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cyndie57 05-14-2013 05:12 PM

Yogalates #6 (The Cohens): Because we all wish we were part of the family!
The Cohens:
Sandy, Kirsten, Seth, Ryan and Sophie!

art by Michal

Yogalates Supporters:

1. Otep (Erica)
2. SATINribbon(Cathy)
3. dixieland_dreamer(Jenna)
4. Atti's Angel
5. *Li*
6. Superliz*
7. Theocangel
8. alexiscorner
9. Kischa
10. Sarah R
11. crazy4TheCalling
12. spazzie
13. Leka
14. carsonb
15. *reza*
16. Dipsy x Grl
17. DreamOn777
18. AphroditeAres
19. X-6_494
20. Jamie Witter
21. JadeNecklace
22. ~Maz~
23. Marie Elizabeth
25. Rock Chickie
26. ILuvRyan&Seth
27. Vix_Chic
28. * Diane *
30. MissCongeniality
31. RoswellDreamer5
32. .N.A.t.A.L.i.A.
33. crazymike4
34. SpyChickJK
35. tao of myself
36. S.A.S.H.A.
37. Lyndsi
38. southside (Karlie)
39. JelenBean
40. *Shannon* (Shannon)
41. TallyMcKee (Tally)
42. California_here_I_come
43. *Ledi* (Ledi)
44. _MeNiNaVeNeNo_ (Vanessa)
45. sammyitaly (Samantha)
46. -Alex-
47. Anla
48. CanonsaAreWorthless (Aleah)
49. QueenBitch (Aly)
50. Annariverly
51. Semmer Fan (Kelly)
52. Lady Dragonair
53. ~Sarah~
54. allyru
55. Chazina
56. peas
57. last beautiful girl
58. ~Marie*
59. A Buffy & Spike dreamer (Lily)
60. EmmyMcBitchy (Emily)
61. BeachBabe101
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64. Andrea D
65. ~mEnTaL-PiXiE~
66. Bluebird Of Happiness
67. Cutiepie33
68. PhAt PiGGyE
69. ~-Sarah-~
70. danyjoncew
71. katesuperstar
72. Ania R.
73. Anla
74. NZOCFan
75. [captain oats]
76. sammyitaly
77. True Daisy lover
78. ocfan718
79. dayblazes
80. kalipinay23
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82. Rossignol
83. "You'reMyLittleSnowAngel"
84. Soniagranelli
85. flavy
87. alljess
88. Katydid0389
89. ChaChaPrincess
90. Mischalicious
91. Captain Oatsocute
92. theocrocks863
93. brendadylan1984
94. SergeantPepper
95. ThePrettySophia
96. ErinlovestheOC
97. derschatzi.
98. missingOTH
99. naturellebella
100. *Lori89*
101. mrs.scott
102. HalesNLuke
103. michelle ling
104. Sweetgirl465
105. imaginary light
106. martha(brucas&jeyton)
107. ManhattanBabe
108. BreanBamonFan
109. RM&SSforever
110. McQueenFanGirl
111. cyndie57
112. Captivating
113. sourburst
114. Queen of Babble
116. Ankatje

Wanna be added? Just say so.

Why We Love Them:

