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L♥P|S&S#198: Because The Boy Waited His Entire Life For His Comet to Come Back To Him

Hello everyone. This is a reminder to let you know that this is the Lucas/Peyton spoiler thread for OTH, meant for fans of this particular couple. If you're not a fan of them, this place is not for you. Keep the posts on topic with them, and keep posts from other threads out of the L/P one. Shipper wars are not tolerated and will not be tolerated. If this thread gets abused again we can/will close it again. Please keep things civilized. Thank you for your cooperation.
-sick jag-(Jess) & NikNak (Nikki)

Welcome to the 194th Lucas & Peyton Thread
For Spoilers and Speculation.

The CW Network: One Tree Hill
Peyton Sawyer's MySpace


5.01 - "Four Years, Six Months, Two Days" Tree Fort Angst
5.02 - "Racing Like A Pro" The National
5.03 - "My Way Home is Through You" My Chemical Romance
5.04 - "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" Bob Dylan
5.05 - "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" Elvis Presley
5.06 - "Don't Dream It's Over" Crowded House
5.07 - "In Da Club" 50 Cent
5.08 - "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" The Smiths
5.09 - "For Tonight You're Only Here to Know" The Distillers
5.10 - "Running To Stand Still" U2
5.11 - " You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side" Morrissey

Newest information will be posted with:

Episode 5.01: "Four Years, Six Months, Two Days"
Date: January 8
Director: Greg Prange Writer: Mark Schwahn

-Lucas and Peyton have broken up some time over the 4 year jump.

The following (credit to Taylor):
-In terms of romantic relationships “this season will be different,” says Mark. He also mentioned that Lucas and Peyton "got no closure."

At the RC:
-The first was Skills, Fergie, and Junk playing basketball why Mouth watched. Then Lucas walks up with Jamie and Skills says “there he is the game James!” and he throws the ball to him Jamie dribbles and shoots and Skills blocks the shot. Lucas then asks for the ball and it looked like he was telling Skills not to be so hard on Jamie so when Lucas throws the ball in to Jamie he dribbles and shoots again but this time Skills helps him make the shot.

-The second scene was Lucas on the rivercourt, and they took different angles of Chad’s face and then zoomed into the court and the basketball goal.

-The third scene they shot was on the call sheet referred to as “Lucas finds Peyton”. Peyton is on the rivercourt looking at what looks like the faded names and Lucas walks onto the court when they see each other they pause and stare at each other. From there they walk slowly (almost looked like slow motion) towards each other and talk. Peyton reaches in for a hug and Lucas stops her, he looks hurt and she looked like she understood why. (When Hilarie told us she couldn't tell us what the dialogue was she did say that that scene had a lot of "angst").

-(VIDEO from scene rehearsal credit to KristenK127@CWLounge)
-The video makes that scene look much worse than it really turned out to be. They shot that scene probably a total of 30 times and from all different angles and I think the take she recorded was rehearsal before they were told exactly how to walk towards each other and to hug. I mean in the scene Hilarie rushes the hug sort of like its natural, like shes become accustom to doing it but as they walk toward each other its very slow and intimate. All I'm saying is you all shouldn't put so much emphasis on that video.

-Greg was directing at the rivercourt up until that LP scene. When Chad and Hilarie went up to rehearse Mark was telling them how to act and stand with each other during their scene. After the LP scene was filmed Mark left.
-Peyton's car was parked at the rivercourt when Lucas walks up so its a safe assumption to make that she drove there.

-The fourth scene was Peyton sitting on the picnic table at the rivercourt remembering back (this is most likely where the break up scene will show up).

-The river court is covered with weeds and and bushes to make it look like no one has been there in a really long time.
(credit to othislovee23@othforums)

-Lucas is the new coach of the Tree Hill Ravens, a now struggling team, and Skillz is the assistant coach. They are hired to "fix the mess" that the team has become.

Showfax Sides

-Dave is described to be in his 40's and losing his hair.
In the morning (scene 5): Peyton is the assistant to the assistant of the label president. During her first encounter with her boss Dave , she was sitting on his desk doing boring stuff--updating online downloads reports and call sheets. She recommends unsigned bands the label should sign and Dave turns her down and wasn't interested. As she was leaving his office, Dave calls her back and tells her she looks nice and to "drop a button on that top" and he will let her sit on the next day's new music session. Peyton obliges. <Don't freak out about that!> He says "one button, one song...go get me aspirin."

While sitting in during the meeting, Peyton plays a local band's CD for the A&R executives (scene 12). She is turned down.

In the evening (scene 22): They signed an artist that Peyton refers to as horrible and she asked why she was signed. Dave gives this lame explanation about making an artist "look hot." And Peyton responds by saying how we're making the world a dumber place. They talk about how long Peyton's been in LA. She said 4 years and she came because she wanted to "discover and sign bands that could change someone's life. Like the artists changed my life." Dave tells her that their job is to make money and tells Peyton that Rock and Roll can't save the world. She disagrees with that statement. She believes kids are looking for something to believe in and music can save their world. Dave responds by pointing out that she's been in LA for a couple of years and basically questions where her thinking got her...yeah she's still the struggling assistant to the assistant. Dave tells her the sooner she figures out how to "play the game" the sooner she'll get what she wants.

But Peyton doesn't want to play the game. Dave said she already did by dropping a button for him. If she drops a few more, she'll get his job. Peyton declines and says she'll have his job one day but not that way.

-Lucas has/had a book signing in LA--possible flashback (Scene 15).

-Brooke is being interviewed by Mark McGrath at a red-carpet event (scene 24). During the interview, the scene cuts to Peyton, with Brooke doing a voiceover. When speaking of her own career, Brooke says that people in the music industry probably love music to make a career of it. Peyton is walking downtown on the Sunset strip passing by rock clubs. She also passes by a table of used books, and finds a paperback copy of Lucas’ novel (scene 25).

Brooke’s voiceover then continues that people that write for a living probably still love curling up with a good book. We cut to Lucas, who is sitting at his computer, his cursor blinking, and words are not able to come (scene 26). Brooke’s voiceover talks about how they (writers) still have deadlines “and the like.”

-Lindsey's office during the day (scene 37): Her office is busy and cluttered. She is described as pretty, smart, and driven. Lucas enters her office. Lucas apologizes for missing his deadline. He realizes that she has people who are counting on her and it's not fair to her. Lucas sees a copy of his first novel on her coffee table. Before Lucas says anything else, Lindsey recalls the time when she first read his novel. She says that she read it cover to cover and she says that it spoke to her. She felt like she knew him before she knew him. Lindsey tells him that it was a great first novel, but authors are known for their body of work. It's been two years since Luke has written that novel, and it scares her because he's not writing at all. Seriously, Lucas asks for more time. Then he lightheartedly says that she could give him more time because he's cute and she has the hots for him. Lindsey isn't amused. She tells him that he takes advantage of her. She is being serious. She basically tells him to leave which he does.

Peyton Returns to Tree Hill:
-As Peyton walks through Tree Hill Airport, she sees a sign and smiles (scene 45). The sign says: Welcome to Tree Hill. Welcome Home. Then we see Peyton in a garage uncovering her old convertible. She looks it over and smiles.

Lucas in His Room:
-Lucas has returned home (scene 47). He opens a drawer and finds his original manuscript for his first book. He rummages through and pulls out a few photos - Brooke, him and Nathan and finally....Peyton. He scrutinizes the photo of Peyton.

