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Xena/Hercules #4: Even Hercules was not Man enough for her!

^^ Made by Melika

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Season 1

Episode 1: The Wrong Path
Original Air Date—16 January 1995
Hera kills the family of her stepson Hercules, and he decided to take revenge of her by destroying her temples. Meanwhile, Iolaus becomes a stone statue by a she-demon.

Episode 2: Eye of the Beholder
Original Air Date—23 January 1995
The townspeople want Hercules to kill a Cyclops who diverted their river, but Hercules, with Scilla's help, will try to make friends with him instead.

Episode 3: The Road to Calydon
Original Air Date—30 January 1995
When Hercules encounters a group of refugees being harassed by Hera, he decides to guide them to safety in the city of Calydon.

Episode 4: The Festival of Dionysus
Original Air Date—6 February 1995
A traditional festival dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine, is about to be celebrated, but this year someone wants to turn it into a massacre with the murder of a fair king. Hercules will try to stop this plan.

Episode 5: Ares
Original Air Date—13 February 1995
Hercules and a female blacksmith, Atalanta, fight Ares, God of War, to prevent him from recruit an army among children and teenagers.

Episode 6: As Darkness Falls
Original Air Date—20 February 1995
Nemis the Centaur desperately wants to possess Penelope. Hera provides a drug to blind Hercules and a club to kill him. Lyla slips the drug into Hercules' drink. Penelope and her bridesmaid Cheris are kidnapped from Penelope's wedding, and Salmoneus must guide a blinded Hercules to rescue them.

Episode 7: Pride Comes Before a Brawl
Original Air Date—27 February 1995
Iolaus' hurt pride leads him to take a path leading to bandits and a comely maiden -- all a trap set at Hera's direction to justify killing him.

Episode 8: The March to Freedom
Original Air Date—6 March 1995
A treacherous slave dealer, Belus, pretends to lead a group of refugees to safety so he can sell them as slaves. Hercules buys Oi-lan to save her from prostitution and agrees to help her rescue her fiancé Cyrus.

Episode 9: The Warrior Princess
Original Air Date—13 March 1995
After Hercules helped him forge a swell knife, Iolaus finds out his village sweetheart Syreene just married another. On the rebound he falls for Xena; Hercules' distrust at first sight is waved by his mother Almene. Xena tells Iolaus she was preparing with some men to chase war lord Petrakis, who terrorizes her native Arcadian fields, to get him to come help; meanwhile she pushes her actual lover Theodorus to go kill Hercules, but he falls to his death in the duel, saying he regrets failing Xena. As Alcmene predicted, Iolaus won't believe his friend over his lover, so Hercules refuses to help the countrymen shed the warrior princess's oppression, till he meets Petrakis, actually an old farmer whose son died another victim of Xena's seduction...

Episode 10: Gladiator
Original Air Date—20 March 1995
Hercules volunteers to help a woman show her new son to her husband, being kept as a slave. He and Iolaus arrange to be captured to free Gladius and all the other slaves.

Episode 11: The Vanishing Dead
Original Air Date—24 April 1995
The bodies of dead soldiers are disappearing from the battlefield, so Hercules tries to find out what is happening and reconcile Dalin and Poena.

Episode 12: The Gauntlet
Original Air Date—1 May 1995
The evil Xena and her mercenaries return; after destroying six villages on a single peninsula, she's heading for Parthis. Begging for his life as a cross-dresser, salesman Salmoneus is spared for her amusement. Hercules sets out when his help is enlisted by his adolescent cousin Roran, whose mother lives in Parthis. When Xena learns her lieutenant Darphus chose which village to attack and ordered women and children slaughtered, she resists and saves a baby, for which Salmoneus finds a shepherdess. The men choose Darphus's side, so Xena is exiled and must run the gauntlet by clobbering, which she survives. Spiros, whose family was killed while he was away trying to get help, attacks Hercules's party and wounds the boy with an arrow, thinking they did the killing. Her scout Deros, who was captured and released by Hercules, warns Xena of his approach. Salmoneus has fled and finds Hercules. Xena captures but releases Spiros, hopes to get her men back by bringing Hercules' head in a duel, but looses and runs. Hercules' quartet faces Darphus' band alone; Xena seizes the opportunity to vanquish Darphus in a duel, but Ares has him resurrected and gives him a monster to destroy Hercules. The baby is Spiros's son.

Episode 13: Unchained Heart
Original Air Date—8 May 1995
Darphus, revived by Ares, is pillaging everything in sight to feed a monster called Graegus. Hercules and Xena (now turned to good) are determined to stop him. Iolaus joins Hercules but has trouble believing she is really reformed.


Season 2

Episode 1: The King of Thieves
Original Air Date—11 September 1995
When Iolaus is accused of a burglary, Hercules must bring back the real thief, Autolycus, before Iolaus is put to death. Meanwhile, King Menelaos' daughter, the would-be lawyer Dirce, demands that Iolaus be put through one ordeal after another to prove his innocence.

Episode 2: All That Glitters
Original Air Date—18 September 1995
Hercules is concerned when he hears that his old friend King Midas has opened a gambling palace, and then he discovers that Midas' partners are running things at the expense of the victims.

Episode 3: What's in a Name?
Original Air Date—25 September 1995
Hercules' half-brother Iphicles is in love, and pretends to be Hercules in order to woo the stepdaughter of the local warlord. But the real Hercules cannot stand by the warlord expects the fake Hercules to impose his will on innocent villagers.

Episode 4: Siege at Naxos
Original Air Date—2 October 1995
Hercules and Iolaus capture Goth, wanted for war crimes, but are forced to take refuge in abandoned fort while Goth's brother and his army try to rescue him.

Episode 5: Outcast
Original Air Date—9 October 1995
Deric the Centaur, crazed by the loss of his wife Lyla and baby son Kefor in a fire, kills one of the men responsible and threatens the others. Hercules and Salmoneus try to untangle the truth.

Episode 6: Under the Broken Sky
Original Air Date—16 October 1995
Tender love story of a beautiful dancer who tries to bury her grief in men, until her farmer husband finds her and wants to take her home. Meanwhile, the thugs running the town don't like Hercules interfering with their predations.

Episode 7: The Mother of All Monsters
Original Air Date—23 October 1995
Hercules has killed so many monsters that Echidna, the Mother of All Monsters, determines to trap him and make him suffer as she has suffered.

Episode 8: The Other Side
Original Air Date—6 November 1995
Persephone is kidnapped by Hades, the God of Underworld, so Demeter, the Goddess of Harvest, turns the earth sterile so she forces Hercules to go to the Other Side and rescue her, or Humanity will perish.

Episode 9: The Fire Down Below
Original Air Date—13 November 1995
Salmoneus is set up with treasure stolen from Hera. When Hercules convinces Nemesis that Salmoneus is innocent, Hera sends a deadly creature of fire to eliminate all three of them.

Episode 10: Cast a Giant Shadow
Original Air Date—13 November 1995
Hercules and Iolaus fall in with fellow traveler Typhon, a gentle and friendly giant. They are astounded to discover he is married to Echidna, the Mother of All Monsters. Meanwhile, Typhon is saddened to hear Echidna is causing problems and convinces the heroes that she only gets into trouble when he is gone and he needs to get home quickly.

Episode 11: Highway to Hades
Original Air Date—27 November 1995
King Sisyphus has tricked Timuron into dying in Sisyphus' place on his wedding night, taking his place for eternal punishment. Hades gives Hercules, Iolaus, and Timuron's spirit three days to bring Sisyphus back or Timuron will have to bear Sisyphus' sentence forever.

Episode 12: The Sword of Veracity
Original Air Date—15 January 1996
An old comrade of Hercules', Amphion, is now preaching peace but is arrested for murder by the tyrant Traicus. Since Amphion refuses to defend himself, Hercules and Iolaus search for the Sword of Veracity to show Amphion was framed.

Episode 13: The Enforcer
Original Air Date—22 January 1996
Since Nemesis has refused to kill Hercules, Hera makes her mortal and sends a newly-created and very homicidal Enforcer after her stepson.

Episode 14: Once a Hero
Original Air Date—29 January 1996
Hercules, Iolaus and some other former Argonauts find out that their former leader Jason is a scared drunk since he left Medea for another and saw his new family murdered; the rule of his kingdom Argos has passed to a regent. Having witnessed an apparently demon-lead party steal the Golden Fleece, they set out once again to bring it back on the Argo. Soon they strife and casualties fall but Hercules guesses the demon's identity, a rival for Jason's throne, when they're trapped in a volcano. Hera has enlisted Marcus the regent to have skeleton warriors destroy them even in case they make it back to Argos...

Episode 15: Heedless Hearts
Original Air Date—5 February 1996
Hercules and Iolaus, who has visions since lightning struck him for hybris, accept villager Rheanna's plea to free the small kingdom from its oppressive ruler Melkos. Just when Rheanne fell in love with the demi-god, trough a scorned man' sisters treason the rebel party is incarcerated in the palace, but Hercules breaks the jail, but finds someone neither executed...

Episode 16: Let the Games Begin
Original Air Date—19 February 1996
Hercules stumbles on the n-th battle between Spartans and Eleans. When he helps battered but unbridled cocky Spartan warrior Damon home, his aunt turns out to be an old acquaintance of mythical strength in her own right, Atalanta, who complains his excessive battle courage equals a death-wish. Hercules comes up with an alternative for the battle field as field of honor, Olympic style games, and gets the leaders to agree, but the cruel Elean commander Tarkon calls upon war god Ares who turns four of his man literally into monsters...

