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dtedegrasi 09-11-2011 04:15 PM

Desperate Housewives S&S #3: Kiss Them Goodbye.

Desperate Housewives S&S #3

The ABC Television Network announced today that this season will be the final one for the landmark series "Desperate Housewives." All good things eventually come to an end, and in the eighth and final season, the stakes for everyone on Wisteria Lane are at an all-time high. Season Eight of "Desperate Housewives" will roll out in a way that is accessible even to viewers who may have lapsed in their viewing, and be all the richer and more rewarding to the series' loyal fans.

For Season Eight, Carlos's murder of Gaby's evil stepfather and the cover up by Susan, Gaby, Bree and Lynette has far reaching effects. Feelings of guilt begin to overcome everyone in different ways. Susan starts to withdraw from her friends and family, and Gaby works to reach out to Carlos while his guilt weighs heavily upon him. As Lynette and Tom are grappling with their disintegrating marriage and impending separation, Lynette is having trouble making the right choices ever since she participated in the cover-up. And Bree must be especially careful around her new love, Detective Chuck Vance. Meanwhile a new sexy neighbor moves to town, Ben Faulkner, and he's Renee's first order of business.

Season 8 Promo
Kiss Them Goodbye (The juicy final season)

Desperate Housewives - Season 8: Kiss Them Goodbye - YouTube


8.10: "What's To Discuss Old Friend?"
Airdate: January 8th, 2012

With a gun at her side, Bree prepares to end it all now that her friends have abandoned her and her life continues to spiral further into despair; Gaby begins to suspect that Carlos may have had something to do with Detective Chuck Vance's murder; Susan makes up her mind to go to New York to become a true artist - with or without Mike; and an angry Tom cancels his plans to go to Paris with his girlfriend when Lynette confesses that she's an accomplice to murder and may soon be arrested.

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8.11: "Who Can Say What's True?"
Airdate: January 15th, 2012

With Carlos still in rehab, Gaby asks for Lynette’s help in wooing a high-stakes company to sign with her husband’s firm; Renee talks Bree into getting out of the house and having some fun at a pickup bar; in an attempt to ease her guilt, Susan pays a covert visit to Alejandro’s family to see how they’ve been holding up since he went missing; and Mike discovers some inconsistencies with Ben’s real estate project.

8.12: "What's The Good In Being Good?"
Airdate: January 22, 2012

As Bree's life continues in a downward spiral, Mrs. Mcluskey becomes concerned about her sex and drinking life and tries to voice her opinions to Bree's former friends. Bree later has a run in with a man she recently has sex with, only to find out he's married. Lynette meets a new match only to find out Renee does not approve of the pairing and goes behind her back. Meanwhile, Ben has a dangerous secret.

8.13: "Is That What You Call Love?"
Airdate: February 12, 2010

As Bree's life spirals out of control, her friends attempt to reach out to her, however she continues her behavior out of guilt and depression. Later on, she is put in a compromising position at a bar and an old flame Orson,
(Kyle MacLachlan), appears to help her.

Susan is shocked to learn her daughter Julie, (Andrea Bowen), is pregnant, and plans on giving up the baby for adoption. She attempts to talk Julie out of it. Later on, she meets potential parents and takes action.

Juanita was overly aggressive with a boy at her school and Gabrielle is called into the therapist office. She attempts to pass of Lee as being Carlos because he's still in rehab and is worried about the state of her family.

Former main character's Andrea Bowen and Kyle Maclachlan guest star in this episode.

8.14: (TBA)
Airdate: February 19th, 2012

A man who Bree recently slept with visits to inform her he may have given her and STD. SHe has to revisit all her old partners, including Orson, to inform them.

The neighborhood is shocked to hear that Mrs. McClusky cancer has returned in a bad way. Her husband, Roy appears.

It's speculated that Renee has a darker storyline with Ben, beginning in this episode.

  • Spoilers & Speculations
- Dana Delaney has been confirmed to return as Katherine Mayfair.. Not much is known about her return, however it is speculated that there will be a conclusion with her character and Robin and that she may guest star for multiple episodes.

- Kyle Machlachlan will return as Orson Hodge for multiple episodes as will Andrea Bowen as Julie as well.

- The series finale may feature another time jump, and according to the producers, will be very symbolic of the pilot. Also, Mary Alice is planned to appear.

- Mary Alice has a bigger role this season. It's been suggested but not confirmed that Paul Young may make an appearance one last time, also that Ben will eventually be tied in with her secret.

- Two ladies on Wisteria Lane will be stricken with shocking diseases. Also, one of the ladies ends up pregnant and there's a chance she won't be keeping it.
Desperate Housewives
"Everyone Has A Little Dirty Laundry"

diamond gothic 09-11-2011 04:24 PM

Thanks for the new thread :)

Aww, the season.

Lauren___Graham 09-12-2011 02:21 AM

I'm so excited for the fourth episode, when we meet Jane (Andrea Parker)! It's gonna be great I know it :D

MrღMrsStinsbatskys 09-12-2011 04:43 AM

TFTNT, it's great! :D

I didn't get to read spoilers till now and I have to say that this season will be gr8. :D :D

NikNak 09-15-2011 08:57 PM

Thanks for starting the new thread. :)

TheFairviewHerald 09-16-2011 06:27 PM

Desperate Housewives 8.02 - Making The Connection - HQ Stills

TheFairviewHerald 09-21-2011 05:20 PM

Desperate Housewives 8.03 - Watch While I Revise the World - HQ Stills

diamond gothic 09-21-2011 06:24 PM

Thanks for the stills. :)

TheFairviewHerald 09-22-2011 02:45 PM

They are just all over it this year...

Desperate Housewives 8.04 - School of Hard Knocks - HQ Promotional Stills

Desperate Housewives - 8.05 - The Art of Making Art - HQ Promotional Stills

dtedegrasi 09-24-2011 06:35 PM


Originally Posted by TheFairviewHerald (Post 58570371)

I think I have updated everything! Can't wait, season premiere tomorrow guys.

TheFairviewHerald 09-25-2011 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by dtedegrasi (Post 58610008)
I think I have updated everything! Can't wait, season premiere tomorrow guys.

Apparently I messed up on the links, here's the right ones!

Desperate Housewives 8.04 - School of Hard Knocks - HQ Promotional Stills

Desperate Housewives 8.05 - The Art of Making Art - HQ Promotional Stills

diamond gothic 09-25-2011 04:27 PM

Thanks for the stills!


I think I have updated everything!
Thanks for the updates!

MrღMrsStinsbatskys 09-26-2011 05:39 AM

Thanks for the updates! :D

NikNak 10-10-2011 03:05 PM

Thanks for all the stills/updates. :)

MrღMrsStinsbatskys 10-10-2011 06:00 PM

The next few episodes look good I can't wait.

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