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KenL 02-04-2011 09:36 AM

Polarists #107: Friendship is love without wings
Friendship in one universe is love in another


Originally Posted by snow express (Post 26483357)


This is the home for the fans of the relationship possibilities and chemistry between the characters Michael Guerin and Liz Parker.

Polar Roll Call

Ash-J-Ashes (aka Yg Puddin, Tree of otter's heart)
Ashley Hunter
Astra 73- (aka PolarMommy #1, Polar Secret-tary)
Bacio83 - Lisa
BehrAll-Bennie (aka Ficwriting-goddess-par-excellence)
bickering love
Cheeta614(aka cheetz, cheetah)
Chicka Dee - Becca (aka: Dee)
Dcactress-dae (aka:panda)
Dae-Dae2(aka Polar Ice cream girl)
Denise(Me) (aka Official polar website mistress)
ESinclair-Sean (aka polarboy, Otter's feydakin, Coyote, Bird boy, Brain Buddy)
FallToPieces23: (Tiffany)
Fehrbaby (Christina)
Gaudicia aka Silversky
Hija de la Luna-Sarita
Infinite sadness
Ivy English-Ivy (aka Miss Ivylicious, Polar Queen, Founding polarist)
Jade Stellar
Jo Harvelle
Karma police
KimberAnn- (aka PolarMommy#3)
Lavinia Malfoy
Lea - (Polarists commoner to the death)
Leta- (aka Faux Ad Goddess, Pic Mistress)
LizEvans13-Amber (aka honorary otter)
LizParker285-Sara (aka Adlib Queen)
Love roswell-Laura
*Maria*-Maria (aka the Jazzylicious Chanteuse)
-Max-Arg- -German
Novi- (aka Gutterqueen )
Our own Destiny
Padme123 - Lea
PeachRoses (aka Polar mommy #2)
Plumeria (aka Plu, Plubear,Mod-Monster)
Polar Lee (Aka Polar goddess)
Polar Taz
Rainstorm Jenny
Rainydayjanes-Em (aka Emaroo)
Rain Sierra
rayray - Rachel
Rockin Robyn-Robyn
Rogue Gal-Christine (aka: Polar Poet)
Roswellbelle - Yvonne
Roswell_Rawker - Sasha
*Sara Stokes*
Satin- Kelly
Shimmersong- (aka "Shimmer", Berkely Babe)
Shiri Appleby
*That*Maria*Girl*- Jennie
The Christmas Tree Naxi - Gwen
Whiteotter- (aka Ottie, w/o, "Otter")
xVMoonStarVx - Kat
Light Me Up
Shaded Gray
*If you want to be added let me know*