Episode 17: The Apple
Original Air Date—26 February 1996
Iolaus has to decide if Aphrodite, Athena or Artemis is the most beautiful goddess. He chooses the Goddess of Love so Aphrodite gives him a magical gift: an apple which will make any woman fall in love with him.

Episode 18: Promises
Original Air Date—4 March 1996
Since the death of his father Palos, Boraeus is king of Zabros. Hercules hears his bride Ramina is kidnapped for ransom by the outlaw Tarlus -who once abandoned Iolaus on a battlefield- and his gang in the hills. Hercules and Iolaus easily free her, but quickly find her missing, apparently caught by primords (a species of ape-men), and yet find that Tarlus goes to great trouble to send them on a wrong trail, so they keep looking for his secret camp, and once there find out that several things are not what they seem...

Episode 19: King for a Day
Original Air Date—18 March 1996
When a peasant pleads his daughter is completely out of control because of her obsession for Hercules, he tells Iolaus to meet up there again in a week, and to visit distant relatives in nearby Attica, which Iolaus grudgingly does. There he finds he is the spitting image of Orestes, the uselessly spoiled heir to the throne, whose drinks are however spiked so his younger brother, regent Minos, could succeed instead, with general Archeus as the power behind his throne. Loyal courtiers convince Iolaus to take his place temporarily. He does surprisingly well at the coronation and afterward, when Orestes is found abducted, and even falls in reciprocated love with princess Niobe, whose hand in marriage goes with the crown but hated the real prince she didn't see in ten years. Then they free the real heir...

Episode 20: Protean Challenge
Original Air Date—4 May 1996
Hercules and Iolaus help the sculptor Thanis, who neglects his farm because of his artistic drive, and enjoy his daughter Daniella. When he goes to town for supplies, Iolaus witnesses him commit a senseless crime, which he seems totally oblivious about a minute later, but for which the magistrate, even though an art lover, condemns him to have his hands cut off 'for lack of proof of innocence' to set an example in the hope to stop the recent crime wave. After our heroes encounter more behavior out of character, including each-others, it becomes clear none of them is the actual person, here's a supernatural shape-shifter, and Hercules knew as a child the perfect suspect: Proteus, a minor god...

Episode 21: The Wedding of Alcmene
Original Air Date—29 April 1996
Hercules is startled when his mother Alcemene tells him she and king Jason, his friend the Argonaut, have been secretly in love since Amphitrion's death, and now plan a marriage. Under Corinthian law Jason may not continue to rule with a commoner wife, but can choose an heir- Iphicles is chosen and found in time. Of course Hera has a nasty surprise lurking: Perfidia, Echidia's largest brood, emerges from the sea and devours Jason, so Hercules jumps after him into the giant mouth...

Episode 22: The Power
Original Air Date—6 May 1996
While Hercules walks on the beach, he is attacked by a bunch of robbers, which he easily chases, and sees a young man and his girl friend chased by their cahoots- suddenly the kid tells them off and is obeyed, to his own surprise. In the fishing village, Hercules learns it's Deon, whose father confides to him is also a half-god, and inherited the now appearing power of unconditional persuasion from his mother Aphrodite, but was never told his ancestry. It turns out the brigand leader is Deon's uncle Karis, who hopes to enlist his divine powers by luring him with luxury for his beloved Sirene. Salmoneus finds to his horror the 'primising' call for his talents is from the local dun mongers, the unspeakably smelly Titus brothers. Deon scorns his father, an honest fisherman, for keeping the truth from him, but soon senses uncle Karis is hardly better, while Hercules tries to make truth and justice triumph against appearances...

Episode 23: Centaur Mentor Journey
Original Air Date—13 May 1996
Hercules hears from young pupil Theseus that his mentor and virtual stepfather, the centaur Ceridian, is dying and drops everything to rush thereto. He is asked to attempt to talk some sense into a former centaur pupil, Cassius, who has turned on all humans because the local magistrate banned the species from town including the water spring, even forsaking his girlfriend, the local school principal Perdidis's daughter Mirra. Salmoneus, who was promoting 'air sandals', offers to mind Ceridian while Herc braves both angry parties and tries to restore peace and unveils a criminal plot around the magistrate.

Episode 24: Cave of Echoes
Original Air Date—7 June 1996
Iolaus and Hercules save the life of the writer Parentheses, who was about to be hanged for writing about the hoods' crimes in Macedonia and insists to accompany them. Then Elopius begs them to save his daughter Melina from an unseen monster in the Cave of Echoes, which Hercules already knew. After reminiscing how he saved Deianeira from Anteus the giant rock monster and defeated some other monsters, and more heroic deeds -taking up over half of the episode- Hercules finds the girl, who just slipped and got her foot caught, while trying to rescue her kitten Zeus, and makes Parentheses pull her out.


Season 3

Episode 1: Mercenary
Original Air Date—7 October 1996
Hercules and the prisoner he is taking to Sparta live through a shipwreck. Hercules' determination to recapture the man is complicated by his injured arm, pirates searching for gold from the sunken ship, and a desert populated by flesh-eating sand rays.

Episode 2: Doomsday
Original Air Date—7 October 1996
Hercules learns from Katrina, a scribe, that Icarus is dead and his father, Hercules' old friend Daedalus, is being blamed. On the way to Euboa to see Daedalus, Hercules and Katrina see a large flaming crossbow used to destroy a village, and learn it is Daedalus' invention. When evil King Nikolas uses another of Daedalus' inventions to try to destroy Hercules, Daedalus at last realizes that burying his grief in work is hurting other people, but King Nikolas refuses to let Daedalus quit.

Episode 3: Love Takes a Holiday
Original Air Date—21 October 1996
Aphrodite, bored with her role as goddess of love, abandons it to try other activities. Consequently, women lose all interest in men on earth, leading to desperate efforts on the men's parts. When Aphrodite finally realizes who truly loves her, she is reconciled to her traditional role and all is set right.

Episode 4: Mummy Dearest
Original Air Date—28 October 1996
An Egyptian princess travel to Greece to ask Hercules to find an old, walking, dangerous mummy who is being exhibited in Salmoneus' "House of Horrors".

Episode 5: Not Fade Away
Original Air Date—4 November 1996
A new Enforcer, made of fire, is sent by Hera. She kills Iolaus, but Hades gives Hercules a chance to get his friend back: he must destroy the new Enforcer. He will have the help of the original Enforcer, who has changed a lot in the Other Side and has realized Hera is evil.

Episode 6: Monster Child in the Promised Land
Original Air Date—4 November 1996
Echidna has had a new baby, which she and Typhon want to keep from becoming a dangerous monster. But he is kidnapped by a thief who pretended to be a friend of Hercules' so Hercules and Typhon set out to rescue little Obie.

Episode 7: The Green-Eyed Monster
Original Air Date—11 November 1996
Hercules is accidentally shot by one of Cupid's arrows and he falls in love with Psyche, the beautiful woman Cupid loves. That makes Cupid turn very jealous, and because of a curse of Hera, he becomes a dangerous green-eyed monster.

Episode 8: Prince Hercules
Original Air Date—25 November 1996
Queen Parnassa's son, heir to the throne, was killed in a war years ago, but the kingdom does not know it. She beseeches their guardian Hera for a replacement son, so Hera destroys Hercules' memory and the queen welcomes him as her long-lost son. Iolaus tries to restore Hercules' memory before he takes an oath to serve Hera.

Episode 9: A Star to Guide them
Original Air Date—21 December 1996
In this charming Christmas episode, weak King Polonius receives a prophecy that a newborn baby will reign over his kingdom, and wicked Queen Maliphone convinces him to order the slaughter of all the babies in the kingdom to ensure their unborn child's succession. Hercules shepherds the threatened babies and their mothers to safety.

Episode 10: The Lady and the Dragon
Original Air Date—20 January 1997
Cynea uses her beauty to lure men to fight the dragon Braxus for her, not knowing Braxus is serving Cynea's lover Adamis, and her next chosen champion is Iolaus.

Episode 11: Long Live the King
Original Air Date—1 February 1997
Iolaus' cousin King Orestes, who is trying to promote peace between the kingdoms, is in danger because of his naiveté, and Iolaus wants to protect him.

Episode 12: Surprise
Original Air Date—3 February 1997
Callisto, Xena's arch-enemy, is given by Hera the chance to escape from Tartarus and become immortal if she can kill Hercules. So Callisto poisons Hercules' family and friends at his birthday party and forces Hercules to help her to find they way to the tree of life, whose apples will heal Hercules' beloved people and will give immortality to Callisto.

Episode 13: Encounter
Original Air Date—10 February 1997
Part 1 of 3. Villager Hemnor recruits Hercules to save the last golden hind from Prince Nestor. When a young boy is critically injured in one of Nestor's traps, Serena appears and heals him, then disappears. Iolaus, meanwhile, is shot by the hind. Hercules hunts Serena to save Iolaus before it's too late. Ares traps Serena in a thorny hedge, from which Hercules frees her -- but the thorns have caught her blood.

Episode 14: When a Man Loves a Woman
Original Air Date—17 February 1997
Part 2 of 3. Hercules asks Serena to marry him. When Serena comes to tell him yes, a mortal touches her and she turns to the Golden Hind in front of all the villagers. Iolaus has a bad feeling about Hercules' proposed marriage and decides to leave town. Hercules goes to the Other Side to tell Deianeira he is getting remarried, and she does not take the news well. The gods decide that in order to marry, Hercules and Serena must become fully mortal.

