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Old 04-07-2004, 12:55 AM
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I taped it, and am gonna watch it tonight. Looks like from what everyone is saying, it's a good one.
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Old 04-07-2004, 02:06 AM
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Originally posted by TvJunkie:
<STRONG>It seems at times that Nathan has no family but his parents.
it strikes me that at the end, tptb seems to want us to feel sorry for him cuz his parents werent there to support him, yet we dont even know if haley has parents who she can tell about her last-minute cheerleading experience to.
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Old 04-07-2004, 02:18 AM
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Hey guys!

I've been kind of absent from the board for the last week because my computer had a meltdown and completly wacked out. I lost everything on my computer and had to start from scratch. Thank god I backed up any OTH files or I would have shot myself. LOL. But on to the episode.

It was so great. Back to the good old OTH. I don't even know where to start. Well, obviously Nathan and Haley. Adorable. I loved the covert kissing. Stupid Lucass interupting! But Nathan was so cute in that scene. And Haley was looking so good. I loved the way Nate reacted to Haley in the cheerleading uniform. I hope that Haley fills in again sometime. I thought she was one of the best ones out there.

And we finally saw Theresa again. I thought she had died for sure. And Brooke as the CheerNazi was funny. That completly reminded me of Isable on Roswell as the Christmas Nazi. LOL. I have such respect for that girl. And even though Peyton did some nice things tonight I understand Brooke's side. I don't forgive her myself...yet.

The only reason I am liking Peyton at all right now is because of Jake. He is so cute!! I loved the little "bam chica bow wow. you ladies order room service." Porn joke. Classic. I really see the chemistry in their relationship. They so need to hook up.

Didn't really have that much to think about Lucass tonight. Ever since he did what he did to Brooke, I have lost all respect for him. I really hope that changes because I did love him once. The only one thing I can think of is how he treated Haley like crap tonight. I wanted to reach through the TV and slap him when he said she looked ridiculous. That was so mean!!

And lastly, how much do I love Mouth. He was the sweetest thing I ever saw tonight. I don't know who is funnier as a cheerleader, him or Tim. Actually, Mouth is. He was doing the moves so well. I thought he was a riot. I can't wait to see more of him next week. Brooke and him are funny together. And whatever happened to Jimmy? I have been wondering about that for a while now. Oh well.

Good night!!!
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Old 04-07-2004, 03:20 AM
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I loved everything in this episode.It's definately one of (or is) the funniest episodes so far.

I was LMAO for a long time when the boys were at the strip club. I loved Mouth doing that cheerleading thing, and afterwards that high five with Haley.

I loved that scene with Jake and Peyton, especially the porn music thing. Bryan Greenberg and Hilarie Burton definately have chemistry.

Even though I am not very fond of Lucas right now there, I enjoyed some of his scenes. He really pissed me off when he said Haley looked ridiculous. However I liked the original Haley comment.

I loved all of the N/H scenes. TPTB actually made them look like a couple. My favorite part was when Haley gave Nathan a huge hug after the competition. I also liked when he called her Hales. It was so adorable. They were acting so coupley. All of their other scenes kicked ass.

I liked that Brooke didn't forgive Peyton after the competition. I felt sad for Brooke at the end. It seemed like Peyton was really trying. And Tim is soo Nathan and Brooke's bitch. I loved the ear thing. I officially love Tim.

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole Larry/Karen thing. I felt bad for Keith. Dan was usually his assy self, and Whitey kicked all kinds of ass. Loved that he paired Nathan and Lucas to the same room. Whitey's so clever.
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Old 04-07-2004, 09:41 AM
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Whitey was so good, I loved his scene at the pool with the team and then lecturing Karen and Larry. Ihope he stays with the show.

Mouth was too adorable for words. Lets' hope he gets more air time. He and brooke had me in stitches. Brooke, well she was so on. I loved her more than ever.

Peyton was better in this episode, some life to her character.Haley was cute as ever. Lucas and Nathan had good scenes too.This whole episode was so much fun.

The promo for next week when Dan walks in on Deb, priceless, so Dan. [img]smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]
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Old 04-07-2004, 10:39 AM
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Okay wow, so much to say about this episode because it totally ROCKED!

I even cut out of my recital early..which I'm sure I'll get bitched at later for but oh well, I had to watch my show, man!

Anyway, down to business:

Haley: She was so cute in this episode, and I totally felt for her about being stuck between Nathan and Lucas. She just wants them to get along, and as soon as they can do that, she'll be a totally happy camper. But I think we all know that won't happen for a while. "I'll give her a jazz finger." HAH.

