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Old 11-08-2015, 09:26 PM
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Setham (Seth/Adam) #115: congrats to the new daddy !

Art by Kat
Gif by Rachel/Adam

Welcome to the Adam Brody/Seth Cohen Appreciation thread!

Banners by NZOCFan, Rossignol, *Laura.Isabell* and PrincessRachel13

credit: rinoatimber @ tumblr

Adam's Bio
Born and raised in San Diego, California, Adam Brody spent a lot of his teen years hanging out with his friends, having fun and surfing. Upon graduation, he convinced his parents to allow him to attend college in Los Angeles. However, instead of enrolling in school, he hired an acting coach, signed with a personal manager and soon landed the lead in the NBC movie-of-the-week, Growing Up Brady, playing Barry Williams (Greg Brady). Soon after, Brody was cast as the lead in the MTV cult series Now What? His television credits also include a recurring role as Coop in ABC's Once and Again; a recurring role as Dave in the WB's Emmy-nominated Gilmore Girls; and standout guest starring roles in Judging Amy, Family Law and Smallville. Brody currently stars in the Fox television series "The O.C." (2003), playing Seth Cohen, the son of Peter Gallegher's character (Sandy).In addition to starring in the skateboarding movie, Grind (2003), Brody's feature film credits include an very small role in the 2002 hit thriller The Ring and the dynamic lead role as Patrick in Missing Brendan, opposite Edward Asner and Illeana Douglas. He will also co-star in the soon-to be hit feature, Mr & Mrs Smith with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as well as a role in the indie satire, Thank You For Smoking (based on a novel), which also features many well-known names at the moment in Hollywood. Adam's next project (during his OC-filming hiatus) is a romantic drama, In The Land of Women, where he has a lead role opposite Meg Ryan.

The Dictionary:
You'll catch some fans refer to our little thread as the "Misfits" and some as the "Adorkables" or even our name for seth/adam the "Sethams" So if you're new to this thread and are confused please refer to this dictionary for reference.
- Adorkable adj. = A dork is a stupid, inept, or foolish person. Seth is inept. Adorable is delightful, lovable, and charming or worthy of adoration. Seth is all of these things. So what do you describe a person as who happens to be inept, delightful, lovable, charming and worthy of adoration? Adorkable of course.
- Setham n. = The combination of the names Seth and Adam. We know they are two separate entities, but are too last to type both names all of the time. Smash Seth and Adam together and viola there it is.
- Misfit n. = A misfit is one who does not adapt to their environment; something that fits badly. Seth does not adapt to his environment and is referred to by the other kids as weird. He doesn't fit in with the so called "incrowd" of the The O.C. so some of us here believe in honour of Seth not fitting in, we should be the "Misfits"

Random Photos:
[Click for larger version]

New pics:

Infamous Quotes From The Lovely Seth:
1. "Oh wow, I should really learn how to knock.. just in case there's a threesome going on.. in the bathroom."
2. "Welcome to the dark side."
3. "We can play grand theft auto it's so cool you get to steal cars..not that that's cool."
4. "Every day is a fashion show for these people."
5. "You know what I think, Ryan I think that if you were to teach me some moves, I think that we could totally take them next time, that's what I think, a little bit of that, ya know what i mean, a little bit of that, that!"
6. "I listen to the same music as Marissa Cooper? I think I have to go kill myslef now."
7. "Okay, I was going for stealth, and also its slimming."
8. "That was awesome!"
9. "I just said you look nice in a sweater vest."
10. "Yeah because everyone wants a brand new teenager."
11. "I think I'm better than everyone? Well, if you mean Luke. Than, yes, cause that guy shaves his chest!"
12. "You are forcing me to live amongst these pod-people, and the first cool person I meet you throw out of the house!"
13. "And I thought you didn't do girlfriends, I mean you did them, but you know?
14. "You know, you're a great barbecusionist."
15. "Yeah, now it will be on my turf. Actually I don't really have any turf but if I had turf this would be it."
16. "Enough with the whole moody scowl thing."
17. "Is it twisted to find my potential grandma really hot?"
18. "Mom! I... Oh, I get it. I'm just here for the comic relief."
19. "I'm going to go make magic happen. I feel like my hair is working for me tonight."
20. "Seth Cohen: your friendly neighborhood pimp at your service."
21. "I'm not weak. I'm just delicate."
22. "That note is like the ring, you read you die!"
23. "3 letter-word for hilarious. D-A-D. Write that one down."
24. "Yeah, yeah. Me and Marissa? We could be related. I don’t know. I can’t even do the Math. But the real kicker is … Julie Cooper: My Grandma. My Grandma wears Uggs. Think about it."
25. "You're the bad boy, okay? You're the outsider. You're supposed to be leading me into temptation, not homeroom."
26. "I was like a fish flopping around on dry land. Ryan, I was Nemo, and I just wanted to go home."
27. "Not to rub it in, man, but I think Princess Sparkle's your type. Yeah, I blew it for us both. What's that? Yeah, are you kidding? Great hooves!"
28. "Someone's gonna have to give me a hand down, because it's really high up here and I could fall and that would be embarrassing...more embarrassing."
29. "The thing is, it's sort of a sex marathon, not a sprint."
30. "I'm gonna go pee. So if anyone asks, that's where I am...for a while."
31. "Oh, Summer. I think you are the stud finder."
32. "Celery's gay. Got it."
33."Okay, using the dreaded middle name is no way to forge a bond."
34. "Oh hey, if you see any more nekkid fat guys, be sure and let Luke know."
35. "There was a two-for-one special on brooding, young men."
36. "That's me.....with powers!"
37. "Her with the tattoo, you with the's like the ultimate wrong-side-of-the-tracks love story."
38. "He enjoys sunset walks on the beach, punching people, and not smiling."
39. "C'mon, what? The only music they had in Chino was the sound of gunshots and helicopters?"
40. "I have a mop, Ryan!"
41. "Changing urinal cakes, that's how commited Seth Cohen is to the new Seth Cohen."