1.) Saying Yogalates was never this much fun!
2.) We're not that funny in the morning!
3.) They're the perfect family!
4.) Cause they gave the stocking to Ryan, and he hang it by the chimney.
5.) Cause Seth and Ryan are like brothers now, that means that they do stuff for each other.
6.) Cause we love when Kirsten says: "Seth, NOW!!"
7.) Cause Ryan just wants to be 17.....and Kirsten too.
8.) Cause Ryan is going to stay with them now.
9.) Cause Sandy helped Ryan to put the tie on.
10.) Cause Seth and Sandy should really learn to knock, in case there is a threesome going on somewhere.
11.) Cause Sandy and Kirsten are the puppets, and Seth is the puppetmaster-world domination to follow.
12.) Cause Sandy and Kirsten get over Jimmy, get over Rachel.....and get over Caleb!!!
13.) Cause Seth & Ryan gotta stick together, because united they're unstoppable. But divided people get shot.
14.) Cause Kirsten went to the juvi to visit Ryan with Seth.
15.) Cause of the way Sandy and Seth were joking outside Dr. Kim's office while waiting for Ryan.
16.) Cause from the moment Seth was born, Sandy knew he wouldn't have taken any easy breath without knowing he was ok....Seth is like asthma.
17.) Cause Kirsten and Sandy are parents....they work for us.
18.) Cause Sandy and the boys didn't want Kirsten to cook for Thanksgiving....well...they NEVER want her to cook really!!
19.) Cause Ryan had nothing to do with the rug.....what about the rug?!?
20.) Cause even during the Thanksgiving mess, Sandy found the time to listen to Seth's heart troubles and gave advices to his son.
21.) Cause Sandy and Ryan stayed home playing videogames the night of the first.
22.) Cause Seth realized that nobody want a brand new teenager.....and Sandy and Kirsten realized that too!!
23.) Cause Jimmy Cooper called ALL OF THEM to visit Marissa at the hospital.
24.) Cause Chrismukkah sounds great for them....Ryan included.
25.) Cause Kirsten wanted Sandy to "give the talk" to Ryan.....but then they weren't able to give him the good example.
26.) Cause Sandy believed the kids word that "shark movies always bring a rough crowd."
27.) Cause Seth asked Ryan if he wanna play videogames-they're like brothers since day one.
28.) Cause Kirsten gave Ryan a pie to bring to his brother at Thanksgiving.
29.) Cause Sandy believed when Ryan said that Seth had the "summer flu" and needed some "anna-biothics"....but then he got it. (Sandy is a little naive, isn't he?)
30.) Cause Sandy and Ryan like to say "Yogalates."
31.) Cause, according to Seth, the fact that Ryan got his ass kicked without reacting, means that he's really a Cohen!!
32.) Cause Sandy bought the beer, and Kirsten missed beer.
33.) Cause Seth is upset when Kirsten tells him how cute he is (but he IS!!!!!).
34.) Cause Kirsten convinced Dr. Kim to give Ryan a chance at Harbor's School.
35.) Cause Ryan went to visit his brother at Thanksgiving, but then he got back HOME to the Cohens.
36.) Cause Sandy taught Ryan how to play golf.....and Seth helped catching the ball in the pool.
37.) Cause Sandy and Seth made fun of Ryan, his punching people ability, his musicals, his charm with the ladies, and his golf abilities.
38.) Cause Sandy and Kirsten are not giving up on Ryan just because he screwed up.
39.) Cause Sandy told Seth that Danny isn't funny: he makes RYAN look funny!
40.) Cause Sandy wanted the keys from Ryan: he drove.
41.) Cause Seth asked Sandy to give him "the talk", and asked Ryan for sex advice.
42.) Cause the Cohens are very sexual beings!!
43.) Cause Kirsten went around the house hitting the guys with the cupid's arrow.
44.) Cause Sandy put candy hearts on the bed for Kirsten, then asked for the ones with nuts.
45.) Cause Sandy taught Seth a little something that he likes to call "foreplay."
46.) Cause Sandy told Ryan what he fought anyway, like he was his own son.
47.) Cause Kirsten caught Ryan and Marissa in the poolhouse, and said that it never happened with Seth.
48.) Cause Sandy and Kirsten wanted some time alone, and that's a picture Seth didn't want to take with him.
49.) Cause "dad" is a three letter word for hilarious.
50) Cause both Ryan and Seth offered up their cheeks to Kirsten's kiss.

~Search4Truth~ 05-14-2013 05:19 PM

Aw thanks so much for starting the new thread, Cyndie! :hug:

cyndie57 05-14-2013 05:36 PM

Aww :back_hug: you're so welcome :kiss: it's such a pleasure for me :D

I've just noticed I'm not on the fan list :eek: I'm gonna add myself right now :P :gone:

"You'reMyLittleSnowAngel" 05-15-2013 09:44 AM

Thanks for the new one! :)

NewOCFan 05-15-2013 10:33 AM

Thanks for the new thread!!

~Search4Truth~ 05-19-2013 01:59 PM


Originally Posted by cyndie57 (Post 69562816)
Aww :back_hug: you're so welcome :kiss: it's such a pleasure for me :D

I've just noticed I'm not on the fan list :eek: I'm gonna add myself right now :P :gone:


Captivating 06-09-2013 12:30 PM

Would love to be added to the list! The Cohens are still one of my favorite TV families. :nod:

~Search4Truth~ 06-09-2013 03:13 PM


Originally Posted by Captivating (Post 70021413)
Would love to be added to the list! The Cohens are still one of my favorite TV families. :nod:

I added you! :D Welcome, and I agree! :sigh:

cyndie57 06-10-2013 02:34 AM

:yay: Welcome to the thread :wave:

:nod: they are the best :thumbs_up:

"You'reMyLittleSnowAngel" 06-10-2013 03:50 PM


Originally Posted by Captivating (Post 70021413)
Would love to be added to the list! The Cohens are still one of my favorite TV families. :nod:

Yay! :) Hi there! :wave:

Captivating 06-10-2013 06:11 PM

Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! I'm Libby! :wave:

~Search4Truth~ 06-10-2013 07:39 PM

Hi Libby! :wave: I'm Theresa. :D

NewOCFan 04-30-2014 06:31 AM

Family pic! :D

"You'reMyLittleSnowAngel" 04-30-2014 03:45 PM

Love it! :D

cyndie57 04-30-2014 08:46 PM

Epic selfie :D

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