Episode 15: Judgement Day
Original Air Date—17 February 1997
Part 3 of 3. Now mortal, Hercules is both jealous of Serena and touchy about his ability to protect her. He wakes up to find Serena dead. The townspeople are convinced Hercules killed Serena and he's not sure they are wrong. Hercules must evade capture while he tries to figure out who did kill Serena, with the help of an old friend.

Episode 16: The Lost City
Original Air Date—3 March 1997
Iolaus is trying to find his cousin who disappeared from her village; Moria is reporting his search for a Greek-era tabloid. They fall through a trap door in an abandoned temple and find themselves in a hippie-type commune run by Kamaros as the interpreter of their god, Lorel. Iolaus figures out that the community is kept happy by being fed drugs and tries to free them.

Episode 17: Les Contemptibles
Original Air Date—14 April 1997
France, 1789. An anonymous hero known as the Chartreuse Fox fights for revolution. Meanwhile, a noble woman, Lady Marie DeValle helps François Demarigny to teach two outlaw men using the example of the Greek hero Hercules. However, nothing is what it seems, and who's actually cheating whom?

Episode 18: Reign of Terror
Original Air Date—14 April 1997
King Augeus thinks he's Zeus, throws rocks painted with lightning bolts, and has rededicated Aphrodite's temple to Hera. Hercules wants to set the kingdom up to be well-ruled again.

Episode 19: The End of the Beginning
Original Air Date—21 April 1997
Autolycus steals one of his most wished objectives, the Chronos Stone, which makes him and Hercules travel to the past. Autolycus finds a younger himself trying to steal the stone, and they both decide to cooperate. On the other hand, Hercules finds Serena after her sisters' death, so he faces Ares and tries to prevent her from becoming his brother's servant.

Episode 20: War Bride
Original Air Date—28 April 1997
When Princess Melissa is kidnapped on the eve of her wedding to Prince Gordius, Hercules must rescue her and prevent a war.

Episode 21: A Rock and a Hard Place
Original Air Date—5 May 1997
Suspected murderer Cassus, running from Hercules and the townspeople, takes refuge in an abandoned mine and triggers a cave-in. Trapped and severely injured, Cassus tells several different versions of the murder, as Hercules tries to help Cassus admit the truth and reconcile with his son. Meanwhile, the villagers turn the wait for Cassus to die into a party.

Episode 22: Atlantis
Original Air Date—12 May 1997
Cassandra, a resident of Atlantis, has dreams of it being destroyed and a mysterious man saving her. When she finds a shipwrecked Hercules on the beach, she recognizes him as the man from her dreams. Hercules convinces her to warn the other Atlanteans of impending disaster, but they refuse to believe her; Hercules is sent to be killed while the king tries to force Cassandra to tell him how Atlantis will be destroyed. Hercules escapes (of course), frees his captured shipmates, and hunts for Cassandra.


Season 4

Episode 1: Beanstalks and Bad Eggs
Original Air Date—29 September 1997
Hercules promises a dying old woman to find out what happened to her mother, Lianna. After stealing a magic bean from a warlord with Autolycus' help -- well, participation, they climb the resulting beanstalk and find a castle in the clouds. A still-young Lianna is there, along with the cranky giant Typhoon (Typhon's brother), commanded by Hades to guard the last harpy eggs.

Episode 2: Hero's Heart
Original Air Date—6 October 1997
Iolaus' self-esteem is shattered when he is unable to save a woman. He leaves Hercules and lets himself be flattered into serving an evil warlord. But when Hercules faces the warlord's men, will Iolaus sink forever into evil, or will his hero's heart make him fight for right again?

Episode 3: Regrets... I've Had a Few
Original Air Date—13 October 1997
When Hercules begs an extra day of life for his friend Jaris before Celesta takes him to the Other Side, Jaris kills the town thug he hasn't been able to convict in court and Hercules must stop him before the accumulated evil of killing keeps him out of the Elysian Fields.

Episode 4: Web of Desire
Original Air Date—20 October 1997
Forced ashore in a storm, Hercules and Iolaus and the crew of the ship they were sailing on become prey of a giant arachnid.

Episode 5: Stranger in a Strange World
Original Air Date—27 October 1997
Michael Hurst gets a chance to show his ability at physical comedy in this story when Iolaus is exchanged with another Iolaus from an alternate universe. Hercules tries to teach the clown-Iolaus to be a man while fighter-Iolaus tries to fight 'the Sovereign,' a tyrant who happens to look just like Hercules.

Episode 6: Two Men and a Baby
Original Air Date—3 November 1997
When Hercules and Iolaus find a baby floating in the river, now-mortal Nemesis is not far behind, and surprised Hercules with the news that this is his son Evander -- but where do Evander's powers come from and why is Ares hunting the baby?

Episode 7: Prodigal Sister
Original Air Date—10 November 1997
Thirteen years after a raid by a group of renegade Amazons blinded Ruun, killed his parents, and kidnapped his sister, he still wants to rescue her and kill all Amazons -- but she may have become one.

Episode 8: ...And Fancy Free
Original Air Date—17 November 1997
In order to help a village girl, Althea, Hercules accepts to be her partner in a dance contest. They both attend the dance classes of a very extravagant teacher, the Widow Twanky.

Episode 9: If I Had a Hammer
Original Air Date—12 January 1998
Salmoneus drafts Hercules to pose for an art class -- nude. Meanwhile, Atalanta builds a metal statue of, and Hephaistos brings him to life, looking just like Hercules but totally lacking life skills. And who should show up to steer him in the wrong direction but Discord?

Episode 10: Hercules on Trial
Original Air Date—19 January 1998
A man pretending to be Hercules is killed while rescuing two children from a collapsed mine, and prosecutor Spencius accuses the real Hercules of the man's death as well as disrespecting the gods. As Spencius examines witnesses who had encountered Hercules and twists their stories into showing Hercules in a bad light, Hercules battles his own conscience as to how responsible he is for others' actions, leading to an impassioned Spartucus-style speech at the end.

Episode 11: Medea Culpa
Original Air Date—26 January 1998
Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason flashback to tackling a monster with the help of Medea, a young woman they encounter along the road, but who may have her own agenda.

Episode 12: Men in Pink
Original Air Date—2 February 1998
Running away from authorities, Autolycus and Salmoneus join the Widow Twanky female dance company under the names of Autolyca and Salmonella.

Episode 13: Armageddon Now: Part 1
Original Air Date—9 February 1998
Hope frees Callisto, now a god. Callisto and Ares bring the Sovereign into Greece to take his pendant of hind's blood, the only substance that can kill a god, but leave him free to distract Hercules.

Episode 14: Armageddon Now: Part 2
Original Air Date—16 February 1998
Ares sends Iolaus back in time to protect Alcmene from Callisto, while both Hercules and the Sovereign are locked in a middle-world, unable to affect either of their worlds.

Episode 15: Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules
Original Air Date—23 February 1998
Envelope show in which Kevin Sorbo doesn't show up for filming in New Zealand after an earthquake hits Los Angeles, and the rest of the staff frantically tries to either locate him or find a replacement.

Episode 16: Porkules
Original Air Date—16 March 1998
Discord uses Artemis' stolen bow to turn Hercules into a pig. Iolaus makes Autolycus, who stole the bow from Artemis' temple and sold it to Discord, help recover it.

Episode 17: One Fowl Day
Original Air Date—23 March 1998
Ares wants to punish Iolaus for turning Discord into a chicken, so he starts by chaining Iolaus and Autolycus together and gradually adds other punishments as the day goes on. Meanwhile, Aphrodite uses Artemis' bow to turn pig-Katherine into a lovely human woman, and Hercules tries to show her how humans live.

Episode 18: My Fair Cupcake
Original Air Date—13 April 1998
Autolycus steals an invitation to a ball to be given by the bachelor Prince of Antioch to meet every eligible princess in the area, and coaxes Cupcake to masquerade as a princess so he can steal the famous Antioch sapphire. Meanwhile, someone is trying to start a war with Antioch, and Hercules and Iolaus try to prevent it.

Episode 19: War Wounds
Original Air Date—20 April 1998
Hard feelings between townspeople and old soldiers lead to fighting in Corinth, and King Iphicles has been imprisoning the soldiers under miserable conditions. Hercules and Iolaus try to reconcile the factions and free the imprisoned soldiers.

Episode 20: Twilight
Original Air Date—27 April 1998
Part 1 of 3. Learning that Alcmene is dying, Hercules and Iolaus rush to her side. In flashback, Young Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason go off to their first war. An ambush kills most of their comrades, and when they reach the supposed safety of a barricaded trench, they find it full of dead soldiers as well. They rescue a wounded opponent, who eventually takes them to confer with his king, resulting in a ceasefire.

Episode 21: Top God
Original Air Date—4 May 1998
Part 2 of 3. As Hercules grieves for Alcmene, Zeus points out that Hercules is now free to become a full god. Hercules considers the good he can do as a god as well as the change in his relationship to his friends. In flashback, Apollo turns Young Hercules into a full god by feeding him ambrosia. But his new abilities and showing off alienate his old friends, while the callous way Apollo treats mortals irritates Young Hercules and he asks Zeus to take away his godhood.

Episode 22: Reunions
Original Air Date—11 May 1998
Part 3 of 3. Hercules starts to suspect that Zeus had ulterior motives to make him a god. Iolaus goes to visit his mother and is hurt by the resentment of her new husband. Hera imprisons Alcmene's spirit and threatens to torture her forever unless Zeus surrenders his godhood; then Hercules must save the now-mortal Zeus from Ares and head to Olympus for the final battle with Hera.


