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Aquaman Legend of a King Chapter 27

“So what are you going to do Dragon stay here and forget about work or are you going to get up off your stubborn butt and go after him?”

“You said that already.”

“Needed to be said again for emphasis Dragon so what are you going to do Dragon?” Zavriso says still holding the sword at Dragons throat.

“Can you lower the sword you already won the sword match?”

“No not yet until you answer me what are you are going to go after him or not?” Zavriso says staring at Dragon with a knowing look saying, “Go after him Dragon.”

“I’m going after him Zavriso I don’t know where he is though or where he would be.”

“Dragon don’t make me scratch you with this sword you can find him you know how so it’s time you used your magic to find him.” Zavriso says.

“Will you lower your sword now please? I have said I am going after him.”

“Good now I will lower my sword.” Zavriso says true to her word as she lowers her sword, “For the record I wouldn’t hurt you ever.”

“I know you were kidding Zavriso you only wanted me to go after Author as you know I care deeply for him.”

“Ouch hey what was that for?” Dragon says as Zavriso hits her on the knee with her sword softly not to hurt her just to pick on her a bit all in good fun.

“Alright I more than care for him are you happy now or are you going to hit me with the sword again?”

“I’m happy for now Dragon.” Zavriso answers with a grin.

“Yes prepare my private jet I’m going back to the castle again I’ll be there in ten minutes.”


“Yes what is it now Zavriso.”

“Go getem you idiot!” Zavriso says with a grin as she smiles.

“Thank you Zavriso I am sorry for being such a hard headed dimwit.”

“It’s ok now go get him Dragon before I kick you all the way to the elevator.”

Hurrying out of the office sprinting through the office and towards the elevators as she fumbles trying to carry her portfolio and a writing book she has and her letters from different eras in history.

Hurrying down stairs to the limo Dragon gets in as the driver pulls away from the building, “Take me to the….”

“The airport yes I can Dragon I know you were going there Dragon as you are going after that man you had helped a while ago.” The driver asks with a knowing look.

“Yes I have been awful to him I have to get him back I need him he means more to me than I can say.”

“I know he does I could see it on your face when you would talk of him even when you were with him to your smile was even brighter than before. By the way you were looking at him I know you were more than liking him Dragon.”

“I think you know me way too well.”

“I have known you for years Dragon I have been driving you around for years ever since you were running around in pig tails. You’re a fine leader of your company but you have been working way too hard and now it’s time you had some fun and to get away from the office you need it. This man he is a good one he will keep you on your toes and not put up with any of your stubbornness.”

“Oh you sound like Travanna sometimes I think the two of you should get married at least then you’d stop nagging me.” Dragon says with a playful grin.

“Even if I were married I’d still find time to nag you Dragon I’d never give that up Dragon its way too much fun.” He says grinning.

Pausing for a second he says to her, “Dragon were here and your jet is ready for you.”

Getting out of the limo and walking towards the plane a small suitcase in hand Dragon boards the plane headed for the castle once again. Going into the cabin of the plane Dragon sits by one of the windows as the plane takes off. Staring out the window over the ocean her mind wanders back to Author. Soon the plane lands and Dragon is picked up by another driver and driven back to the castle.

Seeing Travanna standing outside the doors waiting for her she smiles as Dragon comes up the stairs, “I knew you would be back Dragon I could sense the argument between you and Author this one wow was a loud one indeed Dragon. I’m surprised you didn’t roast him with your fire breath.”

“Very funny Travanna.” Dragon says with a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“Dragon I am glad you are here it’s time you went after him and brought him back here fins and all and keep him for yourself.”

“Don’t rub it in Travanna and walk around the castle gloating over the fact that you were right Travanna.”

“Oh I am going to gloat a bit here Dragon you know that for now I will not gloat but later I am going to. For now Dragon you need to get changed and go find your man and bring him back here.” Travanna says smiling.

“I intend to Travanna though I need time to find him before I can bring him here. I don’t know were he is Travanna I will have to search for him and that will take time.”

“It might but then again you could just look out your window and see he’s on the beach waiting for you right now Dragon.”

“What? Travanna he’s not out there he’s miles if not thousands of miles away who knows where and I have no idea how to get to him so quit nagging me Travanna. And…. He is out on the beach Travanna.” Hurrying down the stairs and sprinting down the wooden deck leading to the beach she sprints down towards the rock where he his hiding himself from prying eyes.

“Author?” Dragon calls to him.

Seeing no one come out from behind the rock Dragon calls to him again, “Author I’m sorry we have argued so much and I have kept you at a distance I’m stubborn hard headed and sometimes I’m a titanic sized dimwit at times. The truth is I am nothing without you Author you mean so much to me and I want you beside me I have missed you so much. My friend you met at the photo shoot that one day we got into a sword match and she had to kick my butt in a fencing match to get me to realize how much I deeply care for you Author. Please come back to me I need you I want you with me.”

Hearing the water splashing near the rock Author comes out from behind it, “There you are Author.” Dragon says sprinting up to him tossing her arms around him as she kisses him deeply not wanting to let him go for a second. “I am so sorry Author for everything I shouldn’t have turned from you like that leaving you there. Author can you ever accept the apology of a foolish stubborn girl like me?” Dragon says whispering as she moves to kiss his neck.

“Of course I can Dragon I have missed you to so much I never wanted you to leave me and I have been stubborn and hard headed to Dragon. I am sorry if I was too harsh on you. I only wanted you to stay with me and see that you are so much more than what you think you are.”

“Author for years I have been keeping hidden for so long then you came along and saw through all of it and called me out on all my baloney. If it was going to be any man I could have in my life I’m glad it’s you Author.”

