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BlondieLeigh 07-05-2017 03:33 AM

I'm trying to vary what I use per episode, so there will be some couple caps. Not many though because I'm trying to avoid it to make the threads more neutral.

in the dark 07-06-2017 12:59 PM

it will look great I'm sure but simple is good :)

BlondieLeigh 07-07-2017 09:30 AM

I didn't want to put too much in them.

in the dark 07-07-2017 10:39 AM


BlondieLeigh 07-07-2017 11:21 AM

Doesn't really need more than the air date episode title, description, promo, banner etc.

BlondieLeigh 08-12-2017 10:23 AM


Sticking for the rewatch.

Wilpen 08-15-2017 04:10 AM

I think I probably do better watching the episode and posting thoughts solo, haha.

Did we do the live chat?

Watching live...


When Lucas took and made that shot, my basketball career flashed in front of my eyes. I totally remember being in that situation endless times.

Brooke stripping in the car without even knowing Lucas was just desperate and stupid. :blank: They don't even know each other and she's stripping... mainly because he made the winning shot and he's eye candy. She would have taken everything off had Whitey not prevented it from happening. Ugh.

Wow that Nathan had no clue Peyton had sketches. :blank: Dump him, Peyton!

So cute how Haley got so excited and congratulated Luke when she found out his stats for the game. I love these two.

I might just be weird but I LOVE when Peyton's all ticked at Lucas, I love when they fight. :lol: Well, it's not a fight, it's Peyton ticked and Lucas smiling, which is why I find it adorable.

Notice how Peyton and Haley are the ONLY two not treating Lucas like a rock star. Well, Nathan too but that goes without saying. LOL But everyone else is acting like he's a God.

Peyton's expression when she sees Brooke's, umm, clothes come out of his locker shows a bit of jealousy. :D Peyton catching up with Brooke, asking her how Lucas had Brooke's bra is major jealousy!

Weird sidenote: CMM has ZERO body hair (none on his legs, either!) which makes his body that much more appealing. :lol:

I love how Whitey keeps seeing Lucas in embarrassing situations. :lol:

So Nathan has to move from 2 to 3 on the court. I live these added extras about basketball. :D

Dan is such a douche.

First Haley and Nathan meeting. :D I love, love, love how she immediately stated Luke's place in her life.

I love Peyton's art being displayed. :love:

I hate that Brooke's acting so ****ty. :( It's almost embarrassing watching her throw herself at Lucas.

Once again Peyton's asking Brooke why she's pursuing Lucas so hard. The very fact that Peyton said she usually gives up by now proves that Brooke really is... well, as loose as it gets. Brooke asked Peyton if she was jealous. Brooke knows right now she is! Brooke, listen to what your best friend is trying to say to you, please. :-/ She shouldn't have to spell it out to you. Peyton is telling Brooke in her own language to back off but of course Brooke's too into herself to see Peyton.

F is for fine. :lol:

Go Karen!

Peyton/Lucas River Court scene... :love:

Haley going to bat for Lucas shows the endless feelings Haley has for her best friend.

Notice the first Naley meeting is by beautiful water with sun reflecting off of it. :D

I love how Peyton didn't budge and kept to who she was as an artist. I love Peyton!

Oh Brooke... I hate seeing you so desperate and loose like that. It's just uncomfortable all around. :facepalm:

That a girl, Peyton! They're still accepting your art!

Haley, you should have told Lucas. You are doing a noble thing. He wouldn't get mad at you!

BlondieLeigh 08-21-2017 03:52 PM


Lucas getting the winning basket :woot: Dan does not look happy.

Karen and the random mother :lol:

Dan pretty much berating Nathan for not making the shot is awful :blank:

Brooke in the car is one of the cringiest things ever, why would they think her having zero self respect was a good look? And you can tell Lucas is uncomfortable with her being there.

Whitey :lmao:

Nathan didn't even notice what was on her walls... wtf?!

Haley/Lucas :love:

Did they just have Haley imply that her mother is a drinker only to say it was the machine? :lmao:

Karen/Keith teasing each other. Bittersweet.

Peyton's found out about the sketches.

"Blonde viking guys are hot." :lol:

Symbolic burning of the last name.

"Who do you think you are?" "Someone you're pissed at." :rotfl:

Peyton was so unimpressed with the Brooke thing, even if she knew what Brooke had been up to.

Taking the towel and clothes is so amatuer, tbh.

"I was just getting used to low waist jeans." :rotfl: Whitey!!

Whitey showing Nathan who is in charge is everything.

Dan is the worst :mad:

The fact that Haley is Nathan's backup plan and he is treating it as nothing is appalling.

He thought Peyton was a trained artist :love:

Brooke is ridiculously childlike.

"F is for fine, right?" :lol:

Brooke openly acknowledging that she knows that Nathan is essentially emotionally abusive towards Peyton is all the worse knowing that she'll soon be trying to push Peyton back to him.