Season 5

Episode 1: Faith
Original Air Date—28 September 1998
Hercules and Iolaus travel to Sumeria to aid a king persecuted by the gods, in company with Nebula who turns out to be a wandering Sumerian princess. King Gilgamesh, half-god like Hercules, needs the help of someone else with the blood of a god to reach a chalice in which flows nectar that will revive the land.

Episode 2: Descent
Original Air Date—5 October 1998
After Iolaus' death in Sumeria, Hercules and Nebula start a dangerous journey to the Underworld to try and get him back to life.

Episode 3: Resurrection
Original Air Date—12 October 1998
Still shocked after Iolaus' death, Hercules leaves Sumeria and is shipwrecked. He arrives to Eire, where he's recognized as the Chosen One and faces an evil demigoddess called Morrigan who's killing the druids.

Episode 4: Genies and Grecians and Geeks, Oh My!
Original Air Date—19 October 1998
Autolycus and Salmoneus wind up owning a genie-in-a-bottle used by its former owner to trick greedy salesmen -- and he wants it back.

Episode 5: Render Unto Caesar
Original Air Date—26 October 1998
While Hercules tries to help Morrigan to leave her bloodthirsty life and accept to become a Druid, a Roman army led by Julius Caesar arrives to the coasts of Eire. Hercules prepares the Celt defense, while he discovers he's got a lot in common with Morrigan.

Episode 6: Norse by Norsevest
Original Air Date—2 November 1998
Hercules leaves Eire to travel to Scandinavia, where the god Balder needs his help: he's dreamt he's going to die. Hercules gets impressed to meet a god who worries about the mortals and agrees to help him, but danger for Balder arrives in an unexpected way.

Episode 7: Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bridge
Original Air Date—9 November 1998
Odin is fatalistic, Balder dead, Thor banished, and Loki hiding, but when Hercules cannot prevent the third tragedy that would make Ragnarok inevitable, he is determined to revenge their loss on Loki.

Episode 8: Darkness Rising
Original Air Date—9 November 1998
Back in Ireland, Dahok kills the druids after trapping Hercules and Morrigan in a cave. Hercules has a vision of Nebula in flames, so he and Morrigan head for Sumeria, where Nebula is delusional, obsessed with dreams of an oddly-acting Iolaus.

Episode 9: For Those of You Just Joining Us...
Original Air Date—9 January 1999
In this clip show sequel to last season's 'Yes, Virginia, There Is a Hercules,' the staff of 'Hercules' suffer a corporate retreat to improve the show quality. At Camp Wannachuck, staffer Sunny Day will "combine corporate re-engineering techniques with ancient Navajo ritual to enhance the efficiency of your overall group dynamic." But the dysfunctional group dynamic of this group isn't helped by what looks like someone's attempts to eliminate the staff.

Episode 10: Let There Be Light
Original Air Date—16 January 1999
Hercules, Morrigan, and Nebula head for Greece to save it from Dahok. When they arrive, they discover that the Olympian gods have disappeared, and Iolaus/Dahok has convinced the people he is the apostle of light and Hercules is a homicidal maniac. Imprisoned Titan Mnemosyne tells Hercules that to defeat Dahok, he must retrieve the Stone of Creation. Meanwhile, Nebula helps Dahok's thugs to capture Morrigan and Jason.

Episode 11: Redemption
Original Air Date—23 January 1999
Hercules and Zarathustra must exorcise Dahak from Iolaus' body to prevent Dahak taking over the world. Meanwhile, Morrigan and Nebula have to prevent Dahak's followers from killing a now-vulnerable Ares, and Dahak shows Hercules how he tempted Iolaus to bring him into the world.

Episode 12: Sky High
Original Air Date—30 January 1999
Hercules and Ephiny try to redirect a volcano by hauling Atlantean crystals to its top, with the help of a convicted murderer and his victim's father.

Episode 13: Stranger and Stranger
Original Air Date—1 February 1999
When Hercules jumps through a reopened portal to the alternate world, he hopes to find the Olympian gods and bring them back to Greece. Instead, he finds Clown-Iolaus alive and a sadistic and deadly "Empress" in charge. Hercules impersonates the Sovereign to figure out what has happened and set it right.

Episode 14: Just Passing Through
Original Air Date—8 February 1999
Hercules tells Iolaus II about the time he and the original Iolaus had to quickly find a stolen ruby before its gold panther came to life and destroyed the village.

Episode 15: Greece Is Burning
Original Air Date—22 February 1999
The characters from "...And Fancy Free" reappear as Althea wants to be a fashion designer but Oena and her lover Count von Verminhaven make fun of Althea and her designs. Hercules encourages Althea and her friends to put on their own fashion show, but Oena and Verminhaven will stop the show by any means possible.

Episode 16: We'll Always Have Cyprus
Original Air Date—1 March 1999
Hercules returns to Cyprus, where he spent his last days with Morrigan, and remembers the end of their relationship. Meanwhile, a woman has come back from the dead looking for revenge against Cyprus' Oracle.

Episode 17: The Academy
Original Air Date—15 March 1999
Hercules, Jason, and Iolaus II find that their alma mater has been turned into a training school for thugs, and Hercules takes over as temporary headmaster to get the Academy back on track. Jason runs into an old love who surprises him with a teenage daughter.

Episode 18: Love on the Rocks
Original Air Date—1 March 1999
Discord changes Nautica from a mermaid into a woman. Aphrodite helps Iolaus drive a group of thugs away from a village, which causes Nautica to fall in love with him. As Discord and her thugs try to keep Nautica away from the ocean until sunset, Iolaus falls in love with her and feels guilty because he's not really a brave warrior.

Episode 19: Once Upon a Future King
Original Air Date—26 April 1999
Taking Excalibur by force translates a violent, tyrannical King Arthur and his witch adviser Mab to Hercules' time, and a young Merlin asks Hercules to come to Britannia. Mab coaches Arthur to get Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake. When Hercules and Morrigan capture Arthur, Mab takes Merlin back to the castle and discovers he hasn't learned to be a sorcerer yet. When Hercules and Morrigan rescue Merlin, Arthur discovers Mab was just using him to get Excalibur.

Episode 20: Fade Out
Original Air Date—3 May 1999
Hercules and Iolaus II find a town where people are literally fading to death. When the only way to lift the curse is for Hercules to take it on himself, Hercules and Iolaus II search for the remaining stone eyes to end the curse.

Episode 21: My Best Girl's Wedding
Original Air Date—10 May 1999
The leader of a group of thugs pulls into a small town to celebrate his wedding - to Iolaus II's love, Nautica. On his way to find Triton, Hercules rescues a woman from bandits, who turns out to be his love, Serena (with Kevin Sorbo's real life wife Sam Jenkins reprising her role). As Iolaus II tries to delay Nautica's wedding, Hercules and Serena try to free Nautica from her forced marriage.

Episode 22: Revelations
Original Air Date—17 May 1999
Iolaus is back and a divine being wants to make sure it's the end of the world... But what's really happening?


Season 6

Episode 1: Be Deviled
Original Air Date—27 September 1999
Arciana and a group of criminals break out of prison to search for the Sword of Hera. Kevin Sorbo's real-life wife Sam Jenkins reprises her role of Serena -- sort of. Hercules realizes this isn't his Serena. This being calls herself "Sin" and says she wants to help recapture Xerxos, who escaped from her realm of punishment. Hercules reluctantly accepts her power and gradually becomes more vicious as they continue to pursue Xerxos and Arciana. Can Iolaus uncover Serena's hidden agenda in time to save Hercules?

Episode 2: Love, Amazon Style
Original Air Date—4 October 1999
A tribe of Amazons starts obeying Deimos' orders after Aphrodite accidentally casts a spell on them.

Episode 3: Rebel with a Cause
Original Air Date—16 October 1999
The shade of Oedipus' wife/mother Jocasta threatens him with continued suffering unless their daughter Antigone is made queen of Thebes. But Antigone, heartbroken and bitter, is more interested in drinking herself to death.

Episode 4: Darkness Visible
Original Air Date—18 October 1999
An old friend requests Hercules' help against vampires attacking his people -- but he is hiding a dark secret.

Episode 5: Hercules, Tramps & Thieves
Original Air Date—1 November 1999
Hercules tries to clear Autolycus of charges of robbing a bank, while Autolycus' gorgeous ex-wife Luscious has her own plans.

Episode 6: City of the Dead
Original Air Date—8 November 1999
Queen Nefertiti of Egypt wants a peaceful alliance with Greece, but her children want to revive Egypt's warlike history. When her son Ramses is convicted of treason but set free by his mother, he goes after the Necromicon in the City of the Dead.

Episode 7: A Wicked Good Time
Original Air Date—15 November 1999
Lilith's daughter, Cesca, enters into the dangerous world of witchcraft.

Episode 8: Full Circle
Original Air Date—20 November 1999
When Zeus uses Evander, Ares and Nemesis' son, to rescue Hera from Tartarus, the Earth is in danger.


^^ Made by Melika

Xena: Warrior Princess

Season 1

Episode 1: Sins of the Past
Original Air Date—4 September 1995
Xena, formerly a ruthless warlord, appears on the scene to prove she has changed her ways. While fighting to protect the innocent she rescues a young aspiring bard, Gabrielle, who becomes her traveling companion.