Setham Lovers
1. Hyde's_gal
2. Deee
3. beautifulgarbage (Rachel)
4. *Shannon*
5. LemonLime
6. spazzie
7. Kat*EyEz
8. DreamOn777 (Sarah)
9. CrazyCanadian
10. Fair_Maiden
11. indiglo
12. Bloody Brilliant
13. Lovesbitch (Raven)
14. GodsGirl4Life
15. bad jeans (Carli)
16. southside
17. ??
18. Floegirl
19. d-nise
20. kidatheart83
21. ASmallCreekfriend (Lindsey)
22. BlueAngel
23. * Cordelia *
24. *Pixie Dreamer*
25. Buddha for Mary
26. Legna681
27. tangled STARR
28. Lisa J.
29. zales00
30. Puddlemere
31. purrfect405
32. one.ray.of.sunlight.
33. Cotton_CandyLover
34. Lyndsi
35. Terpsichore
36. ScorpioGrl
37. coveredinrain
39. White Lady of Rohan
40. ?}{
41. Elviriel
42. rOsWeLlBABY
43. chilenita
44. twinkie_princess
45. *Ledi*
46. september angel
47. Mini Mia
48. Chelocean
49. cmupjer
50. Hat Trick
51. Hard-Core GG Fan
52. elisheva
53. mnmstarr
54. tearoffatesdream
55. Fieryangel (Ashley)
56. HamScout's Honor
57. amore85
58. Kid Vicious
59. Josh'sTexasGal
60. The Christmas Nazi
61. DJCreek22
62. retropanda
63. DaWsonSReaLJoEy
64. Firestar007
65. Mm...Mmm...Behr
66. Sarah R
67. lasha4god
68. Rain Sierra
69. calcium_yeah
71. Paceylvr4evr
72. TrueBlonde
73. * Kay *
74. alexiscorner
75. *~SpikesLilAngel~*
76. smilingchick
77. lil_angel1989
78. CreekFreak
79. crazy4TheCalling
80. -diana-
81. dixieland_dreamer
82. Jer][choGirl
83. Hartnett'sSlave
84. YingYang07
85. tragedy
86. Crakerbaby
87. ~*RaineDayz*~
88. 2unique1
89. SATiNribbon
90. WorthANNything
91. TheChosenOne
92. Marie Elizabeth
93. welcometomyworld
94. * Diane *
95. PiPaS
96. Hot Like Fire
97. RoswellDreamer5
98. BeachBabe101
99. MissCongeniality
100. Vi
101. Andrea D
102. Anoel
103. Atti's Angel
104. CaptainBackfire
105. Caddie
106. *Krissy*
107. sammyitaly
108. EmmyMcBitchy (Em)
109. HisGirlFriday
110. [captain oats] (Holden)
111. Sparkling Water
112. luvjunky
113. JoozerLoozer (Angelica)
114. fear x less
115. ~Judu~
116. ~*Brianna*~
117. Anica
118. -EM-
119. PhAt PiGGyE
120. *~*~My Immortal~*~*
121. QueenBitch (Aly)
122. Annariverly
123. Sweet x Catastrophe
124. *Kaylee*
125. groovyk1 (Kelly)
126. Natz
127. -.cathy.- (Cathy)
128. NZOCFan (Jess)
129. A Buffy & Spike dreamer (Lily)
130. Semmer Fan
131. tru-calling4eva
132. Are You Happy Now? (Shinie)
133. Bluebird Of Happiness (Jack)
134. silver_lined_cloud (Lulu)
135. ~mEnTaL-PiXiE~ (Kara)
136. MysticBliss
137. ~-Sarah-~
138. ~Catrina~
139. CanonsAreWorthless (Aleah)
140. MarstersAngel
141. dorksrock (Alyssa)
142. haydensgirl (Jess)
143. Callalily
144. XoCmMoX
145. KaLiPinAy23
146. katesuperstar
147. CaLiSa
148. EphramIsHot
149. YankeeChic21212
150. Playing The Angel (Sam)
151. chadfan
152. neko_chan
153. .N.A.t.A.L.i.A.
