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Ouat s&s 471:

Spoilers & Speculations

Season Seven

Welcome to Storybrooke, a small town in Maine that you won’t find on any map. This town is full of magic, populated by fairytale characters once cursed by the Evil Queen Regina to live in our world—deprived of their memories and happy endings. Until Emma Swan came to town and changed everything. With the help of her son, Henry, Emma embraced her true identity as the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming—the Savior destined to break the Curse. But even after returning everyone’s memories, Emma’s mission was far from over. With the Curse broken, Mr. Gold (aka Rumplestiltskin) was free to bring magic to Storybrooke. And magic ALWAYS comes with a price…

After six seasons, the residents of the enchanted forest face their greatest challenge yet as The Evil Queen, Captain Hook and Rumplestiltskin join forces with a grown up Henry Mills and his daughter Lucy on an epic quest to once again bring hope to their world and ours. Along the way, new fairy tale characters and old search for true love, find adventure and once again take sides in the struggle of good against evil, as classic tales are once more twisted and reimagined.

“Once Upon a Time” stars Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Andrew J. West as Henry, Alison Fernandez as Lucy and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

Sneak Peeks

Script Teases

7.09 - "One Little Tear" written by C. Hollier & A. Karp | Airdate: December 8, 2017
  • October 4 - Gabrielle filmed x Hospital set x. Alison filming x. Adelaide filming with Gabrielle x. Sunset location shoot. x
  • October 11 - Robert, Colin and Gabrielle filmed x, x, x , x
BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

October 11 - Robert and Colin x, x

7.10 - "The Eighth Witch" written by Jane Espenson & Jerome Schwartz | Airdate: December 15, 2017
  • Bex returns as Zelena x
  • Meegan (Rapunzel) back for another episode x
  • October 17 - Bex filmed x
  • October 18 - Emma B filmed x
  • October 19 - Colin and Rose filmed scene at Troll Bridge x, x
  • October 24 & 25 - Emma B, Colin, Andrew, Lana, Gabrielle and Bex filmed. x, x, x
  • October 25 - Adelaide filmed x
  • October 25 - Dania filmed x
BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

7.11 - "Secret Garden " written by Edward Kistsis & Adam Horowitz | Airdate: TBA
  • November 3 - Mekia, Dania, Andrew and Nathan filming x
  • November 3 - Emma, Bex and Tiera all filmed x, x, x
  • November 6 - Rose filming in Stanley Park in EF clothing x
  • November 6 - Emma filming x with Adelaide x
BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

7.12 - "A Taste of the Heights" written by David H. Goodman & Brigitte Hales | Airdate: TBA
  • November 7 - filming at skate park x
  • November 7 - Bex x, Alison, Dania, Andrew x , Lana x, and Mekia x filming
BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:

7.13 - "TBA" written by | Airdate:
  • Captain Ahab x played by Chad Rook x
  • Emma Booth in school uniform x
BTS Pics/Videos/Stills:


Adam Horowitz & Eddy Kitsis interviews

cast interviews

casting & guest stars

  • What can you tease for Zelena’s return to Once Upon a Time? — Oliver
    Hmm, let’s say you’ll first see her in a place that’s very unexpected. But the reason she returns is far less so. “In times of crisis, you reach out for family,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “Regina’s going to need her sister coming up.” Adds EP Adam Horowitz: “It’s about the strength of the sisters. That relationship becomes front and center and entirely important.”EW ~ 11/9/17
  • Question: What’s next in Once Upon a Time‘s Ivy/Henry relationship? I loved seeing these two interact in the last episode. —Zara

    Ausiello: As you may have surmised by the way Ivy smoldered at Henry over drinks, “She has her sights set on him,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis. “How he feels about it, we’ll have to wait and see. But she definitely seems like she is interested.” And given the Jacinda/Cinderella of it all, “There is some conflict to come!”

    Question: Is there any chance Naveen from The Princess and the Frog could pop up in Once Upon a Time Season 7? —Lady Tremaine

    Ausiello: Indeed, the ABC series is currently seeking a thirtysomething African-American to fill the role of Naveen, a fun-loving adventurer who hides a tragic past. Series co-creator Adam Horowitz told Matt Mitovich we’ll meet Tiana’s would-be prince in the second half of the season. TVLine ~ 11/3/17
  • Anything you can share about Rumple’s connection to Alice on Once Upon a Time? —Rebecca
    I don’t know about Rumple, but in this Friday’s episode, “We delve deeper into Alice’s connection with Weaver,” co-creator Adam Horowitz says, “and we start to see that she is very cemented in the world of Hyperion Heights. Her sort of mysterious past starts to be revealed.” Adds co-creator Eddy Kitsis: “We’re also going to find out about who she is as a person.” Looking a bit further down the rabbit hole, “In an upcoming episode, we’re going to learn about what happened to her in Wonderland,” Horowitz says, “and how her story differs” from that of the Once franchise’s previous Alice.