Episode 2: Chariots of War
Original Air Date—11 September 1995
Xena is wounded defending a group of farmers and taken into Darius' home to recover. Gabrielle, waiting for her, is rescued by the son of the warlord terrorizing the farmers.

Episode 3: Dreamworker
Original Air Date—18 September 1995
Gabrielle is kidnapped to become the bride of Morpheus, the god of dream, so Xena has to go through her Dreamscape Passage to save her friend.

Episode 4: Cradle of Hope
Original Air Date—25 September 1995
When a seeress tells King Gregor that a newborn child will one day sit on his throne, a woman sets the baby in a basket on a river to protect him from the king. Xena and Gabrielle find the baby. King Gregor doesn't want to harm a baby but his guard captain is determined to eliminate any threat.

Episode 5: The Path Not Taken
Original Air Date—2 October 1995
Xena accepts to rescue a young girl whose kidnapping could be an excuse to start a war. This mission leads her to meet again warlords and assassins who don't know Xena is not evil anymore. However, when she meets her old love, Marcus, she decides she must save him too... from the wrong path he is following.

Episode 6: The Reckoning
Original Air Date—16 October 1995
Xena is set up by a mysterious man to look like she has slaughtered villagers, who want swift revenge even though their headman insists on a fair trial.

Episode 7: The Titans
Original Air Date—30 October 1995
Xena and Gabrielle happen upon a cave where villagers are trying to recite an ancient script to awaken the Titans. Gabrielle intervenes, correcting the pronunciation and successfully awakening 3 of them.

Episode 8: Prometheus
Original Air Date—6 November 1995
Prometheus is chained by Hera and humanity loses all the gifts that received from the titan, including the fire and the ability to heal. Xena and Gabrielle join forces with Hercules and Iolaus to free Prometheus, but Xena and Hercules know it is a suicide mission: the one who uses the only sword that can break Prometheus' chains will instantly die.

Episode 9: Death in Chains
Original Air Date—13 November 1995
When ailing King Sisyphus is visited by Celesta, Goddess of death, he holds her captive. Unable to hold her death candle, it quickly begins to melt away, and all of mankind is unable to die - even when fatally wounded. It is up to Xena and Gabrielle, with the help of a new friend, to rescue Celesta before the candle burns out.

Episode 10: Hooves and Harlots
Original Air Date—20 November 1995
Someone is trying to start a war between the Amazons and the centaurs, which Xena tries to prevent after a dying Amazon princess leaves Gabrielle her right of caste.

Episode 11: The Black Wolf
Original Air Date—9 January 1996
King Xerxes arrests a group of villagers, demanding they surrender the mysterious "Black Wolf" and followers. Xena arranges to be arrested to help them escape.

Episode 12: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
Original Air Date—15 January 1996
Xena and Gabrielle arrive to Troy during the Trojan War when the warrior princess is required by an old friend, Helen. While Xena tries to win the war, Gabrielle meets Perdicas, her ex-fiancé, who's working now as a mercenary for Troy.

Episode 13: Athens City Academy of the Performing Bards
Original Air Date—22 January 1996
Gabrielle auditions to attend the Athens City Academy to train as a bard -- but others trying for the few open spots include Homer and Euripides.

Episode 14: A Fistful of Dinars
Original Air Date—29 January 1996
Xena and Gabrielle join two men of doubtful reputation (including Xena ex-fiancé) in order to find the Treasure of the Sumerians and prevent wrong hands from getting the most valuable part of it: Ambrosia, the food of the gods, which grants immortality.

Episode 15: Warrior... Princess
Original Air Date—5 February 1996
Someone is trying to kill Princess Diana, so Xena has to protect her. Since Xena and Diana are physically identical, they exchange their roles so Xena can discover who's the killer.

Episode 16: Mortal Beloved
Original Air Date—12 February 1996
Xena's dead love Marcus appears on earth to tell her the underworld has been taken over by mad Atyminius, who has confined the good souls to Tartarus and given evil the run of the Elysian Fields. But if Xena succeeds in getting Hades' Helmet of Invisibility back, Marcus will be punished in Tartarus forever.

Episode 17: The Royal Couple of Thieves
Original Air Date—19 February 1996
Xena drafts Autolycus to steal back the property of some friends of hers, which turns out to be the Ark of the Covenant.

Episode 18: The Prodigal
Original Air Date—4 March 1996
After she and Xena are assaulted, Gabrielle asks herself if that's really the kind of life she wants to spend and returns to her village, Potadeia, which is going to be attacked by a warlord. Their only help will come from a former mighty warrior, Meleager, who is now but a shade of he used to be, while Gabrielle has to face her sister, Lila, who doesn't like the decision she took when she decided to travel with Xena.

Episode 19: Altared States
Original Air Date—2 April 1996
Xena rescues a young boy on the run from his father, who wants to sacrifice him.

Episode 20: Ties That Bind
Original Air Date—29 April 1996
An old warrior claiming to be Xena's father complicates her rescue of a group of slaves.

Episode 21: The Greater Good
Original Air Date—6 May 1996
Xena gets poisoned, and Gabrielle must take her place in fighting a warlord and protecting a village and the merchant Salmoneus, a.k.a. Lord Seltzer.

Episode 22: Callisto
Original Air Date—13 May 1996
A blonde woman called Callisto kills innocent people stating she's Xena, Warrior Princess, and Xena and Gabrielle try to stop her. They meet for first time a warrior-wannabe called Joxer, and Xena has to face a dark event from her past related to Callisto and her village, Cirra.

Episode 23: Death Mask
Original Air Date—3 June 1996
Xena finally confronts Cortese, the warlord who burned her village and turned her into a warrior.

Episode 24: Is There a Doctor in the House?
Original Air Date—29 July 1996
When Xena and Gabrielle take a wounded and pregnant Ephiny to a healing temple in the middle of a civil war, Xena must take over as healer when the priests would rather pray than act.


Season 2

Episode 1: Orphan of War
Original Air Date—30 September 1996
Xena and Gabrielle travel to the centaur lands to help them against Dagnine, a man who once fought at Xena's side when she was evil. Dagnine wants the powerful Ixion stone, who was hidden by Borias, Xena's former and now deceased lover. Xena meets there a young boy called Solan who lives with the centaurs, and she tells Gabrielle he's actually her son.

Episode 2: Remember Nothing
Original Air Date—7 October 1996
When Xena protects the temple of the Fates, they grant her wish that she had never followed the sword, but only if she never draws blood in anger. As she sees her loved ones tormented by warlords she eliminated in her original life, her temptation to fight for right increases. Will she be able to resist ... and should she?

Episode 3: The Giant Killer
Original Air Date—14 October 1996
Retelling of the David and Goliath story in which Goliath is a friend of Xena's who has fallen into evil ways from grief after losing his family.

Episode 4: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Original Air Date—21 October 1996
Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer face the evil god Bacchus, who turns innocent girls into bloody wild women called the Bacchae. While Bacchus tries to turn Xena and Gabrielle into Bacchae, they will have the help of Orpheus, who has lost his body and is a speaking head.

Episode 5: Return of Callisto
Original Air Date—28 October 1996
When Callisto escapes from prison, she builds an army of evil and sends Joxer to tell Xena that she's going to continue killing. Perdicus marries Gabrielle, but Callisto interrupts their honeymoon.

Episode 6: Warrior... Princess... Tramp
Original Air Date—4 November 1996
Xena comes back to help Princess Diana once more. She takes the place of Diana, but there's an unexpected problem: another Xena look-alike, a tramp called Meg, is already trying to supplant the princess.

Episode 7: Intimate Stranger
Original Air Date—11 November 1996
Callisto, with Ares' help, takes Xena's body and leaves Xena, in Callisto's body, in Tartarus.

Episode 8: Ten Little Warlords
Original Air Date—18 November 1996
Someone has made Ares mortal by stealing his sword, which leaves him incapable of putting Xena back in her own body and removes his control over the anger of peaceful people.

Episode 9: A Solstice Carol
Original Air Date—9 December 1996
Over one holiday night, Xena and Gabrielle stage mini-dramas in King Silvus' bedroom to get him to change his bitter ways.

Episode 10: The Xena Scrolls
Original Air Date—13 January 1997
In 1940, two archaeologists look for the legendary scrolls that Gabrielle wrote about her adventures with Xena.

Episode 11: Here She Comes... Miss Amphipolis
Original Air Date—20 January 1997
A fragile peace may be derailed by behind-the-scenes mayhem at a beauty pageant, in which the rulers of all three former enemies have entered their girlfriends as contestants.

Episode 12: Destiny
Original Air Date—27 January 1997
Xena is seriously hurt in Cirra's ruins by a huge log and she enters into a coma. While Gabrielle carries her to a doctor in order to try to save her life, she remembers how ten winters ago she met Julius Caesar and became the Destroyer of Nations.

Episode 13: The Quest
Original Air Date—3 February 1997
Gabrielle's attempt to take Xena's body to be buried with her brother are complicated by would-be thieves, Amazon dynasty squabbles, and Xena's attempts to communicate through Autolycus.

Episode 14: A Necessary Evil
Original Air Date—10 February 1997
Velasca makes herself a god with ambrosia and seeks vengeance on Gabrielle.

Episode 15: A Day in the Life
Original Air Date—17 February 1997
How do they use the bathroom? How do they make decisions? How do they cook an eel when their frying pan is broken? and is there a romantic relationship between Xena and Gabrielle?. All is revealed in a day in the life of Xena and Gabrielle, as Xena and Gabrielle battles a warlord and his army who plan to loot a village and save another village from being destroyed by a giant.

