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Dreamer 4 Ever 05-23-2006 04:41 PM

The U.C. Thread #2: It's Back Again!
:wave: all

Couldn't find the last thread, so here it is ;)

This is the place to talk about your favorite unconvential couples. The list, thanks to Nicole's website and also the book Crash Into Me, is as follows:

Alleyleaders Kyle/Ava shippers
Antar Girls Ava/Lonnie shippers
Awakened Dreamers Liz/Zan shippers
B Team Alex/Kyle shippers
Balcony Sirens Liz/Lonnie shippers
Band Candy Maria/Michael/Alex threesome shippers
Band Geeks Maria/Alex/Liz threesome shippers
Basketcases Michael/Isabel/Tess threesome shippers
BBQ M&Ms Maria/Michael/Kyle threesome shippers
Bicker Brigade Kyle/Maria... but only as siblings
Big Pimpin' Liz/Maxedo/Maria threesome shippers
Blonde Ambition Maria/Isabel/Tess threesome shippers
Blonde Attitude Maria and Isabel shippers
Breakfast Club Michael/Maria/Liz threesome shippers
Brooders Max/Valenti shippers
Butterflies Maria/Lonnie shippers
Candy Souls Maria/Michael/Zan shippers
Candytrimmers Maria/Michael/Tess/Kyle shippers
Catfighters Liz and Tess shippers
Combustibles Maria/Sean shippers (hey, um, guys? aren't they cousins?)
CopyCatfighters Liz/Tess/Ava threesome shippers
CopyCats flip-side of Catfighters, the Liz/Ava shippers
Corn-Fed Lady Hal and Betty shipper (from 'Summer Of '47')
Cruel Desires Liz/Nicholas shippers
Cowgirl another name for Kyle fans
Cuffs 'n Palm Prints Valenti/Max/Pierce threesome shippers
Deep Enders Tess/Michael/Isabel threesome shippers
Deputies Tess/Kyle/Maria threesome shippers
Desert Dwellers Maria/Michael/Isabel threesome shippers
Deviants Isabel/Sean shippers
Diablo Tess/Maxedo/Isabel threesome shippers
DoK Orgy Alex/Liz/Riverdog threesome shippers
Double Dippers Liz/Max/Zan threesome shippers
Dreamcatchers Tess/Max/Michael threesome shippers
DreamPole Nuts Liz/Max/Michael threesome shippers
Dreamy Waitresses Maria/Max/Liz threesome shippers
Drebel ships Max/Liz and Max/Tess (also called Dynamic Drebels)
Fantastics Liz/Maxedo shippers
Fifth Wheeler Alex/Tess shipper
Four Wheel Drive Tess/Alex/Isabel threesome shippers
Frickers Eddie/Max shippers
Frickin Trespassers Eddie/Liz/Max threesome shippers
Friendshipper fans of the show's friendships
Fryers Liz/Sean shippers
Fugitives Alex/Laurie Dupree shippers
Ground Control Maria/Max/Zan threesome shippers
Ground Zero (or GZ) Max and Maria shipping (the individual is called a Ground Zeroer)
Grounded Souls Maria/Zan shippers
Groupies Maria/Alex shippers
Guides Liz/Topolsky shippers
Hotwarpers Tess/Zan shippers (also "Wild Child")
Hot Wheels Maria/Alex/Tess threesome shippers
Hussylovers Tess and Courtney shippers
Hustlers Tess/Rath shippers
Ice Cube Courtney and Isabel shipper
In Crowd Kyle and Isabel shippers
Interns Liz/Congresswoman Whitaker shippers
Jailbaiters Alex/Topolsky shippers
Jailers Michael/Valenti shippers
Jumpers Liz/Rath shippers
Jumpin' Trucks Liz/Rath/Zan threesome shippers
Killer B's Maria/Kyle/Alex threesome shippers
Knockouts Alex/Michael shippers
Lamptrimmer a newer Kyle/Tess shipper name (see "Rebounder")
Lifesavers Maria/Tess shippers
Lifesaving Rebels Maria/Max/Tess threesome shippers
Lizizards Liz and Isabel shippers
Lolitas Liz/Jim Valenti shippers
Loyalist Liz and Kyle shipper
Marmalades Liz/Maria/Max shippers
Men in Black Pierce and Michael shippers
Mental Blasters Michael/Ava shippers
Mental Vibrators Tess/Michael shippers
Mikey's Angels Courtney and Maria shippers
Mind Shifters Tess/Nasedo shippers
