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Old 05-11-2008, 03:45 PM
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OTH Luke&Peyt #353: Because My Love For You Lights More Fire Than Hate Extinguishes.

Hello everyone. This is a reminder to let you know that this is the Lucas/Peyton spoiler thread for OTH, meant for fans of this particular couple. If you're not a fan of them, this place is not for you. Keep the posts on topic with them, and keep posts from other threads out of the L/P one. Shipper wars are not tolerated and will not be tolerated. If this thread gets abused again we can/will close it again. Please keep things civilized. Thank you for your cooperation.
-sick jag-(Jess) & NikNak (Nikki)

Welcome to the 353d Lucas & Peyton Thread
For Spoilers and Speculation.

"Do you remember when you first joined the Ravens, and you took all my sketches over to thud without asking, and do
you remember what you said that night that you entered the gym for the first time?""Your art matters.
Its what got me here." "Yeah. It was like you touched my soul, and a few days ago
I was ready to quit again, but you saved me with the words you
wrote about me in your novel. So if you're struggling
to write the next one, you should know:

That your art matters Lucas its what got me here."

"Suddenly it was as if the roar of the crowd, the echo of the final buzzers, the cheers of my teammates were all
sounding from 1,000 miles away, and what remained in that bizarre, muffled silence was only Peyton.
The girl whose art, passion, and beauty had changed my life. In that moment, my triumph
was not a state championship, but simple clarity. The realization
that we had always been meant for each other and
every instinct to the contrary had simply been
a denial of the following truth

I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer."
-Lucas Scott

Don't ask me what you know is true.
Don't have to tell you I love your precious heart.

I, I was standing
You were there.Two worlds collided.
And they could never tear us apart

We could live for a thousand years.
But if I hurt you I'd make wine from your tears.

I told you that we could fly
'Cause we all have wings, but some of us don't know why.

I, I was standing
You were there two worlds collided,

And they could never ever tear us apart

The CW Network: One Tree Hill
Peyton Sawyer's MySpace


5.01 - "Four Years, Six Months, Two Days" Tree Fort Angst
5.02 - "Racing Like A Pro" The National
5.03 - "My Way Home is Through You" My Chemical Romance
5.04 - "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" Bob Dylan
5.05 - "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" Elvis Presley
5.06 - "Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House
5.07 - "In Da Club" 50 Cent
5.08 - "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" The Smiths
5.09 - "For Tonight You're Only Here to Know" The Distillers
5.10 - "Running To Stand Still" U2
5.11 - "You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" Morrissey
5.12 - "Hundred" The Fray
5.13 - "Echoes, Silence, Patience, and Grace" Foo Fighters
5.14 - "What Do You Go Home To?"Explosions in the Sky
5.15 - "Life Is Short" Butterfly Boucher
5.16 - "Cryin' Won't Help You Now" Ben Harper
5.17 - "Hate is Safer Than Love" Ben Godwin
5.18 - "What Comes After The Blues" Magnolia Electric Co.

Newest information will be posted with:

Episode 5.17: "Hate Is Safer Than Love"


Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) is crushed by devastating news, while Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) baby undergoes
emergency surgery. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) wrestles with her decision to record a new album.
Skills (Antwon Tanner) and Nathan (James Lafferty) employ a risky game plan to salvage the Raven’s season
and Lucas stuns Peyton (Hilarie Burton) with a shocking truth. Lee Norris also stars.

- Hilarie filmed scenes infront of Clothes Over Bros where she would run out of her car and she was looking towards the roof, then as she made her way in the building, the camera tilted up towards the roof. Hilarie and Joy filmed scenes on the roof of Clothes Over Bros. It looked like they were throwing water balloons over the side of the roof. (credit to tutorgirl323)

-After the game Lucas does go to Tric, and he drinks a in shots. Skills is there and Peyton shows up, when Skills goes to leave he asks Peyton to make sure Lucas gets home okay. Hence she takes him home and the "IHY" happens.(credit to Taylor)