Carrie: (No scene number indicated)
-At the Scott house in their kitchen: Before leaving, Haley tells Carrie that Lucas is there fixing James' bike. Haley leaves. The script says that Carrie smiles slyly then she removes her top and goes outside in only her bra.

Carrie goes out back and pretends that she didn't know Lucas was there. He sees her and quickly turns away and she puts her shirt back on. She makes small talk by telling him that she thinks it's great that he is so close to James. Then she says that she doesn't know Lucas very well, but that she would like to get to know him better. He says okay. He proceeds to tell her some things about himself. He says that he likes to read, play basketball, and that he likes anything with music. She's like bored and says that he needs to tell her something good, like where he would take her on their first date. He smiles and states that it would have to be somewhere that his girlfriend is not.

Carrie responds that she wants to know where he would take her hypothetically. Lucas charms her by saying that they would go to an Italian restaurant, then to see a band, and some place quiet to talk. She then tells him what she likes to do. She says she likes to work out and to go to the beach. Hypothetically, on a first date, she would probably start the mosh pit when they go to see the band and then she says that it would be hard to talk in his quiet place. He asks her if she likes to talk, but she says that it would be hard to get a word in with her tongue in his mouth. Lucas chuckles and there is a definite tension between them. Carrie then says that she might let Lucas take her home and then he could help her out of her clothes and tie her to the bed if he wants. She says if he were charming enough she would let him do those things. Hypothetically. The script says that she eyes him "hungrily." The scene ends with her staring at him.

Episode 5.02: "Racing Like A Pro"
Date: January 8
Director: Paul Johansson Writer:

-The ending V.O. is about choices and how the choices they make shape their lives. Haley says it.

-There is a Haley/Jamie scene where they're at the gym with Lucas, Skills, and Quentin.

The following 2 (credit to lukenpeyton@othforums):
-I just got back from Wilmington and we found them filming on location. We couldn't see what they were filming, it was in a leased out store in a strip mall with paper covering the windows but their trailers were there and Hilarie, Chad, and James were there. Hilarie was wearing a peach halter dress, James didn't look so good with his long hair, and Chad looked really hot. It was episode 2 for the new season. So, maybe some LP scenes.

-Hilarie was wearing cowboy boots with her dress and her hair was really curly and cute.

The following (credit toRebecca):
-Peyton does take Nathan to rehab, but Nathan is very negative about everything, not seeming to want to make any progress and just generally feeling sorry for himself.

-Quentin's last name is Fields. Quentin does not make the 12 man roster for the team, basically because of his behavior in Haley's class. Quentin kinda threatens Lucas, and Lucas warns him about acting up in English class.

-At night, Lindsey comments to Lucas about meeting Brooke for the first time. She says that Brooke is gorgeous and seems great. This is when Lucas tells her that Peyton is back in TH. She processes the news, then she makes a joke about calling one of her exes and inviting them to town. She's like, "Luke, everyone has a past." (scene 16)

-They also shot a scene with Lucas, Fergie, Antwon, Junk and Jamie. I think its supposed to be the night before the race when they show Jamie (Jackson) the car, the "Red Racer", and they ask him if he wants to try it. He shakes his head, so they just push it down the hill and it crashes.
(credit to xoxmichxox)

At the RC
-Peyton and Brooke were in a shot then Brooke leaves, Peyton is alone then Lucas comes up and says something to Peyton, she says, "It wouldn't have worked out anyways" and Lucas walks off.
(credit to seagull88@othforums)

-(VIDEO from filming credit to meaghan416@youtube)
-At the beginning of the scene, Brooke & Peyton are walking across the river court talking normally. At least it looked like. Then Peyton sat down on one of the picnic tables. Brooke was talking to her. It kind of looked like they may have been upset with one another, but i'm not sure. Then Brooke left and a few seconds later Lucas came over to Peyton. They talked for a few seconds and then Lucas left. The scene ended with Peyton dropping her head down into her hands like she was sad/upset. (credit to lastnite@othforums)
-Chad, Hilarie, and Michaela(Lindsey) filmed a scene in a bookstore that will serve as a flashback of one of Lucas's book signings.
(credit to janes34@othforums)

The following (credit to Krystal):
-We know the book signing is a flash back. We know that Lindsay and Lucas are initially there and then Peyton arrives.

From what I understand when Peyton arrives at the signing, she immediately sees something that makes her leave. Observes something between Lucas and Lindsay. Having said that, I don't know if LP are still together at the time of the signing or what the state of their relationship is at the time, or if what she observes is a fluke or meant to be more innocent or...

But, it's something. I believe she observes some type of kiss that prompts her to leave.

The following (credit to Rebecca):
-Tric. Morning after race. Peyton tells Lucas that she was at the book signing and was so proud of him, but she was nervous because they hadn't seen each other in so long. She also assumed that he and Lindsey were a couple. (Lucas has been in this writing drought, remember?) Well, Peyton then asks him what he said way back when Lucas came back to the court after his disastrous debut with the Ravens. (1.02) Lucas quotes the line about how her art matters because it got him there. Peyton then says that he touched her soul with her words. Peyton says that when she read his book, his words saved her again after she was ready to give up. She thoughtfully says that his "art matters" and that it got her here. Peyton reassures him by saying that he's not the guy who can't write his second book; he's the guy who wrote his first. Lucas is noticeably touched. She also tells him that she likes Lindsey some time in this scene (scene 41).

-Lucas is looking at the poster of the signing and Lindsey asks him if he remembers when she gave that to him. Then she says something about how they had dinner after the signing and that was their first date. He is all broody about the poster, since obviously Peyton has just told him that she was there at the signing (scene 50).

The Coda:
-Peyton hanging up the benefit album poster on the wall at Tric
-Lucas tells Lindsey that he wants to stay up for a while so he can write

Order of known LPL scenes:
-Peyton with Brooke at Haley's house discussing Manny, the potential nanny.
-Night. Lucas tells Lindsey Peyton is back in town.
-Peyton at hospital with Nathan.
-Peyton back at NH's house ready to go to race.
-Peyton sees LL while she is with Brooke who is on her phone.
-Morning. LP scene at Tric the day after the race.
-Coda: Peyton putting up the poster at Tric. Lucas tells Lindsey he is going to stay up and write.
Showfax Sides

-Daytime at Nathan and Haley's house. Haley is interviewing a "manly sounding" nanny applicant with Peyton and Brooke. When the "Manny" has left, Haley asks Brooke and Peyton what they thought of her, and they respond by mimicking her voice. Haley tells them both that she's doomed: Skills won't be able to babysit when basketball season starts, Nathan refuses to do his rehab, she has no nanny, and she doesn't want to face the "teenage hired assassins" at school. Peyton jokes that "Teenage Hired Assassins" would be a great band name. Brooke then suggests that Peyton can take Nathan to rehab, and she can babysit Jamie - she is his Godmother, even though she barely knows him. Peyton is dubious, but Haley is just glad to have both of her friends home for a while. Brooke's phone rings.

-Daytime at the soap box derby. Skills is talking smack with a five-year-old racer as Haley and Jamie arrive; Skills names him "Lightning Jamie Scott", and Mouth tells him that his outfit is cool. Jamie smiles when Skills asks if he's ready to win the race, but becomes nervous when he sees the hill.

