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Old 10-16-2017, 12:41 AM
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The NH room make out was one of my favorite scenes for them ever and one of the first scenes where I felt the chemistry was there. It was a cute moment.

I didnt like how overly sexual Brooke was either. I dont normally mind it but shes in highschool and its obvious she was acting that way to purposely make Lucas become attracted to her. She was trying to use sex to get him interested and I just didnt like it. It wasnt cute to me. But, I try to give her the benefit of the doubt because she was young and lonely and trying to do whatever she could to get attention.

I'd like to believe that Brooke was just clueless to Peyton's real feelings but its hard to feel that way. It was more than obvious that Peyton liked him.

I think that Lucas getting a tattoo, coming home drunk, and disobeying Keith was one of his lowest points. But I don think we can necessarily blame it all on Brooke being a bad influence. I think it was partly Brooke yes, but I think the other part was him trying to deal without Karen being in his life.

It doesnt make sense that Lucas wouldnt haven taken peyton back right there but I think he was so hurt over her rejecting him in the first place and was worried that it would happen again. So he took the easy way out and decided to date Brooke instead thinking it would help him get over Peyton. Obviously that didnt work.
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Old 02-10-2018, 07:06 PM
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I'd like to believe that Brooke was just clueless to Peyton's real feelings but its hard to feel that way. It was more than obvious that Peyton liked him.
Brooke suggests in the previous episode that she knows.

Annnnd go -

Ew, there's that name again...

"How's your punching hand?" These two Can't believe I didn't fall for them at this point the first time I watched.

"I'll kiss you later." Naley are ridiculous at this point


Lucas giving Brooke a book... has he met her?

Getting secondhand embarrassment from Brooke's OTT advances, tbh. Calm down.

Typical Dan, thinking Deb helping Karen is about him

Dan legit seems to think Deb's job is to serve him, and is pretty much whining about having to make his own dinner. Used to have one of those in my family, too...

Oh look, nothing like a little psychological/verbal abuse over dinner... and of course when one victim leaves he starts on the other.

At this point, Nathan has every right to be angry. Living with Dan, kid is having a rough life.

Brooke's behaviour is also making Keith uncomfortable. Basically, Keith, basically.

Oh, Nathan Drugs aren't the answer.

Nathan, don't take it out on Haley Tell her what's going on.

Dan calling out Whitey for basically doing, as a coach, what Dan is doing as a father, difference is Whitey never let it get to a point where it was abuse.

Nathan really isn't willing to reach out to anyone. I get that.

Brooke pretty much had to force him into it, this is so uncomfortable to watch. Why would they not let her respect herself?!

Basically encouraging him to drink, too. This won't end well. This isn't him.

Haley's parents not knowing what to do with the silence

Oh, Nathan, she said no. At least he didn't continue to try and press the issue after she made it even more clear.

Says a lot that Brooke had to get Lucas drunk to get anywhere, tbh.

Keith stepping up as a parent

"I thought it was for freaking fool." It is, Keith, it is

"Your ass is grounded." Deserves it.

"I expected more from you." Most powerful words a parent can ever say, tbh.

Idk why Lucas thinks he has any room to criticise Haley for having an issue with he and Brooke (you know, that person that treated her horrifically) when he was even worse about her and Nathan.

Brooke saying that to Peyton was just mean, tbh, considering it was pretty clear in the last episode that she knew how Peyton felt.

Dan really can't handle Deb and Karen being friends. Or maybe it's just Deb having a friend he doesn't like...


"For me it's complicated. You just make it worse." This friendship gives me life.

And of course the tattoo is infected...

Oh yay, more mind games from Dan... He's worse than I remember.

Haley didn't deserve that.

Nathan's so desperate to prove himself that he's putting himself in danger. Well done, Dan, well done.


Oh, so now Dan knows better than a medical professional... Another similarity to the one in my family.

And Dan didn't even tell Deb. That's appalling.

"He's okay." No, Dan, he's not. I'm not convinced he ever has been.

Keith going to see Whitey

"As long as you control him the way you do, he'll be in harms way." Deb with the truth bomb.

Seeing Deb step up and speak for Nathan is everything Like she's finally opened her eyes to the threat he poses to Nathan.

He went to Haley She's where he goes when he needs support.

"I heard about Nathan." Wait a sec. Peyton's a cheerleader, why wasn't she there?

Of course she opens up and ends up getting hurt again, of course.

Brooke clearly knows what she just walked in on...

Basketball cancelled until further notice. Yup. Whitey did that.

I think Haley should at least call Deb and let her know where Nathan is.
"Funny, how one little decision can
ruin your life... But also save it."

Leigh Tumblr
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Old 02-11-2018, 09:46 AM
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As much as I love Brooke from season 6 and up I really dislike her now. How can she be so insensitive not to see what's going on between Peyton and Lucas? That's so obvious. She always says that she is Peyton's best friend, but imo she isn't because she should respect her feelings. She is just a liar and player.

Naley are pure... Their romance is so sweet. I really feel bad for Nathan to have a father like Dan. He is a jerk, with his son and his wife.
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Old 02-11-2018, 01:28 PM
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She's worse than I remember in these really early episodes, and I thought she was pretty bad when I first watched as it is. It's not just the way she's playing Lucas and Peyton, though, it's Nathan and Haley, too.

