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Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #106:B/C every kiss, every moment between them lives on forever!

"Eternally We’ll Live Our Infallible Love."

"Edward and Bella make a love that seems destined to fail, survive."

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“They'd live, die and kill for each other, they love each other more than any other couple ever created.”

" All they ask for is "forever" and that’s the very least they deserve."

1. Because the lion fell in love with the lamb.
2. Because she's exactly his brand of heroin.
3. Because he can't live in a world where she doesn't exist.
4. Because she knows who she can't live without and it's him.
5. Because he'd do anything to make her happy.
6. Because she found true love, lost true love and
chose true love, and it all came back to him.
7. Because Stephenie loves them.
8. Because he thinks she's beautiful.
9. Because she thinks he's the most beautiful
creature she's ever seen.
10. Because if he could, he'd become human for her.
11. Because they are like Romeo and Juliet.
12. Because he wants to keep her safe.
13. Because he trusts her enough to make her own decisions.
14. Because he let her cry in his arms and ruin his shirt.
15. Because he doesn't care about anyone
else's feelings as long as she's happy.
16. Because they are engaged.
17. Because Stephenie loves happy endings.
18. Because she went to Italy to save his life.
19. Because he hates that he hurt her.
20. Because he's not leaving again, unless she orders
him to, and that's not happening.
21. Because he saved her life more than once.
22. Because he was attracted to her blood, but still
able to take care of her when she got hurt.
23. Because even Charlie is starting to lighten up.
24. Because she saw both worlds, and she chose the one with him.
25. Because she'll become a vampire for him.
26. Because he left his heart with her.
27. Because they're each other's whole world.
28. Because without the other, nothing makes sense.
29. Because it's forever.
30. Because the meadow is their place.
31. Because he wrote her a lullaby.
32. Because she wouldn't mind kissing him all day.
33. Because she has saved him.
34. Because he always has and he always will love her.
35. Because they want each other.
36. Because these two are extraordinary.
37. Because they're each other's destiny.
38. Because they love each other more than anything else.
39. Because they tell each other everything.
40. Because she knew there was always something special about him.
41. Because they complete each other.
42. Because he always thinks of her before anything else.
43. Because he gave her his jacket.
44. Because he has a smile just for her.
45. Because her heart always flutters and soars
whenever she's around him.
46. Because he always knew there was something special about her.
47. Because her favorite gemstone is topaz
because it's the color of his eyes.
48. Because they took turns asking questions to get to know each other.
49. Because if he could dream at all it'd be
about her and he's not ashamed of it.
50. Because he dazzles her frequently.
51. Because they're testing out the bed and they like it.
52. Because he gave her his mom's ring.
53. Because as long as he stays, she doesn't need heaven.
54. Because they can't be without the other.
55. Because we love them.
56. Because she sleeps comfortably in his arms.
57. Because forever is nothing without him, she
wouldn't want one day without him.
58. Because their best nights are with each other.
59. Because she wants it all with him.
60. Because only love.
61. Because he likes the ring on her.
62. Because a dream is meant to be.
63. Because he promised to love her forever, every single day of forever.
64. Because he's the most loving and unselfish and
brilliant and decent person she's ever met.
65. Because his ring is gonna stay on her finger for the rest of eternity.
66. Because the best night of his life
was when she agreed to marry him.
67. Because all of the top ten best nights of
his life happened after he met her.