Away from the crowd, by the riverwalk, Peyton is standing around while Brooke paces, speaking on her cell phone. Brooke tells the unidentified caller to stop yelling at her - it's Brooke's company, the caller has no right to yell at her! Brooke finally tries to explain that she can't go back to work because there's a "boy" she has to stay for, presumably Jamie, but becomes exasperated and throws her phone in the river. Seeing this, Peyton walks up to Brooke, and they both stare down to where the phone has just fallen. Brooke asks if she can borrow Peyton's phone. This time she's calling Millicent to say that she needs a new phone. In the distance, Peyton spots Lucas walking "hand in hand" with Lindsey.

Lucas and Lindsey join the others by the starting line. Spying Jamie, Lucas asks if he's racing for "Clothes Over Bro's"? Jamie responds that he's also racing for "Peyton Sawyer Unemployed". The starter calls the racers to their cars as Skills cheers Jamie on, calling him "Flash". Lucas lifts Jamie into his car, and helps him to put on his helmet and goggles. As the starter tells the racers to put their hands on the steering wheel, and Haley tells Jamie to do his best and have fun, Jamie spots a mannequin in one of the t-shirt booths. He becomes worried, and raises his arms to stop the race, when he remembers that they decapitated a mannequin the night before. The starter calls Haley over when Jamie says he no longer wants to race. Jamie then tells his "Mama" that he doesn't want to race - but he does want to talk to Brooke. As Brooke arrives, Jamie tells her that even though he doesn't want to race, he does like his racing suit. She tells him he can keep the suit - but is he sure he won't race? Smartly, Jamie responds that it's his life, and he's taking a stand. As Brooke lifts him from the car, and hands him to Haley, Jamie apologizes to "Uncle Skills" for not finishing the race. However, Skills is more interested in turning to the kid he spoke to before Jamie arrived: Jamie's taking a stand, blazing a trail... not being a "follower". Brooke watches the scene, smiling, as Jamie calls her over to go get ice cream.

Quentin: (No scene number indicated)
-Lucas is sitting in his office at his desk at THH: He spots Quentin in the door way and without even waiting for an invitation he enters the office, flops down into the chair opposite Lucas, smiles arrogantly, and puts his feet up on the edge of the desk. Quentin asks if Lucas wants him back. Lucas tells him not unless he removes his feet from his desk. Quentin says he was surprised it took so long, but agrees to play anyway. Lucas remind him he didn't get offered his spot back yet. Quentin tells him that he will because without him what does the team have? Lucas eyes him and tries to set boundaries informing Quentin that he will do as he says and asks again to take his feet off of his desk. This time Quentin listens as Lucas continues. Lucas tells him to play his part, do what he says or Quentin is gone – just so they're clear. Quentin nods along listening to Lucas and then tells Lucas that they both know Quentin is the best shooting guard in the state and that Lucas should cut the bull. Quentin outlines for Lucas what he wants and gives Lucas a few tips on what he should do. Quentin tells Lucas to call him “Q” and that he likes Lucas, but this is how it's going to go – just to they're clear. Quentin exits.

Episode 5.03: "My Way Home is Through You"
Date: January 15
Director: David Jackson Writer:

-As we were driving around town around 2ish, we found them filming at Karen's Cafe. We saw Sophia & Hilarie leave from there.
(credit to lastnite@othforums)

-On the call sheet: Victoria shows up at BP's house.

-The BP scene filmed at the cafe or the boutique Sophia was wearing a black and short skirt with black heels and a red top and Hilarie was wearing the same outfit that in the JP (Jason/Peyton) scene.
(credit to Nadia)

-It was a scene at the George Restaurant with Bethany and [Michaela]. She and Haley met there and I think she called her mean cause Haley asked her for a photocopy of her license and Haley said she was just making sure she was good enough for her best friend. My boyfriend was sitting in the restaurant so he said that Lindsay said something about Lucas having writers block and she helped him over it or something.
(credit to kaylag@othforums)

Information from Showfax Sides

-Haley and Peyton are discussing bands. Peyton tells her that "No Means Yes" has not been signed yet. Haley wants to know how she knows that information by just looking at them. Peyton replies that her time in LA has paid off (Scene 25).

-Brooke's new house. Brooke is showing Peyton around the spacious home. Brooke asks Peyton if she likes it. Peyton is amazed, and Brooke says that's good because there is a room downstairs for her. Peyton is stunned. Just then, she gets a text message and says she has to hurry to Tric, and they'll celebrate when she gets back (Scene 38).

-Peyton asks to meet with Jason because she thinks his band is great. Jason thinks its all BS and that its all 'fanclub' stuff. Peyton says she owns a record label and wants to sign him. She was in LA and left her job because she knows she can do it better on her own. Jason doesn't want anything to do with her or her label (Scene 28). As Jason walks out of her office, she notices a lucky bamboo sitting on her desk and slams it into the trash can. Later on in the day (Scene 41), Jason goes back to her office to tell her they're going to give her a chance. She then takes the Lucky Bamboo from the trash can and puts it back on her desk and smiles as we fade to Lucas and Lindsey...

-Lucas is writing at his computer when Lindsey walks in. She hesitates before speaking. She says that she has been putting on a brave face for weeks now, but she has to ask him something. She wants to know if she should be worried now that his two gorgeous exes are back in town. He wraps his arms around her and tells her that he loves her and that will never change. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about. As they hug, it is evident that Lindsey is relieved (Scene 42).

-Peyton and Brooke are having a conversation at their house drinking wine. Peyton asks Brooke, "What if Lucas's Lindsey brought you a Lucky Bamboo because she was marking her territory with you also." This has an undecided meaning (Scene 43).

Episode 5.04:"It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)"
Date: January 22
Director: Janice Cooke Writer:

-I couldn't really hear what they were saying Peyton knocked on Lucas's bedroom door and Lindsey answered and shut it and then opened it again. Peyton looked like she was trying to explain herself. I heard Lucas's name, but that's all. The whole scene took less than 5 minutes. I didn't see any other cast members.
(credit to moodlizard@othforums)

-Scenes filmed at Brooke's boutique as described by the call sheet (credit to Manu):
- Everybody helping Brooke setting up the boutique
- Lucas and Peyton talk about their "date"
- Everyone helps, Victoria talks to Peyton
- Chad, Hilarie, Sophia, Daphne Zuniga and someone else
- Chad, Hilarie, a third person
-Lucas and Peyton have a conversation outside the boutique. Lucas is standing outside and Peyton comes out of the door, yelling about something he said earlier:
Peyton: "Hey! (Lucas turns) Don't do that! 'He's not good enough for you'? I dont want you saying things like that. That’s not fair to me. And its not fair to Lindsey either." (Lucas looks down, all depressed VIDEO from filming credit to Manu)

Information from Showfax Sides

Mia, an aspiring singer:
-Peyton is in Tric and sees Mia. We enter the scene following a previous unknown conversation about Mia's career. Peyton asks Mia if it's enough for her to be a big fish in a small pond. Mia states that she didn't say that and Peyton then asks her what is enough. Mia explains that it's not money or fame that matters, but the ability to change someone's life. To give them hope. Not about getting on the radio or Soundscan numbers. It's about someone hearing your song and realizing that the world isn't such a scary place. Mia states that if she does that, she'll know she's done something; that would be more than enough. Peyton is satisfied.

-Next scene:
Mia finishes playing a song and asks Peyton what she thought about it. When Peyton hesitates in her response, Mia goes on a rant about her song, saying that it sucked and that she's going to be a horrible failure. Peyton tells her that "that's not what you know who said." Peyton says that "he" thinks Mia is pretty. This makes Mia feel better and she asks Peyton if she wants to hear another song.