Episode 16: For Him the Bell Tolls
Original Air Date—24 February 1997
In order to avoid a marriage between a prince and a princess who have been united by his son Cupid, the selfish Aphrodite casts a spell on Joxer that makes him turn into a brave and attractive man, who women find irresistible, whenever he hears a bell tolling.

Episode 17: The Execution
Original Air Date—7 April 1997
When Meleager, the hero who once saved Gabrielle's village, is condemned for murder, Gabrielle and Xena have only one turn of the sand dial to produce evidence that he is innocent.

Episode 18: Blind Faith
Original Air Date—14 April 1997
When a young punk sells Gabrielle into a royal trap, Xena must force the punk to assist in Gabrielle's rescue while gradually going blind.

Episode 19: Ulysses
Original Air Date—21 April 1997
Xena and Gabrielle help Ulysses, King of Ithaca, to face all the forces of Poseidon, God of the Sea, so he can go back to home after the Trojan War. During the journey, Xena and Ulysses start falling in love.

Episode 20: The Price
Original Air Date—28 April 1997
Xena's arrival brings hope to a beleaguered Athenian outpost under siege by "The Horde." Meanwhile, Gabrielle's desire to care for the wounded clashes with Xena's ruthless arrangement of supplies, water, and men to implement her battle plans.

Episode 21: Lost Mariner
Original Air Date—5 May 1997
After a shipwreck, Gabrielle is rescued by the cursed ship of Cecrops, where she will have to stay until she dies -- unless Xena can break the curse.

Episode 22: A Comedy of Eros
Original Air Date—12 May 1997
The baby of Cupid & Psyche, on the loose with Daddy's love-causing bow, complicates Xena's attempt to stop Draco from attacking a temple of Hestian virgins.


Season 3

Episode 1: The Furies
Original Air Date—29 September 1997
The Furies, at Ares' instigation, condemn Xena to persecution and madness for failure to avenge the murder of her father. As Xena descends into madness, Gabrielle is her only grip on reality. Xena must convince the Furies that Ares' charge is untrue.

Episode 2: Been There, Done That
Original Air Date—6 October 1997
Xena lives again and again the same day, until she finds the way to stop a carnage. It seems that Gabrielle leaves some strange love marks on Xena's neck. The main characters die a few times: Xena once, Gabrielle a pair of times, Joxer at least thrice (once by Xena's Chakram).

Episode 3: The Dirty Half Dozen
Original Air Date—13 October 1997
Ares steals the secret of the powerful Hephaestus' metal and gives it to a proud warlord, Agathon. Xena decides to recruit four assassins she trained, now about to be executed, who will have the second chance to start a new life, the same that she had.

Episode 4: The Deliverer
Original Air Date—20 October 1997
Xena travels to Britannia to assist her former ally Boadicea in her rebellion against Caesar. Gabrielle travels with her and makes a new friend, Khrafstar, who tells her about his one god. However, Gabrielle doesn't know that this journey will change her life forever.

Episode 5: Gabrielle's Hope
Original Air Date—27 October 1997
Gabrielle is haunted by having killed, and told by banshees that she is carrying the "Child of Darkness."

Episode 6: The Debt: Part 1
Original Air Date—3 November 1997
Xena is asked to come to the far kingdom of Chin to kill a person. She decides to do it, although Gabrielle doesn't understand why Xena is going to give up the last years she has dedicated to the Greater Good and become a murderer again. While they're travelling, Xena tells Gabrielle a story of her past which would explain what she is going to do.

Episode 7: The Debt: Part 2
Original Air Date—10 November 1997
After being betrayed by Gabrielle, Xena is carried to the Green Dragon's prison, where she'll wait her execution. There she continues remembering the days she spent with Lao Ma, and the chance she gave her to change her life.

Episode 8: The King of Assassins
Original Air Date—17 November 1997
Joxer's identical brother Jett, a cold-blooded assassin, is planning to assassinate Cleopatra, but Gabrielle, Autolycus, and Joxer intend to stop him.

Episode 9: Warrior... Priestess... Tramp
Original Air Date—12 January 1998
Someone is trying to harm the Hestian high priestess Leah, who happens to be yet another Xena look-alike, and substitutes Meg for the priestess. Xena takes over to figure out the puzzle and save Leah.

Episode 10: The Quill Is Mightier...
Original Air Date—19 January 1998
When a miffed Aphrodite casts a charm on Gabrielle's scroll so that anything she writes comes true, she is delighted at the chance to do good -- and astonished when her acts leads to unintended consequences.

Episode 11: Maternal Instincts
Original Air Date—26 January 1998
Xena and Gabrielle travel to the centaurs' lands to celebrate a treaty and visit Solan. However, Hope's back, now as a young girl, and she frees Callisto from the lava pit.

Episode 12: The Bitter Suite
Original Air Date—2 February 1998
Xena and Gabrielle face their anger and deceptions in an odd in-between world, guided by Callisto.

Episode 13: One Against an Army
Original Air Date—9 February 1998
When the Persian army lands, intending to capture Greece, they expect easy pickings -- but Xena and an injured Gabrielle are in their way.

Episode 14: Forgiven
Original Air Date—16 February 1998
When the Urn of Apollo is stolen from his temple, Xena and Gabrielle go after it, with the dubious help of Tara, a gang girl who wants to replace Gabrielle as Xena's sidekick.

Episode 15: King Con
Original Air Date—23 February 1998
Joxer's wins at a gambling palace set him up for a con and then a beating. Xena drafts the con artists to avenge the beating, with their less-than-wholehearted cooperation.

Episode 16: When in Rome...
Original Air Date—2 March 1998
When Julius Caesar captures Vercinix, Xena captures Crassus to trade for him. But Crassus plays with Gabrielle's head during the trip, leading her to doubt Xena's motives and judgment.

Episode 17: Forget Me Not
Original Air Date—8 March 1998
Tortured by the things she has done and suffered in the last months, Gabrielle decides to come to the temple of Mnemosine, the Goddess of Memory, where she could forgive all these memories. However, it has a price: she would also have to renounce to good memories - including Xena.

Episode 18: Fins, Femmes and Gems
Original Air Date—11 April 1998
Aphrodite sends her pet thugs with a stolen diamond to her temple at Parnassus, and distracts the pursuers -- Xena, Gabrielle, and Joxer -- with a potion that makes them obsess about whatever they were thinking when they smell it.

Episode 19: Tsunami
Original Air Date—20 April 1998
Gabrielle discovers Autolycus is embarking in a ship of slaves and she and Xena find themselves travelling with him. But everything changes when a giant wave provoked by the eruption of Mount Etna makes the ship sink and they must find a way to get out the ship and survive.

Episode 20: Vanishing Act
Original Air Date—27 April 1998
When an enormous statue commemorating Peace is stolen from a seaside village, Autolycus fears the loss of his title of King of Thieves and recruits Xena to help him steal it back.

Episode 21: Sacrifice: Part 1
Original Air Date—10 May 1998
One of Gabrielle's friends, Seraphin, is about to be sacrificed to a goddess. Xena and Gabrielle assume the goddess is Callisto and stop the sacrifice, but Seraphin tells them she wants to die to bring the Goddess to the world. Then Xena realizes the new goddess is Hope, whose rebirth would be one of the steps of Dahak's entrance in the world.

Episode 22: Sacrifice: Part 2
Original Air Date—19 May 1998
Hope has emerged from her cocoon and he looks exactly like Gabrielle. She prepares with Ares the sacrifice which will bring Dahak into our world, but Callisto gets bored of her and joins Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer to kill her, on condition that Xena kills her too so that there will be no afterlife for her.


Season 4

Episode 1: Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 1
Original Air Date—28 September 1998
Xena, anxious to know Gabrielle is safe in a good afterlife, seeks her in the Amazon Land of the Dead. In flashback, Xena learns to walk in the Land of the Dead from the shamaness Alti while pregnant with Borias' child.

Episode 2: Adventures in the Sin Trade: Part 2
Original Air Date—5 October 1998
Xena and her allies must learn the new Holy Word in order to defeat Alti and release the Amazon dead to cross over to their Land of the Dead.

Episode 3: A Family Affair
Original Air Date—12 October 1998
Xena and Joxer travel to Poteidaia, where they find Gabrielle. But, after some strange attacks, Xena starts suspecting that the woman that's supposed to be Gabrielle is indeed Hope, and that her child, the Destroyer, could be alive.

Episode 4: In Sickness and in Hell
Original Air Date—19 October 1998
Both Xena and Gabrielle suffer from disgusting diseases when they have to protect a village from an army of Scythians.

Episode 5: A Good Day
Original Air Date—26 October 1998
The never ending war between Caesar and Pompey comes to a stalemate when Xena intervenes to save a Greek village.

Episode 6: A Tale of Two Muses
Original Air Date—2 November 1998
In a village where dance is forbidden, Xena, Gabrielle and Autolycus bring back the joy of life.

Episode 7: Locked Up and Tied Down
Original Air Date—9 November 1998
Xena is condemned to spend the rest of her life in Shark Island Prison for the murder of a woman called Thalassa when she was the Destroyer of Nations. She agrees to serve the sentences and starts her hard, new life, but Gabrielle knows the situation is unfair and decides to travel to Shark Island disguised as a healer.

Episode 8: Crusader
Original Air Date—16 November 1998
Xena finds a heavy rival in her love to Gabrielle: the leader of a fundamentalist religion who seduces the blonde bard.