“What you actually got into a fencing match against Zavriso your vice president to your company?”

“Yes I did Author I did.”

“I take it Zavriso won the match I take it though,” Author says pausing closing his eyes he sees part of the match in his mind. “You are good with a sword Dragon nice parry move Dragon you are good with a blade.”

Opening his eyes he looks at Dragon, “You are so much more than what you think you are, you came back for me to find me and be with me once again. Dragon I have never met anyone like you before Dragon. Promise me you won’t leave me again I don’t ever want you to be away from me again every time you left me I hated to watch you walk or last time swim away from me. I didn’t come after you as I thought you wanted me to leave you alone to get back to your life in New York to you work and to your company.”

“I went back to my work to forget about you but Zavriso wouldn’t let me get you out of my mind Author. Zavriso knew you meant more to me that what I was saying.” Dragon says kissing him again deeper than before her arms wrapped around him as Authors arms encompass her in a loving grasp.

“Come with me Author back to my castle you’ll be safe there me and Travanna will keep you safe from Lady Zavarit’s magic. Come quickly I don’t want that awful sorceress Lady Zavarit to get you back in her clutches.”

“She won’t Dragon.”

“Travanna what are you doing here?”

“Coming down to the beach to help you carry him back the castle. Hurry Dragon we need to get back now it’s the only other place where the two of you will be safe come now.” Travanna says hearing storm on the horizon.

“I think it would be best if we take the fast way back.” Snapping her fingers they are instantly transported back to the castle and into the second guestroom.

Author on the bed and Dragon standing next to him she stares at him for a second or so, “You’re starting at me again.” He says as she reads his lips.

“I am starting at you as I can’t take my eyes off you I have missed looking at you. Your deep blue eyes hold my gaze captive.”

Staring at her Dragon moves closer to him sitting beside him on the bed she runs her hand down his face as he leans over to kiss her palm. “Dragon I will be beside you always no matter how stubborn you are or how much you try to drive me away.”

“Author I take it your not mad at me anymore?”

“I never was Dragon I was never mad at you I knew you needed time to come to your senses thought it took you long enough Dragon.” He says teasing her a bit.

“Author what am I going to do with you?” Dragon says grinning as she moves closer to him wrapping her arms around him kissing him once again.

“Could we go out onto the balcony I need to be out there the sea air relaxes me Dragon.”

“Alright I think I can manage that.” Dragon says as they are transported to the balcony.

“How did we get here so quickly?”

“It must have been Travanna she’s always listening in and trying to be helpful when she can. Plus I think she likes to show off a bit to.”

“Not quite like someone else I know of to.”

“Author I am not a show off she is.”

“In your own way you are a bit of a show off Dragon.”

“Oh look who’s talking Mr.Supermodle you were so showing off for the camera it was ridiculous you were showing off and you were enjoying it a lot.”

“Ah ha so you were actually looking at me then I thought you were but you had your head so buried in your cell phone I couldn’t tell if you were staring at me or not. I saw your eyes staring at me once your friend Zavriso nudged you into looking at me after you finally put your phone away and quit focusing on work.”

“Zavriso is a very stubborn friend to at times but she is my best friend and she was right I do need you in my life. You’ll keep me on my toes and tell me when I am being stubborn.” Dragon says grinning leaning over to kiss him again.

“You have also missed kissing me I can tell you have by the way your holding me. You have a talent Dragon what is it please tell me I want to know. I can sense there is a wonderful talent you have but yet you keep this talent hidden.”

“I have many talents Author one of which is this.” Dragon says smiling as she tries to distract him with a deep kiss that once again dulls his senses making him loose what he was saying to her.

“You’re a distraction Dragon a beautiful distraction and what was I saying again?” He says lost in Dragon’s kiss.

“I don’t recall what you were saying either Author I am enjoying having you here beside me fins and all. I have to say your merman tail is very beautiful the blue color is exquisite.”

“It is very nice in color but I miss having legs.”

“I know you miss having legs Author and I will do all I can to get your legs back so you can chase after me when I turn from you.”

“I look forward to chasing after you and pulling you back into my arms and never letting you go Dragon.”

“It’s about time you said that to her Author and Dragon it’s about time you said that to him.” Travanna adds in her opinion with a soft laugh.

“Travanna.” Dragon says with a sigh.

“Travanna has always been so nice don’t be too hard on her she is so happy for you that you finally have a good man in your life now.”

“Really be sure to point one out to me so I can find him later on.”

“I meant me Dragon you’re going to pay for that one Dragon.” Author says with a grin as he pulls her closer into his arms kissing her deeply slowly softly kissing her neck making her sigh softly.

“I’m glad you came back to me I have missed you so much I was awful to you and still you’re here beside me. I still don’t know how you put up with me at times as stubborn as I can be.”

“You’re stubborn and hard headed at times but I can be that way sometimes to Dragon I have my stubbornness to Dragon. You are also very intelligent and kind, artful and creative. You have a very creative and artful way of seeing things Dragon and I like that about you.” He says running his hand down her face leaning up to kiss her once again.

In her room Travanna watches them together in her glass, “I am glad they are together again they should be this way together and never apart. What is this disturbance I am sensing?” Travanna says as she concentrates on the disturbance.

“What oh I should have known Lady Zavarit still angry that you can’t get to him oh you must be so frustrated.” Travanna says with a grin glad to see Lady Zavarit is mad.

Listening to her Travanna keeps her magic at a distance as to not alert Lady Zavarit to her magical presence.

“I have to get him back here somehow but how that is the question?” Lady Zavarit says pacing her study. Pages in her books fly on their own to a page revealing a transport spell.

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