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colorblind 01-16-2008 07:04 PM

SP/LG Thread #20 - 'Cause his painting of her will be in the Louvre

This is the thread to discuss, gossip, and generally squee about LG and SP. Be it as friends, something more, whatever, this is the thread to do it.

Disclaimer - This thread is harmless fun. We do not know if SP and LG are actually dating. This is not a thread to discuss LG or SP's personal lives, or their families. Just a thread for fun. Please be appropriate.

1. Please, no bashing the actors! This is an appreciation thread.
2. Don't gossip too much. Be appropriate. See disclaimer.
3. This isn't the Luke/Lorelai thread. There's an L/L thread on the GG board, go there if you want to talk about them.
4. this is not a fanfiction thread, please respect that and try to focus on the main topic lauren and scott.


Lovely Lauren - Suz
colorblind - Sanja
dirty twin
Nymph Marty

What They've Said About Each Other

Scott: Right. It's.... it's daunting yeah, but you know, we are pretty much lead by Lauren Graham. You know, she is remarkable because we..... We don't really get much rehearsal at all.
Scott: Uh, so..... I remember last season we did a ten page scene that they handed us in the make-up trailer. And we had no chance to rehearse it or even look at it. We just has to go in and shoot it because it was a scene that was uh, rewritten.
Scott: Uh, and ya just kind of learn to do it. And they don't give you all the time in the world and you pretty much better get it, so we're getting better all the time at working under the gun.
Scott: Yeah, you don't know where uh, Lorelai ends and Lauren begins.
Scott: Uh, It's really true. She's the perfect actress for that role cause she is like that. I mean she does have that.... that manic energy and that super sharp intelligence and that wit. You know, she really is like that. Uh, but anyway, they give us as many takes as we need to get it perfect. Uh, last night we did it in two takes, um, some nights we do it in twenty. It just really depends on....on... You know sometimes the dialogue can get really tricky.
Scott: There are some real tongue twisters in there. And, you know, they're giving her reams of dialogue to do so it's amazing that she can even get through it and she does it so well. I think she has every...... every award she has coming to her, she deserves cause she's gonna get a lot of 'em.
Full interview here

Much of the credit for how well these two click (and don't click) goes to Graham. Says Patterson, "She's better than the best actress I 've worked with." Full article here

LG: It’s happy. It’s the fifth year, it’s the longest I’ve ever had any job ever, like, of any kind, you know. So five years, that’s amazing, to me, for me, and my family. But its fun but now I have to start making out with people. You know, I’m making out now with, like, my long-time – where we were almost about to make out for five years and now we’re actually making out and it’s just very strange when you start making out with people when, like, they didn’t take you to dinner; they didn’t, like, you know; he didn’t have to, like, you know, really woo me at all. He just shows up and we - we make out.
E: So you’ve known this guy – he’s your past member?
LG: Yes, Scott Patterson, he’s in my cast and then we go from being like “Hey, what’s up?” *raises fist and punches the air like it’s someone’s arm* to like, you know, *make weird noise and motions like making out* it’s, like, weird. I don’t know why I was punching him before and I don’t know why this *repeats hand motions again from making visual* is how we’re making out, but that’s how it is.
E: Well, now I’m gonna watch it because, you know, *mimics Lauren’s make out hand motions* that. That sounds passionate. Um, but, you know, it is acting.
LG: Oh right.
E: You know, yeah.
LG: Yes, I know, but still, you get to know someone so well, you know, and it’s like, I mean, I don’t know, it’s a strange family there and suddenly…
E: Believe me, I get it, it’s just as weird as can be that you just make out with somebody. It’s “acting.” *Air quotes the word “acting”*
LG: Yeah, you know, like, no flowers or candy later, you know? It does make you feel kind of weird, like, “Ok, bye, see ya. Make out with you again tomorrow.”
E: Yeah.
LG: It’s weird.

Lauren Graham on Ellen, September 2004

Lauren and Scott in Backstage Special from 2004


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FuzzyCerts 01-17-2008 12:51 AM

Thanks for new thread. Nice title :)

-Denise- 01-17-2008 07:12 AM

Thanks Sanja :)

colorblind 01-17-2008 11:12 AM

i think we need new banner girls, and to add some new stuff, i made SL clip from BS with photoshop in slow motion so i can add that if yall agree :) also there is new SL site and i see we don't have Kasia's site in OP either..

agiepagie07 01-17-2008 11:46 AM

i agree Sanja--
but im not very artisitic....

karen29 01-17-2008 12:33 PM

thanks for the new thread, read the end of the previous one and I also like that pic of them together, see nothing wrong with it :)

and the title, nice, i'd definitely go to the louvre and just stare :sigh::D

Javalava86 01-17-2008 10:52 PM

Thanks a bunch Sanja! Yes, definitely feel free to add anything to the first page, The more the better :)

colorblind 01-18-2008 05:47 AM

if anyone wants to make new banner do it, Karen you have talent, i know cause you won in that competition for LG board so you could make something ;)

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Madame Regal 01-19-2008 05:38 AM

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-Denise- 01-19-2008 01:22 PM

Awesome banners Sanja! I especiially love the first one!

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love them!

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