-In the studio:
Haley says (to Peyton) that it’s fine. She tells Jason she didn’t mean to “creatively step on” him, but she has some experience. Jason snickers that she has experience playing a church organ. Peyton’s had enough. She tells Jason that Haley’s actually had a major record deal, a billboard hit, and a sold-out national tour. She says that he, on the other hand, is the lead singer of a band that plays in dives for free beer. Peyton says, yeah, he could benefit from Haley’s experience. Jason says whatever, that he’s taking a smoking break, and storms off. Peyton says that they only have the studio for another hour, but he’s already gone. PH exchange looks (Scene 19).

-Later on, while walking outside:
Peyton apologizes about Jason, but Haley says it’s okay, and she’s worked with self-centered musicians before. Chris Keller ring a bell? Peyton says, only his own. Haley says that if Peyton’s open to it, she’d love to work with them. Peyton asks, like produce the album? She thought Haley was busy. Haley says she was, but with Carrie working out great, she’s had time to think, and you know what? (Direction calls for Haley to start out slow, but to get worked up.) Scene doesn't end, but no more pages (Scene 21).

Episode 5.05: "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"
Date: January 28
Director: Writer:

The following (credit to Manu):
-In the morning they filmed at Nathan/Haley's apartment. First James, Joy and third person, then Chad, Joy and the same third person. We still don't know who that person was though. but a couple of people who were there told us that there was no child around, so I guess it was not Jamie. We can tell you it was probably a flashback because we saw Joy and she had extensions.

Then they filmed at the church. One of the rooms inside is supposed to be Lindsey office. We didn't stay on that set but we saw the trucks. According to the call sheet they filmed 2 scenes with Lucas and Lindsey.

-"BL get drunk, Lucas tries to kiss brooke, they kinda kiss but brooke is like no, you are in denial because Peyton just said "no" to your proposal. Its Lucas's hotel room in NY. Brooke is helping him like walk because he's completely wasted! It is just a "pop" kiss."
(credit to seagull88@othforums)

-"I was walking downtown last night and they were filming on Princess Street, in an outdoor restaurant between Water and Front and it was just Sophia and Chad. They were celebrating something and he popped open a bottle of wine. Thats all I really know..."
(credit to emoler4389oth@othforums)

Information from Showfax Sides

-Scene 10
Lucas asks Whitey what he's going to do now that he's retired and he says he'll probably go to the basketball games and yell at the coach. Lucas smiles at that and they walk off.

-Scene 11
In the Locker Rooms: Nathan's being interviewed by a reporter as he changes back into his clothes. The reporter comments about how the scouts will probably take notice and Nathan says he's just happy to be playing the game and that this year taught him that the most important thing is his family. Lucas approaches and tells Nathan that the bus is leaving. As they walk out, Nathan tells him that that was the first time he wasn't asked about the point shaving.

-Scene 12
When they exit the stadium, Jamie and Haley are waiting for them. Haley tells Nathan he can ride with the team, she just wanted to say goodbye. They kiss and Nathan tells Jamie to "get some sleep kiddo" and he'll see him at home. As Lucas and Nathan make their way through the crowd to the bus, a fan calls out to Nathan that he has a cute kid and he wonders if he'll grow up to be a cheater like his old man. Nathan ad Lucas both try to ignore him, but the guy keeps pushing him. In a flash, Nathan gets him by the throat and threatens to shave the guys face into the pavement. Lucas wraps himself around Nathan and drags him onto the bus as Whitey stares from a distance, troubled (VIDEO from filming credit to tutorgir323).

-Scene 13
On the bus, Lucas is sitting alone, slumped in his seat. He checks his iPhone messages and he has one from Peyton saying, "play this song when you win the championship." As the song plays, he begins to smile.

-Scene 16
LA record company. Morning. Peyton is making copies when a co-worker tells her that she has a phone call. Lucas is shown on the phone walking in a hallway. Peyton is excited and says that she saw highlights of the game and she was wanting to call him all morning. He asks her what she is wearing, and she (embarrassed) says that she can't do...that right now because she is at work. He guesses that she is wearing her Ramones tee over the white long-sleeved shirt with the torn jeans. She looks down at herself and is amazed to see that he is exactly right. She's like, "Wow, you are good" and right after she makes that statement, she looks up and Lucas is standing right there in the flesh. Her eyes go wide with surprise.

-Scene 17
Since Peyton couldn't go see Lucas, he's visiting her at work. She rushes to him, they kiss and Lucas looks around the crappy mailroom which she apparently previously (and wrongfully) dubbed "Marketing and Distribution."

-Scene 18
Record Company. Morning. Lucas is following Peyton as she works. She explains to him, as she passes out mail, that she may have "pimped up" her job description a little bit. She basically works in the mail room. Lucas tells her that's what Hollywood is about, the spin, and that Peyton knows more about music than any of these tools. Peyton shushes him, saying he's going to get her into trouble and she points out that not all of them are tools. A petulant executive snaps at Peyton when she places the mail incorrectly and then requests an onion bagel from her. Lucas mocks him saying, "right away, Carl." Peyton shakes her head and they keep moving. When Lucas asks Peyton why she puts up with all of it, she points out a woman who was working in the mail room, but after three months, is a now a junior A&R executive. Lucas tells Peyton that he bets that woman didn't produce two albums by the time she graduated high school. Peyton tells Lucas that he should get out of there or they'll both get fired. Lucas tells her that he made reservations for eight o'clock. Peyton frowns, it's too early. He says he'll change it to nine, and she tells him to text her the address and she'll meet him there. She then pulls him into a BIG KISS (the text is big like that). And says "it's so good to see you, Luke."

-Scene 19
Lucas is waiting for Peyton to show up at the restaurant. He's wearing a suit and a tie, no Peyton in sight. He plays with his spoon as the waitress asked him if he wants another basket of bread. He said she'll be here in a minute. Peyton arrives still in her work clothes. Lucas BRIGHTENS (yes they're capped like that) when he sees her. Peyton apologizes. She eyed him and said "look at you." Its been a while since she saw someone in a suit that isn't a lawyer or an agent or a successful novelist. Lucas said he doesn't know about that, he gets a rejection letter everyday. Peyton tells him that his book is good. It will happen. She knows it.

-Scene 20
Peyton playing with her food some time "late in the dinner."

-Scenes 23-27
In LAX airport, during the day. Lucas is dealing with the ticket agent. He tells the ticket agent that he needs to go back a little earlier than he expected. The TA tells him he’ll see what he can do.

Scene cuts to Peyton, waking up in the hotel room. She scans the room, then calls out for Lucas. She sees the CD sitting next to her on the pillow. It says everything.

Back to LAX and Lucas. His cell phone rings, and it introduces Lindsey. Lindsey is sitting at her desk, and she introduces herself as Lindsey Strauss, a junior editor from Putnam and Pratt. She read Luke’s novel. He says it was nice of her to call, that everyone else sends their rejection letters nowadays. Lindsey says she actually loved it, and passed it on to her boss, and he feels the same way. There’s a pause, so she says, “Hello?” Lucas is stunned, but says he’s still here. Lindsey says that what she’s saying is that they want to publish Lucas’ book. How soon can he be in New York? Lucas is trying to process all of this. He says he’ll figure something out, and that he looks forward to meeting her, too. He turns back to the Ticket Agent, and tells him he needs to go to New York. They’re publishing his novel. The TA says congratulations; that must be a dream. Lucas nods and navigates his phone to Peyton’s number. He pauses, but then decides not to call her.