101 Ways you can tell if your polar

#1) You watch the scene in the pod chamber in departure alot of times just to see if Michael and Liz are really holding hands.
#2) You order a chocolate martini when you never have before.
#3) You look for a guttercouch in every bar you go to.
#4) You saw "the look" in BIY.
#5) You melt when Michael says, "Thank you for giving me another reason to envy Max Evans."
#6) You know why Michael calls Liz "exhausting".
#7) You think pouncing is a normal part of life.
#8) You practically passed out when they hugged in M2M
#9 Look for every possible polar moment in every episode no matter how small.
#10 You start referring to The Polar Novel as sacred script.
#11 Can't help but laugh when you hear Chaka Kahn
#12) You know that Michael stayed for Liz
#13) You know that Michael wanted to comfort Liz himself in TLV
#14) You cheer when Michael says "Liz trusted you!" to Max in TLV (paraphrasing)
#15 Can't watch any episode without wondering what they are saying to each other telepathically.
#16 Because you know he stayed for Liz.
#17 Are in complete denial of the Candy nookie. It was dark, he could slipped.
#18 You know Maria wasn't Michael's first.
#19: You know that Michael's going to make it up to her when he's gruff/mean.
#20: You know exactly how he's going to make it up to her.
#21: You melt when he touches her.
#22: You know that there is so much sexual tension there!
#23)You think every scene where Michael is being hard on Liz his idea of flirting.
#24) The "I'm coming for you, Liz" line in Ask Not made you quiver with outrage or fear.
#25) You're delighted that neither Michael or Liz ever agree or answer Maria or Max in the final "Departure" scenes.
#26) The thought of electromagnetic pulses turn you on.
#27: Because the look when Michael saved Liz from the red pyramid said it ALL.
#28: Because you know that Liz was looking at Michael's butt, when he walked out of the crashown in Missing, thinking yummm I'd like to get me a piece of that.
#29) Ani DiFranco's Pulse has serious libido-heightening effects on you.
#30) Because when the girls were dancing at the Crashdown, you noticed Michael was really watching Liz!
#31: You know that the reason he looks angry when Max is talking to Liz is because Michael doesn't want Max anywhere near Liz.
#32) When you start to refer to Max by an unflattering pet name. Ex: Floppy Eared One. His Royal Pecness, Sir Pecs-A-Lot
#33) You frequent a place called the Babe Magnet.
#34) You smile when there is a black out.(refer to the PN)
#35) You were devastated by the "I want you to see me" speech.
#36) The letters EMP create obscene visuals in your head.
#37) You know that it's what they don't say that is important
#38) You know that if Michael could only see himself through Liz's eyes, he would see how truly amazing he is.
#39) You know that if Liz could see herself through Michael's eyes, she'd realize how precious she is to him.
#40) When you have dreams about Michael and Liz.
#41) When asked who your friends are you answer:" An otter, a vine, a squirrel, a dragonfly, a few celestials, a coyote and a lounge singer."
#42) Anytime you hear the word "polar" you start giggling uncontrollably.
#43) If you go to the zoo and start up a conversation about Michael and Liz with the otters. And they answer you.
#44) You enjoy the Mi/L subtext/ scenes more than the actual episode.
#45)They look great covered in stardust.
#46) Michael + Liz= polar love
#47) You cheer at the way mi/l edge around each other in the door way during BIY.
#48) Michael and Liz. Liz and Michael. Rolls off the tongue like honey.
#49) When you hear certain songs and think of Mi/L.
#50) You wonder what Liz journal really says about Michael.
#51)Because Michael was worried about Liz's safety when she had dinner with the Hardings.
#52) Because you know Liz has always worried about Michael.
#53) The morning after was the start of your obsession of Michael/Liz.
#54) You know about Michael's other sketchbook.
#55) You've peeked at Liz's extra special Journal.
#56) You know Liz was the first person to see Michael.
#57) You actually liked Tess when she came to town
#58) You saw the way Michael was getting ready to blow up Tess in the pod chamber if she touched Liz.
#59) You noticed that everytime something crucial happens like 57 or 27 for example, he worries about Liz more than Maria.
#60) You felt like a real jerk because in CYN you wanted Michael to comfort Liz instead of Maria.
#61) You look for polar moments so much that you've almost lost a grip on the reality of the actual show.
#62) You continually lament that the fact that TPTB didn't film the Michael/Liz kiss.
#63) You squint your eyes during the dupe Michael/Liz kiss and pretend it's Michael.
#64) You shiver when Michael says Liz's name and vise versa.
#65) You know that Liz relishes Michael's edge.
#66) You know that Liz craves excitement that Michael will never bore her.
#67) You know that all Michael really wants to do when he sees Liz is take her in his arms and never let her go.
#68) You know that Michael will do anything to keep Liz safe.
#69) Because you hate the idea of cheating, but are willing to make an exception for Michael/Liz.
#70) Because you saw the look that passed between Michael/Liz in Monsters.
#71) Star dust pounces to everyone in the babe magnet.
#72) Super special star dust pounces to those on the guttercouch.
#73) Michael and Liz are perfect opposites and perfect together.
#74) Because even as a dreamer or a candy you still root for Mich/Liz.
#75) You know that Michael wanted Max to let Liz go so he could have a chance.
#76) You know that real Michael was really jealous when dupe Michael knew Liz.
#77) You know Micheal's already had "the lay of the land".
#78) When you leave your regular friends to visit your polar friends
#79) You pray for just one scene between them every episode.
#80) You know Michael was really worried about Liz to go after her to the University of New Mexico.
#81) because you know Liz was only pretending to be grossed out when Rath kissed her.
#82) You loved AshJ's Polar-leather picture even before you were officially a Polarist. They just looked *that* good together
#83) Michael and Liz because you know they'll out last all the Max and Liz's Michael and Maria's in this world.
#84) Michael and Liz: Because they're so much more interesting than all those other couples.
#85) Michael and Liz: hell even the name sounds good together.
#86) You knew that when Michael was wringing his hands while waiting with Liz in the Crashdown, it was to keep them off Liz.
#92) You know that Michael helped rather than hindered Liz's investigation out of love.
#93) You know that when Liz said thank you to Michael in BIY it was for more than saving her life.
#94) Because you know what Liz means by "I know how to have fun." in VLV
#95) Because you know when Michael pushes Liz away inside his heart is breaking
#96) Because you know that Liz knows why Michael is pushing her away and loves him anyway.
#97) Cause you know that Michael really does know how to dance, he's just no good without Liz
#98)Because you know Michael wants to be more for Liz.
#99) Because you know Liz loves Michael just as he is
#100)Michael and Liz: cause it looks good on you
#101)Polar Way: Is the fun way to be

