stunning. Loves it! The animation of the thread's history is awesome.

Congrats on 500, guys.
n&h + 1
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Just wanted to come by and say Congratulations on the 500th thread! Looks wonderful
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Oh Lord, I'm almost speechless. Not totally cause I have to congratulate all the girls that helped to make this 500th thread so beatifully. It's really amazing. The arts, the texts, the ideas... everything. Congratulations! You really outdone yourselves. James is all that and much more, I'm sure he'd blush if he sees this cause we all know how modest and shy he is

It was worth the wait, it's just perfectly done. Congrats one more time, girls!
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Romi, didn't i tell you just wait & you will get to know the orgin of everything you want to know

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