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Old 10-14-2017, 08:01 PM
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director's case

Hi.......hope everyone is well....
So this whole Weinstein (vile evil man) thing been in the news a lot lately. I literally just started watching X men again. I liked it when it first came out etc but was never really a fan girl ... Back to my point, since this Weinstein stuff been in the news...on a YouTubes video in the comment section...someone said how they couldn't wait till all the stuff about him came out too! Then today at the end of X men film I was watching the bryan singer credit came up & googled him ... he is the director for all of the movies...then later read he even wrote the first one!!!
I'm completely disgusted and shocked. I've been doing researching on the internet about Bryan singer and the allegations surrounding him. Mostly pointing towards him being guilty and only a few towards innocent. I just don't understand if this all came out in 2014 why did he continue making movies? It wasn't just one allegations it was quite a few... I'm not saying he's guilty because someone has accused him I'm saying I'm just very shocked at all this and don't get how this has just gone on and never explained?

Has singer ever done an interview ever addressed this other than to say during the case that it wasn't true? He said he wasn't in the country during the time the person who made the case against him ( Micheal Egan)....
I hope anyone whose actually gone through this gets the peace and justice they derserve.Also hope and pray this never happens to anyone. The stuff that's coming out about Weinstein is sick but that's just many victims. With Bryan's singers case if I read correctly it's was less than 4? Not sure. I'm not saying that because it's less it didn't happen I don't know if it did. I'm saying if it did why was it never proven? This guy Micheal Egan has now been found guilty of investment fraud . When will anyone knowing what he said was true...
If I'm honest it's actually some what **tainted* the whole X men franchise for me. I know that's not good to say that but bryan singer wrote the xmen movie!!! I really don't want to watch stuff that this guy has directed let alone wrote....
If someone whose been a fan of the X men movies or comics can shed some light on this please do so...hopefully without being negetive as I don't really want to argue with anyone. This is a very sensitive subject for some people. This has been going on for too long in the world and in Hollywood have just swept it under the carpet. Anyways thanks to anyone help can help...I just wanted know if singer was ever charged or if anyone knows more information? And the very least important _ how much of x- men did he actually write....also why was he still allowed to direct the rest of the franchise...that's it✌
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