    How do you think that Once Upon a Time‘s Regina/Roni is going to react when she find out that Henry has a daughter? — Tamara
    As you requested in your email, I asked Lana Parrilla this question during the NYCC Q&A, and here is what she said: “Oh my gosh, it’s going to quite complicated…. [From Season 1 to now] it’s been eight to 10 years, so there’s been a lot of growth, even from where Regina left off in Season 6. She is having difficulty remembering [her true identity], but I think she’ll come around… and will want to be in their lives as much as she can.” ~ TVLine 10/26/17
  • When will we get more Drizella on Once Upon a Time? — Kurt

    During Friday’s Halloween-themed hour, Henry will bring out a new side to her Hyperion Heights counterpart Ivy in a way that may make fans, hmm, a little nervous. “No one’s ever really taken the time or come close enough to actually ask her how she’s doing or try and see something more than this façade she puts on to hide all of her pain,” Adelaide Kane tells me. “Henry’s just the first person, and I would say probably the first man, who is gentle with her, asks some difficult questions, and takes a genuine interest in her feelings, in her life and what her experience is for her. He tries to find out maybe a little bit why she is the way she is, why she is so nasty and petty because people aren’t just born like that.”EW Spoiler Room ~ 10/26/17
  • Once Upon a Time Season 7 Rumple and Belle Happily Ever After Photos - Today's News: Our Take |
  • Question: Based on what the Once Upon a Time creators said about not ruining happy endings, might it be possible for Emilie de Ravin to appear later on in Season 6? —Betsy
    Ausiello: There are no plans to have Belle’s portrayer back following her Friday, Oct. 27 encore, “but that’s not to say that we won’t,” says Eddy Kitsis, noting: “We’re only halfway through [writing] the season.” Instead, find solace in the fact that Episode 4, titled “Beauty,” is being buzzed about as one of the fantasy drama’s very best hours, detailing as it does what happened to Rumple, Belle and their son after getting their happy ending in the May finale. But, how does Giles Matthey figure into it, as grown Gideon? “We don’t want to give away what’s happening in the plot,” says co-creator Adam Horowitz, “but you’ll get a deep dive into the Rumbelle life and what they’re doing with their child.”
    TVLine 10/19/17
  • What can we look forward to in this Friday’s Once Upon a Time, when Jennifer Morrison returns? —Mary
    The second episode of Season 7 “fills in what happened with Emma after the end of Season 6,” says co-creator Eddy Kitsis. As it does so, Kitsis says that fans of Emma, Hook and the “happy beginning” that they earned will “feel happy, and relieved and, like anything, they’ll want more.” (As for Hook’s new Hyperion Heights persona, in the same episode we will learn that Rogers has a case he’s never solved that haunts him — and that has fairy tale repercussions.)

    Bonus scoop: In case you missed it, in the latest Ask Ausiello Live I shared that Once‘s winter finale will introduce a twentysomething female who is A) related to someone we know and B) will be a love interest to a character we’ll see this season.