Filming Locations:
April 17th
Date(s)/Time(s): 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Thursday
Location: 272 N. Front Street
Scenes: Exterior sidewalk scenes.
Number in Cast: 1 Number of Crew: 85 Number of Extras: 20

Date(s)/Time(s): 2-8 p.m.
Location: 121 Chestnut Street
Scenes: Exterior sidewalk/rooftop scenes.
Number in Cast: 2 Number of Crew: 85 Number of Extras: 20

April 18th
Date(s)/Time(s): 3 p.m. - midnight
Location: 1121 S. Front Street
Scenes: Interior club scenes.
Number in Cast: 4 Number of Crew: 85 Number of Extras: 32

Information from Showfax Sides

-Scene 15
Brooke tells Lucas that the doctor said Angie's surgery would take a while. Lucas then says that if it's okay, he'll wait with her. Brooke responds that she'd like that, since Peyton has to go and she'd be on her own otherwise. Peyton tries to argue that she's not leaving, but Brooke is insistent that she has an insanely busy day and should go get things done. Peyton finally gives in and hugs Brooke, telling Brooke to call her as soon as she knows anything. As Peyton leaves, Lucas says goodbye to her. She looks at him for the first time since reading his book, before leaving and walking past an examination room.

- Scene 17
Peyton's Office. Recording Studio. Peyton walks into the room and finds Haley taping a picture of Nathan and Jamie to the piano.

- Scene 27
Start of Act Three. Peyton's Office. Recording Studio. Mia speaks directly into the camera while wearing a "Rock The Vote" t-shirt. She says that it was a year of firsts for her, including her first chance to vote. If her voice is a gift, as people have said it is, so are the voices of everyone else. "So use it. Let it be heard. Rock The Vote." Mia smiles, and the cameraman tells her it was perfect. Mia then thanks him when he compliments her album. The cameraman and boom operator then leave, passing Peyton who thanks them. Peyton turns to Mia, throwing her a packet of Starburst. Peyton tells Mia that her next tour will be the "Starburst Thursday night Concert Series", at Six Flags. Mia responds that she loves Starburst, and she loves rollercoasters. Peyton agrees: "It's very you."

-Scenes 30-36
Tree Hill High Gym. Tip Off, the Ravens against the Bear Creek Warriors. The Ravens win the tip and Quentin catches the ball in his... hand. The opposing coach, Coach Todd, taunts Lucas about letting a kid play with only one good hand. Lucas ignores him, and instead tells Q to keep going. As Q pushes upcourt, Mouth follows him with a camera from the bleachers. Q passes and the Ravens score a three pointer. The game continues on with scoring from both teams. Lucas substitutes players, and when questioned tells Coach Todd this is his "worst nightmare." As the Ravens score another three, Nathan, Jamie and Skills cheer them on.

-Scenes 40-41
Lucas' Office. Lucas scans the half time statistics. His cell phone rings, and it's Lindsey. Lucas tells her that they would have liked to see her at the game, but as he listens to her speak, he begins to look concerned. The camera moves outside the window so we can see Lucas talking, but we can't hear what is said.

-Scene 42
Tree Hill High Gym. Lucas is now angry and more severe than earlier in the game. He yells at Q, and when Q fails to do as he was told, Lucas calls for a time out and a huddle.

-Scene 43
Ravens Huddle. Lucas gives a pep talk about nothing in life being easy. They're going to win this game! With a Lucas-inspired chant of "Bear Creek Sucks!" they break the huddle. Skills looks at Nathan, and both are wary of Lucas' behaviour.