-Scene 28
Peyton is delivering mail at the work with a hollow expression on her face. An executive asks her to go on a coffee run and she says she'll do it in a minute. He says he doesn't have a minute, but Peyton doesn't move. The executive asks her again and she snaps at him, hard. And as the executive backs off, leaving her alone, tears begin to flow. As she wipes them away, we fade out.

-Scene 29
New York party. Night. It's a huge party to celebrate Lucas's book. The senior editor corners Lucas and excitedly tells him that Dan being a convicted murderer is exactly what they need for a great "hook" for the market and the readers. Lucas obviously looks uncomfortable. Lindsey sees him and she steers him away to get a drink. The senior editor also wants to change the title of Luke's book. Lucas is confused, but Lindsey says that always happens. Lucas states that Lindsey is too young to be an editor, and she replies that he is pretty young to have a book published. Lindsey asks Lucas if the "Luke and Peyton" from his novel...Lucas says that they didn't. Lindsey seems disappointed and states sincerely that she was rooting for them. She leaves. An assistant approaches Lucas and tells him that someone from Tree Hill is here to see him. It's Brooke. They hug, happy to see each other. Lucas tells her that he is glad that she came. She says that she wouldn't miss the chance to spend a night on the town with a best selling author.

-Scene 30
Brooke's upscale apartment. Brooke tells Lucas that her mom moved out to NY a while ago since her dad travels so much. Brooke thinks they should just have a trial separation.

-Scene 31
Brooke and Lucas are sitting in a crowded bar. Brooke asks if he saw the look on her face? She says you’d think someone spewed on her Jimmy Choo’s. Lucas says he’s glad she’s enjoying this. Brooke says, come on, he and Peyton are going to work things out. Luke says he doesn’t think so. Not this time. She says it sounds like he gave her an ultimatum, and trust her, there’s no better way to paralyze a girl. Lucas asks Brooke how many times she’s talked to Peyton since she left LA. This touches a raw spot for Brooke. She says it’s not Peyton’s fault. They’re both busy. Lucas responds, and today she broke up with her boyfriend. Has she even called you? Brooke doesn’t answer, and Lucas shakes his head. He continues and says things have changed. Brooke insists he’s just saying that because he’s hurt, and she gets it. But Brooke doesn’t think he meant any of it. There’s a long pause, and Lucas stares at the floor. Brooke continues and says, you know what? We should get drunk. Really, really drunk. Then she asks to see the ring again. Lucas hands her the ring, and the bartender takes notice. He says, congratulations! The crowd applauds, and BL try to protest, but the bartender continues with champagne on the house. There’s more applause, and Brooke/Lucas exchange a look- why not? Brooke puts the ring on and puts on her best smile as champagne flows freely.

-Scene 32
Both are a little tipsy. Brooke implies that the ring got them free drinks all over Midtown. A horse-drawn carriage driver notices them, asks if they want a ride. Lucas responds by continuing the joke about their engagement and the ride becomes free.

As they ride through the park, the driver asks them about their future life together (short VIDEO in between filming credit to Kia and Sonia & Jules for uploading it). They share a glance, having no choice but to play along. They trade off in their responses. Brooke says they'll be a power couple, and Lucas says and still have time for a big family. He says he'll coach little league and she says she'll buy cookies for the team. He says they'll spend their summers at the beach and she says "and winters in South France." Lucas ends with "it won't matter as long as we're together." The driver says that's the key--finding someone to love and have them love you back. "Love is what it's all about." End of act four.

Episode 5.06: "Don't Dream It's Over"
Date: February
Director: Tom Wright Writer:

-They filmed a scene last week where the main 5 and one other new character filmed a scene around a table all day so don’t know what that was about just that it was shot. Apparently its a dinner scene and a lot of dialogue which is why it took all day to shoot.
(credit to I Have A Brain)

-Chad and Hil were filming at Tric with "some guy", probably Owen.

-The only actors that were there that we're familiar were Sophia, Hilarie, and Lee. We just wandered around the bar in the first 2 scenes and they were just between Hilarie, Sophia, and one of the new actresses (Michaela, "Millicent", or Torrey), plus a bartender ("Owen"). I had to dance right behind them to no music, it was kinda ridiculous. I think they're filming The Honorary Title concert scenes next week. I'll be there Monday-Friday. But yeah, I didn't see any of the actors go outside at all, just all of us extras. There were about 100 of us.
(credit to Princessbm@othforums)

-I just got back from downtown. They're filming right now. I saw Sophia. We were walking up to talk to her but she was talking with some other people then had to go back inside. And Hilarie was there too and we saw Daphne.
(credit to jumpingforjoy)

-There were a few scenes filmed at the boutique with Hilarie, Lee, Daphne, and Sophia.

-I actually live in Wilmington and caught a small scene they were shooting at what was previously Karen's Cafe. It's now Clothes over bros. Brooke walks out of the store with Peyton following her, and Peyton says "stop being such a bitch to your daughter!" Then they had a conversation, but I didn't catch it.
(credit to rockstr009@TheJJB)

Information from Showfax Sides

-Peyton is outside of her old house staring at it. Molly sees her. Peyton, motioning to her old room, asks if that is Molly's room. Molly says that it is and she asks her if she wants to see it. Peyton says that she could be a psycho, and Molly says that she's not and that she is Peyton. (surprisingly she knows who she is)

Peyton enters her old bedroom and comments that things have really changed. It looks very girly. Peyton says that her walls used to be red, and Molly says that is crazy. But Peyton says that was the way she liked it. Molly asks if she really loved Lucas, and Peyton looks at her and aks if she is psychic. Molly smiles and opens up a closet door to display a faded "Peyton + Lucas =TLA" etched in the door. Molly asks her if it really was true love always, and Peyton is sad (scenes 4 & 5). Cut to...

-Lucas's bedroom. Lucas and Lindsey kiss. He tells her that the weekends are so much better when she is there. She agrees. She says it's because she can hang out with Haley...and with him. (trying to tease him) (scene 6)

Episode 5.07: "In Da Club"
Date: February
Director: Greg Prange Writer:

-Lindsey tells Lucas that she knows that he started writing again because of Peyton.

-Kate Voegele will be appearing in this episode at Tric as Mia.

-"The Honorary Title" will be performing at Tric.

-Lindsey dyed her hair blonde. Haley comments on Lindsey's new highlights.

-Everyone (Peyton, Lucas, Haley, Nathan, Lindsey, Mouth, Brooke) is at Tric at some point in time for...something involving music and concerts and drama.

-Chad wore jeans and a button up plaid like shirt. Hilarie had on a short black skirt, and a purple tank that says "Power to the Peaceful" and really high heels.

-Lucas asks Brooke for a favor. He has been trying to get Lindsey and Peyton to be friends, but they're both mad at him. He asks Brooke for help with this. She says that if it involves flirting with bartenders, then she can do it. Brooke then says "but what's the point, Peyton is my best friend. And we both know she came back for you." That's how the scene ends. Lucas didn't exactly have a response to what B said.
(credit to Laurie)

-In a group scene, Brooke says something about how it's been a while since they've all been together and then they all decide to take a shot.