    I am a huge Once Upon A Time fan, and was also a fan of Reign. Would you happen to have any scoop on Adelaide Kane as Drizella? –Marcos
    As both Drizella and Hyperion Heights’ Ivy, “She definitely puts the wicked in wicked stepsister, I can tell you that much,” Kitsis answers. “She’s not one to be underestimated — and certain characters make that mistake.” TVLine 10/12/17
  • Question: On Once Upon a Time, will we see Cinderella’s other evil stepsister, Anastasia? — Rebecca
    Ausiello: Yes — at least in flashbacks, seeing as Episode 9 of the “reset’ season (premiering Friday at 8/7c) will feature a tweenage Anastasia. Interestingly, this younger Anastasia, regardless of how she turns out, is described as “a happy and selfless” lass who “loves her sister and step-sister alike.”TVLine 10/3/17
  • More Once Upon a Time scoop please! — Kate
    As of now, we’ll be in one new story book when season 7 launches, but the OUAT bosses say they have the freedom to go through multiple books. And with multiple books comes multiple authors — that’s right, Henry’s not the only one! “There has to be one author for each book and I think that is the case,” EP Edward Kitsis says. But EP Adam Horowitz is quick to add: “Different books have different mythologies, so it’s not like we’re going to tell the Author mythology the same way, or the Dark One mythology the same way. There’s going to be new things and new mythology to explore.” ~EW 7/27/2017
  • 'Once Upon a Time': What's next for Rumple and Belle? ~ EW 8/04/2017
  • I have a question for Once Upon a Time: Can Adam and Eddy tease Episode 4, which is focused on Rumple and brings back Emilie de Ravin? —Liza
    When I delivered your question, Adam Horowitz described the episode titled “Beauty” as “hugely romantic,” while co-creator Eddy Kitsis said, “It’s our favorite Rumbelle story since ‘Skin Deep.'” ~ TVLine 8/9/2017
  • Do you know anything more about Regina’s alter-ego on Once Upon a Time? — Braden
    Bar owner Roni is very, very different from Regina, so prepare yourselves. “She’s given up a little bit on life,” Lana Parrilla tells me. “She seems a little hopeless when we first meet her, and then Henry comes to town and things start to shift a little bit.” But don’t expect his arrival to immediately spark Regina’s memories. “No, there’s nothing there, and I like that. She’s just asleep. She’s not quite in touch with all that stuff yet. A few more things need to happen before she starts getting that feeling. Although, she is inspired by a character, and it shifts her a bit, at the end of the first episode.” ~ EW 8/10/2017
  • Once Upon A Time EPs Talk About The New "Book," "Roni" & Returning Faces | KSiteTV ~ 8/09/2017
  • Once Upon a Time: Showrunners Answer 15 Burning Season 7 Fan Questions - IGN ~ 8/12/2017
  • Robert Carlyle has to re-record some "Once Upon a Time" Season 7 lines — because Rumple changed his accent
  • New set ~ A. Horowitz
  • Once Upon a Time: Everything we know about season 7 so far ~ EW 7/03/2017
  • Once Upon a Time Season 7: Everything We Know So Far ~ TVLine 7/01/2017

Andrew J. West as Henry Mills
Alison Fernandez as Lucy
Gabrielle Anwar as Lady Tremaine
Dania Ramirez as Cinderella
Adelaide Kane as Drisella, wicked step-sister
Mekia Cox as Tiana
Rose Reynolds as Alice in Wonderland
Lana Parrilla as Evil Queen/Regina
Colin O'Donoghue as Captain Hook
Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold

ABC: Official Character Bios

Adam Horowitz, executive producer and writer | twitter
Andrew Chambliss, writer | twitter
Tze Chun, writer | twitter
Jane Espenson, writer | twitter
Leah Fong, writer| twitter
David H. Goodman, writer
Brigitte Hales, writer | twitter
Dana Horgan, writer | twitter
Robert Hull, writer
Paul Karp, writer | twitter | sdcc
Daniel T. Thomsen, writer
Bill Wolkoff, writer | twitter

Mark Isham, composer | twitter
Sarah McCulloch, production Leaf Lady | twitter
Jerome Schwartz, production | twitter
Helga Ungurait, production | twitter
Geoffrey Hildrew, post-production | twitter

Twitter: @OnceABC,
ABC Publicity: twitter
ABC TV: Once Upon A Time

Hashtags: #OnceUponATime

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San Diego Comic Con 2017 - July 20-23rd
Comic-Con 2017: The Complete TV Lineup

The panel interview:
Video Interviews:
TCA2017 - OUAT panel: source | report 'Once Upon a Time' could run for 'multiple years,' per ABC chief

New York Comic Con 2017 - October 6th
panel with Adam Horowitz, Edward Kitsis and Lana Parrilla


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Official Season Seven Posters and Promotional Material

"We're going to switch to water." ~Emma "What, for drinking?" ~Hook
“Guilt can be as corrosive to the soul as revenge.“ ~ Captain Nemo
"Seek forgiveness. Because whatever happened, it will always stay with you." ~ Captain Nemo
"When it's not your story, bad things happen."
"Just because life isn't what you want it to be right now, doesn't mean you tear it down."
"Things can seem hopeless. When suddenly, someone, gives the rest of us...inspiration."
"Because the first step to a new beginning is imagining that one is even possible."
"New loves, familiar faces and exciting adventures."

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Thanks for the new thread! Just in time for the new episode tonight
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First Look: Rapunzel Returns on 'Once Upon a Time'

She’s tressed for success! ABC’s fantasy Once Upon a Time brings back Rapunzel November 17 for a multi-episode arc that finds the feisty fairy-tale princess—now played by Meegan Warner (Turn: Washington’s Spies)—eager to get even with the evil sorceress who has kept her spellbound and imprisoned for years.