-Scene 44
Bear Creek Huddle. Coach Todd tells his players that the Ravens are taunting them - and they're right to, their point guard only has one hand! He goes on to say that every time Q gets the ball, the team should foul him. He'll either miss the free throws, or he'll end up with both hands broken. The game starts back up, and Q is immediately fouled. Lucas argues that it was a flagrant foul, but the ref says it wasn't. As Q steps to the free throw line, Skills looks at Lucas and Nathan, and knows what the Warriors are trying to do. They're going to foul Q, and make him take left-handed free throws: "Hack-A-Shaq". When Q proceeds to make both free throws, Coach Todd tells one of his players, Ronnie, to take out Q's other wrist. As the game continues, Ronnie makes a beeline for Q, and fouls him hard on the wrist. The ref again doesn't call the foul, as Quentin holds his wrist in pain. With Skills and Nathan beside him, Lucas glares angrily at the referee. He tells the ref that on the street, that would be assault! On the court, it's not even a foul? The ref ignores him, which causes Luke to slam a ball down hard onto the court. The ref calls a technical foul on the Ravens, and Skills and Nathan try, but fail, to hold Lucas back as he walks after the ref. Lucas can't believe the ref is going to call a foul on him for that, but completely blew an obvious call during the game! Ronnie, the player who fouled Q, chuckles as he walks past, and tells the ref to throw Lucas' "dumb ass out." Lucas grabs Ronnie by the jersey, causing the ref to blow his whistle and both teams to square off for a street fight. Nathan tells Jamie to go sit with Mouth, and he and Skills rush onto the court, dragging Q and Lucas away before they get hurt. Mouth sits on the sideline, continuing to film as he and Jamie watch the fight, shocked by what they're witnessing. End of Act Three.

- Scene 63
Lucas' House. Peyton covers Lucas, who is unconscious, before stroking his hair. She tells him she's sorry, and never wanted this for him. Leaning in, she kisses Lucas on the cheek, and his eyes open as she starts to turn away. When he calls out her name, Peyton turns back with a gentle smile on her face. Lucas then tells Peyton that he hates her, and wishes she had never come back, because she ruined his life. His words sink in as Peyton's face falls, and she finally exits, leaving Lucas alone in the darkness. End of Episode.

5:17 Sides: Coach Todd, Ronnie (Lucas/Skillz/Nathan), Cameraman (Mia/Peyton) and Nurse (Lucas/Peyton at night)
Episode 5.18: "What Comes After The Blues"
Director: Mark Schwann Writer: Mark Schwann



Brooke (Sophia Bush) deals with giving up her baby, while Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) deals with the residue of his actions following his game night scuffle. Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) has a musical breakthrough and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) gets news about a ghost from her past. Nathan (James Lafferty) and Jamie (guest star Jackson Brundage) face their fears together. Lee Norris and Antwon Tanner also star. Mark Schwahn wrote and directed the episode.

-Also there is a scene where Haley talks to Lucas about the "IHY" and he blames it on the fact that he was indeed drunk and he barely remembers saying it. (credit to Taylor)

- the L/H scene was just them driving around the block, then as they get in front of C/B the car is hit by a waterballoon, Haley gets out of the car and walks into C/B. (credit to tutorgirl323)

- tonight they were filming 3 scenes at the rivercourt. I only stayed for one, and we couldn't really hear what they were saying. The scene was Lucas sitting on the court where Peyton had done her art and then Haley walks over and says "Wow..." and we couldn't hear anything else, then she sits down next to him. While she was talking to him it looked like she was comforting him, patting his knee and putting her arm around his shoulder. The other 2 scenes were still Lucas, but no one else was there that I know of and the PAs were saying they were really short scenes, the L/H one was really long though. The scene ended with L/H still sitting on the court, her head on his shoulder. (credit to tutorgirl323)

Bruce in Rhode Island: One Tree Hill is killing me! Will they just put Peyton and Lucas together already?
I feel ya! I can tell you that Lucas makes a call to either Lindsey or Peyton and suggests marriage again.
(credit to Kristin @ E!Online)

Question: How about a One Tree Hill spoiler about Lindsey/Lucas/Peyton! What's coming up? — Annie
Ausiello: A doozy of a cliff-hanger, that's what's coming up. (Hint: The final scene may or may not feature Lucas and a telephone.)
(credit to Ask Ausiello @

