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LilMouse 05-06-2015 06:33 PM

Tess Harding/Emilie de Ravin Appreciation #21
Welcome to the Tess Harding/Emilie de Ravin Appreciation Thread
banner by AndiRose

Biography from imdb

Emilie was born on 27th December 1981, and grew up in Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia. When she was 15, she was accepted at the highly selective Australian Ballet School in Melbourne. However, after only a year, she dropped out and undertook acting courses.

Her first starring role was on the fantasy drama, "BeastMaster" (1999). When her agent told her of a role in the US, as newcomer Tess in the hit series "Roswell" (1999), she flew out and auditioned. After landing the role, she was written out of "BeastMaster" (1999) and started work as "Tess", an alien. She relocated to California and was on "Roswell" (1999) before she even owned an apartment.

After 2 years on the show, she then made notable guest appearances in "CSI: Miami" (2002) and "The Handler" (2003).

She stayed in TV, playing the bad girl Chris in Carrie (2002) (TV), a movie made for TV. She also changed genres, starring in Santa's Slay (2005), a black comedy.

Emilie has shown her versatility by branching out into film, making her debut at Sundance 2005 with the the award-winning indie film Brick (2005). She starred in the remake The Hills Have Eyes (2006) in 2006, which debuted at No.1 in the UK box office.

She is now on the Emmy-award winning ABC series "Lost" (2004), playing "Claire", a young Australian who gave birth on the mysterious island and has a close relationship with heroin-addict "Charlie", played by Dominic Monaghan.

Birthdate: December 27, 1981
Birthplace: Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia
Notable Roles:
Beastmaster...The Demon Curupira (1999)
Roswell...Tess Harding (2000)
Carrie...Chris Hargensen (2002)
Santa's Slay...Mary 'Mac' Mackenzie (2005)
Lost...Claire Littleton (2004)
Brick...Emily Kostich (2006)
The Hills Have Eyes...Brenda Carter (2006)
Ball Don't Lie...Baby Reichard (2008)
The Perfect Game.... Frankie Stevens (2008)
High Noon (TV movie)...Lt. Phoebe McNamara (2009)
Public Enemies...Anna Patzke (2009)
Remember Me...Ally Craig (2010)
Operation: Endgame ...Hierophant (2010)
The Chameleon (2010)
Once Upon a Time (2011)...Belle

"I want to pursue as much of a serious acting career as I can, not just a flimsy overnight career. I take it very seriously and I really want to pursue it for the rest of my life."

"It's actually fun to not know anyone and go out and find friends, or let them find you." - on not knowing anyone in L.A.

"Emilie is the heart and soul of the show, She is a breakout actress who breaks our hearts with a smile." (Giant Magazine 2005)

De Ravin might not come across as a master of self-promotion, but there's no denying she has what the industry describes as the X factor -- that bona fide, head-turning, one-in-a-million sparkle that agents recognise in an instant but struggle to define. - Herald Sun

The best Emilie website:

The Character of Tess was Born on May 7, 1983! :party:

We know this from the episode Tess Lies and Video Tape in season 1 when Michael and Maria break into the the West Roswell High admissions office to get Tess's file. In Tess's file they mention her birthday.

Damocles 05-06-2015 08:04 PM

Thanks for the new thread!

Roswell 10/2/00 05-06-2015 09:43 PM

Tess's Birthay is May 7th! :party:

Damocles 05-07-2015 06:57 AM

Happy birthday Tess! :birthday:

aubie_ocean 05-07-2015 08:00 AM Happy Birthday TESS!!

LilMouse 05-07-2015 08:33 AM

She's celebrating with her son today

Roswell 10/2/00 05-07-2015 09:29 PM


Happy Birthday Tess Harding! :party:

April7739 05-17-2015 09:50 PM

Found this on my computer, a Tess manip I made many years ago.

LilMouse 05-18-2015 07:13 PM

good manip.

Damocles 08-18-2015 08:23 PM

aubie_ocean 08-19-2015 05:43 AM

i love audition tapes!!

Damocles 08-19-2015 07:25 AM

It's so cool and weird to watch!

Roswell 10/2/00 08-19-2015 08:41 AM

I love them too. Emilie did an amazing job! I wish they had used them in the show. We got a lot of more information about Tess and Nascado and how they traveled around a lot.

April7739 08-19-2015 05:10 PM

She looks so cute and bubbly with her hair like that!

aubie_ocean 08-19-2015 06:21 PM

I like the how Liz is a guy and Tess and Maz handled it so well!!

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