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Melis 11-08-2016 08:30 AM

Welcome to the thread!

Andrew is well loved around here.

aubie_ocean 11-08-2016 10:33 AM

Aww thanks for the welcome Melis and Barry!
Now I want to watch the other movies he did back then!!
Also, i love this gif, so i'm just gonna put it here. :lol:

Barrybgb 11-08-2016 10:46 AM

That is a good one. Enjoy watching some Andrew movies!

Melis 11-08-2016 03:58 PM

He has some good movies. Come back and tell us when you watch more.

That's a great gif. He has a cute smile.

aubie_ocean 11-09-2016 10:44 AM

Yes will do!! I hope there are some on netflix. :fingers_crossed:

I love how he smiles! So cute!!

Melis 11-09-2016 03:51 PM

I'm not sure. I don't have Netflix anymore.

I want him to smile at me, too.

My Kind Of Crazy 11-10-2016 06:25 PM

Andrew McCarthy Signs With ICM Partners | Deadline

Melis 11-10-2016 06:50 PM

Okay, cool

aubie_ocean 11-15-2016 05:05 AM

do you guys know what movie this is from?

Barrybgb 11-15-2016 08:05 AM

It might be "St. Elmo's Fire". I recall a similar looking shirt like that in the movie.

Melis 11-15-2016 03:53 PM

Is this it?

aubie_ocean 11-16-2016 04:37 AM

ohhh ok need to watch this movie then!! thanks guys!

Barrybgb 11-16-2016 09:23 AM

You're welcome. Have fun watching!

Melis 11-16-2016 01:43 PM

It's a good one.

aubie_ocean 11-23-2016 04:32 AM

i watched St. Elmo's fire! I didn't know he would have a sex scene. it was adorable!! the giggling he was doing!

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