"I know there has been a lot of speculation about what Lindsay tells Lucas on the phone in 517, so I thought I would share what I know. My friend and I were extras in 518 and she heard Lindsay say that she was lying when she told Lucas she was seeing someone else. I didn't hear her but I was behind my friend when we were walking behind Lindsay. I did hear her say "You asked me if I missed you.....the truth is I miss you everyday." It was pretty much like that....don't quote me word for word. That was supposedly her last comment before the scene was over. I don't really know what to make of it, but you can take it for what it's worth. They did all clap for Michaela when it was over saying it was a wrap for season 5 for her. I'm not sure if that was the last scene for 518 or just one of her scenes throughout the show. If I had to guess I would say it wasn't the last. Hope this helps!"
(credit to rileycat @othforums)

-Peyton draws a comet on the Rivercourt for Lucas with the lyrics to "Love Song" by The Cure.
(credit to mascara84)

-Gavin DeGraw returns to sing the theme song in Peyton's studio.

Information from Showfax Sides

Scene 43: River Court. Peyton is spray painting something on the court, with a serene, peaceful look of concentration on her face.

Scene 62: Lucas suppresses a grin. He tells Brooke that he's been thinking about what she's done for Angie, Rachel, and so many other people. She saves people, and he's grateful that he's been able to share that. Brooke appreciates his words. Lucas then rises to leave, and asks Brooke to let him know when Angie is safely home. As Lucas begins to walk away, Brooke stops him, and tells him that she wouldn't have been able to get through this without him. Brooke then steps forward, and hands Angie's monkey to Lucas, before telling him that she loves him. Lucas responds that he loves her, too, and they hug.


New Promo


E! Online: Watch with Kristin
Teresa in Sun Valley, Idaho: OTH's 100th was really good, but I'm dying now to know what will happen with Peyton and Lucas. Any hope?!

I'm told he'll be pining over Lindsey for a while, so nothing will happen right-quick with Peyton. Hilarie Burton tells me, "I think that Lucas is still such a purpose in her world that it would be good to get away from that for a little bit—so when she comes back to it, it still has its passion and it's important." Hilarie says, "As Peyton's heart is breaking, she's putting her energy and her love into something else that will be rewarding. And music is going to play a really big role in that. I really like that Peyton's got this record label. I think it's important to show young women entrepreneurship and that you can take pride in something other than who you are dating." You said it, sister!

General Information

Filming Dates

6.01: 6/18

The CW has ordered 6 more episodes bringing season 5's final episode count to 18.

The show will begin filming season six either on June 18th or later in the month.

Lucas and Peyton will reunite in season six.

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Episode 5.17: "Hate is Safer Than Love"

(credit to nbetterbid)

(credit to

Episode 5.18: "What Comes After The Blues"

(credit to

(credit to brucasalways)

(credit to tutorgirl323)

(credit to nbetterbid @ othforums)
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TTFNT! I love the title!
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"I'm having your baby Lucas Scott, our baby. We're pregnant."
"Hey Baby , daddy's home"

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Thanks for the new thread.
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Thanks for the new thread.
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thanks for the new thread Karen!
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You just click 'post new thread' and quote-remove quote tags-copy-past the previous thread opener's post. I hope this makes sense.
I needed few minutes to figure out what all of this mean cause I'm kinda tired and my english is not that good, but I get it now. I hope I'll start one soon! Thanks for the explanation and for the new thread Karen
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thanks karen
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Any news?
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Kinda weird about that star, huh? Kinda sad...
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Thanks for the new thread! Karen
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Thanks for the new thread Karen!
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Some title suggestions about hate and love:

You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to point of passion that unhinges my soul

Hate grows where love is afraid to share its bloom

Hatred and anger are powerless when they meet kindness and love
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TFNT! The thread is moving a lot faster then it was yesterday.
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Originally Posted by Floveleyton (View Post)
You know that when I hate you, it is because I love you to point of passion that unhinges my soul

Hate grows where love is afraid to share its bloom

I love these two! I think the 2nd one really speaks of Luke this seaason. His fear in so many things has led to his "hate" of Peyton.

TFTNT Karen!
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