154. True Daisy lover4ever
156. DiMeraBaby
157. Muizzz
158. NonStop
159. Mighty Mouse 01
160. ...SNAP... (Claire)
161. iCantBelieveItsNotButter (Alex)
162. xRockstarBeautyx
163. MadameBovary
164.*J-La23* (Gemma)
165. adambrodyluva
166. sethandsummerforever (Amy)
167. martystel
168. noname185
169. Sweet_Honeycomb
180. princetongirl1990
181. kings05
182. sweetheartin
183. SethxMarissa
184. amore85
185. lightofshadows (Leanna)
186. Shameless Mind (Harlee)
187. cdgeiger
188. Magnesium Ribbon (Erica)
189. Mernie
190. Stefigus
191. rich10
192. octobersmoke
193. elleheller
194. Vero89
195. i~luv~adchel
196. _indelible
197. BreathofJasmine
198. IHeartSeth
199. =A/R=
200. RA4Evah
201. fehrroswell (Tara)
202. *ela
203. cociOC
204. CarolineP
205. Crazed_Fan
206. IriSka
207. She Screams In Silence
208. Cosmic Love (Stef)
209. O1adchel4me
210. Baby-L.R.F.
211. jojo3 (Jo)
212. -cuckoo bananas-
213. _virgo_
214. Katydid0389
215. dramaqueenn
216. ocfan1021nj (Sara)
217. AdamRachelLove (Alex)
218: Honest_Mistake
219. PrincessRachel13 (Jess)
220. rachel180691
221. littlemsvixen (Chloe)
222. illyria_girl
223. Brunette-Beats-all-sucka (Kristen)
224. Danetta
225. rachel/adam
226. flavy
227. Ella_Ocean
228. You'reMyLittleSnowAngel
229. Elyx
230. x_hawtieprincess_x
231. cecelialouise
232. ~anni~
233. Sethummeraholic
234. xBeautifulDisasterx23
235. *~Sophia~*
236. babyprincess
237. hockeycanada87
238. Captain Oatsocute
239. Teen Vogue
240. wickiswalter
241. justlikeheaven.
242. Anny86
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244. stephdizzle13
245. cartiergurl01
246. SergeantPepper
247. LooBitteTundiLoo
248. Beautiful.Disaster
289. ThePrettySophia
290. CrazyForYou
291. ellen-cheerleaderx
292. Ali Marie
293. ChuckFan
294. xsweetnightmarex
295. Cassie.
296. _xGemmax_
297. ||michelle||
298. theocrocks863
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300. SummerLMV
301. Lisa2011
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303. AmyElizabeth
304. buffy4ever
305. cveTenceTo
306. jateryara
307. martha(brucas&jeyton)
308. Rachel2091
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310. Katee
311. imaginary light
312. bumbleDEE
313. retro physical
314. summer___17
315. cordia
316. Mimmie
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319. cassid
310. Fall Out Girl <3
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312. P&B4ever
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314. ~tammy~
315. lovejonathanjackson
316. MrsHenryandHollyGibson
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320. IluvChad18
321. youretheonlydrugineed
322. McQueenFanGirl
323. dcfriends
324. Crybaby001
325. ravengirl008
326. DuVe2LoVe