Episode 9: Past Imperfect
Original Air Date—4 January 1999
Xena has to face a copycat of her former cruel warlord self, while remembering the last days of his former (male) lover, Borias.

Episode 10: The Key to the Kingdom
Original Air Date—11 January 1999
For years, Autolycus has dreamt of stealing the legendary Crown of Athena, but knows it cannot be possessed without a special "key". When Joxer turns up with Meg, the ****ty Xena lookalike, it looks as if Autolycus may be able to achieve his ambition after all.

Episode 11: Daughter of Pomira
Original Air Date—18 January 1999
Xena and Gabrielle have to rescue the daughter of one of Xena's former men, who was kidnapped and has lived most of her life with the Horde.

Episode 12: If the Shoe Fits...
Original Air Date—25 January 1999
Cinderella's fairy tale can be more complicated when Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and mostly Aphrodite are involved in it. Add a bunch of evil warlords and a bit of madness.

Episode 13: Paradise Found
Original Air Date—1 February 1999
Gabrielle thinks she has found a new guru to help finding her inner peace, but becoming a giant stone Smurfette maybe isn't the best way.

Episode 14: Devi
Original Air Date—8 February 1999
Xena and Gabrielle arrive to India, where they meet a mysterious man, Eli, and Gabrielle finds out she has healing powers.

Episode 15: Between the Lines
Original Air Date—15 February 1999
Xena and Gabrielle save a woman in India from dying in the fire pit where her husband's corpse is being burnt. She sends them to the future, where Xena is a pacifist and Gabrielle a male warrior, to fight Alti's reincarnation.

Episode 16: The Way
Original Air Date—22 February 1999
Xena loses her arms, just to gain four of them, fighting a Hindi demon, having god Krishna as an ally. Gabrielle, instead, embraces the non-violent way.

Episode 17: The Play's the Thing
Original Air Date—15 March 1999
Gabrielle is persuaded by a tricky producer, Zehra, to direct a theatre play. While she's helped by Joxer and tries to get a high quality play, she doesn't know Zehra has inverted money from dangerous warlords, and if the play fails (as Zehra wishes), her life will be in danger.

Episode 18: The Convert
Original Air Date—19 April 1999
Joxer kills for the first time, and Najara is back. The fanatic crusader claims she's changed and has forsaken violence. Xena refuses to believe her, but Gabrielle considers it's possible after Najara says she changed after meeting Eli.

Episode 19: Takes One to Know One
Original Air Date—26 April 1999
Happy birthday, Gabrielle! But the party is ruined when the gang has to solve a Clue puzzle about the killing of a bounty hunter.

Episode 20: Endgame
Original Air Date—3 May 1999
Ephiny, Queen of the Amazons, dies in a battle against the Romans, killed by Caesar's right hand, Brutus. Gabrielle must return as the new Queen to the Amazon territory, where she has to decide whether she forgives Brutus or not. However, Brutus is not the only menace: Pompey is also planning to attack them.

Episode 21: The Ides of March
Original Air Date—10 May 1999
When Caesar, advised by Callisto, fixes a price for Xena's head, the Warrior Princess believes it's finally the time to kill him - even if that may lead her and Gabrielle to the death by crucifixion she saw in Alti's vision.

Episode 22: Deja Vu All Over Again
Original Air Date—17 May 1999
In modern-day America, a woman named Annie believes she was Xena, warrior princess, in a past life. Her husband, Harry, scoffs, but they both get a surprise when they visit a new age practitioner who takes them through their former lives.


Season 5

Episode 1: Fallen Angel
Original Air Date—27 September 1999
Xena and Gabrielle's souls reach Heaven, but they have to face their old enemy, Callisto, who is now a demon and kidnaps Gabrielle and carries her to Hell. In the Earth, Joxer, Amarice and Eli decide to recover Xena and Gabrielle's bodies from the crosses where they died.

Episode 2: Chakram
Original Air Date—4 October 1999
After coming back to like, Xena forgets her life as a warrior. Meanwhile, Ares and another god of war, Kal, try to get a new chakram, the Chakram of Light, which has the power to kill gods, but can only be taken by an absolutely pure soul.

Episode 3: Succession
Original Air Date—11 October 1999
Fused together into a single body by the ruthless Ares, Xena and Gabrielle are forced to battle the female warrior Mavican -- to the death.

Episode 4: Animal Attraction
Original Air Date—18 October 1999
While staying in the town of Spamona with Gabrielle, Amarice, Joxer and his friend Arman, Xena begins to show signs that she could be pregnant.

Episode 5: Them Bones, Them Bones
Original Air Date—25 October 1999
Xena's nightmares about her upcoming baby lead herself, Gabrielle and Amarice to the lands of the Northern Amazons, where they'll have to face Alti once again.

Episode 6: Purity
Original Air Date—8 November 1999
With Gabrielle and Joxer in tow, Xena returns to the town of Chin to wrestle Lao Ma's book of power from the hands of an evil-minded twin.

Episode 7: Back in the Bottle
Original Air Date—15 November 1999
A disturbing vision draws Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer back to the city of Chin, where the power-hungry warlord Khan has joined forces with the evil spirits of Pao Ssu and her brother, Ming T'ien.

Episode 8: Little Problems
Original Air Date—22 November 1999
In a classic case of miscommunication, the goddess Aphrodite attempts to switch Xena's body with that of a dying young girl. But it's not exactly what the warrior princess had in mind.

Episode 9: Seeds of Faith
Original Air Date—10 January 2000
Ares decides he must stop Eli from spreading his message of love and peace when he convinces a group of villagers they don't need the gods anymore.

Episode 10: Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire
Original Air Date—17 January 2000
Xena and Gabrielle organize a musical contest in Melodia, musical capital of Greece, to decide who gets Terpsichore's Lyre. Xena has to face her mother, Cyrene, who's looking for a father for her still unborn grandchild; Gabrielle has to face Draco, who's still in love with her; and Joxer has to face her brother Jace, because their relation isn't really close. This is the second musical episode in 'Xena'.

Episode 11: Punch Lines
Original Air Date—24 January 2000
In an effort to break through her writer's block, Gabrielle recounts an eventful day to Aphrodite in which she and her horse, Argo, were miniaturized by Lachrymose, the god of despair.

Episode 12: God Fearing Child
Original Air Date—5 February 2000
When Zeus learns that Xena's unborn child is part of a prophecy that foretells Zeus's demise, he launches an attack against the pregnant warrior princess, prompting Hercules to fly to her rescue.

Episode 13: Eternal Bonds
Original Air Date—12 February 2000
Joxer is wounded by followers of the Olympian gods set on killing Eve to stop the Twilight. While Gabrielle and Joxer go to find the antidote Xena looks for a way to stop the armies of the deities.

Episode 14: Amphipolis Under Siege
Original Air Date—19 February 2000
Xena, Gabrielle and Eve arrive to Amphipolis, where the villagers decide to face their patron goddess, Athena, whose army has put the town under siege until she kills Xena's daughter.

Episode 15: Married with Fishsticks
Original Air Date—21 February 2000
When she's into a fight between Aphrodite and Discord, Gabrielle falls into the sea and when she wakes up, she's a siren named Crustacea, and she's married to a Joxer look-alike called Hagar.

Episode 16: Lifeblood
Original Air Date—13 March 2000
Upon arriving in the Amazon village, Xena and Gabrielle suddenly face the prospect of war and decide to delay their original plans of making baby Eve an Amazonian princess.

Episode 17: Kindred Spirits
Original Air Date—20 March 2000
Joxer must be judged for being a peeping tom, but a wrestling round with Xena will save his life. Gabrielle thinks about her role of Queen of Amazons.

Episode 18: Antony and Cleopatra
Original Air Date—24 April 2000
A snake hidden in a scroll kills Cleopatra in Egypt, so Xena disguises as the Queen and Gabrielle as her servant to save Egypt from the Romans, who are divided among the followers of Brutus, Marc Antony and Octavius (Caesar's adopted son). While they look for Cleopatra's killer, something unexpected happens: Xena falls in love with Antony.

Episode 19: Looking Death in the Eye
Original Air Date—24 April 2000
Old Joxer tells his children the story of the last adventure of Xena and Gabrielle, when they tried to trick the gods in order to stop them from attacking them and their beloved ones.

Episode 20: Livia
Original Air Date—1 May 2000
Xena and Gabrielle awaken in the ice tomb where Ares put their bodies when he thought were dead. They find out that those events happened 25 years before and Eve has grown up as a Roman, Livia, who is now a bloodthirsty warrior who is trying to eliminate Eli's cult.

Episode 21: Eve
Original Air Date—8 May 2000
Livia refuses to accept she's Eve, the daughter of Xena, and keeps killing the followers of Eli even in a more cruel way to please Ares and become the Empress of Rome.

Episode 22: Motherhood
Original Air Date—15 May 2000
When the Olympians gods discover that Livia is Eve, they again fear the Twilight prophecy. Athena sends the Furies to a special mission: they must turn Gabrielle mad until she kills Eve. However, when Eve is initiated in the Way of Love, Xena is given the power to kill gods.


Season 6

Episode 1: Coming Home
Original Air Date—2 October 2000
Xena, Gabrielle and Eve arrive to the Amazon lands, where they meet the new Queen, Marga, and discover the tribe is fighting Ares, because he wants the ambrosia he thinks they keep hidden, and that would turn him into a god again. In addition, Ares is being tortured by the Furies, who want him to kill Xena to avenge the death of the Olympian Gods.