-Peyton's looking for a new office. She doesn't care how small or expensive it is just as long as it's away from Lindsey and Jason.
(credit to Meli)

-After this, Peyton says something like "Please tell me Lindsey is a bitch." Brooke responds by saying something about how her mom is a bitch and I'm sure she says something about Lucas (which I couldn't really hear) cause Peyton replies with "I'm not even going after him." This is actually a very fun scene. Both Brooke and Peyton are dealing with their own issues. Brooke with her mom and Peyton with Lucas and Lindsey. Lots of bantering.
both (credit to Laurie)

-There was a scene with just Lindsey, alone, ordering a drink at the bar.
(credit to italianqt194@othforums)

-There is a conversation in 5.07 between Haley and Lindsey (which Peyton overhears) where Lindsey is ranting to Haley about Peyton. About how Peyton used to be just a character in a book, and how now she's come to life. Lindsey admits that maybe she's just paranoid, but she also said it just seems like everything they do (meaning L/L) involves Peyton somehow. There is evidence to her paranoia... again Lucas' fault, not Peyton.

-Peyton is actually the one who interrupts the Haley/Lindsey conversation. She tells Haley that she has to talk with her, and then when Haley goes with her, Peyton tells her that she was just trying to get her away from Lindsey. Then the two talk about Mia's upcoming performance and if she is excited or nervous.
(credit to Rebecca)

-In a BP scene, Brooke is being very pro-LP and tells Peyton that Peyton and Lucas are meant to be and she needs to go get her man back and next time when he proposes she better say yes. Approximate dialogue: "You're Peyton Sawyer. He wrote a freaking book about how much he loves you!" "Meant to be" and "supposed to be" were both used. In most of the takes, she actually says "You're meant to be together, that's how its supposed to be." That's after she says "You'll/It'll always be Lucas and Peyton." And in most of the takes she says, "The next time he proposes..." which to me meant there was another time in the past when he did. But this time say yes.
(credit to Laurie, Erin & Taylor)

-In the BP scene, Peyton admits that she came home to TH because of Lucas, and Brooke is kinda like, "Yeah, I know. That was obvious." She apparently had that "Lucas look" in her eyes at the airport. Peyton asks Brooke what she came back for and she says "for you" (meaning Brooke came back for Peyton). They hug at the end of this scene.
(credit to Rebecca & Laurie)

She doesn't even blame Lucas for her neurotic behavior (her words not mine). She makes some reference to Peyton being the "single white female" referring to her paranoid behavior. She basically tells Peyton to stay away from Lucas, even though Peyton isn't even trying to get him back.
(credit to Rebecca)

The following (credit to Taylor & italianqt194@othforums):
-In a scene between Lucas and Lindsey, Lindsey (with a martini glass) seemed pissed at him. She said something like "you were with Peyton last night" or "he would know if he wasn't always with Peyton" or something like that. And then he said something like "I was with my FRIEND, talking about the girl I LOVE." Then they talked a little more and she just got up and walked away and he said "Lindsay...come on," and then the scene was done. (scene 22).

-In an LP scene, Lucas approaches her and tries to get her to take a check from him. Peyton is not very happy with Lucas when he tries to give it to her. He approaches her as she's walking through the bar and tries to give her the check. She refuses it and keeps walking, then the camera pans to an angry Lindsey watching them. Apparently, it is a rent check that Peyton gave to Lucas which she now refuses to take back from him, most likely for Tric.

-There is a very short scene with Peyton and Mia where Peyton is trying to convince her to get up and sing. Peyton seems aggravated and says something like "just play ONE SONG!" and Mia says something like, "ugh peyton". and that was it. Mia appears to be very shy.

-There is a scene between Peyton and Haley. This also happens to be the scene where Mia gets up and sings. When she gets to the mic, Jason yells "You suck, get off the stage, ho!" Then Nathan tells him, "Why don't you shut the hell up?" She sings, and then Peyton and Haley congratulate her on a really good job and then all three join in on a group hug (scene 30). Joy and Hilarie were very cute in between scenes!

-Then we shot a bunch of concert stuff with Mia and The Honorary Title and they sang Thin Layer and Far More. Far More will play during the scene were Brooke tells Peyton that Lucas and she belong together (scene 35).

-On the call sheet for 507 ther'es a scene referred as happening at "Peyton's house", I thought it would say Brooke/Peyton's house but I guess since Brooke wasn't in the scene it didn't include her. I don't know what happens in the scene since I just saw the call sheet briefly. But it meaning whatever happens takes place in Peyton's house but it seems that Brooke is not present. This could be where the kiss takes place.

The following (credit to meluvsjames):
-An upset Lindsey prepares to leave, but Lucas stops her. She recognizes that she has been so paranoid about Peyton that she has even dyed her hair. She's frustrated waiting for him and for his book, and she just wants Lucas to stop loving Peyton. Lucas has no response.

Lucas is present as Lindsey boldly says to Peyton that she doesn't like her either. Peyton coldly looks at Lucas and walks away.

-Owen puts a check in a martini glass and hands it to Lucas. Peyton glares at Lucas from across the room. Lucas admits that he's having a hard time being friends with Peyton. Nathan says that it was easier with him and Peyton because they were never in love. Lucas says that Lindsey is mad too, but Nathan points out that Lucas seems more upset about the Peyton thing.

-After this L/N exchange, Carrie approaches Nathan and asks what he and Lucas have been talking about. Nathan tells her they have been talking about exes. Smiling, Carrie asks if he means girlfriends or wives (scene 12).

Information from Showfax Sides

-Brooke signs an autograph for a drunk girl. She and Owen joke about her fame as compared to his. A drunk girl asks Owen for another shot. Peyton sits down next to Brooke and Brooke tells her she bets she and Owen have sex right there on the bar. Peyton points out to Brooke that her mom is also at the bar. She enters, all "****ted up" (scene 14).

Episode 5.08: "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want"
Date: March
Director: Paul Johansson Writer:

-There was a scene filmed at THH with Hilarie and (possibly) the actress who plays Molly.

-Chad, James, Hilarie, Joy, Antwon, Lee, and then the people who portray Quentin and "the trainer" filmed a combination of scenes yesterday, I believe.
(credit to Krystal)

-Haley has a serious discussion with Lucas about his engagement. She wants to make sure that he knows what he is doing and that he understands that marriage is a serious thing.
(credit to Rebecca)

-That LH scene hinges right off of an LP scene, that I believe we have in the sides. I think Haley overhears part of that, and when she goes in to talk to Lucas after having heard a portion of the LP convo, Peyton leaves, cue the LH stuff you mentioned. That should help us put it more in perspective, in regards to timing.
(credit to Krystal)

Information from Showfax Sides

-Skills is apparently congratulating Lucas on the new lucky woman in his life. He jokes about who it is, and Lucas is like, "It's Lindsey, of course." Nathan says that it's a legitimate comment considering that Peyton is in town, and Skills says that Brooke is around too (scene 14).

-Peyton appears at Lucas's doorway, upset with him for kissing her and then proposing to Lindsey. Lucas is all confused and says that the timing was weird. She replies that he kissed her-confirming everything she was thinking, everything she wanted to believe, and how could he run off and ask someone else to be his wife. He tells her that his proposal to Lindsey has nothing to do with her. Peyton tells him not to marry Lindsey. (scene 16).

-Molly/Peyton conversation about Lucas's book: Molly's living vicariously through Peyton and the book. She tries to convince Peyton that her love with Lucas is still alive because their love is alive on her closet door and in his book (scene 19).