Polar Links

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Finding Ulysses
The Polar Novel
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Polarism#67-Liz is Michael's Guiding Light
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Polarism#69-Polar school in session
Polarism#70-Wedding bells are ringing
Polarism#71-Because Liz signed the shirtless Mickey petition
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Polarism#72-(There's two of them because one of them went down) Polarism in four easy steps
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Polarism#76-Because the whole "Friggin Eddy" universe is Polar.
Polarism#77-Michael doesn't have to wait for Liz to get shot to cop a feel.
Polarism#78-To Grope is to Love People... to grope is to love again.
Polarism#79-Liz is making s'mores and Michael is pitching a tent.
Polarism#80-'Cause the polar vibe is back, baby.
Polarism#81- Max may have saved Liz's life, but Michael gives her a reason to live it.
Polarism#82- Feel the power of the pulse.
Polarism#83- It's the right thing to do and the tasty way to do it!!
Polarism#84- Michael & Liz: She's his hope, He's her strength.
Polarism#85- Michael & Liz: Two Great Taste that taste great together
Polarism#86- Michael & Liz: She's got pie and he's got whipped Cream
Polarism#87- Maria may have Michael's shirt, but Liz has his pants.
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Polarism#101- He told her to get a better lock for her window, she left it open.
Polarists #102 - Because he slept in her bed.
Polarists#103 - Because it could have been amazing
Polarists#104 - Because Michael and Liz are at it again
Polarists#105 - Mutual respect leads to friendship
Polarists#106- Because we'll always have fanfiction

KenL 02-04-2011 09:42 AM

This is my first effort at creating a new thread. I used a quote by Lord Byron, I hope this meets with everyone's approval.

starryeyesxx 04-01-2011 11:33 AM

good job on opening your first thread! :D you just need to edit out the quote commands ;)

idk if anyone's here, but I made a Polar vid with a ton of manips that I hope any polar fan would like :)

YouTube - Liz/Michael/Max - The Way I Loved You

Roswell 10/2/00 04-02-2011 03:37 PM

Love the new thread!

KenL 04-16-2011 08:30 AM

starryeyesxx: I love your video....:woot:

Ice Queen follower 05-06-2011 09:47 PM

Wow! Its been years since I've been on this thread! Michael and Liz is my top UC couple of all time. I always adored their friendship on screen, I loved how they became more comfortable around each other after 'Missing'. Bittersweet.

Fanfiction is a gal's bestfriend for this couple :) Sadly there hasn't been any really good stories in years for these two :(


Originally Posted by starryeyesxx (Post 54853205)

idk if anyone's here, but I made a Polar vid with a ton of manips that I hope any polar fan would like :)

YouTube - Liz/Michael/Max - The Way I Loved You

Love your vid! Nice job :)

broken crown 07-16-2011 07:08 PM

Can you please add me to the list please? Michael/Liz were my OTP on Roswell! :)

golden tattoo 11-29-2011 03:15 AM

Could I please be added to the list? :flowers:

KenL 12-28-2011 02:19 PM

:cheers: Happy New Year to all Polarists

Roswell 10/2/00 12-29-2011 09:52 AM

Love the thread! A Tale Of Two Parties was such a great episode for us Polarists!

~Brady~ 03-01-2012 04:04 PM

Hello all,

I am looking for a FIC that i read a long time ago. Basically Michael and Liz get it on in a closet. :lol: That's all i can remember. Any help is appreciated!

Roswell 10/2/00 03-02-2012 09:47 AM

Not sure if I know that one.

KenL 05-07-2012 10:01 AM

Polar is defined as unlike in nature...complete opposites// Does this describe Liz and Michael?

Roswell 10/2/00 05-07-2012 12:50 PM

Yes I wish they deleoped this storyline more!

golden tattoo 05-13-2012 03:53 AM

Thanks for adding me :)

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