Naley were perfection at this point
"Funny, how one little decision can
ruin your life... But also save it."

Leigh Tumblr
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Old 02-12-2018, 03:54 AM
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Compared to the seasons 6-9 it seems she was a totally different person. But Peyton wasn't honest to her, too. At least in the beginning. She said she was cool that Lucas and Brooke had a relationship, but that wasn't true.

Haley was the perfect girl for Nathan. She supported him from the beginning.
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Old 02-12-2018, 12:50 PM
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It does, it's insane. I don't really see that as an excuse, tbh, seeing as imo, they made it obvious she knew anyway, and regardless of that, she knew how Lucas felt.
"Funny, how one little decision can
ruin your life... But also save it."

Leigh Tumblr
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Old 08-10-2018, 10:54 PM
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Okay I don’t want to be anything other than me. Peyton feels like an idiot. Lucas says say hi to Brooke… Never good. Haley, Nathan will kiss you later.
Cue Whitey and his speech.. He wants an undefeated season.
Lucas is chasing down Brooke. Lucas is trading literacy for sexual favours. He is now tutor boy.. Hooked on phonics is working for them..
Deb is fighting the coffee pot.. Now Dan is there to fight with her. Luke walks out of his own family business when he sees him.. Again Dan doesn’t get punched… Why doesn’t Dan get punched?
Dan and Nathan eating fast food because Deb isn’t there to serve them… Men.. I mean boys.
Nathan wants a sleepover with Lucas… Join the club Nathan..
Dan reminds Nathan about how he is the top scorer. Nathan is happy and Dan loves him .
Dan throws a lot of fits..
Nathan wants steroids.. Yeah he needs roid rage like well I need roid rage…
Keith/Lucas – nice finally hanging out again. Talking about Karen, Deb and Dan… Find something new to talk about. Brooke is playing drive by strip by chapters and Keith is impressed.
Ahh Nathan isn’t taking steroids for performance it’s to grow boobs and Tim called dibs.
He is raging out already? Jebus must be those fast acting steroids..
Haley is trying to be cute with Nathan but he will see her later… Yep pop another pill doofus..
Whitey is bored lecturing kids so he goes to Dan’s place of business.. I don’t even think he wants to buy a car. It’s all Whitey’s fault – man that’s true on many levels…
Is being a basketball coach a fulltime job? Does he coach other stuff? Football, soccer, rhymical gymnastics?
Brooke is spouting off book facts to get Lucas in the sack.. Does Peyton know? Did I miss it? Well Gretchen and Henry are drinking a shooting some pool. Again – How do people not know each other in a small town? Is the waitress new?
Liquor is so easy to get when you are a kid.
Nathan is wearing out Haley’s floor.. He is hyper… Haley wants to study and Nathan wants to get carnal. Too far Nathan, red flag dude get to stepping.. Haley James doesn’t get down… yet.
Lucas and Brooke are reenacting weird science.. He totally ignored Peyton’s calls.
Why do white girls get Chinese symbols tattooed to themselves? Flash forward to laser surgery in ten years.
Luke is drunk and Keith is on to him.. Lucas you are grounded.. Dealing with it tomorrow… Let the hangover begin.
Nathan and Dan do you actually talk about anything other than basketball…
Snap Lucas got a tattoo. Another Chinese symbol… I just can’t. . Keith you are a crappy babysitter. Keith has the babysitters blues…
Haley and Lucas relive the night passed… finally honesty…
Brooke brags to Peyton about it… weird because she knows Peyton likes him.. It comes across as bragging… But P.Sawyer you passed so suck it…
Dan bought a diner for Deb now? What the hell? Dan is really selfish to not want her to have any connection to his kid… He doesn’t want to be forgiven… Is there a delivery service for punches? 1-800 punches? I think Deb should call and get a rush order..
Haley is a virgin and Peyton says good for you… Um why?

Ah cue the cattiness. I just need some cartoon cats to go across the screen.. Maybe some meowing sounds… Now Peyton wants Luke and says crappy stuff about her best friend…
Chicks be whack…

Lucas’ tattoo doesn’t look good.

Dan is back to bait Nathan… and Deb .

Haley wants to talk. Nathan has a problem… Haley I hope you don’t go crawling back to him after that…

Nathan is on track to break Dan’s record – of being a prick… Nathan is now fighting the ref… He looks crazy . Nathan in going down… I think he’s faking it .

Dan is stroking his hair… A human moment… Wow. . And back to the scouts.

The doctor is trying to tell Dan about Nate’s drug use and Dan isn’t hearing it… Dan knows his son? No one called Deb . Too funny. He’s gone… Back to punch the ref I suppose…

Whitey and Keith getting drunk in the changeroom… Ah finally some of my highschool memories.. .

Deb and Dan are getting into again… Dan.. whenever you point a finger at someone four more are pointing back at you…. Careful Dan she will stab you in your sleep…

Haley, crawling back… Yeesh… Nate arrives but still. I don’t like that at all. Nathan should pay more than that. Now he is blaming Dan… He gives good apology… but still.

Peyton is knocking… But Brooke is already rocking…
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Old 08-11-2018, 02:30 AM
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Thanks for the review.

Never understood why Brooke continued to throw herself at Lucas when she knew damn well how he felt about Peyton.
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