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Mi||iê Måë 02-08-2019 05:06 PM

What Was The Last Movie You Saw? (DISCUSSION)
What Was The Last Movie You Saw?
No lists please, try to share an opinion on the film you last watched!

To help with posting a review, copy and paste what's below, and use it as a template!

[B]Year Released:[/B]
[B]Rating out of 5 :star::[/B]

Looks like:

Year Released:
Rating out of 5 :star::

Jen's Herald 02-08-2019 10:54 PM

thanks for the new movies thread! :yay: i watched Snowpiercer last night, with Chris Evans. a quite interesting and quirky South Korean sci-fi/dystopian action thriller, with both social and political undertones and overtones, depending on your point of view.

if you have seen this hugely underrated film, please answer the question in the spoiler tag, just curious. if you haven't seen it, please don't look, it can be a spoiler, hence the tags. :)


My Kind Of Crazy 02-12-2019 03:05 PM

waynes world (1992) - i forgot how funny this movie was. i havet watched it in years. :lol:

in love with you dummy 02-13-2019 12:58 PM

Just saw in the last thread that Millie is a fan of John Carpenter's Vampires! It's so hard to come by others who have seen and liked that movie, too! :look:

Watched a few Hallmark Movies last night. :look:

Movie: A Winter Princess
Year Released: 2019
Starring: Natalie Hall and Chris McNally
Plot: Princess Carly, working incognito at a ski resort, must team up with the owner's brother, Jesse, to plan the resort's 50th anniversary celebration.
Rating out of 5 :star:: :star::star::star:
Comments: I'm very picky about the Hallmark Movies that I watch, but this was a cute and fun movie. One I would/will watch more than once.

Movie: Fixing Pete
Year Released: 2012
Starring: Brooke Burns, Stacy Keibler, Dylan Bruno
Plot: When a fashion writer has to give a chauvinistic sports journalist a makeover, sparks fly.
Rating out of 5 :star:: :star: (half a star actually, but I don't know how to make those.)
Comments: I watched because I like Brooke Burns and Stacy Keibler once I realized she was in it. The movie was alright, but not one I'd watch again anytime soon to be honest.

ocfan27 02-13-2019 03:58 PM

The Proposal-one of my favorite never fails to make me laugh! My favorite Ryan Reynolds is amazing as always! :love: Love Betty White in this :lmao: always recommended!

atwoodsmariano 02-14-2019 02:08 PM

Flipped (2010) for Valentine's Day

still love this movie after watching it for the first time almost 8 years ago :sigh:

The Girl In The Snog Box, My infinite list of movies you should definitely...

Jen's Herald 02-14-2019 09:11 PM

The Cuuting Edge, on blu-ray. toe-pick! :lol: :melt:

atwoodsmariano 02-15-2019 12:38 AM

Sleepless in Seattle also for Valentine's Day

I love it so much!

Crystal Clear 02-15-2019 01:20 PM

Year Released: 2001
Starring: David Boreanaz, Denise Richards, Marley Shelton, Jessica Capshaw
Plot: A victim of bullying at his school prom comes back 13 years later to get revenge on those who wronged him that night :evil_lol:
Rating out of 5 stars :star::star:
Comments: Fun 90's slasher flick, BUT...


The ending puts a downer on the whole movie. It's a shame, because the rest of the movie is pretty good and they pull all the typical red herrings in the WhoDunnit? mystery aspect. A lot of the supporting characters are forgettable and/or cruel people (what was with Dorothy's guy, Campbell??? :sick:) but once they pull the whole "It's not Adam... Oh wait, IT IS!!!" ending, you're just like.... :eyebrow:

Jessica Capshaw and Denise Richards give arguably the best performances. Cannot stand Marley Shelton's character and how naive she is. :nono:

canflam 02-16-2019 04:26 PM

''Born on the Fourth of July''

This was based on a true story & a terrific film that Tom Cruise won ''Best Actor'' for. It was of course depressing at time such as the scene where Cruise as ''Kovic'' was in with an escort crying. There was also a scene where he was in a wheelchair along Willem Dafoe's character & they were arguing about if they had killed anyone in the Vietnam War which they both got paralyzed in. Great cast.

ocfan27 02-16-2019 05:10 PM

Locke-it was strangely riveting...definitely not my kind of movie but it told a crazy story and definitely kept me guessing! Tom Hardy was excellent! I recommend it!

canflam 02-16-2019 05:21 PM

Interesting. Did not know of that 1.

Jen's Herald 02-17-2019 12:58 AM

mother! (2017) :eek: :hug: your local tree, a :kiss: for mother nature.

canflam 02-17-2019 02:06 PM

That's a film about a tree?

Jen's Herald 02-17-2019 10:02 PM


Originally Posted by canflam (Post 96544917)
That's a film about a tree?

no, but the central character, Grace, is an allegory for Mother Nature, and what horrible things we are doing to her, as a collective species. :( everytime i watch it, i run out in my yard and hug a tree. :hug:

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