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Old 11-22-2004, 03:32 AM
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Originally posted by Galaxia21
Ooh will you make me one?? I would except I don't have that many pics from it.
I would but I'm clueless on making avies (I always go to the Webmasters board)! You should visit They've got fabulous pictures on all the movies that Brad Pitt has done. Check it out.
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Old 11-22-2004, 06:25 AM
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Oh, ok well thanks! Yeah, I just need to find more pics and then I can make one.

So what is some people's favorite parts? Because I always loved when Claire was looking at the clock and Brad comes up behind her and they're talking about love and loss and her mother I think..

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Old 03-22-2005, 11:07 AM
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Sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I *finally* saw this movie... Eight years after it was released.

I think it is one of the best "meaning of life" movies that mainstream Hollywood has produced in a long time. Much more sincere and heart-felt than say, "Forrest Gump" and similar films in my opinion.

I also think that I enjoyed this film more since when it came out I was 22, 23 and now I am 31 and the film just has a lot more meaning and wisdom to it since I, myslelf, have more "meaning" and wisdom to my life as well.

No. This is not a kids movie, nor a teeny-bopper movie, despite Brad Pitt. It is an adult movie about adult themes (death; regret; love; loss; acceptance)... But it is also not preachy like similar movies in the genre as well.

My favorite parts are in the beginning when Anthony Hopkins is talking to Claire Forlani in the helicopter about living life and love (the quote that one of you already stated).

The second is, of course, the end. Some will say it is very sappy and predictable that they "gave" the guy who Susan met at th coffee shop back to her at the end... But what do you want to happen? Her story not be wrapped up and she go through life not having "lived" (aka loved) like her father said?

However, the best part is that one of the message/themes that the end touches on is that it is important to love, but it has no meaning unless one is loved in return and I think that is a great angle for this film to address because love is often treated as a "one-sided" thing in fiction a lot of times (even though two people supposedly love each other).

Anyway, I just wanted to share my thoughts.

Now this thread can rest in peace like William Parrish and have no regrets that the film is rightfully deserving of all the praise it deserves... Because I was weary when all I heard was that it was in fact a good movie; I am very jaded when it comes to third party reviews and was pleasantly surprised.
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Old 03-22-2005, 11:27 AM
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UM great comments! I've owned the Special Edition VHS of this movie for years and I recently watched part of it again. I found it less amusing than before, and darker, perhaps that's not the exact word but it will have to do.

I especially liked the part when "Joe" visits Claire in the hospital and the sick woman freaks because she saw a "bad spirit", but instead of being scared of dying she comes around and asks her to take her, "make it go away" is what she says if I remember correctly.

I'm a pro-life person, I believe people should die naturally. But the way the woman asks for her pain to stop is heart breaking in the sense that she's past her fear of death, now she just wants peace. I can buy that because you can die that way naturally, hoping to be in peace once the pain of humanity ends.

This scene reminds of City of Angels when Nick Cage is waiting for the little girl and she asks him if he's God. Just the other way around than in Joe Black. I have Wings of Desire taped and I can't wait to watch.

Brad Pitt I thought was not as sharp as I would've wanted him to be but he nailed the beginning and he was strong throughout the movie.
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Old 03-22-2005, 02:50 PM
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Originally Posted by ROCKSTAR
Brad Pitt I thought was not as sharp as I would've wanted him to be but he nailed the beginning and he was strong throughout the movie.
This is one of my favorite Brad movies. He did a really great job...and he was funny. I love that he loved peanutbutter. I eat it with a spoon too!
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Old 03-22-2005, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by ROCKSTAR

Brad Pitt I thought was not as sharp as I would've wanted him to be but he nailed the beginning and he was strong throughout the movie.
I too thought that the first time around. However, what made me change my mind are two things:

1) He is in fact playing Death. The whole point of the story is that Death doesn't know what it really means to be human, to love, to be loved and that is why he asks Anthony Hopkins to indulge him. It is also appropriate that Death would seem completely confused and unaccustomed to the things we take for granted... Like his Peanutbutter fetish

2) The end when Death "gives" back the man Susan met at the coffee shop at the beginning.

You really do feel as if Brad Pitt is playing someone much different than Death... And it is a good job considering only seconds before, Death was saying goodbye to Susan, walks away, then the guy she is meant to be with walks right back up to her.

I think Brad is a good actor when he wants to be, but also think that sometimes he does rely a little too much on his looks and I don't know if this is the fault of the directors and or his own camera awareness.
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Old 11-13-2018, 02:04 PM
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