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Melis 05-19-2015 09:47 PM

Foreigner Apprecation #1 - I Don't Want to Live Without You

Foreigner is a British-American rock band, originally formed in 1976 by veteran English musician Mick Jones and fellow Briton and ex-King Crimson member Ian McDonald along with American vocalist Lou Gramm.

Jones came up with the band's name as he, McDonald and Dennis Elliott were English, while Gramm, Al Greenwood and Ed Gagliardi were American. Their biggest hit single, "I Want to Know What Love Is", topped the UK and US Charts among others. They are one of the world’s best-selling bands of all time with worldwide sales of more than 80 million records, including 37.5 million albums in the United States alone.

Barstool Prophet 05-19-2015 10:32 PM


Melis 05-19-2015 10:36 PM

No prob. Hope people like them.

Barrybgb 05-20-2015 07:49 AM

Cool thread. I like Foreigner. They had some good songs.

Melis 05-20-2015 05:19 PM

They sure did!

Barrybgb 05-20-2015 05:35 PM

Sadly, Lou Gramm hasn't been with them for years. :(

Melis 05-20-2015 05:38 PM

Too bad

Barrybgb 05-21-2015 08:38 AM

Some people you can't replace.

Melis 05-21-2015 08:41 AM

That's right

Barrybgb 05-22-2015 09:51 AM

The new guy does not have the same voice at all.

Melis 05-22-2015 11:47 AM

I wonder if I heard it.

Melis 05-23-2015 09:14 PM

Barrybgb 05-24-2015 08:09 AM

I doubt you have. They haven't had a hit in years. Doubt anyone would play newer stuff.

Barstool Prophet 05-24-2015 08:10 AM

Are they still together?

Melis 05-24-2015 01:28 PM

Don't know

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