Nathan: Ah, I love this boy. Always have, always will. And how sad was the end when he was in the empty apartment by himself? And when all the kids were going home with their mothers and fathers and he had nobody? It made me wanna go up and give him a big hug. I have to admit, I'd rather live by myself than live with Deb and Dan..especially knowing the way Dan is and then after hearing the revelation about his mother abandoning him as a child. I just don't think he has any idea what he's getting himself into with this whole emancipation deal. It's bound to bite him in the ass in some shape, way, or form.

Nathan and Haley: FINALLY, some couple interaction! We got some kissy action too! Loved Haley's "Down boy" line, and Nathan's "Well, be later." The best part about that was that Haley actually DID stay. And of course, how could we forget after the competition when Haley ran right past Lucas and into Nathan's arms? I absolutely adored that. Not because she blew Lucas off..that made me feel bad. But just the fact that she ran to Nathan and thre her arms around him made me go "Awww" out loud. Adorable. Nathan called her Hales! So cute.

Brooke: LOVED her lines last night. They were hilarious. The whole Theresa armpit thing had me rolling on the ground. And with Bevan and the breath mint. Brooke was one big ass cheer nazi, but it was all because she wanted to forget about the drama going on. Can't blame her.

Peyton: Yeah, um I like her, but she's a suck up. Flat out. Her "oh Brooke it's important to you, it's important to me" blah blah blah blah lines were pissing me off. Yeah, we know you're trying to get back on her good side, just don't lodge your head further up her ass. I mean, I like Peyton, I like her lines occasionally, but the "it's important to her and to me" lines are getting old.

Jake: I LOVE HIS PORNO MUSIC RENDITION!!! I serously laughed out loud when he did that. Gotta have mad love for that boy.

Lucas: Okay, he was bareable last night, but certain things he said irritated me. First off, how dare he confront Haley and Nathan about Haley changing who she is and blowing Lucas off. Does Lucas not remember when Haley needed his help in HBAM and he blew her off to go with Brooke and Peyton? That boy must have one hella short memory. Second, when he told Haley she looked "damn ridiculous" and the smile she had on her face was completely gone, it made me want to smack him silly. The girl is happy with her life. God, lay off and just be happy FOR her.

Tim: Peeing in the ice box?!?! When Larry said that, I seriously spit my water all over the floor. All the ear pulling from Brooke made me laugh so much that my stomach was aching. The strip club was a riot as well. I really enjoyed him in this episode, along with Mouth, who will forever be one of my favorite characters. "Hey lips, come here!!!" Ah mouthy, our boy.

Love Larry and Karen together..even moreso than Keith and Karen. I wouldn't mind a triangle between them, as long as it doesn't involve cheating of any sort. Poor Keith though. He's upset. He wants Karen back, and then sees her with Larry and his heart is crushed. Bah, life just isn't fair.

Damn this is getting long.

Anyway on a final note, I really enjoyed the epi. Only problem for me was, it was too unrealistic. I noticed a few things I didn't like.

1.) Speaking as a former competiton cheerleader, it is not possible to have a random person fill in for another cheerleader who is unable to perform. And to learn a whole competition cheer in a few hours? Nahuh, not possible. Although, for a competiton, that cheer was extremely short and not so..good. Heh, but whatever. TV shall be TV.

2.) If the rooms arrangments were done in alphabetical order, what the hell were Brooke and Peyton doing in the same room? Davis...Sawyer..they're at too waaaaay different ends of the alphabet spectrum.

Okay but enough of my ranting. Loved the episode, and can't wait until next week. Tim in zebra print man panties?!?! Nathan ripping off his pants?! Yeah buddy!!!

Nathan/Haley, Brooke/Lucas, Jude/Tommy, Spencer/Ashley
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Old 04-07-2004, 11:10 AM
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Funniest. Episode. So. Far.
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Old 04-07-2004, 11:25 AM
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Originally posted by *^*Laur*^*:

Does Lucas not remember when Haley needed his help in HBAM and he blew her off to go with Brooke and Peyton? That boy must have one hella short memory. Second, when he told Haley she looked "damn ridiculous" and the smile she had on her face was completely gone, it made me want to smack him silly. The girl is happy with her life. God, lay off and just be happy FOR her.

ICAM, really. right on [img]smilies/smile.gif[/img] i was thinking the same thing about HBAM
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Old 04-07-2004, 02:18 PM
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loved the episode.

finally nathan and lucas are getting along. i'm so happy. poor nathan, all alone in his apartment.

poor brooke also, but peyton is reall trying.

keith, stop dressing like someone living on the streets.
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Old 04-07-2004, 03:24 PM
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I loved this episode. It was the funniest by far. I think the best part about it was that it reminds you that yes, growing up is hard, but it's moments like they had in One Tree Hill that makes it all worth it.