-Skills toasts Lucas as they are watching a game tape. Skills makes a comment that Lucas never has to be nervous because he always follows his heart. They both watch the team they are going to face in the season opener make a incredible shot on tape. They both agree they need another drink.(scene 31).

Episode 5.09: For Tonight You're Only Here to Know
Date: March
Director: Writer:

-5.08 isn't Lindsey's final episode. The actress who portrays Lindsey is definitely in 5.09. At least from what I understand. She has already filmed scenes for 5.09 on Friday and has more scenes in the episode slated to film.
(credit to Krystal)

-I think at some point in 5.09, for some period of time, the girls will find themselves trapped/locked somewhere together. That would involve shooting studio stuff, I think. Someone definitely correct me if that's inaccurate. I apologize if it is.
(credit to Krystal)

- Most of the episode takes place in the Tree Hill Library.
(credit to

-One scene they filmed was with Sophia, Hilarie and two new girls. They filmed at school, in the library. One of the girls there had dark brown hair and it was kinda short.
(credit to Fall From Grace)

-Some awkwardness abounds as Peyton has to witness Brooke and Haley hanging out with Lindsey.
(credit to Rebecca)

Episode 5.10: "Running To Stand Still"
Date: March
Director: Writer:

Information from Showfax Sides

-Lucas and Nathan are driving to Dan's parole hearing in Nathan's Range Rover. Lucas asks how it went with Haley. Nathan tells him she'll need some time, and Lucas tells Nathan to give it to her as Nathan owes her that. Nathan makes a comment on how it would have been nice for them to have a father to go to for advice (scene 23).

-John is congratulating Peyton as Mia enters and ask what for. Peyton tells Mia that it's in her best interest and Mia snaps back. Reminding Peyton that that's not what she said earlier today. She'd called John an evil snake who couldn't be trusted. John tries to tell Mia that despite what Peyton said then, she's making sense now. Mia disagrees and tells John that she will never play for play for him, ever. She's an artist, not a business transaction. Mia tells Peyton that she thought they had something special and that Peyton sold her out. Peyton calls after her, with no luck. John looks on, frustrated (scene 25).

-Nathan/Lucas at Dan's parole hearing: Dan makes a speech to the parole board about how if he's allowed parole, he'll devote his time to helping his family and those he hurt by his actions. Lucas, clearly not buying this, tells the parole board that Dan abandoned him and that Keith was always there for him. Lucas states that he's getting married next week, and that Keith would have been his best man. Lucas asks how a father can hope to be an influence on sons who have never come to visit him in prison. The parole administrator states that the file indicates that Nathan recently went to visit Dan. Lucas is startled by this (scene 26).

Episode 5.11: "You're Going To Need Someone On Your Side"
Date: March
Director: Writer:

-We know absolutely nothing.
Episode 5.12: "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want"
Date: March
Director: Paul Johansson Writer:

-There is a Lucas/Lindsey wedding in this episode. The ceremony starts, but apparently, Lindsey is the one to stop it. Supposedly, Lindsey runs away and leaves Lucas at the altar.
(credit to Manu)

-Lindsey is gone (gone gone) by 512 or 513

Information from Showfax Sides


-Scene 27
Inside the church, Lucas and Lindsey’s wedding. The kids(Jamie/Lily) are leading Lindsey down the aisle as Nanny Carrie watches from above. As Lily passes Peyton, she tosses petals into the air prompting a flashback to 409 from Peyton.

-Scene 28
409 Flashback, “It’s You, Peyton”.

-Scene 29
Peyton rises to her feet as Lindsey joins Lucas at the altar. The minister speaks and we zoom in on Peyton and Brooke, standing behind Karen, Lily, and Andy. Skills is behind Peyton and tells her “he’s got her”, reaching down for one of his beers.

Brooke walks up to the front to begin her reading, as she does this Nathan steals a glance at Haley. As Brooke reads, we flashback to clothes over bros.

-Scene 30
Brooke tells Lucas she came home to get pregnant with his child. Lucas is freaked out, asking if she’s really thought about this.

-Scene 31
The minister asks Lucas to say his vows and Peyton stands up objecting as Skills grins at her actions. She tells Lucas she’s sorry and he can’t do this because she loves him and because he fixed her car. She says that day changed everything because he changed her heart along with her car. She goes on to say two years ago he proposed to her and she was scared so she said someday. She tells him that someday is now and she loves him and pleads for him not to leave her again.

But when it cuts back to Lucas, we see Peyton imagined it all and Lucas says “I do”.

-Scene 32
Lucas slips a ring on Lindsey’s finger as Jaime whispers to Skills he has to go to the bathroom. Skills doesn’t want him to go alone, but Jamie pleads saying Lily will make fun of him and that he knows where it is. Skills agrees making him promise to come right back.

-Scene 34
Lindsey eyes her wedding band and whispers “It’s a comet.” Everyone is confused. Lucas asks what’s wrong and Lindsey says it was a comet the boy saw. She goes to recite a passage from his book about a boy who saw a comet and felt his life finally had meaning and that he waited his entire life for it to return.

Lindsey then asks when the first day he ever talked Peyton was. Lucas eyes Peyton and all eyes follow his lead putting Peyton in the spotlight. Lucas says that her car broke down and we enter a flashback of the first time Lucas and Peyton spoke.

-Scene 35
The start of the flashback from when Lucas first spoke to Peyton on that country road with her broken down car. “That’s me inside your head”.

-Scene 42
Brooke is explaining to Peyton she’s spent the last 4 years working long hours and she needs something to fill a void that success hasn’t. She wants a family. Peyton asks if she wants to marry Lucas. Brooke says no and that she wants Peyton to marry Lucas and that she just wants to a mom like her mother never was and Lucas to be the father.

Peyton tries to absorb this and Brooke says it’s ok, that Lucas looked freaked out too. Brooke hugs Peyton again and Mouth and Millicent approach looking for Jamie.


Short teaser trailer for Season 5:


CW Website "Fast Forward" Character Previews:

Promotional Pics/Advertisements:

(credit to Laurie)


Mark from

Hi everyone. It’s been a while. I hope you’re all well. We are. It feels strange not to be on the air right now. After five years, your life kind of falls into a rhythm with the airdate schedule. In terms of production, it’s pretty much business as usual. But not airing in the Fall is…different. Especially when you have a GREAT show. And we do. You know we’re jumping ahead four years. I’m sure there have been photos and script pages and reports from the front. I’ve certainly noticed a lot more faces in Wilmington. But it’s all out of context until you see the show. I understand that. (And FYI, Kevin did a great job, but he was never offered a series regular position. His role is small and contained. He was a joy to work with. I don’t know who those knuckleheads at TV Guide are talking to. I love Damian Holbrook, though. Nice guy…)

The first few episodes are complete. Locked. I suppose I might change some music if I find something I love before we air, but know this: The show is different, but it’s very much the same. And I mean that in a good way. I’ve gotten a bunch of e-mails and phone calls from people at the studio and network who are in love with Season Five. I just thought you’d like to know that. I’m writing an episode right now and listening to an advance of the new Jimmy Eat World disc. I’m happy to be back – even though for you – we’re not exactly back yet. I’m proud of the work the cast and crew and writers are doing. I appreciate the fans who have been there from the beginning. And the ones that found us along the way and stuck around.
General Information

As of now, the show will be premiering in January 8th with very limited hiatus interruption, getting 13 episodes with the back 9 possibly being picked up later on.