Episode 2: The Haunting of Amphipolis
Original Air Date—9 October 2000
Xena arrives home in Amphipolis with Gabrielle and Eve, only to find her home town deserted...and haunted.

Episode 3: Heart of Darkness
Original Air Date—16 October 2000
An archangel called Lucifer is sent to Earth to force Xena to go to Hell as the new Queen and thus close the portal to Hell before evil takes control of the people, but the Warrior Princess decides to trick him to take her place.

Episode 4: Who's Gurkhan?
Original Air Date—23 October 2000
Gabrielles comes home to Potedaia, where she meets her sister Lila. There, Lila tells her that a man called Gurkhan kidnapped her daughter, Sarah, and eventually killed her parents and her husband. Looking for revenge, Gabrielle decides to Gurkhan's palace in the walled city of Moghador, in Northern Africa, with Xena, Eve and Virgil.

Episode 5: Legacy
Original Air Date—30 October 2000
Xena and Gabrielle are welcome to the deserts of North Africa by a group of nomads. However, guilt starts haunting Gabrielle when she accidentally kills one of the nomads, thinking he was attacking them.

Episode 6: The Abyss
Original Air Date—6 November 2000
While fighting a tribe of scary cannibals, Xena and Gabrielle declare finally in plain words their love for each other, as "soul mates".

Episode 7: The Rheingold
Original Air Date—18 November 2000
A Norse man called Beowulf shows Xena a strange padlock which reminds her of her past in the Norselands. The next morning, Xena's gone: she's travelling with Beowulf to mend some actions from her past, and Gabrielle decides to follow them. She finally reaches the Norselands, where she meets a woman called Brunnhilda who tells her about Xena's past as an evil valkyrie and her relationship with Odin, and how he told her where the powerful Rheingold was kept.

Episode 8: The Ring
Original Air Date—20 November 2000
Gabrielle, Brunnhilda and Beowulf find Xena alive after the Grindl's attack. When they arrive to the mine where the Grindl is hidden, Xena reveals the monster was once the valkyrie Grinhilda, who put the Rheingold Ring on her finger as a desperate attempt to stop Xena's reign of terror.

Episode 9: Return of the Valkyrie
Original Air Date—2 December 2000
One year after the fight in the swamp against Odin and the valkyries, Beowulf and his sidekick, Wiglaf, visit King Hrothgar of Denmark the day of his wedding. Beowulf gets shocked when she discovers the bride is Xena, who's lost her memory and everyone calls Wealthea. After the wedding, Beowulf persuades Xena about who she is and what she has to do: come back to the swamp to awake Gabrielle... if Grinhilda doesn't kill them before.

Episode 10: Old Ares Had a Farm
Original Air Date—15 January 2001
Xena, Gabrielle and Ares enjoy the country life while hiding from a bunch of angry warlords pursuing the former god of War.

Episode 11: Dangerous Prey
Original Air Date—27 January 2001
A prince named Morloch is hunting the Amazons as if they were animals. When he kills Marga, Xena must teach Varia what she needs to know to succeed the Queen. Gabrielle stays at the Amazon village, and Xena and Varia, who refuses the Warrior Princess' help, go their way to kill Morloch.

Episode 12: The God You Know
Original Air Date—29 January 2001
Archangel Michael asks Xena and Gabrielle to kill Caligula, Emperor of Rome turned into a god, who is pursuing Eve and the other Elijans. When Xena arrives to Rome, Ares prevent her from killing Caligula, because that would mean Aphrodite's death.

Episode 13: You Are There
Original Air Date—5 February 2001
A modern day reporter arrives in the Norse country to find the truth behind Xena's recent arrival, and also to discover if she really is a hero or a villain.

Episode 14: Path of Vengeance
Original Air Date—17 February 2001
Eve comes to the Amazon lands, where she's captured and judged by the Queens. While Gabrielle joins her sister to try and save Eve, Xena discovers Varia has made a mistake once again by allying herself with Ares.

Episode 15: To Helicon and Back
Original Air Date—19 February 2001
Varia is kidnapped by Belerophon, the son of Artemis, and Gabrielle leads the Amazons to his fortress in Helicon to rescue the Queen.

Episode 16: Send in the Clones
Original Air Date—23 April 2001
The nth reincarnation of Alti clones Xena and Gabrielle to make havoc in present World, helped by a trio of nerds with strangely known faces.

Episode 17: Last of the Centaurs
Original Air Date—30 April 2001
Ephiny's ghost asks Gabrielle to help her son, Xenan, who is in danger: a man called Belach wants to kill him because he has kidnapped his daughter, Nicha. But when Xena, Gabrielle and Ephiny meet Belach, they discover he is Borias' son. While they try to stop Belach to complete a vengeance against all the centaurs, Xena remembers how she met Borias and how he left his first family for Xena's love.

Episode 18: When Fates Collide
Original Air Date—7 May 2001
Julius Caesar escapes from the Underworld and changes the loom of the Fates, so he changes destiny. He now is married with Xena and rule powerful Roman Empire, Gabrielle is a successful theatre writer who misses a more interesting life and Joxer is a Roman soldier.

Episode 19: Many Happy Returns
Original Air Date—14 May 2001
Happy birthday again, Gabrielle! This time the girls fall victims of their reciprocal practical jokes, but with the help of Aphrodite and a lovely poem by Sappho the couple will make peace and will fly to the sunset.

Episode 20: Soul Possession
Original Air Date—4 June 2001
There is the explanation why Gabrielle didn't die in a fire chasm at the end of third season. And there is an adjustment about sexes among Xena/Gabrielle/Joxer's reincarnations.

Episode 21: A Friend in Need: Part 1
Original Air Date—11 June 2001
A dead woman from Xena's past sends a monk to ask the warrior princess for help. Xena and Gabrielle travel to the far land of Japa, which Xena visited a long time ago, to face an evil spirit and his army.

Episode 22: A Friend in Need: Part 2
Original Air Date—18 June 2001
When Xena dies in order to fight Yodoshi as a ghost, Gabrielle starts a dangerous journey to retrieve her friend's body and put her ashes into the Fountain of Strength, which will bring her back from the dead.


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Thanks for the new thread.
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You're welcome!

I still have to finish watching season 6 of Xena, when I'm done that, I will start Warehouse 13.
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I'm a fan!

Back in May of 1999 I went to a Herc/Xena convention in Orlando. I got to meet Kevin Smith there, and I was totally star-struck. What a wonderful human being. When he died I was SO sad. What a loss for his wife and boys. He wasn't just a good actor, but he seemed like a stand-up human being. *sniff*

Oh, and as a Gabrielle fan, I finally bought myself a pair of sais. I got them from the 2008 Texas Renaissance Festival. They are currently on the top shelf of my coat closet, but I do have them!
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Welcome aikakone!

I'm a huge Xena fan, I don't even really remember a lot of the seasons of Hercules, but I will watch them in time!

What is your favourite Xena episode from each season?
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That's a wonderful question, but I've never thought about it before. So it will take me a while to think about it.

Uh... I can tell you that I LOVED the character of Velasca and had a major girl-crush on Melinda Clarke.

I have the entire series in which I copied from TV broadcast. I haven't put up the money for the DVDs, though I think "I really need to get those."
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I loved Melinda Clarke!

I think my favourite Xena nemesis was Callisto though!

I want to get the DVD's as well, but I'm holding out because they are going to be released on blu ray!
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Originally Posted by aikakone (View Post)
I'm a fan!

Back in May of 1999 I went to a Herc/Xena convention in Orlando. I got to meet Kevin Smith there, and I was totally star-struck. What a wonderful human being. When he died I was SO sad. What a loss for his wife and boys. He wasn't just a good actor, but he seemed like a stand-up human being. *sniff*

Oh, and as a Gabrielle fan, I finally bought myself a pair of sais. I got them from the 2008 Texas Renaissance Festival. They are currently on the top shelf of my coat closet, but I do have them!

I loved Kevin Smith as Ares.... and I was really really sad ot hear about his death! He was definitely one of a kind.

I have a pair of Sai's as well. Mine are mounted on my wall and sometimes I take them down to practice with, but I haven;t done that in a while... lol!!
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I'm about to watch more of season 6, I think it's taken me awhile to finish the last season because once it's done, it's done you know.
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I only get as far as Ares taunting Xena while Eve is being held by the Amazons for murder when she was Livia.

After that I stop ust so when I get up the nerve to finish it then.... it will be finished.
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Here's my confession: I liked Joxer. I know he was a fan favorite to hate, but I never did. Plus, I find Ted cute.

What's funny to me was whenever I'd see photos of Sam Raimi, particularly during the times he was pushing the Spiderman movies, I'd look at him and be amazed at how strong the family resemblance is.
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I liked Joxer up to a point.... lol!!
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Joxer was good for comedic relief.

I just watched that episode last night where Eve/Livia is held by the amazons for crimes of her past etc...

I really enjoyed the episode with Caligula! Alexis Arquette was surprisingly great in the role!
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I liked Charles Mesure as Michael, though he had other guest roles in the 2 series. It was a great pleasure for me to see him in the new V series as Kyle Hobbes.

Is it bad that I can't think of a favorite episode? I'm remembering now that I really liked the comedy in "Fins, Femmes and Gems." Not that I would say it's my most favorite just yet.

I will say that I was disappointed that the show got bullied into putting the disclaimer on the episode "The Way" from the India arc.
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I don't think it was a disappointment to put the disclaimer in, I mean, they wanted to make sure it was known it wasn't 'mocking' anything.

Plus, if they didn't, they could have received more media flack in what they were trying to say in the episode.
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