68. Because he can have her soul, it's his already.
69. Because "You" "I'm yours."
70. Because forever is all she's asking for.
71. Because he loves to watch her sleep.
72. Because it's Edward and Bella.
73. Because "there's no competition."
74. Because she thinks he's the most perfect person on the planet.
75. Because he's her own personal miracle.
76. Because if she had her way, she would spend the
majority of her time kissing Edward.
77. Because her mother thinks that the way he watches her,
it’s so protective, like he’s about to throw himself in
front of a bullet to save her or something.
78. Because she orients herself around him
without even thinking about it.
79. Because they're so in love.
80. Because she gets lost in his eyes.
81. Because when he touches her, it's like he
eases a pain she didn't know was there.
82. Because all he wants to do is protect her.
83. Because their moments make us swoon.
84. Because they make each other smile.
85. Because he likes listening to her and hearing what she has to say.
86. Because if he had asked her to the dance, she would have said yes.
87. Because the dance wasn't so bad because she was with him.
88. Because she has everything she wants and needs with him.
89. Because he sleeps with her every night.
90. Because her hold on him and his hold on her is unbreakable.
91. Because he finds her very interesting.
92. Because when he goes away, he leaves his heart with her.
93. Because she's the only one who's ever touched
his heart, and it will always be hers.
94. Because he won't let anything happen to her.
95. Because he loves her, he wants her, right now.
96. Because he was trying to protect her virtue.
97. Because his soul his far, far too important
to her to take chances with.
98. Because he loves to listen to her heart beat.
99. Because he would have broken Jacob's jaw for her.
100. Because she loves him for him, not
because of looks or money.
101. Because 'how hard is it to understand?!'
102. Because he controls the vampire side for her so
much that he can be around her blood now.
103. Because he's more important than everyone else.
104. Because he knows how much she loves him,
she doesn't have to prove anything.
105. Because he hums her her lullaby as she falls asleep.
106. Because he gave her the best gift of all—him.
107. Because they're in tune with each other.
108. Because it's eternity.
109. Because being in his arms, she always
feels safe and is where she wants to be.
110. Because he's all she wants and needs.
111. Because the bed is definitely necessary.
112. Because we can't wait to see them get married.
113. Because he's the love of her existence.
114. Because she is the most important thing to him ever.
115. Because he loves her haystack hair.
116. Because he loves the taste of her tears.
117. Because if it wasn't for him she'd be in Forks cemetery.
118. Because they’ve saved each other in the best possible way.
119. Because their love is unconditional.
120. Because he wrote her a lullaby.
121. Because they belong together.
122. Because without the other it’s not much of a life.
123. Because their love is going to last forever.
124. Because they’re the truest of true loves.
125. Because they're each other's life.
126. Because it’s Edward and Bella.
127. Because they have the greatest snark.
128. Because they’re each other's first, last and only love.
129. Because they make the other one the happiest they've ever been.
130. Because they never want to be anywhere the other isn’t.
131. Because they’re each other's destiny.
132. Because everyone can see their love.
133. Because he gave her his jacket.
134. Because they want each other in every way.
135. Because forever.
136. Because he just wants to keep her safe.
137. Because their looks for each other say it all.
138. Because all their best days and nights have been with each other.
139. Because their love is epic.
140. Because she could have chosen what was EASY
but she decided to choose what was RIGHT.
141. Because their love is bigger than life.
142. Because they made us love them since the first scene.
143. Because he will love her forever, every single day of forever.