The character, originally played by Alexandra Metz (Chicago Fire) for just one episode in 2014, was rescued back then by Prince Charming (Josh Dallas). This time, Rapunzel will meet the dedicated Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue). Hints executive producer Adam Horowitz, “A mystery begins to unravel as soon as Hook climbs her iconic tower.”
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Thanks for the Rapunzel scoop. So is she Wish Hook’s baby Mama?
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I think Rapunzell is actually a young Lady Tremaine.
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It’s possible. We know she and Wish Hook have a past. And it’s still possible she’s the baby Mama too. Or the Witch is the baby Mama.
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Thanks for the scoop. I wonder if they planned this back when they had Hook prime tell David that he could climb the beanstalk and the hook wouldn't hold him back. Of course, Hook prime doesn't have wish Hook's memories, but it's a nice parallel between the beanstalk and the tower.
I wonder if that's a chess piece in the box?
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Mekia Cox – TrunkSpace
Once upon a time there lived a television series that brought together viewers both near and far for seven magical seasons. Many imaginative storylines were conceived with characters of whimsical origins. Laughs were had. Tears were shed. A fandom was born.

Mekia Cox joined the cast of the fantastical ABC drama series “Once Upon a Time” in its seventh season. Shifting between a cursed Hyperion Heights reality and the fairytale world, the Saint Croix native portrays both Sabine and Princess Tiana, a character first made famous in the Disney animated feature, “The Princess and the Frog.” As the sword-carrying Tiana, she’s on a mission with Cinderella (Dania Ramirez) to spearhead a resistance, one that aims to defeat Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar) and reshape the Enchanted Forest, ultimately leading to fans of the series living (hopefully) happily ever after.

We recently sat down with Cox to discuss how she approached bringing an animated character to life, her favorite aspects of Princess Tiana’s personality, and why we could all use a little dose of niceness in our lives.

TrunkSpace: You joined “Once Upon a Time” in its seventh season, but with so many new cast members stepping in at the same time, does that make joining an existing show easier?
Cox: I don’t know if I would say easier. It’s definitely different. In some ways it does feel like it’s a completely new show with a new cast because there are so many newcomers coming in. We’re all sort of in the same place, the ones who are new. However, the people that have been there, it’s nice to have them as well because they sort of know the ropes and they know how this whole thing works. If we ever have any questions about anything, whether it be what we’re doing on set or whether it be about backstory or what we have to look forward to, they’re always there, which is really kind of nice.

I really have enjoyed coming into this world and this set that has already been established, but yet there’s still this sort of renewed feeling of newness that’s happening.

TrunkSpace: It must also be a good feeling coming into a show with such a passionate, built-in fan base. They’ve been going onthe journey with these characters for years, and now they’re going on the journey with you and your character Princess Tiana. Cox: Exactly, which has been really nice. You know, the fans, I feel like as an actor they sort of help you. I’ve gotten some really sweet gifts and some really nice fan mail and it bolsters you up and helps you get through the day, so I enjoy all of that.

TrunkSpace: Because you are portraying such a well known character from the animated space, did you go back and try to bring any of those original character elements into your performance?
Cox: In speaking to Eddie (Kitsis) and Adam (Horowitz), the show creators, I discovered that they were taking small bits and pieces from the 2009 animated film, but they were also trying to create a new character as well, or a new version of this character. I think they kind of do that with all of these characters. They put their own spin on it, which makes it kind of interesting because you get to see more of their backstory, which you got to see a lot of in episode 5. You get to understand a little bit more about where this specific character came from that the “Once Upon a Time” creators have created.

TrunkSpace: From a performance standpoint, was there something that she allowed you to do on-screen that you have yet to be able to tackle in the past with previous characters?
Cox: I get to play with a sword. That’s always fun. (Laughter)

TrunkSpace: (Laughter) What about in terms of personality?
Cox: The character in the real world, the scenes are very, very close to me and my personality – probably one of the closest characters that I’ve ever played to myself. What is nice is being able to play this sort of leader in the fairytale land – this leader of the resistance. There is a bit of quiet confidence that she has that I enjoy being able to play and this leadership role is a little bit different for me. It’s been fun to get to tackle.