"I heard about this. Hoped it wasn't true." Peyton basically apologising for Nathan, and then literally apologising for Nathan.

Her smile when he tells her the editor is wrong :love:

Karen unknowingly encouraging Haley to tutor Nathan...

That's illegal, but okay... Nathan's so used to not being made to face the consequences of his actions.

"If it makes you feel any better, I called some woman a bitch the other day." :lol:

Haley was apologising for what she was going to do, not what she had done, because she's decided she needs to stop Nathan when really he needs to stop himself.

The beginning of naley :)

Peyton refusing to change who she is for the magazine :love:

Brooke acting like Lucas rejecting her is a game says a lot about her, tbh, and it's not great. Disrespectful to him and to her.

Haley should just tell him. To stop Nathan coming between them.

Side note: How did I not notice that Melissa Ponzio was in this?


I think I probably do better watching the episode and posting thoughts solo, haha.
I'm finding it easier, too. Livechats are fun but so much harder to arrange.


Oh Brooke... I hate seeing you so desperate and loose like that. It's just uncomfortable all around.
So, so uncomfortable, especially in the way she is doing so, showing a complete lack of respect for herself and those around her. It's actually kind of difficult to watch because it makes me so uncomfortable.

royalღcaliber 09-05-2017 01:32 PM


Originally Posted by royalღcaliber (Post 88801575)
Lucas making the winning shot was awesome!!

I forgot how "friendly" Brooke was in the beginning :lol: But I love her!

The beginning of Naley!! :sigh::love: They are my OTH OTP!! Haley agreeing to tutor Nathan so that he'll leave Lucas alone! But it was sad when she didn't tell Lucas about it! :( But the cracker jack scene!! :love:

Dan is still the worst! His little digs at Nathan are just so awful. It's no wonder Nathan is such a jerk all the time!

The hazing on Lucas sucks, but that basketball scene was nice!! :drool::lol:

I love Karen and Keith's relationship so much!! It makes me sad though for obvious reasons..

Jake is such a good guy!! I love how he has Luke's back!

The boosters were so annoying! I love that Karen stood up to them :lol: (also one of the booster moms was Melissa Ponzio who plays Scott McCall's mom on Teen Wolf)

I've misses this show so much!! :D

I have nothing to add to this (I'm almost caught up to where I left off so I won't be reblogging myself soon :lol:)

BlondieLeigh 09-06-2017 09:58 AM

:yay: for almost catching up.

Barstool Prophet 08-10-2018 03:29 AM

Lucas Scott scores the winning point! Dan is pissed. Brooke is impressed. There is a new Scott in town.. Karen to join the boosters? :lol: Yikes. These parents seriously, y’all need jobs. Great Dan takes another shot at Nathan. Jerk.

Oh there is naked Brooke in the car.. Whitey again with the onliner.. :lol:. Brooke is way into athletes. Lucas doesn’t seem that interested in her. But I like her guts to do something like that.

Nathan never wants to get down he only wants to whine about Lucas :lol:. He really doesn’t pay any attention to his girlfriend.

Haley and Lucas :love:. I freaking love their friendship. Haley is interested in basketball? Really..

Karen and Keith scene.. again. Yeah Karen lives in the past. She just can’t get by it.

Thud loves her art but Peyton doesn’t look happy.

A school event is about burning stuff? Totally different that my reality but okay. Now Luke is getting so my attention. Lucas/Peyton/Brooke You can already see the seeds of the triangle brewing. I hate triangles. Girls are never written well in them.

Stealing of the clothes out of the Locker room.. Classic.

Dan is living through Nathan… He is so embarrassing. He really needs to back off. I don’t really believe that he wants Nathan to be happy.

Nathan is getting the team to haze Luke. He is such a brat. Going after Haley is low..

Brooke has a cootie catcher? What is this 5th grade? Getting her legs waxed.. Everyone is falling for Lucas..

Shouldn’t Keith know Haley’s family if Lucas and Haley have been friends forever? I think that is a plot hole.

Aww they destroyed the court.. Jerks. Hmm Peyton showed up… Peyton doesn’t want to do her comic ? I like these two together. I think she is a lot more human in her scenes with Lucas.

Haley is hanging up on Nathan. Good for her.

Jake is showing up for Luke again. I like it.

Jebus… Kidnapping? That is going too far.

Haley will help Nathan if he lays off of him. Still not the best thing to do for her friend.
Math don’t care and neither do I :lol:.
A old fashion arson demonstration.. Nice.

stlavin95 08-10-2018 05:06 AM


Originally Posted by Barstool Prophet (Post 94759281)
Lucas/Peyton/Brooke You can already see the seeds of the triangle brewing. I hate triangles. Girls are never written well in them.

I don't think anyone ever gets written well when it comes to triangles imo and this situation was no exception imo.

Thanks for the review :) Rewatching Season 1 reminded me how amazing Lucas/Haley's friendship was back in the day.

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