Mind Warpers Isabel/Tess shippers
Misfits Sean/Tess shippers
Neckbreakers Max/Merris shippers (you know, Morgan Fairchild)
Opies Alex/Isabel/Lonnie threesome shippers
Out of Towners Maria/Max/Isabel threesome shippers
Outcasts Alex/Ava shippers
Outsiders Max/Isabel shippers
The Panty Brigade Kyle and Max shippers
Past Indiscretion Nicholas and Isabel (or Nicholas and Lonnie)
Patriots Tess/Kivar shippers
Peanut Brittle Maria/Rath/Zan threesome shipper
Peanut M&Ms Max/Michael
PepperJackers Maria/Brody shippers
Pillow Fighters another name for Liz/Sean shippers (see "Fryers")
Pink Ladies Maria/Ava shippers
Plasmatics Alex/Max shippers
PODs Protectors Of Destiny - like Max/Tess and Michael/Isabel together
Polar Cliffs Liz/Isabel/Michael threesome shippers
Polarist Michael and Liz shipper (Polar also used as an adjective to describe something relating to Michael and Liz)
PoleCats Liz/Tess/Michael threesome shippers
Punkrocker Zan/Ava shippers
Pure Deception Alex/Izedo (even though she never existed) shippers
Rebel Wild Child a Tess/Zan/Ava threesome shipper
Rebounders most common Kyle/Tess shipper name
Rebounding Loyalist Catfighters Liz/Kyle/Tess threesome shippers
Reflectionist Isabel and Lonnie shippers
Rejects Maria/Kyle/Max threesome shippers
Remedialist Kyle and Maria shipper
Riotgrrls Maria/Tess/Liz threesome shippers
Rock n Jocks Michael/Maria/Kyle threesome shippers
Rodeo Clowns Alex/Max/Michael threesome shippers
Rough and Tumbles another name for Alex/Michael shippers... but I have no clue where it came from
Sandwich Club Alex/Kyle/Maria threesome shippers
Second Generation another name for Kyle/Maria
Secret Agents Pierce/Maria shippers
Shared Gomez Liz/Kyle/Max shipping
Shipwreckers another name for Max/Tess shippers
Shock Jocks Pierce and Kyle (LOL, I made this one up - nice, right?)
Sibling Rivalry Liz/Isabel/Max shipping
Sirens Jim Valenti/Isabel shippers (I thought poor Mala didn't want it to come to this)
Sleepers another name for Max/Michael shippers
Snap Dragons Maria/Isabel/Liz threesome shippers
Snickers Max/Michael/Maria threesome shippers
Soulmate Rath and Michael shipper
Spuds a combination of "Spurs" and "Studs"
Spurs Michael/Kyle shippers (romantic/sexual)
Star Sightings Maria/Isabel/Alex threesome shippers
Stimulator Michael and Courtney shipper
Streetwalkers Maria/Rath shippers
Streetwalking Soulmates Maria/Michael/Rath threesome shippers
Studs appreciate Michael/Kyle friendship (the hetero version of Spurs)
Sugar Daddie River Dog and Liz... mmkay
Sugar Fried Dumplins Kyle/Max/Pierce threesome shippers
Suncatchers Isabel/Alex/Kyle threesome shippers
Sweet Torturer Agent Pierce and Max shippers (hee! what? the sadistic bastard loved him and you know it!)
Three Muskateers Max/Isabel/Michael threesome shippers
Tresspasser Eddie and Liz shipper
True Bluer Alex and Liz shipper
Twisted Destiny Liz/Tess/Max threesome shipping
Twisted Desire Maria/Pierce/Sheriff Valenti threesome shippers
Urban Cowboys Alex/Kyle/Michael threesome shippers
Untuckables Sheriff Valenti and Amy Deluca shippers
Vipers Isabel/Kivar shippers
Waitresses Maria/Liz shippers
Wallpapers Alex/Lonnie shippers
Warped Lizizards Liz/Isabel/Tess threesome shippers
Wild Child Tess/Zan shipper (also "Hotwarpers")
Wipeouts Liz/Maria/Kyle threesome shippers
Wrestlers Amy/Michael shippers
WWF Crashdown Amy/Sheriff/Michael threesome shippers

But please remember the rules:

:star: No bashing of the characters, shippers or the actors.
:star: No yelling.
:star: Play nice ;)

Thread #1

Post Away!