If you would like to be added to the list, just PM the thread starter.

Why we Seth/Adam:
#1: 'Cause he plays such a cute dork.
#2: 'Cause he's so damn adorable.
#3: 'Cause the geeky boy always wins.
#4: 'Cause he's so cute when he's drunk.
#5: 'Cause he might get beat up a lot, but he still kicks butt at video games.
#6: 'Cause he's so adorkable!
#7: 'Cause he welcomed Ryan into his home and made him feel comfortable.
#8: 'Cause he named a boat after her.
#9: 'Cause he can whip your butt in videogames.
#10: 'Cause he smoked pot because of Dazed and Confused.
#11: 'Cause his comebacks rock our socks.
#12: 'Cause he's a late bloomer
#13: 'Cause we love his Captain Oats
#14: 'Cause he loves to sail
#15: 'Cause he plays in a band
#16: 'Cause he's a good kisser!
#17: 'Cause he's Seth Cohen, white knight!
#18: 'Cause he loves Magic the Gathering
#19: 'Cause we love his Jewfro!
#20: 'Cause he likes pillow talk
#21: 'Cause sometimes he talks just to make sounds
#22: 'Cause he goes for stealth
#23: 'Cause he's not going to beat Jesus
#24: 'Cause he's aweeesome!
#25: Because he reads comics and is still a hunk of meat.
#26: Because we wouldn't mind playing with his joystick.
#27: Because we would wanna be on the bottom if we played twister.
#28: Because we'd drink a Mountain Dew with him anytime.
#29: Because he stood on a coffee cart and declared his love for Summer!
#30: Because Seth cares about his hair a lot.
#31: Because we melt whenever we hear his speeches! "It's always been you..."
#32: Because he's a Man man, not just like an after-your-Bar Mitzvah man.
#33: Because Seth was like Nemo, and he just wanted to go home! (And we all know Nemo is adorable).
#34: Because Seth Cohen is so cheesy.
#35: Because he knows how to make Summer swoon, by sweeping her off her feet.
#36: Because Seth looks bed.
#37: Because Shirtless!Seth is awesome ( bed).
#38: Because Seth knows his Spanish.
#39: Because Seth loves worthy causes.
#40: Because Adam adlibs on the show!
#41: Because Adam was the break-out star in the first season of The O.C!
#42: Because Adam has great chemistry onscreen with his castmates!
#43: Because Seth keeps his watch on during sex! Oohlala.
#44: Because Adam said the show changed his life for the better!
#45: Because his dimples are just adorable.
#46: Because Seth watches The Valley, and we would watch it with him anytime!
#47: Because sarcasm is like breathing for him!
#48: Because the critics praise Adam constantly for his 'natural acting'.
#49: Because Adam loves to slip in the tongue every now and then!
#50: Because Adam always brings his dog Penny, to work and plays with her on-set!
#51: Because Adam will be on the big screen soon!
#52: Because Sad!Seth makes our heart break.
#53: Because awkward!Seth is awesome.
#54: Because Adam wrote a letter to the tooth fairy when he was in second grade!
#55: Because Seth is sensitive!
#56: Because he was in the comic-book club, sailing club, & the film preservation society!
#57: Because he sips his drinks (out of shot glasses) adorably!
#58: Because his "puppy eyes" are just so cute!
#59: Because Adam/Seth rock at dancing!
#60: Because Seth rocks at drawing! The Wonder Woman cartoon, anyone?
#61: Because Adam was named one of the sexiest men ever!
#62: Because Seth's fists are the "twin ambassadors of pain".
#63: Because he's eight and three quarters.
#64: Because he's into manual labour!
#65: Because his novelty tees rock!
#66: Because Adam dressed up an astronaut for Halloween!
#67: Because Adam took his mom to the Emmy's!
#68: Because Adam won a Teen Choice Award! Woo.
#69: Because Tipsy!Adam is hot, hehehe.
#70: Because Adam's first nickname was "Grody Brody".
#71: Because Adam looks hot with a surfboard.
#72: Because he is the brains behind his favourite holiday, Chrismukkah!

If you have any other reasons you would like to be added, just PM the thread starter with them.

-Adam's Current Projects (Either soon to be released,announced, or currently filming)-

The Ten : Smiley Face : The O.C Season 4 : In The Land Of Women : Death in Love : Jennifer's Body : A Couple of Dicks

Big Japan

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I love the 2nd gif in the OP

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Haha me too, he's got the moves
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he def does

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TFTNT! Cute title!
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YW and thanks for the title, i'm glad you like it
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is he going to be in any new movies or shows?


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What's Adam been up to?
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He will next appear in the upcoming movie CHiPs and in the drama series Start Up with Martin Freeman
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oh awesome

thanks for letting us know

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I was just wondering if it's possible to change my old username to my current one? I use to be x-love-adam-brody-x which was #297 on the list
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of course, it is possible


Originally Posted by Sweetgirl465 (View Post)
oh awesome

thanks for letting us know
my pleasure
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Originally Posted by cyndie57 (View Post)
of course, it is possible

Thank you

That's awesome that he has projects coming up!
"The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it.
Be Brave. Live." ♥
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adam brody

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