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Old 06-27-2010, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyingCat (View Post)
Please, girls. The guy can't say a word. Seriously, sometimes I think there's a kind of bullying going on around here.
I barely post here, but I read all your comments every single day since forever.

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Old 06-27-2010, 01:45 PM
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I knew it. 21 years in this world and still haven't learned to keep my mouth shut. Just so you know, Craig's want for pap pics has been bothering me for a year now. "So much for freedom of speech", that's right!

A joke, you say? Well, then... not a very good one.
Your POV is wanted, but as the years go by I'm developing a very strong sense of what's right and what's wrong. And you encouraging people to this crap (but sharing your JOKES) is completely unacceptable to me. I'm not going to be quiet about it (anymore!), because with a little open-mindedness you might CHANGE that hilarious POV of yours.

Yes, I'm also familiar with the bullying thing that goes on here and I'm pretty sure I myself said 'give him a break' at least once (don't have time to look for it now). But this is a strictly substantive matter. In my book, addressing real issues that are bothering you (e.g. pap pics, sexist comments) doesn't qualify as bullying. More like clearing the air or making someone undestand where you're coming from.

Freedom of speech? Buzzwords. I could say the same thing! I have a right to express my annoyance or disgust (not toward a person, but the things they say).

I promise I'll be back here tomorrow. No time to get more into this right now.

But if your post, FlyingCat, was addressed to me, I'd really appreciate it if you could point out any rude and arrogant words (mine, of course). Would be huge help, thanks. (I'm not being sarcastic, I just feel hit in the face - no one has ever called me RUDE before).

I'm terribly sorry for such a huge OT. I know I caused it... I fell like I'm littering in the awesomest topic on this forum

a yay, Ele

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Old 06-27-2010, 02:15 PM
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I know I probably shouldn't jump into this, but...

Originally Posted by lancer1993 (View Post)
I wonder if the paps will now target Kraham, or is it of no interest to them?
That's what Craig posted. Ania, I think your initial response might have been a bit harsh; he never said he wanted the paps to start following them, he just asked a question. And I feel like if someone else had posted the same question, they wouldn't have received the same response. I also think Craig has been trying hard to control what he says, and I appreciate that.

Anyway, I think everyone needs to calm down and get back on topic. We're all here because we share an interest, so can't we at least try to cut each other some slack and get along?

Ele, I like the title as well. It does seem like a serious relationship to me, and that makes me happy.

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Old 06-27-2010, 02:35 PM
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New thread
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