~*Sonia E.*~ 05-30-2006 06:14 AM

I like Sean/Liz, Michael/Courtney, and Michael/Tess.

xmag 08-14-2006 12:40 PM

Any Ava-Michael fanart ?

cyanide rose 08-14-2006 12:47 PM

Michael/Tess is the only UC ship I'm interested in, Crazylittlecandygirl has made some gorgeous mental vibrator art.

xmag 08-14-2006 10:22 PM

It would be nice if she posted them.

DaWsonSReaLJoEy 08-14-2006 11:55 PM

Oh yes...a thread for UC couples!! I have been looking for a thread for people that ship Max and Michael...:lol: I :love: the name for their shipper group...classic!

Mel ;)

cyanide rose 08-15-2006 12:45 AM


Originally Posted by xmag
It would be nice if she posted them.

I'm sure she will, they're wonderful. 08-15-2006 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by cyanide rose
I'm sure she will, they're wonderful.

Yes , I agree!:goof:

*Coccy* 08-15-2006 02:31 AM

I'm not a fan of UC couples cuz I'm a canon/conventional fan :rolleyes:
but i like the "idea" of: (just friends or romantic relationship):

In Crowd (Kyle/Isabel)
Catfighters (Liz/Tess)

Wheeler (Alex/Tess) - it's crazy I know :lol: but what if?
Fugitives (Alex/Laurie)

Misfits (Sean/Tess) - another what if that i find interesting

Peanut M&Ms (Max/Michael) :eyebrows: (In Italy we all call them "Sicilian Brothers" cuz they're always so protective with Isabell :lol: (and Sicilian's man are famous for their jealously with sisters and "their" woman in general :D )

cyanide rose 08-15-2006 02:40 AM

I kind of like the idea of Sean/Laurie. Kyle/Isabel is definitely preferable to me than Isabel/Jesse.

xmag 08-15-2006 02:43 AM

My favorite Isabel pairing, after Alex, is Khivar. It's quite intriguing. Any fanart of those two ? Although, on second thought, it's not UC. I mean, they were in love in their previous life.

cyanide rose 08-15-2006 02:57 AM

Kivar/Isabel is intriguing, it's unfortunate that they wasted Kivar as a villain in S3. I'd like to read a fic set on Antar with Vilandra/Kivar and Rath/Ava pairings.

xmag 08-19-2006 03:45 AM

After Alex's death, Khivar would have been a wonderful exploration of the past, of Antar and of Vilandra, too. Leading to Isabel being explored differently. I would have much prefered to see Isabel-Khivar than Isabel-Jesse.

AlexEvans 08-19-2006 10:46 AM

Anything would have been better! And certainly Khivar was wasted and underused.

I don't know if I really wanted to see Isabel having a real relationship with Khivar, but maybe stringing him along to learn more about his plans for Earth or to get back the Granolith or something. Or heck, have her go evil, it wouldn't have made much sense but it would have been fun!

My favorite Isabel UC ship (barring threesomes which are basically Gazer+ anyway) is only possible pre-S3, unfortunately, but I like Mindwarper - Isabel/Tess. There was a lot of subtext in season 1, and Isabel even rescued Tess in "Surprise."

I also find Michael/Tess very interesting. They're both kind of on the outside, both interested in their alien heritage, and it would have been easy for something to happen while Tess was teaching Michael to use his powers over the summer.


cyanide rose 09-25-2006 11:10 PM


I also find Michael/Tess very interesting. They're both kind of on the outside, both interested in their alien heritage, and it would have been easy for something to happen while Tess was teaching Michael to use his powers over the summer.
Agreed, and I never understood why this UC couple never took off.

As for the slashy side of things, I can't help but have a soft spot for Kyle/Max. :blush:

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