Karen/Larry: I like the fact that they're not SO grown up that they can't remember what it was like when they were the OTH gang's age. Whitey yelling at them was so funny! Larry saying, "it was a pretty good night other than that Tim kid peeing in the ice machine" I was lmao at that.

Keith: [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] I agree with u.

Tim: I am loving this guy more and more cuz he just cracks me up. They so need more Tim. I hope Brett Claywell doesn't leave for a long time. The look on his face when the male strippers came out was priceless. Looks like he's not gay lmao. And he does sorta scream like a girl. But he's so cute.

Jake: I love this guy! Bow chicka wow wow. You ladies order room service!! Hahaha. And he defended Nathan and Haley to Luke. Major points for that. Him and Peyton so have chemistry. Aww I wonder what's gunna happen wit Nikki. His face when the strippers came out lmfao. He was like "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa."

Peyton: She was trying really hard to get on Brooke's good side, and patch things up. I'm glad she defended Brooke to that beer creek girl. Oh yeah, she so likes Jake. I liked the guilt trip she laid on Haley to get Haley to cheerlead.

Haley: I liked her in this episode, however I wasn't overall impressed with the cheerleading thing, cuz I've seen way better. But I like that she's with Nathan lol.

Nathan: I like that he accepts Haley for who she is. And when he defended her to Luke. Go Nathan. Aww the ending was sad.

Brooke: Awesome acting, she really can act. And she did such a good job with this episode. Aww I wanted to cry when she ripped Peyton out of the picture. But I didnt cuz I was still laughing.

Luke: He needs to learn that people change no matter how much you don't want them to, it's called growing up. He needs to learn that the world does NOT revolve around him, and that Haley is his best friend, and she is her own person, and accept it already.

Overall this was the funniest episode ever and I'm really glad for that, because it can't all be drama all the time. And it was nice to see everyone acting like happy fun teenagers. Even Jake.
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Old 04-07-2004, 03:56 PM
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Originally posted by dorqui:

it strikes me that at the end, tptb seems to want us to feel sorry for him cuz his parents werent there to support him, yet we dont even know if haley has parents who she can tell about her last-minute cheerleading experience to.</STRONG>
Well I feel Nathan felt more sad that there was no one to meet him.

Even if Dan/Karen had been there Dan would have immediately start criticizing how Nathan played. Karen would have then told Dan to stop badgering Nathan. His parents would have started fighting with Nathan being in the middle.

As for Haley I'm wondering too if she has parents if she does they must be great to her. Letting her do whatever she wants to do whenever.
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Old 04-07-2004, 04:34 PM
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Originally posted by *^*Laur*^*:
<STRONG>2.) If the rooms arrangments were done in alphabetical order, what the hell were Brooke and Peyton doing in the same room? Davis...Sawyer..they're at too waaaaay different ends of the alphabet spectrum.
I was thinking about this last night too...and who the hell did Jake room with? [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] I guess we'll never know...

.: Brittany :.

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Old 04-07-2004, 06:05 PM
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OK, the good and the bad. We'll start with the bad:

Whitey introduces Karen, the former head cheerleader for the Tree Hill Ravens, to Larry, the widower of a a former Ravens cheerleader. They act like they don't know each other and have to find room on the cast iron hook from which I suspend all disbelief about this show.

It's a messy process I don't appreciate having to go through.

Lucas. He's always a bad factor cause can he be more of a dick?! He makes me so crazy, I want to kick his ass.

Keith. Please grow the f--- up! He's such a whiney mess right now, I'm starting to see how Lucas takes after him.

Peyton. Still around. Why?

The both good and bad:

Lucas flirting with Whitey. Do not even try to deny it, it was there. So I call this good and bad because while some might find it repulsive, there is excellent fodder for the Lucas/Whitey thread and that makes me deeply happy. L/W 4evah!

The good:

Brooke. She's so pretty. I love her. Was glad she won.

Brooke/Mouth: I love them. So, so much. I would be ecstatic if they hooked up.

Mouth: GOOD LORD, I laughed so hard, I thought I might die. If Brooke doesn't want him, I do!!!

Karen/Larry: Grand. Bring it on. Leave the whiney one behind, it's all good. Plus, the idea of Peyton and Lucas as step siblings amuses me to no end. Cause then if she said the following thing, it would be true, "Hi, I'm Peyton, this is my step brother Lucas. No, we're not seeing each other anymore, had a little fling after I broke up with his brother, but no biggie."

Ladies night. There are no words.