Somewhere over the
r a i n b o w . . .
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"Do I dazzle you?"
~Edward and Bella, Twilight

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…"
"What a stupid lamb."
"What a sick, masochistic lion."
~Edward and Bella, Twilight

"Take Care of my Heart- I've left it with you."
~Edward, Eclipse

"Isabella Swan? I promise to love you forever - every single day of forever. Will you marry me?"
~Edward and Bella, Eclipse

"I can't live in a world where you don't exist."
~Bella, New Moon

"If I could dream at all it would be about you, and I'm not ashamed of it."
~Edward, Twilight

"So what you're saying is, I'm your brand of heroin?" .
"Yes, you are exactly my brand of heroin."
~Edward and Bella, Twilight

"Bella, would you please stop trying to take your clothes off?"
"Did you want to do that?"
~Edward and Bella, Eclipse

Romantic, desire, deep, wanting, needing, sometimes snarky, loving, caring.”

Click Here to Download Volume 1.

Click Here to Download Volume 2.

"They are more then some silly TV couples that are cheesy and just unrealistic and they give me hope.”

1.Because they can’t wake again from this dream!
2.Because they always wake up in each other’s arms!
3.Because they never planned it!
4.Because their each other's true, first, last and only love!
5.Because you know that they belong!
6.Because their love is going to last forever!
7.Because the dawn is breaking, a light is shining through!
8.Because I'd give my life for yours!
9.Because their love is brighter than sunshine!
10.Because I'll stay with you, take my hand now, we'll run forever!
11.Because she wouldn’t renounce her claim on him!
12.Because she knows who she wants, needs, and can’t live without!
13.Because as she would always belong to him, he would always be hers!
14.Because they don’t need heaven, only each other!
15.Because nothing can change how she feels about him!
16.Because they can’t live in a world without the other!
17.Because “they cannot live without their life, they cannot love with out their soul!”
18.Because she can face anything with destiny at her side!
19. Because she wants him forever!
20.Because nothing can overcome an eclipse (true love)!
21.Because she’ll “never” want his absence!
22.Because she’ll never want anything else as long as she lives!
23.Because she felt whole and well when she is with him!
24.Because they are each others half!
25.Because she is his “la tua cantante”, but he loves her more!
26.Because he couldn’t exist without needing her!
27.Because only her needs and wants are more important than his own!
28.Because before her, his life was a moonless night!
29.Because she shot across the sky like a meteor!
30.Because everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty!
31.Because he loves her, truly he does!
32.Because she will bind herself to him in all possible ways!
33.Because they never felt this way with anyone else!
34.Because she brought back his humanity!
35.Because he can be himself around her!
36.Because she is his!
37.Because she rather die than be without him!
38.Because only he could persuade her to go to parties!
39.Because she doesn’t care what he is!
40.Because he broke all the rules for her!
41.Because he doesn’t frighten her, only his driving does!
42.Because if he could be mortal he would!
43.Because they are a packaged deal!
44.Because in the end she “choose” him!
45.Because his love for her is more powerful than imprinting!
46.Because her hold on him is permanent and unbreakable!
47.Because he was as irreversibly altered as she was!
48.Because the bond forged between them was not one that can be broken by absence, distance, or time!
49.Because he understood her and looked at her with love!
50.Because if he could dream it would be about her!
51.Because her universe would turn to a mighty stranger without him!
52.Because if all else perished, but he remained, she would still continue to be!
53.Because she chose her life, now she wants to live it!
54.Because she is “Bella love” to him!
55.Because she is his “Sweetheart!”
56.Because he loves her, wants her, right now!
57.Because she is his Juliet to his Romeo!
58.Because he is her Mr. Darcy to her Miss. Bennett!
59.Because he dazzles her frequently!
60.Because he makes her heart skip beats!
61.Because she inspired him to write her a lullaby!
62.Because her favorite gem depends on his eye color!
63.Because she dreams of him and says his name!
64.Because it's been almost a century that he's been alone, now he found true love!
65.Because he promise to love her forever, every single day of forever!
66.Because she will always be his Bella, just a little more durable!
67.Because she dreams about being with him forever!
68.Because she’s the only one who ever touched his heart!
69.Because she wants every part of him!
70.Because she is his only love!
71.Because forever means nothing without him!
72.Because the way she feels about him will never change/ he can’t do anything about it!
73.Because for ninety years he was seeking something not knowing it was her!
74.Because he won’t go anywhere as long as it makes her happy!
75.Because not wanting her is the blackest kind of blasphemy!
76.Because he always loved her and will always love her!!
77.Because she is his life now!
78.Because when the meteor had fallen over the horizon there was no more reason for anything!
79.Because "look after my heart, I've left it with you!" – Edward
80.Because he was that boy who had gotten down on one knee to secure her hand!
81.Because he wanted her for eternity even if the world didn't have quiet the same connotations!
82.Because Bella and Edward's entertainment is after the parties!
83.Because even a Lion can tame a Lamb!
84.Thanks to Edward and Bella we have lived forever in love!
85.Because Edward and Bella are what we live for!

“I have grown so attached to them that it's almost like I'm apart of their relationship.”

Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #1 - Because the lion fell in love with the lamb.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #2: Because She Is His Exact Brand Of Heroin
Lion&Lamb(Ed♥B)#3: Because He's Nearly 110; It's Time He Settles Down.
Lion&Lamb(E♥B)#4-She Loves Him More Than Anything Else In The World Combined
Lion&Lamb(E♥B)#5: Because he is her superman and she is his Lois Lane.
Lion&Lamb(E♥B)#6: Because She Knows Who She Can't Live Without
Lion&Lamb(E♥B) #7: B/c Stephenie Doesn't Want A Fangirl Riot On Her Hands!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #8: Because It's ONE Heart Beating For TWO!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #9: Forever... It's All She's Asking For
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #10 ~ Because Bella Tried To Steal Edward's Virtue, haha!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #11: Because If He Stays, She Won't Need Heaven.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #12: VampSex...'Nuff Said!
Lion&Lamb(E♥B)#13: B/c If She Could Have Anything In The World, It Would Be Him
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #14: Because She Launched Herself Into A Tree JUST To Hear His Voice!
Lion& Lamb (E♥B) #15: Because He Twitterpated Her!
Lion&Lamb(E♥B) #16: Because Mostly She Dreams About Being With Him Forever
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #17: Because The Best Man Won
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #18: Roughly Translated: She Would Rather Die Than Stay Away From Him
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #19: Because If He Could Dream At All, It Would Be About Her
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #20: Because He's Her Personal Miracle
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #21: Because Their Love Story Is Epic!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #22 ~ How Could I Split Up Edward And Bella? You Know, They're Together!-SM
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #23: Because, Soon, They're Totally Gonna Do It!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #24 ~ Because He Loves Her, He Wants Her, Right Now
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #25 ~ Because They're Testing Out The Big Bed And They Like it!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #26 ~ "Because At The Heart Of It All Is A Dazzling Love Story" ~ MTV
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #27: Because the best nights they've had are with each other
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #28 ~ Because They Keep The Fangirls Coming! *wink*
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #29 ~ Because He's The Love Of Her Existence
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #30 ~ Owning The Board Because They Both Like It On Top!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #31: B/C "You better hold on tight, spider monkey."
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #32 ~ Because Edward Wasn't Complete Until Bella Was Born
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #33:Because He Can Have Her Soul, It's His Already
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #34 ~ Because Her Hair Looks Like A Haystack... And He Likes It!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #35 ~ Because Everything In Her Life Is About Him
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #37 ~ Because She Isn't Afraid Of Him
Lion&Lamb (E♥ B) #38-Because before Bella, he had a moonless life.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #39-Because she’s his!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #40-Because he promised to lover her forever, every single day of forever!
Lion&Lamb (E♥ B) #41-Because what’s a good life with no one to share.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #42: Because he can't live in a world where she doesn't exist.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #44: B/c His world was dark until he found her.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #45: Her heartbeat is the most significant sound in his world.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #46-Cause she can’t be happy without him.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #47:Even though she can't say the word 'engaged' she still wants him
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #48: Because Edward never leaves her mind
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #49: They´re each other´s world.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #49.1: Because he gives her an adrenaline rush
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #50: Because We All Took A Bite Of The Forbidden Fruit
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #53: Because Eternity will never be enough for them
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #54: Because Forever Was All She Asked of Him
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #55-Because they are our favorite brand of heroin.
LionLamb (E♥ B) #56- Because they bring chemistry to biology.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #58-B/C Edward and Bella slip and slide together!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) Because only Bella can calm Edward.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #60-Because they would do ANYTHING for love
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #61-Because there is nothing traditional about them!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #62: Because they like to hold each other hostage...
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #63:Because he is her guardian angel...
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #64:Save the bunnies. Save EB.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #65-Because their love is enough for forever.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #66: All hail the bunny queen, may it bring us more eb goodness
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#67: Because there is nothing like your first bite!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #68-Because they dazzle us from twilight to breaking dawn.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#69: B/C they will dazzle us come Dec. 12th
Lion &Lamb (E♥B) #70- Because she’s taking off her clothes, but he wanted that part.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#71: because she dreams of forever in his arms
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#74: Because they're learning vampire anatomy together
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#75:Because they want to be together for an eternity.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#76: Because E/B have us licking our screens!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#77: Because E/B rock our socks!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#78:B/C Bella is gonna be a fang banger soon!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#79: Because her blood sings for him![U]
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#82: Who needs boxers and briefs?
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#83:B/C Edward clones wanted!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#84: B/C there's no beating the best!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#86: B/C her finger in his mouth=sexiness!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B)#87: Can we please get more comic con?
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #93: Bachelor party in progress. Come in and have fun.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #94: Bella's Party. Enter at your own risk.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #96: B/C their love is immortal, to each other, and to us
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #97:b/cthey're the greatest story ever told
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #99-B/C we will get to 100 threads before Midnight.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #100-He waited 100 yrs. for her, we waited 100 threads for the best!
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #101: B/C we're all too busy reading or waiting for BD.
Lion&Lamb (E♥B) #105: b/c immortal love is the best kind!

Somewhere over the
r a i n b o w . . .
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Thank you for the new thread!

the OP is beautiful!! Wow, you all did a beautiful job!
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Woot, new thread!

And something to top it off,
I Love My Sex, a Twilight fanfic - FanFiction.Net

Enjoy! Now, I think I am gone for the night; me and the sister are going to see a movie!
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Ho Merry Ho
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You're welcome guys!!

Mel's fic!! Aww bye hon!!
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Bye Melanie! enjoy your movie!

Sheila, I mentioned it in my post over BD but I'll mention it again.


Edward and Bella are the greatest couple.
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I'm going to hold you closer than before
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OMG CAylee!!
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oh yay!! thank you Sheila
This fall is gonna be all about Joshua Jackson, his beard and his sexy voice.
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for the new thread!
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Originally Posted by lakers0604 (View Post)
OMG CAylee!!

I'm going to love you more than anyone
I'm going to hold you closer than before
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No prob Pili!!

Hey Jenn!

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*tear* I the title! TY for the new thread!
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No prob Jade!!
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Sheila I found my pic with Edward & Bella from Comic Con

My Life Changed on 11/19/03, 5/04/04, 3/14/05 and 7/28/07 when Jason Behr hugged me
and on 11/17/08 when Robert Pattinson touched me!
EmptySmile: Roswellian Twilighters = AWESOMEST people ever.
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