TrunkSpace: You mentioned the fairytale land. Because you’re jumping between the two worlds within the storytelling, does it feel like you’re shooting two different projects at times just because of those jumps?
Cox: It does, actually. Even the way in which they speak in fairytale land is a little bit different. I try to keep it real as much as possible, but it is a different form of speaking when they’re in the fairytale land. You have to play the same character but in completely different environments, so there are times that it does feel like we’re shooting two different films.

TrunkSpace: To look around you and absorb that fairytale vibe that you’re entrenched in, we’d imagine it really helps you tap into the mindset of a fairytale character?
Cox: That’s exactly true, yeah. How it works is we come in, we’ll read the lines together, we’ll block it maybe and run through it once or twice before we actually shoot. Sometimes when we do that we come in and we’re just in our normal clothes and we’ll run through things before we go back and get changed and come back as our characters. All of the sudden, like you said, once we are in this world where the environment has already been created for us with our clothes and with the set pieces and with everything that’s going on, it all of the sudden becomes a little bit easier to tap into that character because you don’t have to imagine all of the things they are. It’s right there for you.

TrunkSpace: “Once Upon a Time” is a show with such a large ensemble cast. For you, what’s the best part about being part of an ensemble where there are all of these various storylines going off in different directions and intersecting?
Cox: You get to meet a lot of really cool people. That’s fun. (Laughter)

I will say this, it does make it a little bit more challenging when you’re reading the script because you’re like, “Oh wait, okay, there’s a new character here? Okay, let me go back and figure out who this character is.” You have the real world and fairytale land and they have different names in both. It makes it more challenging, but also a more fun story, I feel like. I think it gives the creators many different ways that they can go with many different stories and players telling the stories.

TrunkSpace: It’s not easy for a series to make it seven seasons these days. What do you think it is that has enabled “Once Upon a Time” to thrive for so long?
Cox: I think it’s something that a lot of different people and a lot of different types of people can connect to. It was internationally, I believe, ABC’s number one show for a long time. I’m not sure if it is now or not, but I know it has been. There is something that people just can connect to and it takes them out of their own world for a second and allows them to remember, if they’re older, what it was like to be a kid, and if they’re younger, to be able to see these characters come to life and just to have fun for an hour and imagine these fantastical things that might not happen in the real world. And there are still nuggets that they give that are things that can help you learn how to deal with what’s going on in your real world.

TrunkSpace: It’s a heightened reality, but the emotions are real.
Cox: Exactly! That’s exactly right.

TrunkSpace: You’ve been acting since you were kid. Are there any pieces of advice or things you absorbed on a set in those early years that you still apply to your career to this day?
Cox: That it’s best to be as professional as possible. Things that everyone should know but sometimes people forget, which is, don’t be late, know your lines, and be nice to everyone around you.

TrunkSpace: We’re in a bit of a hyper-divided time in this country. The advice of being nice to everyone around you could certainly be applied to every day life as well.
Cox: This is very true. It would help the world if everyone was just nice to each other. That needs to be a new campaign – “Be nice.”

“Once Upon a Time” airs Fridays on ABC.
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Thanks for the interview.

The Rapunzel as young Lady Tremaine seems to be a popular theory and I think it's likely too, but Meegan and Gabrielle don't look much alike. You never know with casting for younger versions of characters on this show. Sometimes they do a great job (Snow, Emma, Zelena) and sometimes not (Lily, August). I also think it's possible she is the baby mama.
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Whomever the baby mama is she doesn't play a big role in this. The daughter and Fake Hook's relationship is the one that matters. That's the one that is TL. Wish Hook doesn't have TL w/ the mother nor does he ever bring her up, if he did he wouldn't have tried to impersonate the real Hook so he could be with Emma his TL. Although that would be rape but this show doesn't see things that way, which is a real shame.

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Thanks for the new thread.
"...but I still like to think there is something about Pacey and me that no one can ever quite touch."
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Originally Posted by Radames (View Post)
Whomever the baby mama is she doesn't play a big role in this. The daughter and Fake Hook's relationship is the one that matters. That's the one that is TL. Wish Hook doesn't have TL w/ the mother nor does he ever bring her up, if he did he wouldn't have tried to impersonate the real Hook so he could be with Emma his TL. Although that would be rape but this show doesn't see things that way, which is a real shame.
Funny, when people here were insisting that James had come back with the group from the underworld no one was saying that would have been rape. Of course, most Snow fans knew she would have been smart enough to tell her true love from his twin. I guess you don't have as much faith in Emma to be able to distiguish between Hook prime and an au version.

I guess we will find out next week how important Hook's baby mama turns out to be?
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once upon a time, spoilers

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