Nathan, my beautiful, sweet, sexy man. I love you so much. Check out how cool my name could be if we got married: Super Scarlet Scott. Yes, alliteration at its best, my friend. He was all things yummy. I loved him fighting with Lucas. And being adorable to Haley. And finally FLIRTING. Turns out, they're DATING! Who knew?

Haley. So cute. Why doesn't she drop Lucas, though? He's annoying as hell.

Peyton/Jake: I don't want to like it. I hate that I like it, but I can't help but be sucked in against my will.

However, I would not mind making up for this by jumping Jake myself, just to show that I love him and do not really desire his eternal damnation to a relationship with Seyton herself.

Oh, and one more thing.

Dan. Yeah. A dick. But so?
If you can't say something nice, it had better be *****ing hilarious.
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Old 04-07-2004, 07:06 PM
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Keith. Please grow the f--- up! He's such a whiney mess right now, I'm starting to see how Lucas takes after him.
Ok. Thank. You. I thought I was the only one completely annoyed by Keith. The scene with poor little Keith and his new shirt made me want to gouge my eyes out. Oh boo hoo, she's away for 2 days, cry me a freakin' river! I'm competely sick of the "pity me!!!" attitude Keith and Lucas both have. If they haven't noticed, nearly everyone in Tree Hill has some sort of major life crisis going on too, I don't know why they act like they have it the worst.

If it seems like I only have negative things to say about the episode, it's because most of my positive thoughts (N/H and J/P!) have been posted on the appropriate appreciation threads so the only thing left for me to add here is the negative stuff. [img]smilies/lol.gif[/img] But really, can we just drop all the characters except for Nathan, Haley, Peyton and Jake?
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Old 04-07-2004, 08:21 PM
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Wow, this episode was absolutely hysterical! I liked that we have an episode to laugh and then all the drama will come back.

Lucas: He wasn't as bad as he was before although him calling Haley as a cheerleader ridiculous really annoyed me, I loved Haley's line, duh, Luke, both of your ex-girlfriends WERE cheerleaders also, and one's the damn captain, Haley's just FILLING IN! but other than that, he was ok. i could kind of understand where he was coming from, missing Haley and all, but Haley was right. He spent a lot of time with Brooke also. God, I'm sorry, I'm saying that I liked him, but then saying that I don't like him. So basically, I liked him except for those two parts.

Nathan: My god, I love this guy. I loved his bad-boy personality back, I do love him as the sweet boyfriend, but James just plays the bad-boy so well! We get to see him playing basketball again, and at the strip-club, the look on his face was hysterical! ROTFL. I felt so bad for him at the end, when know one was there to welcome him back, so sad, and then at his empty apartment, I just wanted to cry!

Peyton: I really liked her, she was nice and sweet, and I love her relationship with Jake and Haley. And she really was trying with Brooke, I wonder what she's going to do to prove to Brooke that she's still her friend. hmmm....

Haley: Still, my favorite character of all time. great great girl, I loved her as a cheerleader, and the slap she did with Mouth. Everything she said to Lucas, I totally agreed with, I was a little disappointed that I didn't get to see her in the pool though.

Brooke: Sophia just plays the bitch so well, gotta love her. "Cheer Nazi" LOL. She was hysterical with Mouth. I love seeing her like this, the original Brooke from the older episodes. I felt so bad for her at the end, my heart really goes out to you.

Mouth, Jake, Tim: I love these three, they all had such funny scenes, Mouth as a cheerleader, classic, Jake with the 'bow chicka bow wow' tee-hee, and he defended Nathan/Haley to Lucas, extra points there. Tim, god I love him, he's so whipped! both Nathan and Brooke can boss him around so easily. then the monkey imitation thing-y he was doing at the strip club, hysterical.

Nathan/Haley My favorite couple, so cute, glad to see them actually acting like a high-school couple. They also had a lot of scenes together which really made me happy, that hug at the end was so cute, I loved it. And the "down boy" was so great. I loved at the end. "Hey, Haley, what's up?" "Hey" "Who's that" "I have no idea" Although Nathan wasn't jealous, but oh well. so cute.

Lucas/Nathan I loved that they had so many scenes together, this is what the show was originally about, I loved that Nathan called Lucas a 'dick' and Nathan actually did the fadeaway, I know that there's going to be a long road ahead of them, but I really want to see them as friends.

Keith/Karen/Larry I thought that karen and larry were cute, but I just felt so bad for Keith, and Lucas had such a sad look on his face when he saw the two of them flirting. Lucas is so a K/K shipper. Larry's nice and all, but I just like K/K better, don't get me wrong, Keith was a little annoying, but I did love that he included Nathan in walking out on Dan. Speaking of.

Dan Ass. Nothing more. Just a plain old ass.

the auction is gonna be so funny! can't wait for next week. 6 days and counting....
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