Episodes 501 and 502 will air back-to-back on January 8th. Basically that means there's a two-hour premiere. Hooray.

Set Tour info
(credit to Laurie):

The new THH hallway: There was a locker that had a NOFX sticker on it and right beside it was one that has "Molly Was Here." Not sure if they're connected or if the NOFX locker was Peyton's old locker.

Lucas' office was closed but I managed to see some items. I was looking for a pic of baboon but didn't find one. I saw a pic of Keith on one of the desks and Lily on the other. He had a bunch of CDs behind the bigger desk.

Molly's room: The P+L = TLA carving on Peyton's double black door is huge It's on the left panel. It's in all caps. The right panel has Molly's writings. She used a silver sharpie. This girl is HILARIOUS Here's what she wrote there:

Then a list of other Lucas and Peyton ships:
-First one on the list is "Leyton" - which had 3 check marks beside it.
-Second was "Brucas" and it had 2 check marks
-The last two were "Lanna" and "Panna" I think both had one check mark each.

Molly also had the Friends With Benefit total amount of money collected through the selling of the CD's on her door and something about a psycho.

Lucas related casting:
Lindsey will be played by Michaela McManus. (Picture)

Quentin will be played by Robbie Jones. (Picture)

Carrie will be played by Torrey Devitto. (Picture)
(credit to janenanne)

Peyton related casting:
Singer Kate Voegele will have a multi-episode arc, playing Mia. (Picture)

Jason will be played by Kevin Federline. Yes, that Kevin Federline. (Picture)


Any information taken from this thread should be credited to the appropriate source.
Thanks to Fanbolt, OTH Writers 911, The,,, and all the other great sources.
A special THANKS! to our anonymous sources.

Spoilers are liable to be changed/cut/edited. It depends on where the story needs to go and not what has been filmed.

"We had always been meant for each other.
And every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth:
I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer"

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General Pictures

Lucas and Karen's redecorated room sets:

From Peyton's Myspace:

Episode 5.01: "Four Years, Six Months, Two Days"


(credit to

Fan/Filming Pictures:

(ALL credit to Taylor)

More pictures
(credit to KristenK127@TheCW)

Screencaps from Promo:

(credit to SusanXG)
"We had always been meant for each other.
And every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth:
I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer"

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Episode 5.02: "Racing Like A Pro"

(credit to nbetterbid@othforums)

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Episode 5.03: My Way Home is Through You

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"We had always been meant for each other.
And every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth:
I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer"

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Episode 5.04: "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)"

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From EXTRA video:

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Episode 5.05: "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"

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Episode 5.06: "Don't Dream It's Over"

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Episode 5.07: "In Da Club"

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"We had always been meant for each other.
And every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth:
I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer"

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I'll add the other stuff a little later when I get home...if the thread's still up.
"We had always been meant for each other.
And every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth:
I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer"
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Thanks Tori.

So maybe Lucas just finished the first draft of his second book and this comet thing is in it. And Lindsey just read it before the wedding, and ultimately that's what caused her to doubt Lucas (as if the prior episodes weren't enough.)

I'm LOLing at Carrie dying Jamie's hair. Poor kid. WTF. This is the season of psycho's for sure. Add B to the list too.
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You know what worries me about the whole BL baby situation. It’s that fact that if this pregnancy happens, then Lucas will always be inclined to Brooke and her baby, and even if he wants too, he will never turn his back on them, but there is always chance that he will turn his back on Peyton. This is a pretty stupid thing for mark to do. He thinks he’s pleasing both fan bases, but if anything he doing the complete opposite. I hope that if we get more than 12/13 episodes, then Brooke will wise up and realize that a baby needs to have both a stable family and mum and dad that actually want to be with one another. I always think the bad in everything and if this does happen, then I’m scared that Peyton will be pushed out.

Also, I don’t get what marks doing with all the characters. Its like one minute they all act one way and the next they do something totally random. Like all the Lucas and Peyton stuff that leads up to what, some random wedding that has seemed to been pulled out of someone’s a** in like two weeks. Then we’ve got Brooke, who seems to be well into Owen, happy with her life, wants LP to be together and come back for Peyton. And boom, all of a sudden she’s not happy and come back for Lucas’s damn sperm. And don’t even get me started about Peyton and that damn mofo greg….

One last thing, some mention briefly in the last thread that someone touched upon the notion that maybe Peyton deserves better. I’ve never really believed that until now. As much as I love LP and will continue to love them, doesn’t Peyton deserve to be with someone that can actually admit that he wants her back. Not someone who’s willing to marry another girl that he doesn’t even love just so his heart can remain unhurt. Peyton’s lived through a crappy life and I always thought/believed that Lucas could change that for her, but now I just think he’s making her life worse just so he can be the so called ‘good’ guy.

Btw, I’m a bit slow lol. What’s all this about a comet?
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TFTNT . wow . I'm just ..I mean wow .
"The Chad" is what we like to call him. Chad Michael Murray...he's devastatingly handsome"
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Originally Posted by hotchad (View Post)
TFTNT . wow . I'm just ..I mean wow .
Its a tad crazy ,eh?

Thanks for the new thread, Tori.
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I'm still going to wait to see how Lucas acts in the twelve episodes before he says "I do". We know that it is clear his still loves Peyton from the moment she comes back. If that continues, then Lucas marrying is just a joke and for whatever reason, he is refusing to acknowledge his true feelings. But if those are his words about the "comet", then that once again shows where his heart is at. He is fighting it just like Peyton was in season three for some reason.
Yeah. Even though it kind of seems like it from all the sides we've gotten so far, I can't see them having lucas just float through this engagement. Being aloof about what he's doing, like a robot on automatic or something. I think, like 512, we will get some things throughout to give a little peak into what's going on. Maybe. Hopefully. The book thing is a good example. He's writing this while in a relationship with Lindsey. Is he supposed to be doing writing that stuff unconsciously or something? I don't know. But I think it will be things like that.

Also, hopefully it'll all play out better when we see it in context with the rest of the season.
"We had always been meant for each other.
And every instinct to the contrary had simply been a denial of the following truth:
I was now and would always be in love with Peyton Sawyer"
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Thanks for the new thread.
I just can't believe brooke came back for Lucas' sperm!!!
Lucas ღ Peyton
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Btw, I’m a bit slow lol. What’s all this about a comet?
Peyton's car is a Mercury Comet. Lucas must write about it in his second book which Lindsey edits, but it's only at the alter that Lindsey realizes that when Lucas was writing about a comet, it was actually a metaphor for Peyton.
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I dont know what to think, Im so angry the only good thing I read was that Andy is back! This baby thing cant be good and I hope Brooke changes her mind.
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I just read the new sides and WOW.

Upsides: We get not 1, but 2 awesome throwbacks! Those are going to be great. ANDY is back! He was the only new character in s2 that I liked. I love Skills with his "I got you, P. Sawyer." Even though she just imagined that whole objection!

Downsides: I am not too happy that Peyton is at this wedding. Period. I also can't believe that Lucas actually said his vows and we really going to marry Lindsey. It bothers me that it takes her saying something to him for it to trigger in his mind. Ugh.

Other thoughts... The BL baby ordeal made me laugh, like a lot. And Carrie is just completely insane. She makes Psycho!Derek look good.

I am guessing that the whole Comet talk has to do with Luke's second book. And now we know why she said no to his proposal before. That is going to be a sad scene to watch.

I really have a lot of mixed emotions about this whole thing!
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